What are some of the ways to evaluate the franchisee

a franchise in the end is not worthy of our trust, which also requires us to assess from more aspects, and then can know the answer. In short, in the venture to join, choose to join the Lord is a very important thing. In the selection of franchisees, to join the main assessment work must not be less, because only to join the main correct evaluation, in order to obtain an important basis for the choice of joining, a basis can really choose the right to join the lord. Here to introduce how to evaluate the franchisee.

evaluation method: understand the basic situation of the


, such as the registered trademark and patent alliance provided by the leader of the background, qualifications, management team, economic strength, franchise investment, to do the preparatory work, the pilot franchise operation, the number and distribution of location, store development planning. In the formal signing and leader of at least 10 days before the leader to ask for documents to open champion. The basic situation of the leader, can lead to some specific problems to understand.

evaluation method two: access to existing franchisees

joining the existing understanding of the leader and project is deep, it is important to listen to their views. Therefore, should be more access to some existing franchisees, listen to their the passions and helps to deepen our understanding of the sour, sweet, bitter, hot, and an understanding of the project.

three evaluation methods: to understand the core philosophy and values of

business philosophy and values is the enterprise in the course of business, and customer communication culture and operating principles. If the leader of the business philosophy and values consistent with their values, the probability of future dispute will be less, the cooperation between the two sides will be smooth. Values are not inconsistent with the cooperation, if you can understand the difference in time, the franchisee can be psychologically prepared.

four evaluation methods: to understand the action between the leader and the franchisee

The evaluation method of


some chief behavior tendency

we read the above content, we must understand how to evaluate the franchisee. The evaluation is for the purpose of their candidate franchisees provide valid data, according to these data, to determine the choice of franchisees. Therefore, the evaluation is the prerequisite and prerequisite for the selection of the franchisee.

choose a suitable franchisee, which are of great help for the development of the franchisee, later will be so, if we want to get more good joined the cause of the development of hot, nature also need to evaluate carefully the franchisee. So, with the introduction of the above small series, now you know how to assess the main joining it?

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