Retail brand stores

retail store is one of the places where people often go shopping, consumer demand for these retail products, consumption, so businesses feel that investing in a retail brand is also very good choice to get rich. So what brand can be used for reference?

A, to the youth health supermarket

series to a variety of youth health supermarket health products in the market, welcomed by consumers, variety, quality brand, invite cooperation. To join the youth health supermarket is a "conscience do business, earn money conscience" cheap supermarket, the products are in the leading level in the refining process, technical content, packaging, design, to the youth health care supermarket brand agent and all through the high-tech product certification, by the State Bureau of quality and technical supervision, Changsha City Bureau of quality and technical supervision of security.

two, Metro supermarket

1996, Metro in Shanghai opened its first cash in Chinese from the wholesale store, brought a new business idea to China. Until now, the 31 city in Chinese Metro opened 38 stores, has more than 8500 full-time employees and more than 3 million professional customers, 2007 annual net sales growth of 18.5% over the previous year,   reached 9 billion 520 million yuan.

three, Jusco supermarket

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