Artificial rainfall for 10 years to help the Sanjiang source of ecological trends benign development

reporter recently learned from the Qinghai Provincial Meteorological Bureau weather office, Sanjiang rainfall operations carried out since 10 years, has been transformed from drought resistant single rainfall operations to increase reservoir storage and improve the ecological environment type.

Sanjiang is the birthplace of the Yangtze River, the Yellow River, the Lancang River, a total area of 363 thousand square kilometers, accounting for more than half of the land area of Qinghai Province, have very important influence on climate change the ecological environment of Chinese and asia.

according to reports, since 2006, Sanjiang source of artificial rainfall project, Qinghai provincial meteorological departments have been carried out for 10 consecutive years in the development of air water resources and improve the ecological environment, increase the area of precipitation for the purpose of the source of the Sanjiang aircraft artificial rainfall and ground artificial precipitation.

Over the past

10 years, the artificial precipitation operation means, area, scale, time has been greatly expanded, the working hours from spring to multi season, the whole year. In the source area of Sanjiang, the operating point of the rocket, antiaircraft gun and combustion furnace has been increased to 180, and the area of operation control and influence area covers the whole area of Sanjiang.

According to statistics, from 2006 to 2015, the Qinghai meteorological department in Sanjiang source of a total increase of 50 billion 202 million cubic meters of precipitation, which only in the upper reaches of the Hequ river area on the increase in the flow of cubic meters of 7 billion 771 million cubic meters (


but has been the lack of Qinghai is suitable for the implementation of high performance artificialprecipitation operation and observation in Sanjiang source area, in order to alleviate this problem, the National Meteorological Bureau recently "Xinzhou 60" aircraft deployed to Qinghai.


– 60" aircraft carrying high performance artificial influence weather detection platform, with cloud micro physics detection system, image system, macro cloud seeding system and satellite communication system. The longest sailing time is 6 hours, the maximum range of 1200 km.

, deputy director of Qinghai Provincial Meteorological Bureau Li Fengxia introduction, by calling the national high performance weather modification operation aircraft rainfall operations carried out and scientific experiments, will greatly improve the accuracy of precipitation effect and scientific experiment.

artificial precipitation 10 years, the source of precipitation in Sanjiang increased, lakes, grasslands and other ecological environment tends to sound development. "Through the development of Sanjiang source artificial rainfall project, both for the improvement of the ecological environment, increase river runoff, alleviate the shortage of water resources and disaster prevention and mitigation, or for the sustainable development of Qinghai Province artificial rainfall, the comprehensive benefits are very obvious." Li Fengxia said.


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