Xining venture capital five science and technology projects of agricultural science and technology a

4 million 50 thousand yuan, used in the development of the secondary industry, three industry, perhaps not too much, but for the city of Xining agricultural science and technology road, is a great magic gold "". With the arrival of the harvest season, the funds will jump ten times, return on investment, but also lead to more jobs.

days ago, reporters from the finance department and the Department of science and technology of Xining city learned that, in order to make Xining agriculture by means of science and technology development, Xining city has issued 4 million 50 thousand yuan of funds for scientific research, 5 for agricultural science and technology project. It is reported that the money will be directly related to invest 20 million 800 thousand yuan, the project of science and technology guidance, promote the development of special advantage industries of agricultural leading enterprises, growth, create jobs, support Xining city agricultural development, increasing farmers’ income, it is expected that the project execution period can increase the income of 48 million yuan, has a "magic" like it.

of the five projects, the most attractive is the implementation of special key technologies of Xining national agricultural science and Technology Park, the project will support 10 leading enterprises of agricultural industrialization in the introduction of grapes, blueberries, ginseng fruit and other fruit, eggplant, towel gourd, letinous edodes and other vegetable varieties, the development of agricultural waste to produce organic fertilizer technology, integration high efficient matching technology, demonstration and promotion to 600 building energy-saving solar greenhouse, forming scale, fostering the growth characteristics of fruit and vegetable industry park. Ultimately, the relevant production value of 18 million yuan, an increase of farmers income of $5 million, an increase of nearly 1000 jobs. (author: Zhou Jianping)

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