Baidu price increases is not a mechanism

keyword price is mainly due to the auction mechanism, equivalent to the auction price continues to improve. As for prices, or competition is more intense, or the effect is good, customers are willing to pay more money to buy keywords." In Baidu’s marketing China line, the first stop in Shanghai, Baidu senior vice president Shen Haoyu, said that after the implementation of phoenix nest system, there is no price mechanism in the Baidu system.

data show that Baidu has been operating income for 7 consecutive years of substantial growth in 2009 sales revenue reached 4 billion 448 million yuan; paying customers is increasing, from 2005 63 thousand to 2009 317 thousand to improve the way, and the average per customer payment amount will continue to increase, in 2009 about 14 thousand yuan / household. Baidu’s recent moves frequently, the recent focus on the Baidu Sinan, Baidu business and advertising manager of value-added products, the market share of Baidu after Google era to seize the strength is very large.

Baidu phoenix nest after the switch key price spikes: up eight times

Baidu CFO said part of the keyword price does not rise overall

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