Should you choose to repeat after the failure in the college entrance examination

said that each candidate would like to two days time to learn all of their own to play out, so that the two day to change their lives. However, in reality many times is very cruel, candidates failed in the college entrance examination is too many to count under a background, so many candidates will choose to repeat. Then, after the college exam should choose to repeat?

two days of examination, the examination of the four papers, not just a summer farewell, as well as the past ten years of youth. College entrance examination, as an important turning point in every student’s life journey, affects the hearts of generations. From the evening of July 31st, 8 points, Gansu Province, the first batch of undergraduate admission into the first batch of voluntary reporting phase, the enrollment has also started at 11 on August 1st at the beginning of two.

this means that the 2016 college admission work has entered the middle stage, there will be some candidates for this reason or that with that university missed. For this part of their failure in the college entrance examination candidates, is settling into a not my ideal school or to fill a are not interested in their profession, or choose to repeat, or choose another path, really let the students and parents caught in a tangle.

"is the college entrance examination after losing the exam?" On this part of the candidates and parents are more concerned about the problem, we visited the national primary and secondary school education and teaching supervision and evaluation experts, the province’s special teachers, Gansu provincial government supervision expert Liang Guoshi teacher.

about whether or not then repeat test, Liang Guoshi teachers believe that the candidates should first college entrance examination scores as the most important considerations, in addition to the psychological status of students at this stage, treat specific conditions. The most important thing is to allow candidates to choose according to their intentions, the views of parents can only be used as a reference.

as a parent, not for others, for students forced to call the shots, suitable for repetition of the college entrance examination, only on a voluntary basis, after a year of hard work, it may be possible in the coming year. So, what students for repeat? Liang Guoshi teacher combined with practical experience, for us to carry out further analysis.

Liang teachers were five types of students "portrait", and one by one analysis, specific guidance.

for the first type of hard work. Characteristics of this kind of students is relatively firm will, willing to endure hardship, do not give up, but also learn the basic knowledge is not solid, the college entrance examination is a comprehensive examination, resulting in the exam is not ideal. Liang tells the story of a student he has directed to us, the students’ parents to sell vegetables for occupation, life was relatively difficult, it is such a living environment makes the children indomitable will and stubborn unyielding strength.

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