How to do a good job in the clothing store decoration

how to do a good job in the clothing store decoration work? This is a lot of novice should pay attention to the problem. Xiao Bian provides a number of details of the decoration design reference, I hope to help the franchisee to consider in a comprehensive manner, to do every detail of the work, so that the ideal shop decoration, more attractive attention. If you want to learn, please take a look at.

1, clothing store display cabinet

2, room

as a clothing store, the fitting room is indispensable, but the fitting room is not large, but in essence. The fitting room is the key whether the customer to buy the product, this is not only the customers try on clothes, but also customer perception and thinking of local products. So, the fitting room planning must be ventilated, air to circulate, be ready to hook, metope color and lighting should also pay attention to, let the customer when trying on clothes feel warm and natural.

3, cashier

An important part of

4, light

For the clothing store lighting is

, create atmosphere is very important elements. Whether it is the color of light, or the type of light, have to be careful. For customers to create a comfortable and spacious shopping environment, so as to allow customers to easily shop, and pay satisfaction. For the choice of colors, best to warm and cool colors such as cold warm color with light, create a warm shopping environment.

Design of the

5, head of the outer wall and the clothing store

6, consumer rest area set

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