Manicure stores to ensure that the service quality is the foundation

Manicure industry in recent years is a new industry, said the people’s attention, many consumers pay more attention to the development of Manicure brand, start Manicure franchise is very good, the service quality directly affects the survival of Manicure stores, this is not alarmist, operators do good shop service and quality management is essential to avoid security out of the competition, the great wealth of the long-term development of enterprises in the form of goodwill.

1, quality management is the Manicure industry because the quality of ivy consumer awareness, will put money in the hands of reason to invest in good quality, excellent service Manicure stores, therefore, Manicure franchise service quality directly affects the survival of enterprises, investment managers and quality management is the fundamental guarantee to avoid out of the competition in the long-term development of enterprises, the great wealth in the form of goodwill.

2, the education and training of employees is to do a good job in the center of quality management Konosuke Matsushita said: to do a good job before the product, the first person to do a good job. The quality is the base of all quality, the Manicure franchise has a group of high quality professional personnel, so as to obtain the trust of customers.

3, customer satisfaction is the basic concept of quality management of the rapid rise in the Manicure industry today, strengthen quality management, improve the quality of personnel, its purpose is to retain customers, who can win the trust of the customer, who is the winner, who will survive, because according to relevant personage survey: 1 every dissatisfied customer on average at least 11 people will tell. 2.100 of dissatisfied customers, about 4 people will complain, most will silently move to rival Manicure stores. 3 the cost of acquiring a new customer is more than 5 times the cost of retaining an old customer.

4. if complaints are handled properly, more than 70% of customers will stay, and the trust will be significantly improved. Therefore, often listen to customer feedback, timely improve the shortcomings, is to continuously improve the Manicure franchise quality management, is to retain customers and industry development foundation.

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