Zhongguancun Venture Street will host the third innovation and entrepreneurship Festival

speaking of Zhongguancun, which was the famous places of business, many successful people out from here, millions more will sacrifice their own youth and passion here. It is such a place, is about to usher in its two year old birthday, and in such a special day, it also decided to hold the third innovation and entrepreneurship festival.

6 12, Zhongguancun Venture Street is about to usher in the birthday of the year of two. For two years, this street gorgeous walk before the familiar 220 meters long Haidian book city, from the start of service areas gradually grow into ecosystem of innovation and entrepreneurship, and move on to the global innovation and entrepreneurship heights.

in the open street two anniversary day, Zhongguancun Venture Street will host the third annual Innovation Festival for a period of 3 days, set up innovative intelligent hardware market, festival, Internet experience of display exhibition plate, and officially launched the Global Youth Leadership Program innovation.

at the same time, to further demonstrate the Zhongguancun Venture Street Development and innovation achievements, showing domestic public entrepreneurship, innovation under the background of entrepreneurial style, Zhongguancun Venture Street for the public for entrepreneurial story. Entrepreneurial story genre is not limited to, can be text, pictures, can also be a cartoon video, Zhongguancun Venture Street will be the selection of works published in the Associated Media, official media, and give awards to the outstanding works.

according to statistics, as of now, Zhongguancun Venture Street settled institutions from the initial 11 to an increase of 43. Settled institutions continue to explore new breakthrough in the new service model, and actively seek integration, based on their respective advantages, sharing to create ecological hezonglianheng.

now, here is a 3W, and a few words of garage, community exchange platform, also has Yajie chamber of Commerce, the star of Lenovo, a North Camp training platform; IC coffee, Jingdong + open incubator, line space, Rococo and other intelligent hardware service platform, but also 36kr, causal tree, venture capital circle of investment and financing platform……

Zhongguancun Venture Street actively guide the global innovation of Venture Capital Agglomeration and reorganization, the formation of strategic cooperation with large multinational companies, combined with other countries to carry out cross-border incubation services, enhance Zhongguancun network status in the global innovation. Since the opening of the street, the street has a total of more than and 700 incubators entrepreneurial team, including the returnees team and foreign team of more than 100; there are 375 teams to obtain financing, the average financing of $5 million each, the total amount of financing reached $1 billion 875 million.

although China has a number of places of business focus, but it can go beyond Zhongguancun, enough to let us see its status in China’s entrepreneurial market. And it holds the relevant innovation and entrepreneurship Festival, no doubt for the entire development of entrepreneurship in Beijing will have a greater push.


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