Dalian city procuratorate set up innovation and entrepreneurship service station service providers

in the process of our business, in such a society under the rule of law, dealing with legal matters very much, however, for many entrepreneurs, legal knowledge is often lacking. As a result, all over the country have begun to provide relevant institutions to provide legal services for entrepreneurs. Liaoning City, Dalian Province set up such a service station, so as to provide better service for more entrepreneurs.

following the establishment of the first Liaoning Provincial Intellectual Property Rights case handling center, the Dalian municipal procuratorate recently announced the establishment of the Dalian hi tech Zone talent innovation and entrepreneurship service station".

as Dalian procuratorial organs and enterprises and entrepreneurs to set up a "lianxinqiao", and enterprise workstations will be zero distance and face-to-face contact, to perform the case acceptance, legal advice, legal advocacy and crime prevention and other functions, through the development of relevant laws, to protect, new productive forces, create knowledge innovation and protection of intellectual property rights the legal environment, to provide quality legal services for the majority of entrepreneurs and enterprises.

entrepreneurship is not only a process of struggle, but also under the premise of compliance with the law, and in China’s current national conditions, the lack of legal knowledge has become a problem of the whole society. And Dalian has such a service, so that local entrepreneurs who get better service, so that the local entrepreneurial career to get better development.

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