The retail business to achieve the three

retail business is also a full of competitive business, if you want to do in place, the same pressure, therefore, only the relevant work to do in place, can guarantee the success of the retail business. So, how can we make the retail business success? Here Xiaobian to emphasize the point that needs to be done, "" phantom "propaganda to be real, hospitality to real, to be real service."

(1) publicity to be real.

I think the retail business in the daily operation, can not be separated from the effective means of advertising promotion. In fact, it is necessary to advertise themselves to attract customers. As the saying goes: "wine is also afraid of deep alley." It should be said that in today’s information society, advertising is more and more important for retail households, the role of self-evident. But some retailers in order to promote sales, often quackish in advertising so exaggerated, oversell their output of how good, how excellent quality, low prices to attract customers, in order to fully. Once the customer purchase after the quality problem is to find all kinds of excuses, or simply ignore.

I have encountered such a thing, a retail user advocacy to adhere to the integrity of their business, customers in the supermarket to buy goods to ensure a false penalty ten. It seems that his brand advertising has done quite a nice atmosphere, and the person feel very warm, so I will not hesitate in his supermarket to buy 2 bottles of wine Gujing, go back. Many guests said that when drinking alcohol, not pure, after me to a nearby store to buy a bottle, a comparison of the taste really is different, he management of counterfeit goods, I will not cross the gate of the supermarket in him. In fact, such false propaganda, the surface of the flicker is the customer, in fact, in the final analysis or deceive themselves.

(2) to be real hospitality.

The so-called

hospitality to it, that is to say our retail clients usually received in the customer, should be the same. That is to do and no cheating, no stranger to the familiar or fair trading, guarantee the quality of goods, to ensure a fair price. In practice, some retailers used to see people of all business, familiar enthusiasm, sometimes not only take the initiative to give price concessions, and tell them the truth, which to buy what kind of good, even when parting also offer some gifts.

and for unfamiliar customers, though the words of passion, but in some commodity prices tease them, in particular, only their exclusive merchandise, the price is just shouting. Imagine, so by playing with the customer’s business for a long time? But there are also many retailers hospitality this point do particularly well, really, don’t cheat do not fool.

remember, last year I went to the people to buy smoke a cigarette and liquor vendor, started to buy is two gold Anhui, 240 yuan /, the basic price in place. >

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