Memory hot pot join details

hot pot to join the project selection of hot pot? For the memory of the hot pot to join the need to understand the information to join, for the hot pot brand to join the details please refer to the following:

memory hot pot join condition:

1, in the right place to operate a good business reputation

2, agree with hotpot memory management concept and management system to develop

3 an enterprise legal person or natural person who is able to bear civil liability independently

4, there is a certain start-up capital and entrepreneurship

5, accept the memory of the contents of the treaty to comply with the relevant laws and regulations

hot pot support:

site selection support: assist site selection, implementation of decoration. Import enterprise VI, grasp the good shop every.

promotion support: headquarters has a series of marketing programs, and by assigning personnel to implement various marketing, publicity for your shop, shop to improve the visibility and influence in your local, increase customer awareness.

store support: Headquarters by the central kitchen school, provide training base, between the shuttle in the school, central kitchen outlets, stores, and build a solid fortress Hot pot memory stores nationwide unified and stable taste.

technical support: headquarters for different areas of continuous technology, new product development free of charge.

material matching support: hot pot bottom material distribution, dishes recipe distribution, raw material distribution, goods distribution.

system support: Employee Handbook, front office management manual, kitchen management manual, Handbook of finance.

training support: recruitment of staff, management training, service skills training, such as full range of training support.

hot pot chafing dish support: throughout the country after sales service system, after-sales service manager random mobile support.

memory hot pot join advantage:

1, rich market experience, accurate brand positioning:

years of experience in the domestic market operations, in-depth understanding of consumer psychology and consumer demand, and constantly optimize the design, truly fit the domestic awareness and demand;

2, years of marketing

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