The successful operation of washing shop

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with more and more people into the ranks of entrepreneurs to start on the road, the competition intensified, many people complain that entrepreneurship is more and more difficult, and failed, in fact, as long as you find the right approach, more learning, more practice, entrepreneurship is not so difficult to imagine, today Xiaobian for you with business the road to success washing shop, in order to bring more inspiration to you!

2008 November, when Zheng Rong’s laundry opened, the district has been settled near two peers. Later how to compete for the market? Zheng Rong own coup, opened at the beginning, the laundry is played 5 minutes. Transfer of clothing "slogan.

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Business management —

Laundry shop

only provides door-to-door shuttle service, due to strong substitutability, it is difficult to have long-term competitiveness. If you want to win in the competition, but also to do "I have no people". In order to stabilize the source, shop soon, Zheng Rong also hired a sewing division, the customer sent the clothes off button, open hole, laundry free sewing, because skilled machinists, had traces of almost invisible. In addition, the laundry also promised not to consume, but also for the residents of the district for free clothing disinfection.


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