Scanner top ten brands list

scanner can be said to be a very important kind of office supplies, but also because of the demand, so people attach great importance to the brand of the product. Next, let Xiaobian to introduce you to the scanner’s top ten brands, so as to help consumers can choose to more suitable scanner products.

scanner ten brands list NO.1, Canon Canon – Canon (China) Co., Ltd.:

was founded in 1937 in Japan, the group comprehensive imaging and information products leading the Fortune Global 500 companies, Canon (China) Co. ltd..

scanner ten brands list NO.2, MICROTEK MICROTEK – Shanghai MICROTEK Technology Co., Ltd.:

domestic scanner flagship brand, Shanghai high tech enterprises, the domestic well-known image products export enterprises, all friends of the Group owned enterprises, MICROTEK Technology Co., ltd..

scanner ten brands list NO.3, EPSON EPSON – EPSON (China) Co., Ltd.:

was established in 1942 in Nagano, famous brand, a global leader in the field of digital image, the world’s top 500 enterprises, EPSON (China) Co. ltd..

scanner ten brands list NO.4, Unis –

Limited by Share Ltd: purple violet

began in 1988 in Beijing, the national key high-tech enterprises, the main information industry listed high-tech company, brand-name products in Beijing City, violet Limited by Share Ltd.

scanner ten brands list NO.5, HP HP – China HP Co., Ltd.:

was founded in 1939 in the United States, the World Fortune 500 company, the world’s top 500 brands, industry leading brands, large-scale multinational enterprises, HP (China) Co. ltd..

scanner ten brands list NO.6, BenQ BENQ, BenQ Limited by Share Ltd:

was founded in 1984 in Taiwan, the global leader in IT industry and solutions provider of the ten liquid crystal display brand, BenQ Limited by Share Ltd.

scanner ten brands list NO.7, Hanvon – Hanvon Polytron Technologies Inc:

China well known trademark, Beijing City

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