Thousand yuan entrepreneurial project leaves photo shop

have you thought about your photos on the leaves? Did you ever think that the picture you got was a leaf? Sounds very interesting, not to mention today’s people are very fond of self-expression, taking pictures in the usual thing, but the investment of thousands of dollars to open a photo shop, the business will be very fire!


leaves photo shop investment conditions: 1 of raw materials for the production of investment in 100 yuan, each cost 0.1 yuan. 2 store input: Select 6 – 8 square meters of shops or near the large department stores, supermarket stalls. According to the different rents around the store stalls, rental investment will be different. 3 staff salaries: salesperson 1 – 2, is expected to pay at $800 / month.

Analysis of

leaves photo shop marketing suggestions: 1 unified image, unified storefront, initial and supermarket joint management, such as the number of shopping can be awarded. A photo or discount make pictures, in order to expand visibility. 2 at the entrance of the school or many people use membership management, students with student ID automatically become members, members of the 20 percent off discount. 3 printing leaflets distributed along the street, a 20 percent off discount voucher. 4 consult with other photo studio to attract customers, profit sharing, in order to expand market share.

a market, investment will also win the Italian business project will undoubtedly become the first choice of countless people, and an investment project that has not been familiar with the public, if you want to now self entrepreneurship, this is not a very good investment project?

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