Henan college students to apply for a subsidy program complex

in the social public entrepreneurship, innovation "of the call, many college students after graduation have embarked on the road of entrepreneurship. 2016, Henan college graduates 510 thousand people, a huge employment crowd, so that the supply and demand in the job market does not match the structural contradictions are still outstanding. In recent years, Henan province has been continuing to introduce measures to help college students entrepreneurship, financial subsidies and preferential policies to college students together. However, the complicated application procedures so that some students give up.


opened subsidies

give discount loans

College Students’ employment pressure

nationwide, the relevant departments have always taken the students start to lead the program as "an important measure to promote the management of work.

not long ago, Henan provincial society pointed out in the document, to further the implementation of the students start to lead the program will be reflected in the specific implementation of business registration, tax relief, business loans and discount, business incubators, venture support, to help meet the conditions of the entrepreneurial university students can obtain the corresponding policy support.

in fact, in recent years, Henan has been the introduction of measures to help college students entrepreneurship.

in March last year, Henan issued a heavy helping measures within 5 years of graduation of college graduates or college students, as a business entity or the legal representative of the actual controller, students can apply for venture capital support, support standards are divided into 20 thousand yuan, 50 thousand yuan, 100 thousand yuan and 150 thousand Yuan four grades; college graduates within two years graduate school or college graduates first venture, students can apply for business subsidies.

this year, the Zhengzhou authorities also continue to keep up, launched a series of supporting policies, college graduates in Zhengzhou city within two years of Graduate Entrepreneurship, according to the relevant conditions for business subsidies, standards for a one-time 8000 yuan. Technical secondary school students in Zhengzhou city are self-employed, may apply for a maximum of 300 thousand yuan of business loans, the financial discount.

at the same time, all levels of government and business incubator Park, have also launched a different entrepreneurial assistance policy, from the capital, training, venue, property management and other aspects of entrepreneurship students to facilitate.


application procedures complex

part of the college students chose to give up

7 months, Henan Province, a set of recommended agency disclosure

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