VCs are most concerned about the ability to achieve creativity

want to be a successful entrepreneur, you need to have a lot of things, of which the idea is to mention a. Creativity is a very simple part of the entrepreneurial process, VCs are concerned about the ability to achieve creativity.

as VCs, I find that chatting with friends or acquaintances often become investment speech. I will start the habit of teaching, so that they understand the venture capital companies, rather than creativity. Plainly, creativity is a part of the entrepreneurial process is very simple, we are concerned with the realization of creative ability.

VCs is to reduce risk, since most of the risk from execution, then it will shift the focus to the wind screen "human being". At Cambridge City, the newly formed Redstar venture team announced that they will be fully top-down Investment: to solve the problem or opportunity to determine the best market prospects, and then went out looking for the problems can be solved, to provide financial assistance.

Redstar model has now been used by a lot of venture capital companies, they began to hire talent to explore business opportunities, or to find some have proven to be good at solving problems.

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