Pay attention to underwear purchase a unique secret you

operating underwear shop is a university asked, not only need to choose the time of the product is very hard, but the product positioning must be very accurate eye. Therefore, in the operation of lingerie stores, not only to have a good sales method, but also need to understand the purchase.

this "understanding" of the word contains very much, not only to know the location of purchase, the wholesale price level and in the face of the customer base, but also understand the store for customers preferences, body characteristics, it is more important to be Taohuo, to exercise a double goods piercing eye. The accumulation of the experience that requires time and experience, to reach the realm of perfection, is to take a long time.

in the end is to plan in the vicinity of the wholesale market, decided to those overseas clothing market selection of goods, must be fully considered in the shop before. If these problems do not think ahead of time, then it will be like a maze like a maze, it is very late and the impact of sales.


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