Entrepreneurship should not xianyisiqian


venture industry has many interbank business case, so many novice entrepreneurs in the business was originally their own entrepreneurial direction changing, so that the final crop failure, suffered heavy losses, in fact business focus on an industry a higher rate of return.


ten years working career, from the technical service to marketing, product development, and then to the top management, focus on an industry experience let Zhu Xingming have deep accumulation, also develop their keen observation of industry opportunities.

see opportunity, would have to act quickly, seize the opportunity. Our entrepreneurial team has made painstaking efforts, the first is to enhance the core technology. Vector control is the core of high-end inverter technology, can meet the high-end applications in many industries. But this technology has a lot of details, if not handled well, the application of large-scale batch will encounter many problems.

we in these technical details of great efforts, at the same time, considering the particularity of China customer demand, we also strengthened the research of reliability technology, the brand is difficult to solve the problems smoothly done or easily solved. These are practical test of the success of the technical details, has been in the domestic high-end applications to bring customers a refreshing feeling." Small business has a big advantage

How many enterprises from the

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