Guy on the nternet to sell furniture round wealth dream

now online entrepreneurs can really a lot of friends around the open shop also grab a lot. For young people, open shop is really a good choice. Each person will have his own entrepreneurial dream, but the real action, to realize their dreams of wealth seldom, the Chen Zhongfeng stick to their dreams, in spite of difficult, and ultimately realize their dreams of wealth.

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Entrepreneurship at that time Hubei 30 thousand new farmers to open the Taobao store

electricity supplier in the development of today, a lot of people saw the opportunity to start the Internet, take the way to open the Taobao store, to achieve their dream of becoming rich. Yesterday, the Provincial Bureau of statistics released the latest report shows that in the first half of this year, the province’s service sector to achieve an added value of 651 billion 600 million yuan, an increase of 9.5%, the total amount of the industry in the middle of the Department of the top third. The following and Xiaobian for more details about. read more

Entrepreneurship is not old after retirement can successfully start the 4 strategies

everyone’s success, is not a simple thing, all need such experience. Fan · Thomas (Van  Thomas) has a young business. In March 2013, when fan · Thomas (Van  Thomas) 63 years old, he created his own name after the hair care series Van  Thomas  Concepts. He was just one example of a man who was born in the baby boom and now has a choice to retire. After more than 30 years of career development for a well-known, mature brand of hair care products, Thomas decided to use his industry and product knowledge to develop their own product line.

Castrina even said that the late bloomer entrepreneurs than their younger counterparts have a greater chance of success, because their financial situation is generally good, their personal lives are more stable, they know what is your weakness. "When you are 50 years old or older, you will know exactly what your weaknesses are. At the age of 20, you think you have no weakness." Castrina said.

1.  rely on your expertise. Castrina suggests that retired entrepreneurs should take advantage of the rich experience they have accumulated in their working lives when they are thinking of opening up their own piece of the sky. For example, van Thomas, whose thirty years of experience in the hair care industry has added credibility to his new product line. "I get the feedback from people:" read more

To do business thinking at all – Action

in the current era of business, many people think of is just the use of brute force, if still holding this mentality to do business, I am afraid there is no way to do business bigger. In fact, the shop engage in business, the fight is not brute force, but often think only brains, good to change, in order to make the retail stores in the state often change often new, to bring customers fresh, in order to attract popularity, bring wealth.

some retail counterparts are always saying how we shop is a small place, the two square meters? Come and go, not the old! In fact, the same pattern, it is easy for customers to bring aesthetic fatigue, but also can not stimulate their desire to buy. As long as the heart to think, small pen can also play a big effect, received great results. read more

Dragon Boat Festival in the great business opportunities aimed at the business to the money fast

Chinese people have strong feelings on the Dragon Boat Festival, the Dragon Boat Festival is approaching, many businesses have begun to prepare some promotional activities of the Dragon Boat Festival, investors also want to make use of the Dragon Boat festival. So, what are the business opportunities in the Dragon Boat Festival? In the Dragon Boat Festival selling point what to make money? Xiaobian now for you to answer the mystery!

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nvestment goods Lemon Sweet Life Workshop

new venture project, also very business choice, to choose to join the lemon products workshop? Fresh and delicious, unlimited business opportunities. The success of the venture, open their own workshop lemon products store, is a very wise choice. High quality goods workshop lemon to join the project, what are you waiting for?

younger consumers, perhaps because love lemon workshop drink fresh and delicious drinks, so that my life and work under pressure can relax and savor the sweet touch of life; older consumers, perhaps because of the unique love lemon workshop, aromatic tea drinks in other. Not appreciate, lead a person to endless aftertastes in the mouth, a long time can not be dispersed. read more

Do the details of service retain more customers for the whole of shops

although the growing demand for customers, however, to provide customers with the number of shops is growing. The customer is the lifeblood of business survival, the more customers who have the market share, the more, the greater the chance of survival. In the increasingly homogeneous supply of goods today, how to attract and retain those passing, the first time into the store customers, the flow of tourists to stabilize the source, is an important issue in front of the retail business.

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A woman turned into a sexy goddess

38 day is lively, is the goddess Festival, therefore, Baidu jointly launched the "Smart  fashion network; is  the  new  sexy, infinite possibility allows you to witness a woman, the female sexy goddess turned into offensive.

3 8, Baidu fashion network jointly launched the "Smart  is  the  new  sexy to see how women turn to play Internet activities, invited 10 women from various fields of Internet, in the form of interpretation of cross dressing men and women curing field level, women are practitioners of energy transfer. read more

How creative ashtray creative life experience – the whole

in our living standards continue to improve today, we have creative things, always very popular. How about the ashtray? Not only to meet the needs of smokers for ashtrays, while joining the creative ashtray project, is also a choice for the development of space!

creative ashtray join make money?

In fact, many of the

ashtray is more mediocre, if you can find a more attractive and creative ashtray is actually a very good business opportunities. Smokers are often unable to self-discipline, people always want to give him a warning to find objects, so to find their own business opportunities, this can be used as one of the. So a lot of ideas to join or have a good profit margins. read more

Children’s toy store management skills

investment in children’s toys franchise businesses need to master certain techniques can run in the market for a long time, if you don’t know what we need to know business skills so quickly come to see for you summed up a lot of hope that we can help you smooth management skills.

want to open a good children’s toys to join the agency, it is necessary to do a good job in the management of the customer, which is the focus of each child’s toy store long-term profitability. read more

n 2017 the most profitable project of Hong – health food patina

we all know, the restaurant industry has always been a very profitable choice. Business with a small capital entrepreneurs are basically more love join the catering industry, and what is the most profitable food items in 2017? That is the patina of Hong health food!

patina of Hong health fast-food headquarters given more support, hands-on teaching, can bring vast wealth business for you. Ancient pass through many years of health incense fast food market development, now the brand of countless fans, also let the patina of Hong health become a fast-food catering market leading brands. Old Hong health fast-food market prospect is very good, is a good brand to join. read more

Barbecue join the project to choose Korean barbecue

Chinese the acceleration of globalization process, the global economic and cultural exchanges more closely, mutual penetration now seems to have to share the feeling, take the Korean culture into Chinese since the Korean elements in China everywhere, this is a form of consumption as a result of the love of young people.

Han were the first Korean brand holders Mr. Jin Chengzhe was founded in 1993. The unique food culture originated in South Korea, to deepen Chinese Shenyang, benefited from the traditional Korean culture, in the continuous development, and the pursuit of efforts, after decades of hard pioneer, the rapid growth of enterprise development. From 1993 the first individual development in Shenhe District of Shenyang City, cold store Wu’ai street, now has more than 20 chain stores in 8 provinces and cities China. read more

The food industry is still very good now luxury brand Gucci – net

luxury consumption tide increasingly fierce, even the food and beverage industry is also unable to escape her clutches, from the beginning of 2014, many luxury brands have opened their own cross-border restaurants, and in 2015 has formed a trend in the future is certainly growing, today want to introduce is a cross-border catering brand LV Gucci cross catering. In July 2015, Gucci opened the world’s first restaurant in Shanghai, china.

Gucci is not only interested in the catering industry, LV Louis Weedon, Prada Prada, Burberry Burberry, Hermes Armani, CHANEL Chanel Hermes, Armani Ralph, Lauren Ralph Lauren, Dunhill, MontBlanc, Dunhill MONTBLANC Dolce& Gabbana Dolce & Gabbana and other luxury brands are involved in cross-border food catering industry. read more

Fresh honey tea drinks do not have to worry about joining easy money

for an investor, we choose a good business to join the project, shop to make money, is our best wish. How fresh honey tea drinks? Quality projects, worry free business, it is worth joining!

now invest in beverage stores has become a hot investment choice in the market, the most famous fruit honey tea drinks. Fresh sweet drinks do not bring the general fashion experience, is to capture the hearts of consumers, the conquest of the broad market, is a good choice, do poineering work become rich then, fresh sweet tea and joined in support of what? read more

Be generous to do retail business – Business

how to do business, this is every retail customers are thinking and also continue to work hard. In fact, want to achieve such a goal, but also has a certain skill to master. In this paper, Xiao Bian to provide advice to each operator is that things must be generous!

first contact, let reporters feel the enthusiasm and generosity of retail customers Zhang Hong, we just walked into the shop door, Zhang boss was busy with drinks, cigarettes, busy. Customer manager Liu Liang told reporters: "Zhang boss humanness is very generous, but around the proverbial." While we were talking, an old man came along with a boy of 5 or 6. Zhang Hong quickly went up, and readily took a bottle from the shelf nutritionexpress handed the little boy said: "Jingjing, these days go? Why don’t you come to my place?" Easily opened the bottle of nutrition express pass. read more

Xiamen will establish a management platform about cars

about cars there has been a great challenge, for some people, with the about the car, let people feel the convenience of travel, but also let more people see the use of social idle car drive rate, regardless of the driver or passengers are good. Some people think that the car is not so safe.

as of February 13th, the Xiamen Municipal Transportation Bureau through the platform has been carried out on the background review of 4275 people, the investigation out of the driver does not meet the conditions of access to the 246, the issued about car driver qualification certificate of 1287. read more

The head of spicy spicy hot pot franchise brand

food and beverage market is hot, but the success of entrepreneurship is not so simple, to choose a promising brand. Spicy hot pot is the special food of high popularity, spicy spicy pot head repeat is very much, we will only eat well again, so that the hot head is popular special delicacy.

fierce competition in the food and beverage industry, a certain means of management essential. As a company with many years of experience in the market of food and beverage brand, rich store operation experience can be easily copied to franchisees. Hot head how to attract consumers into the store? Spicy head brand awareness is very high, this comes from the love of consumers because of its flagship incense pot authentic Sichuan flavor, so it has its own unique perspective and style. Spicy head will be moved to the front door of the food, food gathering more diners, while the business will have prospects. read more

Good good choice to join Rotary Hot pot project

hot pot to join, a good choice for good projects, the best choice for small business. How about rotating hot pot? In the food and beverage market, not only has a high popularity, to join the rotating pot project, or a very strong choice. Join the project, you are still hesitant what?

Market Research

in the site do not blindly, do not look for a place to easily shop, which is likely to lead to direct failure. At the time of the site must look at the market, to understand the local consumption level and grade, according to the crowd to decide the appropriate shop address. read more

100 degrees of boiling boiling – the best choice to join the fast food business

with the continuous improvement of our living standards, our demand for fast food is increasing. For those who want to start a business, choose to join fast food industry, is a very profitable choice. Join 100 degrees fast food? Brand fast food, the best choice for business!

for office workers, fast food is too important, a long time of work so that they almost forget the joy of eating, as long as you can quickly eat, can fill the stomach on the line. If things go on like this their taste buds have been numb, until 100 degrees of boiling crock of fast food, really save them, because this delicious delicious at the same time bring innovation to them, also let their hearts have been greatly satisfied. read more

2017 fashion week 10 of the most spectacular show brand ranking

every spring and summer there will be a lot of fashion show, people can see this year’s popular theme, show when the fashion week is very necessary, along with the rise of the rise of social media and the younger generation of consumers, in order to seize the customers, brands are also broken heart in addition, the introduction of more busy young dress, with live show, after buying "and other new forms of communication, to brush the topic and show a good layout, the layout can not only make us unforgettable, more effective dissemination of the brand concept, in this round of battle, who is the final winner. read more

The highest density of Taiwan chicken chicken joined how – net

in fact, the choice of business Taiwan chicken joined the project, is very profitable choice. For business with a small capital of the entrepreneur, is very market development space choice. If you are very want to open their own stores to choose the highest density of Taiwan chicken chicken joined?

The highest

dense Taiwan chicken chicken joined the money?

small town what business? From the original "Taiwan chicken chicken joined the highest density of record, up to now the achievements, by now, every step of your support, every scene is your witness, because you have to go all the way" chicken, the highest density "only today’s dazzling wonderful. read more

f you want to shop in the main hot business needs to do four – the whole

with the people’s living conditions have become better and better, the demand for the dry cleaning industry will be even greater, the dry cleaning industry has good prospects for development, dry cleaners can be said to be a good choice to make money. But for inexperienced entrepreneurs, how to operate in order to make the dry cleaners business unpopular? Need to do the following four aspects.

, a business investment in low carbon chain of dry cleaners to consider the location problem: it can be said that the store location is a key factor in the success of our proposal is: the high population density of residential area; the block selection technique, corner position, intersection location, traffic convenient location. read more

Cake shop to join what conditions – the whole

China cake shop surely we are not unfamiliar! This is a well-known brand cake business. From its founding to the present has been 24 years, the founder of the brand is their current president Luo Hong. The brand after years of efforts, has now developed into a production and operation of cake, bread, pastry, cakes, and other products Glutinous Rice Balls point, mainly distributed in the country has more than and 70 large and medium-sized city thousands of retail stores, three domestic first-class large-scale modernization of Food Industrial Park, tens of thousands of high-quality staff of the domestic baking industry. In the enterprise. read more

What brand of open chain milk tea shop – good business

The choice of business

open tea stores is now good, but in brand choice we still need many considerations, not necessarily to see immediate benefits, to take a long-term perspective, then, to open a chain of tea shop, choose what brand is better? Xiao Bian for us to do a detailed introduction, I hope you will pay more attention to this.

1, street bar tea. Street tea is not just a milk tea to join a good project which is a good choice, it is still a feature of snacks to join the brand. Open chain tea shop what brand is good? Tea in the street where you can not only be able to get the satisfaction of milk tea drinks, but also get a variety of features to meet the snacks, nature of such projects are also many investors want to pursue popular investment projects. read more

Jung joined the juice taste – ribs big advantage

relative to the small business entrepreneurs, want to gain a foothold in the catering industry, and to choose to join Jung juice ribs bag? Brand project, the best choice for entrepreneurship. Jung juice ribs big project, has always been a very hot choice to join.

on the road of entrepreneurship we will encounter difficulties, not their own business, Xiaobian tell you want to have entrepreneurial dreams friends here, in fact, all don’t need to worry about, because the experience is from scratch, not to mention the Jung juice taste your back ribs big, so we are not easy to play the. Jung juice ribs bag after years of development, has led many to join the development of the market. read more

A street vendor selling Leggings can have what skills you the whole

went to the winter, but also to the girls wearing leggings, is playing underwear when the heat, a lot of stalls will also come out to sell leggings, put a stall selling pants are also very much. Thus, they formed a fierce competition in the industry, want a good business, nature also need relevant skills. So, put a stall selling Leggings can have what skills?

when I sell Leggings half earned, business is really good, but now want to sell Leggings at the suggestion of a friend to sell that can wear that, but in fact it was cold, the kind of backing backing me sell better skirt shorts, leggings that would be me in the 10-15 are good money is much better, but I didn’t take it, and then sell high on price, and pressure goods, the cost is much higher, 25-35 sell very fire, one night are busy busy. read more

The whole wardrobe which brand is good – the whole

clothes placed in family life is very critical, many home users love to buy the whole wardrobe, in order to maintain the whole family harmony, promote continuous progress, the market as a whole wardrobe, which brand is good? The whole Xiaobian will introduce a whole wardrobe ten brands list, help people choose a good overall wardrobe brand.

the whole wardrobe which brand is good? 1, send the state ballot

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Such as Kam magic wall art paint – all money to join

suitable for small business to choose the project, such as Kam magic wall art paint? Healthy choice, the choice of strength. In the early days to choose such as Jin magic wall art paint? High quality entrepreneurial projects, successful venture worthy of trust. Join such as Kam magic wall art paint, what are you waiting for?

what the cost of small business projects? Such as Kam magic wall art paint market

is the first home market, over the years, wall decoration Jiezhuang market almost is the choice of latex paint, forming the wall generally monotonous, no personality, but because of the short life of the well-known wallpaper is scanty for defects. What is the cost of small business projects? With the current improvement of life level, people need to show their taste and fashion and the pursuit of individuality, such as Kam magic wall art paint appear, all show the owner out of the ordinary decorative style and extraordinary taste, will create a new trend in the flow of people in the heart. read more

nvestment cattle barbecue buffet how much taro

China is a delicious people, I believe this one will not have any argument against it! The amount of food consumed by the Chinese people every day is staggering. The benefits of eating is a lot of consumers will first consider the issue, buffet came into being.

friends and family to eat together, we all like to eat buffet, buffet is not only decent and affordable, the key is to eat more things, cost-effective. With the rise of the buffet barbecue buffet also became very popular, cost-effective, tricks, good environment is the inherent impression on everyone taro barbecue buffet, all the people in this chowhound era, it is the red cow taro barbecue a. read more

China Unicom Sanjiang forum held seminars

April 9th, China Unicom Sanjiang auditorium second lectures held in the provincial Party school. Yue Qingping, entitled "China’s dream of historical reflection and future prospects," a special lecture, more than a thousand people to listen to lectures.

Yue Qingping is a professor of history at Peking University, doctoral tutor, director of the Central Research Institute, room 93 United Front Work Department of the CPC Party committee standing committee. Long engaged in policy research. read more

Drainage sector for 9 consecutive hours of full drainage storm did not cause a significant impact

29 evening and the morning of the morning of 30, so that the Drainage Department staff dispatched, scattered to the provincial capital of each point, continuous drainage for 9 hours, the storm did not cause a big impact.

30, 9 pm, Liu Yu, director of water management department of Xining city water company said, rain on the evening of 29 in Xining, at 21 PM they launched the emergency plan, unit full duty, the more water section in the Wuyi Road, 71 Road, Bayi Road, Sanming market, send drainage the full-time staff, timely drainage and open drainage covers, plumbing equipment dispatched vehicles, some of the blocked roads to clear in time, to ensure smooth drainage. For the water Bayi Road and other sections, the staff set up a reminder to remind the passing vehicles to drive carefully. read more

Drainage sector for 9 consecutive hours of full drainage storm did not cause a significant impact

29 evening and the morning of the morning of 30, so that the Drainage Department staff dispatched, scattered to the provincial capital of each point, continuous drainage for 9 hours, the storm did not cause a big impact.

30, 9 pm, Liu Yu, director of water management department of Xining city water company said, rain on the evening of 29 in Xining, at 21 PM they launched the emergency plan, unit full duty, the more water section in the Wuyi Road, 71 Road, Bayi Road, Sanming market, send drainage the full-time staff, timely drainage and open drainage covers, plumbing equipment dispatched vehicles, some of the blocked roads to clear in time, to ensure smooth drainage. For the water Bayi Road and other sections, the staff set up a reminder to remind the passing vehicles to drive carefully. read more

Civilized behavior, to become civilized western people

Frost coming to Xining next three days more showers

October 24th is the last autumn frost frost solar term, the advent of means to gradually change the weather in winter. The reporter learned from the Qinghai Provincial Meteorological Observatory, the next few days, not a large area of the province because of the arrival of frost solar term greatly cool weather with rain or sleet, temperature and flat in recent days.

Our province issued on the implementation of the most stringent water management system

In December 25th, the provincial government issued the "Qinghai province government views on the implementation of the most stringent water management system" (hereinafter referred to as the "opinions"), to strengthen water resources development, utilization, conservation, protection and management of the work, efforts to break the drought and water shortage, water pollution, water ecological environment is fragile and the bottleneck of water resources, to ensure that the sustainable utilization of water resources to support and ensure the province’s economic and social sustainable development. read more

220 ethnic religious cadres to receive training

work to create national unity and progress of advanced areas to further promote and improve the city’s religious activities democratic management committee director of the management ability and management level, to lay a solid foundation for our harmonious development of religious activities, December 14th to 16, the District Secretary, cadres of the people were temple and religious activities of people will director of more than 220 people in the centralized training.

in three days of training, the instructor carefully prepared courseware slides (PPT) system on the central ethnic work conference spirit, create the profound connotation of national unity and progress of advanced work of importance, according to the management of religious activities and the necessity to do fire prevention and control. Focus on the training through this, to further improve the city’s religious activities the people to manage director of ideological consciousness and policy level, to actively boost the city to create a national unity, religious harmony, social harmony and good environment. read more

5 billion investment in Xining, the top six categories of private projects in order to promote the o

2014, Xining plans a total investment of 5 billion 82 million yuan, the implementation of the top six categories of private projects for the people of the 38. At the end of August, two projects have been completed, the remaining 36 projects in an orderly way.

this year, the city of Xining to increase investment in urban infrastructure construction, the implementation of 7 projects. Among them, the people and the road (bridge), expensive Road (bridge), the road east extension section of the construction project has been completed the project quantity 80%. Urban drainage network expansion project has completed an investment of 60 million 500 thousand yuan. Fourth, the fifth sewage treatment plant project fully completed at the end of October. Smooth project by project funds and other factors, progress is slow. The other two projects have completed the target task of 90%. read more

Our province do fine ecological protection performance evaluation of addition and subtraction

to increase the ecological engineering construction, energy conservation, environmental remediation, plateau beautiful countryside, Sanjiang National Park pilot system affects the index of the source area of Sanjiang County, canceled GDP assessment indicators, reduce the ecological construction planning, supervision and inspection of law enforcement and other routine work index…… In order to promote air plant "four major requirements, and to do" examination "baton" to lead the ecological protection work, this year, the assessment of the provincial leading group in accordance with the provincial government requirements, do fine ecological protection assessment target of addition and subtraction, each unit was consistent to hold ecological red line, build a strong ecological security barrier. read more

Cheng Lihua stressed the importance of promoting employment and Entrepreneurship Transformation and

recently, vice governor Cheng Lihua depth Xining city enterprise communities, business incubators, innovation park, survey of employment and entrepreneurship, focusing problems, interrogation pulse. She fully affirmed the employment and entrepreneurship in Xining, I hope Xining further reform and innovation, bold exploration, play a leading role in a good radiation demonstration.

Cheng Lihua stressed that the face of economic growth shift, structural adjustment and transformation of old and new momentum, employment and entrepreneurship work should give full play to the role of the government and the market two. One should adapt to the development of economy, promote the traditional industry in transition to employment oriented industries and services to promote employment, employment to employment and entrepreneurship combined transformation, to promote physical labor and employment based transition to employment oriented skills and intelligence. Two, we should focus on solving the structural contradictions of employment, strengthen innovation and entrepreneurship education, the implementation of the national skills training program, the establishment of innovation and entrepreneurship education and training system, and enhance the talent training and economic and social development. Three must focus on college graduates, rural migrant workers employment, strengthen labor skills training, build service brand, stable frequency, expand the scale, improve skills, increase revenue, to properly resolve the surplus staff capacity during shunt reorientation placement problem. Four to enhance the employment service ability, strengthen business incubators, business park construction, do a good job of entrepreneurship training, policy advice, tracking support and other integrated services, improve the financing guarantee loan policy, strengthen the policy advocacy and demonstration, guide people to change the concept of employment and entrepreneurship. read more

Jian Wei collective recognition of advanced collective yesterday

December 25th, held in Xining in 2012 to defend the work of summing up the general recognition of the general assembly. Municipal Committee, publicity minister, Wang Haihong, vice chairman of the Municipal Federation of trade unions, vice mayor Tong Wang, municipal CPPCC Vice Chairman, as well as the provincial health department, the provincial Office of the relevant leaders attended the meeting of love, health, and so on. 19 Departments and 27 individuals were awarded in 2012, Xining Jian Wei advanced collectives and advanced individuals honorary title. read more

Demolition of buildings without endangering pedestrians safety inspectors ordered to stop the scene

The east area of Xining city

Industry Building No. 51 Lane family hospital without protective measures in the demolition, flying ash, inconvenience and safety hazards not only to pedestrians and surrounding residents, also a large area of pollution of the road. Fortunately, urban management personnel rushed to the scene to be ordered to stop work, and require developers rectification.

March 13th, the reporter received a public to reflect, Lane No. 51 hospital door hard, I saw on the road is full of ash and small brick, six story building on the west side of the road is being dismantled, the demolition of several construction workers from the roof kept downstairs shovel ash, ash flying, many pedestrians clutching his nose ran cross the road. "Look, what’s in my shop, the shelves are full of ash." A shop owner said, they do not have any protective measures, many children go to school from here, it is not safe." Xining City Chengdong District Zhou Jia Quan Street Office of urban management, law enforcement officers and Jianguo Road community staff in the inspection, found the building without protective measures in the demolition, and pollution of the road, affecting the surrounding environment, will take immediate measures. Deputy director of the urban management department said that they should be ordered to stop construction, and require developers to rectification, take protective measures. read more

Ensure stable supply price buy cheap meat, can be put into these 50 points

In order to ensure the stable supply of meat market, cattle, sheep, pork prices recently, Xining city farmers market in the main four areas and 8 supermarkets, a total of 50 delivery points, reserves put 1100 tons of beef and mutton and live cattle, sheep, pork storage, in order to stabilize the price of pork, cattle and sheep.

winter comes, cattle and mutton into the peak consumption, market consumption increased, thereby boosting the price of beef and mutton. To stabilize the market price of beef and mutton in Xining City, to protect the lives of the masses, the municipal government to take effective measures to guarantee the meat market supply, stabilize market prices. From 2013 to 2014 in spring and winter plan total reserves of 2600 tons of meat, including: Reserve living pig 1000 tons, 400 tons of live cattle, live sheep 600 tons, 400 tons of frozen beef, frozen mutton, 200 tons of reserves for the period from October 2013 to March 2014. read more

Luo Huining visits news staff

The morning of March 16th, the four meeting of the twelve National People’s Congress has just concluded, the provincial Party Secretary, the provincial people’s Congress, the head of the delegation of Qinghai province Luo Huining in my delegation visited the station, people’s daily, Xinhua news agency, CCTV, Qinghai daily, Qinghai radio and television and other central media in Qingdao, the mainstream media responsible comrades and provincial capital the editors and reporters.

on the third floor of the Inner Mongolia Grand Hotel Wangfujing in the meeting room, Luo Huining shook hands with the editors and reporters. He said that two of the country’s victory ended, we take a look behind the scenes hero. This year NPC and CPPCC period, the central provincial capital in the green media, mainstream media, conscientiously implement the party’s propaganda policy, adhere to the correct political orientation of Qinghai, NPC deputies and CPPCC members to perform their duties responsibly for the full report, Qinghai story, show the Qinghai representatives and members of the style of the times. In particular, the study and implementation of general secretary Xi Jinping’s speech in Qinghai, an important speech, do have momentum, depth, and will be outside China Unicom, Yang Qinghai sound, the image of Qinghai. For half a month of publicity, we work very hard. On behalf of the provincial Party committee, I would like to express my gratitude to the comrades. read more

The historic breakthrough of Qinghai open platform construction

In recent years, the province continued to strengthen the construction of open platform, expanding opening up, to actively participate in the "The Belt and Road" construction, continue to adjust the structure, broaden the channels of communication, the construction of cooperation mechanism, opening up a new attitude show. In 2015, the opening of the province continued to expand in the interconnection, and the trade volume Belt and Road Initiative along the main country of nearly $400 million, an increase of 15.5%. Cao Jiabao bonded logistics center (B) built into the Qinghai Tibet region’s first special customs supervision, marking the construction of the province’s open platform to achieve a historic breakthrough. read more

The seventeenth China Green Food Expo

9 month 2 days, by the Chinese green food development center, Jilin Provincial Agriculture Commission, Changchun municipal government organized the seventeenth session of Chinese Green Food Expo in Changchun Agricultural Expo opened, nearly 2000 companies from the 34 national pavilions at the green expo. Our province has selected 11 representatives on behalf of the province’s green food development results of the certification companies and Qinghai features more than 10 major categories of more than 50 kinds of products. Products related to beef and mutton products, dairy products, wolfberry products, aquatic products, bee products, potatoes, garlic, etc.. In order to reflect the characteristics of Qinghai plateau characteristics of the products, our province has special selection of Cordyceps sinensis, Tianlu milk A Well-Known Trademark in China exhibition. read more

Qinghai commodity set will open in Qingdao

In order to accelerate domestic circulation modernization, better docking production and consumption, expanding domestic demand, improve people’s quality of life, to build a new circulation system, and actively promote enterprises "going out" pace, and constantly open up foreign market. 12 to 18, by the Qinghai Provincial Department of Commerce, the Provincial Department of finance, Department of agriculture and animal husbandry, trade and Industry Bureau and other departments will be held in Shandong, Qingdao Province, the "Qinghai commodity collection".

Qinghai large set of goods held since 2010, adhere to the "going out" concept, to show the promotion, to attract local businesses to popular stores, to signing orders for long-term cooperation, expand Qinghai province product visibility and market share, and promote the sustainable development of enterprises in Qinghai, extroversion. In six years, through this activity for Qinghai enterprises to build long-term sales channels in Beijing, Shanghai, Shaanxi, Sichuan, Fujian, opened a foreign sales market, provides a good opportunity for consumers to experience the full range, zero distance Qinghai specialty products, and promote the Qinghai province local products and enterprises "going out" pace.

the large set of goods, adhering to the "great beauty of Qinghai, green consumption" theme, select 75 enterprises, more than 400 kinds of commodities. Covers dairy products, bee products, native products, drinks wine, handicrafts, textile goods such as eight products, full exhibition green, healthy, natural and pollution-free characteristics of goods in Qinghai. During the large collection of goods will be organized advertising, launching ceremony, product sales, negotiation and other activities, and invited Qingdao large buyers and two well-known media participants. The set will be held for the further expansion of the Qinghai real estate famous special new product visibility, improve Qinghai products market share in Qingdao, to further strengthen the economic and trade exchanges between the two exchanges and cooperation, to build a good platform, but also bring Qinghai special high-quality new products feast for consumers in Qingdao.

"build the Silk Road, with the Chinese dream". We believe that by hosting the Qinghai large set of goods, will further strengthen and deepen the Qinghai and Qingdao in the business cooperation between the exchanges, to achieve mutual benefit and win-win cooperation, good vision benefit the common people of the two.   read more

Win the first battle of poverty alleviation, the province 116 thousand people out of poverty

New Year’s day, 2017, the door of the sun, warm sunshine, bathed in harvest and joy, bathed in vision and future.

in the past, we are walking sonorous, temper forward.

through the efforts of the year, our province "13th Five-Year" poverty battle battle! The successful completion of 6 poor counties hat, exit, 404 poor villages 116 thousand people out of poverty in the last year, the annual goals and tasks, the poverty rate dropped from 2015 at the end of 13.2% to the current 10.3%! Chengguan town of Datong County Tawacun 16 poor households Zhaimao, Huangzhong County Lan Long Kou Zhen Qia Yang Cun 44 poor households were happy to get out of poverty "card of glory"…… This moment, how can not exciting, unforgettable. read more

Xining fire for students to fill the summer fire safety education

Xining fire brigade in the city to carry out the summer fire make up the lessons of safety education practice. Mobilize and mobilize the broad participation of young people in the city’s fire work, set off a strong popularity of fire safety knowledge, improve the ability to escape self-help boom.

young people’s awareness of fire fighting activities. Xining fire brigade held by everyone involved in the fire, to create a safe and harmonious "as the theme of the summer youth fire safety education activities, to" go out, please come in "approach, in the brigade camp, school and other places to carry out the" red gate opening "," fire into the campus activities, through knowledge, to carry out the fire special fire fighting equipment exhibition, simulation experience and knowledge contest, fire escape fire drills as the main content of the fire safety education activities. read more

Stationed in the military and police forces to actively serve the masses

October 19th, reporters from the Xining municipal double support office learned that, in recent years, in Nanjing Police Forces and soldiers as the resident home, support and cooperate with the local construction, Yongzheng action, love the private good, actively involved in the creation of the national civilized city, National Sanitary City, national environmental protection model city and national garden city and other activities. At present, the service has achieved remarkable results.

it is understood that in 4 years, the military and police forces in Nanjing a total investment of about 8500000 yuan, troops more than 10 people (Times), vehicle more than 2 thousand and 150 (Times), the implementation of afforestation, disaster relief and garbage removal, sewer dredging, green belt irrigation such as voluntary labor, and 62 village twinning, invested more than 320 million yuan to carry out village renovation, poverty alleviation activities. During the Green Fair, Lake Race and Spring Festival, Kumbum Monastery and other major events and festivals butter flower show, in Nanjing military and local contact with joint control, joint guard, invested 3 million 200 thousand yuan to support the construction of 3 hope primary school, donate more than 50 yuan to help more than 1000 students, to help the masses of more than 60 thousand people, to provide medical rescue service dispatched more than 20 thousand passengers, more than 20 thousand passengers out of school counselors. At the same time, fire forces in fire dangerous missions up to 5388, up to 57 thousand passengers dispatched police dispatched vehicles more than 7980 times. Lushaer town police garrison in Xining, ethnic and Religious Committee, the fourth hospital of PLA, Huangzhong County People’s Armed Forces Department, Huangzhong County Fire Brigade, Huangzhong county government and the Kumbum Monastery signed a long-term agreement to build army and the Kumbum Monastery, "one temple six party building activities, to raise 117 thousand yuan for the Kumbum Monastery five hospital donated 20 computer learning feed Taiwan, 5 sets of air-conditioning, the reconstruction of subsidies for 429 thousand yuan to solve the housing problem of 33 monks, has invested 600 thousand yuan for the Temple scenic spot lighting lighting, purification, road hardening construction etc.. The fourth hospital of the people’s Liberation Army has set up a national ward, specially formulated the preferential treatment policy of the minority people in poverty relief from 10% to 40%, for the children of poor families to receive more than 3000 children for free treatment. read more

Xining Municipal Bureau of statistics on the township agricultural statistical work of law enforceme

for " chuangxianzhengyou activity " deep and solid development, according to the unified arrangement of the national unified plan and Municipal Bureau of statistics, to further promote the "Statistics Law" and the "statistical violations of regulations" of the implementation of a good legal environment to create agricultural statistics, the recent Xining Municipal Bureau of statistics. The town of Tumen Town, Huangzhong County, Huang Tian, Zhang Zhen, Datong County Datong pig livestock breeding base group, Huangyuan County Chengguan Town, Si Zhai Xiang six agricultural statistics reporting units of the "Statistics Law" and the "Regulations" violations of law enforcement inspection.  
through the law enforcement inspection, regulate the basic work to promote the role of agricultural statistics, according to statistics to propaganda. read more