New business climate Jingdong public relations to create alliances and alliances to raise

for the first time entrepreneurial friends, no entrepreneurial experience, slow start, if you can get to helping the outside world, so entrepreneurs will be more emboldened, so that startups.

10 22, Jingdong finance in the Olympic Forest Park held a large-scale entrepreneurial activities – run entrepreneurs". In the world’s most expensive entrepreneurial run, Jingdong public health circles to create a number of well-known investment institutions and nearly a hundred startups CEO achieved by running investment intentions, causing a sensation in the market.

To raise the

the Jingdong business run has attracted hundreds of startups CEO, many well-known investment institutions responsible person and angel investors to participate, including the Qing general tourism chief strategy officer Wang Gongquan, purple Hui venture partners Zheng Gang, Gobi, 58 joint venture partner Jiang Tao CEO Hao Yang Chung, go to the market.

To raise the

value in this history ang "expensive" entrepreneurial run, including Jingdong financial executives, entrepreneurs, investors and to raise the alliance, have put down the reserved and lost bound, for a more representative of the dress, in the show personality at the same time, also found a like-minded partner in running in.

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