Chase 8 sports events activated ditch ecological tourism kite

in May this year, the beautiful Datong Hui and Tu Autonomous County will become the kite ditch sports lovers paradise. The forest Karting Club elite contest, the International University road cycling race, mountain motorcycle race 8 sports events will have to carry out in the East gap kite valley area, for the county’s natural scenery ecological tourism inject new vitality.

spring, Datong County by natural scenery unique kite ditch, the successful launch of the first ice festival, opened up to the good situation of sports activities to boost the winter tourism. In just 3 months, the ice and snow festival led to the 32 thousand (Times) to chase tourism experience tourism, tourism revenue of $3 million 800 thousand, driven by the surrounding farmhouse income of $830 thousand. (author: Su Jianping Zhao Tongyun)

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