Xining urban and rural planning and Construction Bureau in the construction project dragnet inspecti

was founded in May 15th, Xining city planning and Construction Bureau of the 4 construction site inspection group and 2 municipal facilities inspection group, 127 in urban construction projects in the construction site, 555 single building, 16 roads, 30 bridges and more than 6.3 streetlights launched a dragnet inspection and maintenance activities.

at present, Xining city in large construction projects, many construction sites, pollution prevention measures of site access management and site management is not in place, all kinds of building materials, equipment and facilities with stacking, canteen, dormitory and toilet sanitation standard, site dust removal system is not implemented and other anti fouling. In view of this situation, city planning and Construction Bureau to take effective measures to play a functional role, on the part of the road pavement, pavement, damage and other steps to maintenance and repair timely, on some sections of the landscape and incomplete street lights are not bright and timely replacement.


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