Xining city and the masses of five points with respect to the zone with four laps of the four

Qinghai news network innovation is to create a new situation in the party building, the source of living water". In recent years, the municipal Party Committee Organization Department of innovation and design grassroots party building work activities carrier, co-ordinate the promotion of rural areas, communities, non-public areas of Party building work has been upgraded. This year in accordance with the "dry in reality, in the forefront of the job requirements, carry out innovation" four zone five zone "and district party building work, namely" outstanding management service ", to build 4 community building core area; prominent industrial development, build 5 Rural Party demonstration zone; highlight the" win-win ". Party committee established ring sunning Plaza, Chaoyang logistics park in 4 District building, build" district party organization + + merchant of the alliance and the interests of the community party building…… Today, the party building work in Xining highlights the vitality, but also won the praise of the masses and non-public enterprises.

four zone with five: people really enjoy the benefits of

"the first wind, blow a pond." With the building "four zone five zone" of this array of wind through the land of Xining, the activation of the grass-roots party organizations in rural areas, the community pool, promote rural and community party organizations to serve the people, promote the development of transformation, making people get real benefits, thereby promoting the regional economic development and social stability.


] the masses praise "because of the bankruptcy of the enterprise into our yard unattended in the yard, and all conditions are not good, so the yard of things nobody had no money and no broken pipe, wall insulation layer, yard waste, uneven ground and not pile up like a mountain hand guard and monitor, no unit door…… Now, we have not been able to solve the problem over the years, community party organizations will soon be resolved, the future of our living environment will be better!" North of the city residents Zhang aunt on the future living environment full of hope.

Xining city community party building around the "theme" and "diversification of services", "standard" and "layout standard" xiadou street community party to build the east area of the core area, the city district Nanchuan Road community building core area, west area of the tiger Taiwan community party building core area, North Bridge District community building core area. Through the implementation of the regional party social work team training base, the work of Party building guidance station construction projects, the integration of refining demonstration highlights features in terms of management, service, self construction, formed a set of system of measures to promote the implementation of common throughout the core area, the 27 community service management capacity of the core area of the party building has generally improved.

highlights: into special funds to improve the living environment, in order to solve the unmanned management of old hospital building residents in urban management projects supporting the menace from the rear, the North District, earmarked special funds for infrastructure construction of 1 million yuan for each unmanned management of old buildings, the implementation of water pipe network transformation, courtyard greening and beautification and installation monitoring unit and hardening door, floor paint, building and installing insulation and natural gas project. At the same time still no;

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