Shop also need to have a good mentality

opened a shop, but a few customers, which for many operators could turn into something very worried, and beverages. Chairman Mao said: "the body is the capital of revolution". In the material life has been greatly improved today, concerned about health has been a common understanding of the people, as a retail household, we strive to make money, but also concerned about their physical and mental health. Only physical and mental health, we can continue to earn more money.

in the past there is a shop opposite my shop, the owner is a 62 year old father, he opened the store is at work, then reform he opened a small store, while holding a retirement pay, while running this shop. Because not too many years before the shop, his shop around and no other shops compete, he is "sell goods to the edge of death" of the "hegemony", as long as the goods sold are not returned. With flowers market relocation, near several shops, in their "replaceable and adjustable quality problems on the integrity of business competition, his shop business is bad.

operators are good at summing up experience will find find from their own lack of problems, but the father not only "awakening", do not get rid of his bad habits, but the business bleak blame others, think around the new and old customers came to others to consume is customer "righteousness". He looked at the scene, not sulk, is finding fault with the surrounding shops have little friction, long time no one willing to go to his home consumption. As the saying goes: the big kill, this is not the year before, he had missed lymph cancer, died two months, was only 62 years old. The neighbors heard the news of his death sigh.

he took retirement pay and operate shops, the children have all the money he marry and settle down. If he is a "see open, let go of the people, if he has a" barracks of the soldiers of the normal state of mind, many find from their own shortcomings to improve operations, to adjust their mentality, to participate in their activities or exercise, less than heart, where would have lymphoma, where he died at the age of 62.

when I saw the first time Ningxia tobacco customer service platform to carry out "health protection" to the retail interactive topic, I think I can’t help the neighbor peer, in sympathy with regret his business, angry, sick and died after a recount, the purpose is to warn me included retail people in the shop business must have "let the wind and waves, good attitude without vacillating".

now business competition is so fierce, the occurrence of customer churn event is very normal, there is no customer shop is very unusual. As a retailer, if there is no good state of mind, but also how to maintain a passion for business. So, I hope that more people

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