The son of Li Jiacheng, intends to build a Hong Kong version of the Alipay mobile phone payment rate

now only because of the rapid development of the mobile Internet technology, shopping at home through the network to pay has become very common, but in Hongkong at present such a payment is still very backward.

however, this situation is expected to be changed, Richard Lee group Hongkong Telecom’s HKT  Payment  announced the day before Ltd, MasterCard will jointly launched the "take hold of a prepaid mobile phone payment service, customers free replacement of the new Sim card in the store, you can read card in non-contact worldwide more than 3 million businesses by MasterCard, the experience of mobile phone NFC (short-range wireless communication) payment services, but also for online shopping, the realization of" Mobile Phone Wallet "facilitation. The first phase of service coverage in the merchant, Hongkong accounted for 6000, as well as preferential suction passenger activities: where on August 8th and on the 9 day to live to enjoy the way to the consumer, the price of goods and the price of goods can enjoy half price concessions.

Hongkong telecommunications director AI vilan said, "shoot reward" service temporarily only support Android mobile phone, apple mobile phone in the short term can also support related services. The first phase of the user can be automatically added value through cash or Dah Sing Bank, up to HK $10 thousand per day, the maximum value of HK $1000 per transaction. All transactions currently settled in Hong Kong dollars, the future does not rule out the support of foreign currency transactions.

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