See how the junior female students do shop, learning two

now more and more college students into the list of entrepreneurs, there are a lot of college students began to operate their own business during the school, more amazing is that they not only the business management is very good, even the study did not delay. Below, we take a look at how the junior female students do shop, learning two.

nashida Xianlin Campus away from the city, students often complain about shopping inconvenience, buy clothes to sit more than 1 hours car to town. Jin Lingjuan thought: why not open a small clothing store? In March this year, Jin Lingjuan told his parents borrowed 10 thousand yuan, at the door opposite the school rented a facade of the house, opened a clothing store, the name of "April 9th", from her birthday.

the first business to let Jin Lingjuan unforgettable. "The day of the opening, the class a dozen students join in rushing to buy clothes, I want to have a" good start "." Finally, a good friend of Jin Lingjuan’s first pull. That day, Jin Lingjuan afterwards, turnover was more than 1 thousand. Shop for more than half a year, Jin Lingjuan has already recovered the cost of the store’s income enough to maintain her daily life.

"quarrel" cut down 200 yuan rent

into 10 square meters of shops, 1 chandeliers, 8 lamps, wall posters, fashion flavor. Looked up and found that the beams are around the fillis rings. Jin Lingjuan said that this is to add a little taste of simplicity.

"shop, purchase, sellers is just so simple." Jin Lingjuan said, in April 9th, the monthly rent is 600 yuan, but the beginning is not the number. At that time did not understand the market, people say that she gave 800 to the 800, and later found that the surrounding shops rent less than their own.


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