A rush for Grandpa grandson grandpa framed children pregnant pregnant women

should be on the bus for the old and sick pregnant seat, but recently a Chongqing boy to give grandpa a catch unexpectedly pregnant women, and the old man to explain but said pregnant women playing with children, no respect for the old teach bad children.

the incident on Tuesday, in Chongqing Metro Line 6, the train stops at the station had a longevity, pregnant women in the front row in the team, the train door instantly, a 10 year old boy was pushed to the front of pregnant women, and half lying on the seat seat. A man in the side of the boy to pregnant women left a vacancy, but she sat down, boy was hit with his right hand and cursed: "you roll your roll, this is my grandfather’s position."

and they also on Miss Li witnessed all this, she said: "she didn’t want to reason, stand up to the seat, the results of yesun condemning something nasty, the old man pushed pregnant women." Was she really could not understand, then let the women sit back. "It was my first time to see so unreasonable and not teach people the child."

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