National innovation enterprises add new members of Qinghai

Recently, the State Ministry of science and technology of the State Council, the SASAC, the ACFTU jointly announced the fifth batch of 126 pilot innovative enterprises list, Qinghai Qinghua Bozone Biological Technology Co., Ltd. and Qinghai Kangpu biological Polytron Technologies Inc on the list. So far, the province has 11 national innovative pilot enterprises, including western mining, Jinhe Tibetan medicine, Saline Lake group, Xining Steel 4 enterprises was officially named the national innovative enterprises.

innovative enterprise is an enterprise with independent intellectual property rights and well-known brands, with strong international competitiveness, relying on technological innovation to gain market competitive advantage and sustainable development. In recent years, the province to build innovative enterprises as the carrier, to guide enterprises to improve the internal R & D institutions, strengthen cooperation in research and development, a strong impetus to the development of high-tech industries. Up to now, the province identified a total of 28 provincial-level and innovative enterprises, with a national R & D institutions of the province, the provincial R & D institutions of 36, won the national science and technology award of 8, provincial and ministerial awards of 18. According to statistics, in 2011 the province’s national and provincial innovative enterprises to apply for patents 224, authorized patents 159, undertake the national science and technology projects of the project, the provincial project of 89, to achieve industrial added value of 7 billion 490 million yuan. (author: Jia Ming)


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