To gain the trust of potential customers with this three

to allow potential customers to become your loyal customers is not a simple thing, which should be able to grasp a lot of marketing methods, and relatively simple way is to do these three points, we may wish to learn a.

Before you buy the products in

you decide to develop your business with a noble idea, but potential customers do not understand you. Because before untraceable, establish a trust relationship so it will be very difficult. One of the things I’ve been talking to my startup clients is that they understand the voice of the industry from potential customers.

1, share the true success story

One of the most important methods for

2, don’t make sure

if you start to make the guarantee, then there is no difference with the previous supplier at all. Most experienced decision makers know that it is almost impossible to make a precise guarantee in a service based industry, such as marketing.

3, do not charge too low service fee

why your quotation will be so low? A study by McKinsey, the price for B2B service buyers is not the most important consideration. In fact, the study found that the low price in the B2B company to sell their products and services used in the top 13 brands ranked first and last. Low prices will allow B2B buyers for B2B companies have a negative brand strength.


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