After the operation of service quality can not be discounted

During the

Festival, the major stores are hot selling products, in order to attract more customers, the owners of the service are generally in place. However, after the festival, some businesses may ignore the customer service due to careless, I had this experience.


, I think, a busy holiday season, business is not so busy, should relax, put the store business all the way to love a person to do.

because I am not in the store, no one to send goods. Some of the old customers, there is a kind of cold feeling. Unconsciously, the store lost a lot of old customers.

later, an old customer told me about the problem when I talked to him, and I realized my mistake. Operating a store is a long-term continuity of work, if you are a little hot, cold, the customer will certainly feel uncomfortable.

as the saying goes, with the convenience of people, with their own convenience. Only you respect the customer, serve the customer, the customer can think of your shop next time shopping.

I found, "before the hot, cold day" is a lot of businesses are the problems in the business operation. We can make a deep impression on our customers if we can be consistent and have a lot to do with our services.

last year after the Spring Festival, a customer to give their children a birthday, in my shop to buy a lot of goods. I use these goods to him to deliver a home. His house is a narrow road, drainage ditch on the side of the van, I can’t get in front of his house. The customer said: "you put the goods on the side of the road, I use a wheelbarrow to push home on the line." I think, since the promise customer delivery, it is necessary to fulfill the commitment for customers to push cart goods to his home, before driving home after stacking.

the matter left a deep impression on the customer. Soon afterwards, the customer with his family and relatives to my shop to buy things. He told his relatives said: "I went to several stores that day, the shop owner said that after the lack of manpower, not delivery. The boss not only give me delivery, is time-consuming and laborious to get the goods to my home neatly. His service is so good, I come to his shop to buy things!"

shop management is not a short-term thing, if not usually able to attract consumers, but also to talk about the shop during the holiday business unpopular? So, this thing is even more deeply my understanding: shop operation depends on the long-term, no matter when to provide customers with quality service. The festival is when many customers are easy to loose, and can be relaxed, but the quality of service can not be discounted to the customer.

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