All kinds of lanterns adorn the residential district

no, not Longmen, the biggest large-scale lantern show no traffic control, instead of the residential area of the lamps and candles of a myriad families. In 2014, east area to change the traditional form of the former, a change held 30 sessions of the Lantern Festival, the "small scattered, thrifty and cultural Huimin" principle, in the area of 17 large scale residential organized economy, appearance, features, convenience, dispersion, exquisite, safe and novel lightshows, to create a festive atmosphere.

in order to allow people to have a different section of the Lantern Festival, the new community carefully organized, launched by the enterprises and institutions involved in investment and production. Yun Jia Kou Zhen produced 7 large boxes including the third Plenary Session of the 18th CPC Central Committee spirit, national unity, harmonious community, etc. the horse auspicious and 460 hanging lanterns, all arranged in the city’s focus on resettlement, Ningcheng Jiayuan demolition let people feel the warmth of the new environment; the train station of community and area units of the Qinghai Tibet railway company to carry out the Lantern Festival the Lantern Exhibition building activities, through the decoration design, layout of the 80 lantern in the railway stadium, the fourteen and fifteen will also have 120 Handmade lantern show in the village courtyard, where residents can also participate in the activities of lantern riddles; Zhou Jinsong Jia Quan community in spirit Tiancheng Garden District, Huaning District, Ronghua Nga district part of the property and full coverage area layout of the lanterns, lights and flags, the lantern show in 12 zodiac wall lights, flashing flower electro-optic As the main body to all kinds of lanterns, paper flowers, light background, with red lanterns, red warm up; Taining community to a road of Kangxi disguised as a sea of light, more than 600 meters of the Kang Xi Yi Lu put on "endeavor East, harmonious Taining" as the theme of the various types of lanterns, Taining garden, Rome post and the cultural wall are lighting, make the area residents feel the home flavor; Qinghai Tibet Garden community to "fireworks festival" as the theme, the exhibition is located in the Garden District, Wenfeng Tsui district court and Guanghui District, 5 groups of large light group, more than 2000 Zhanhong lanterns, there are a lot of meteor shower, Mantianxing decoration for residential, festive and romantic; mutual in the community will first traditional lanterns Handmade winning works all hung in the east palace garden district.


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