Start the mobile phone film business it feasible

on the mobile phone film can get rich news have been reported, which has attracted numerous investors, all want to enter such a market. Then, start the mobile phone business is feasible? If you enter this market, whether the business will be developed?

through the mobile phone film after mounting mobile phone, can take on an altogether new aspect of bright, not only can play the effect of renovating the old machine, but also can be waterproof, prevent dirt from entering into the keyboard, screen, play the role of protection, so it is also commonly known as mobile phone film, mobile phone protective film beauty.

mobile phone film variety, according to their use can be divided into: mobile phone screen film, mobile phone film; according to the function can be divided into: mobile phone screen anti spy film (mirror film), mobile phone, mobile phone screen scratch resistant film scratch proof film, mobile phone decorative film; according to the material can be divided into: transparent mobile phone film, color film, color film pearl pearl; according to the principle of film mounting can be divided into: adhesive film, electrostatic film etc..

project overview

today, people use the mobile phone, has not only limited to a simple communication tool, with the pursuit of individuality, in addition to mobile phone accessories, fashion and film, mobile phone mobile phone photos and other projects. The mobile phone film can not only play a protective role against mobile phone wear, but also a variety of personalized picture, pattern, signature, motto etc. as posted on the mobile phone, some can also provide pattern by the customers themselves, by businesses after processing into the mobile phone film, rather than a more personalized mobile phone color display.

so what about this small business?

project review:

All kinds of different

1. film quality

There are several general

mobile phone film, transparent, color and crystal stickers, mobile phone price is not a different film. The mobile phone film, the quoted price is 200 yuan a volume, probably cut five hundred to six hundred, or four cents per triangle to cost; transparent film is a good point, the A4 paper quoted price is 5 yuan each, probably also can cut out five hundred to six hundred, can be tailored to oneself need. The retail stalls, these ordinary transparent mobile phone film, film price is generally 3 yuan each, the better the quality is 5 yuan each.

2. process requirements are not high

mobile phone technology is not high. It is understood that this business does not need to undergo special training, but this process is a fine living, suitable for those who are very patient to operate. First, mobile phone cleaner can clean the surface, and then paste the mobile phone film.

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