The cradle of College Students’ pioneering project in South China University of Technology

with the attention of university students entrepreneurship is deepening, innovation and entrepreneurship professional base have been established, providing a full range of multi angle support for university students, ensuring more young people successfully embark on the road to entrepreneurship, achievement.

at the South China University of Technology, there is a called "entrepreneurial island" circular building, this is the ideal for every student in the school of business. In this specially set up business incubator center, gathered dozens of students entrepreneurial projects, more than a hundred entrepreneurs dream practitioners.

at the South China University of Technology, there are many such Island entrepreneurial innovation base. When approached the "entrepreneurial expert", always feel the students to innovation and entrepreneurship enthusiasm, more aware of this at the forefront of reform and opening in Colleges and universities, the work of the distinctive culture of innovation and entrepreneurship.

at the South China University of Technology, 3 students have been "TV Three Musketeers" story – the school after graduating from the same class, set up 3 home appliances company, the TV production was accounted for 40% of total production. They are Chen Weirong, Huang Hongsheng and Li Dongsheng, who founded the company are Konka, SKYWORTH and TCL.

"TV Three Musketeers" is a microcosm of China in the South China University of science and technology innovation and Entrepreneurship Talent training. From one of the beginning of the formation of "the four National Institute of technology, now in the world’s top 50, known as the" cradle of engineers "and" cradle of entrepreneurs "in South China University of Technology have mainly Polytechnic discipline superiority, and is located in the forefront of the reform and opening up Guangdong timeterrain advantage. Its natural innovative entrepreneurial genes and strong entrepreneurial culture spawned a large number of "innovation fans" entrepreneurs".

"95" after the software college student Deng Jiaming, obsessed with programming. After entering the school, encourage entrepreneurship campus culture and advocating technology professional atmosphere make him look like a duck, he and several classmates set up a studio, has developed a public welfare project, the admission notice of intelligent mail list software. The progress of technology, the project of training, help them during the school founded the Shenzhen sound tooth technology Co. Ltd., Carrefour and other well-known customer service.

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