Four challenges for the first time

entrepreneurship can not be smooth sailing, let Xiaobian tell you now, what will happen to the initial venture, so that you can make some contingency plans ahead of time. So as to minimize the loss and get through it!

1 funds:

The first big challenge facing

if big companies refused to buy, then the start-up company had to put up the shutters, all the staff and scattered by each company was hired as an ordinary employee. This situation is most common in the newly established personnel many start-ups, such as a family of 3 founders and 3 engineers start-ups, once engineers leave the surplus value There is not much left. team or almost zero, which means that the start-up company will have no way out, you have to prepare for their respective founders are also looking for a job the.

: how to overcome

to raise as much money as possible.

to raise more than the amount you need money in the conditions of the.

from initial venture will ensure that there is a strong team of engineers, in case of failure can also increase the possibility of large company acquisition.

team cohesionIt is difficult to develop

: how to overcome

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