Zhengzhou Airlines how to build cross-border electricity supplier

With the continuous strengthening of economic globalization, the rapid development of the Internet, the electricity supplier is also in full swing in the development of

. In order to go out of the electricity supplier is very good, so many places began to build cross-border electricity supplier. So, Zhengzhou Airlines how to build cross-border electricity supplier? The following and small series of specific understanding.

as an important component of China (Zhengzhou) cross-border e-commerce integrated test area, the development of Zhengzhou airport road? July 19th, the region held a mobilization meeting of the region, 2 years to achieve cross-border electricity supplier annual turnover of $6 billion target.

cross-border electricity supplier comprehensive experimental area is a cross-border e-commerce pilot area, combined with the airport development advantages, the area to identify the "four position", that is innovation driven development, the future will strive to build cross-border business wisdom logistics demonstration area, multi port support cross-border trade demonstration area, intelligent manufacturing export and foreign trade demonstration area innovation of trade test area. By 2018, and strive to cross-border electricity supplier in the region’s annual turnover reached 6 billion U.S. dollars, to cultivate the level of cross-border e-commerce in the province of the province’s 8, the focus of cross-border e-commerce enterprises, the establishment of 8 public overseas warehouse.

to achieve this goal, Zhengzhou airport hub will play advantage, through UPS, FEDEX, DHL and other well-known enterprises in the modern logistics port cluster development, create a set of bonded logistics, express logistics, aviation logistics, warehousing logistics, cross-border logistics is one of the "intelligent logistics" complete industrial chain. Strive to rookie China intelligent backbone network investment by the end of this year, the construction of the central and western regions of the Alibaba cross-border electricity supplier service center; the construction of the central level of the electricity supplier Jingdong operating center.

at present, Zhengzhou airport experimentation area has fresh cut flowers, aquatic products, meat, living, medical devices and other ports. In the future, Zhengzhou port will rely on various types of ports to develop the port economy, to build Zhengzhou into the central region of the most efficient comprehensive port platform. Relying on the Henan electronic port, the goods of a declaration, one inspection and one release, the customs clearance process full coverage, in September this year, Zhengzhou airport "one-stop" customs clearance service platform will be put into use, and to achieve interoperability of business platform of public service cloud province.

as the leading manufacturer of intelligent terminal products, the Zhengzhou airport will also encourage Foxconn to conduct cross-border business through the Internet, guide, etc. youhome Zhengwei through self built platform or cooperation to undertake overseas orders, expand exports. Through the construction of the world’s leading intelligent manufacturing research and development centers, marketing and promotion centers, trading logistics centers, etc., will be built into an intelligent manufacturing export trade demonstration zone.

to expand exports, boost Henan made better and faster to go abroad is China (Zhengzhou) cross-border e-commerce comprehensive test area of the important task. To this end, the airport will integrate the experimentation area such as Zhengzhou and Anyang, the new children’s wear pants recommended

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