After 80 people how to achieve entrepreneurial dream

are now 80, are working class, who do not want to start their own business. 80 is a thought of offbeat groups, whether business or behavior, and before the age of the person different, but both the people of any age, survival is the same, just like the game of death, to pass people survive, while those who fail are eliminated. Life is like this, under the economic crisis, after 80 dare venture?

30 standing, refers to a difference in the age of 30. This sentence may be encouraged them to fight for the cause, perhaps to a person’s IQ as a kind of affirmation, but for most people, it is virtual. Because there is a big gap in real life, entrepreneurship in addition to intelligence, but also courage.

now this time most of us are salaried, wage earners are looking for a way out, isn’t it? So to start it, but before the start we need to pay attention to the following problems.

1 many wage earners want to step in to become the enterprise owner, the boss.

2 blind resigned to become a free occupation.

The first

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