Chase public train set up the cadres and the heart bridge

this year, Datong Hui and Tu Autonomous County Commission for Discipline Inspection of the spirit of "sooner, take the initiative to solve the problem at the grassroots level" principle, innovation content and carrier, strengthen propaganda, the opening of the Datong discipline inspection site, the public to report complaints telephone, email, and strong communication and collaboration with the provincial and municipal discipline inspection commission, jointly set up the province, city, county and township level four linkage mechanism under the real opening a public reception, "through train", set up a cadre "lianxinqiao".


in liberating activities, Datong carefully formulate the implementation plan, set up a leading group, in-depth township (Village), focus on subsistence, reconstruction, medical treatment, some outstanding problems in school and the new rural construction, from the masses of the township departments service attitude, work processes, work style construction etc. the opinions and suggestions, to solicit opinions and suggestions to collate, feedback to the relevant departments and towns, timely rectification and improvement suggestions. At the same time, will be reflected in the relevant issues adhere to the deadline to understand the deadline for feedback, deadline for. Through the development of activities, effectively resolve the basic contradictions, and play a role in the discipline inspection and supervision.

in the Chengguan town July 25th visit reception site, in liberating leadership face-to-face listening to visiting the masses, and the enthusiasm of inquiry, carefully recorded, patiently answered. Activities on the same day issued a total of 120 copies of promotional materials, receiving complaints from the masses of the problem of the 8, the scene to solve the problem of the masses petition letter 6. (author: Su Jianping Jia Quanjun)

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