What are the essential elements of marketing planning

marketing planning, for now the business is not to be able to ignore the option of joining the business, entrepreneurship to join each project brand, have a corresponding marketing strategy, to see what it needs to be a bar.

analysis of consumer psychology

market environment analysisThe main purpose of

product advantage analysisAnalysis of

here are the product advantages including this product analysis and competitive analysis. Only do know, to be invincible. In marketing activities, this product will inevitably be used to compare with other products, if you can not understand the advantages and disadvantages of this product and competing products, you can not impress consumers. In a total international marketing course in happened in the course of implementation, simulation, two person sales situation simulation, one of the students as a sales staff in the whole process of the products and competing products are lack of enough understanding, leading to another student only through intuitive to feel the transfer characteristics of the product, the most.