Nanjing higher vocational and technical school for the first time launched the public space

public space is a popular business support platform, for the first time the creation of a customer is a good help. Nanjing for the first time in Vocational and technical schools to set up a public space to encourage students to learn, while entrepreneurship, lay the foundation for the future to find a way.

the school the fourth grade students majoring in accounting Zhou Qingyun two days this is busy and excited, he and his friends together to develop the design of a bag of coffee coming in the campus O2O e-commerce business room on display, but also in the network platform of micro mall on sale.

"total school of civil construction, computer management, electrical, environmental art department of four, O2O e-commerce business consulting room, in the Department of computer business needs of students consulting, in addition to BIM (building information model) business consulting room, indoor environmental monitoring business consulting room and furniture decoration business consulting room, after the 3 consultation rooms not only provide business consulting project to the relevant professional students, but also by external to undertake the project, let the students experience the entrepreneurial process. For example, the indoor environment monitoring consulting room will undertake a number of domestic formaldehyde detection project, led by the teacher to monitor the whole process of student experience." Relevant person in charge of the school.

"students, only project consulting support is not enough. Funding sources, entrepreneurial policies and so on need attention." The person in charge, this "public record space" as well as a school and bank cooperation, not only have access to money, do card service to the school gate, please bank staff regularly to the schools of business loans, venture capital and other aspects of training risk aversion. While a business consulting room, not only show the latest policy, youth entrepreneurship students basic knowledge of basic processes, business tax registration, cooperation and software companies, the introduction of the "youth entrepreneurship simulation software, students can simulate all aspects of the business line.