Xifeng County, Guizhou entrepreneurship project will be held

in the spring under the influence of dual policy, more and more people have the intention of entrepreneurship, but most of them lack of experience, in a confused state, do not know what should do poineering project. At this time the government played an intermediary role of the bridge.

11 8, venture project promotion will be held in Xifeng County, health museum, food stores, furniture stores, e-commerce and other less investment and quick start project, attracted a lot of people come to consult the entrepreneurial intention. read more

How to predict venture capital

if a person wants to have a look at your business, enough money first, now in the money society, if you do not have enough money, then everything is in vain, and know enough money, it relates to the prediction of venture capital, how to predict?

this problem mainly depends on the type, size, place of business, competitors and other circumstances. One thing is for sure: to recover the investment before, we must first invest large sums of money, even the strongest profit enterprises, have to wait a few months later will have a profit, many enterprises may take a longer time. read more

Model analysis of online shop

with the emergence of the shop, although not as complicated as the opening, but also the emergence of a variety of entrepreneurial open shop form, operators by mail, etc., will be sent to the buyer. The online shop is a born in the age of the Internet under the background of new sales, the traditional business model is different from the network, compared with the large online shopping mall and a few personal goods online auction, online shop investment is small, flexible mode of operation, can provide a good profit space for the operators, many people become entrepreneurial way the. read more

What are the tips on home furnishings store location

called a successful store location, will bring you a high popularity of business. This is like the majority of entrepreneurs to prove the key location. One home accessories is the most important investment hot spot, then it in the site which is the secret, what need to pay attention to it?

, a bustling commercial street

choose to shop in this position, because the rent is very high, so the area is not too large, not more than 40 square meters. Area is not large, it is generally pedestrian street, so the operation of the goods should not be too large, should be small. The position of large passenger flow, so we must make good use of, which determines the price of goods in store should not be too high, it is best to not hesitate too much to buy, that is less than 100 yuan, or even less than 30-50 yuan, more practical than the novelty of the goods. In this area because the location is good, do not need to spend too much and even can reduce advertising money, business is the most important is the promotion, there must be a variety of promotions to attract customers to emerge in an endless stream, need to be more careful. Recommended part-time shop friends as far as possible not to choose; read more

What is the mode of joining bass drum

vermicelli in the innovation brand which good? Xiao Bian believes that the good rice drum, drum vermicelli is built by the drum Catering Management Co., Ltd., for the world to build a restaurant brand. Drum Restaurant Management Co., Ltd. was founded in 2011, headquartered in Shanghai, operates mainly in the series of rice drum, local characteristics of the snack restaurant. In the rice noodle industry, the first to introduce CIS image recognition system, implement HACCP safety and health system. To carry forward the Chinese food culture and promote the continuous development of Chinese fast food for the mission. read more

Management must see beauty salon business success of the four tips

Today, the rapid development of the beauty industry, many entrepreneurs set up shop quickly closed down quickly. Fierce competition in the beauty industry, in order to successfully operate a beauty salon, not only in the hardware and software work hard, but also to the quality of beauty service. So, from the daily beauty salon business, small series of beauty salons to manage the success of the four tips for beauty salon boss reference.

A, love your customers, respect your competitors

read more

Analysis on the advantages of joining Guilin rice noodle

look at a good brand to join the first preliminary judgment is to look at the brand can provide you with what kind of advantages, which is to determine whether you are willing to further understand the key points of its brand. So what are the advantages of rice Guilin rice joined?

Analysis on the advantages of

rice noodle joining in Guilin

1, product advantages

in the monotony of the food and beverage industry, want to attract the attention of consumers, it is necessary to do a different food business. Guilin rice noodle, heritage of the essence of the local cuisine in Guilin, in the innovation for people to bring a classic and stylish food enjoyment. The product has good taste, taste delicious vermicelli, brine, can not be copied, unique, shop businesses are not afraid of no one love. read more

Entrepreneurship Education in Colleges and universities do not allow teachers to engage in Entrepren

China is planning to comprehensively promote innovation and entrepreneurship education in Colleges and universities in 2016 to help students improve the level of knowledge and skills. But at the same time, it was also said that the cultivation of entrepreneurial talent, but also pay attention to not put the cart before the horse, so that teachers take the lead in part-time entrepreneurship.

"the duty of the teacher is teaching, instead of entrepreneurship." In the days before the Municipal People’s Congress of Fengtai delegation group discussion, the Municipal People’s Congress Chen Shuqing and Li Hongjiang expressed concerns about the current teacher Part-time business. read more

Retailers are willing to lose money in order to draw relationships

how can we have a better relationship with customers? How to be able to mix with the consumer groups around the shop? I’m afraid this is the knowledge any retailer wants to know. In fact, if you want to win the relationship between retailers, might as well eat a loss, perhaps the effect will be surprised oh.

retailers must do a good job with the local residents, especially in rural areas, if there is a competitor, then pay more attention to this point. Of course, we say that the quality of service is an important factor in determining the quality of business, but in the quality of service level is almost the case, interpersonal relationship is an important factor affecting the quality of business. As far as I know, in rural areas to open a shop, a lot of things to do is acquaintances business, by the relationship network. read more

How to open a clothing store cheaper

now, with the increasing pressure of work, many young people have started to open a clothing store, shop need to purchase, but how to purchase cheaper? Let’s look at it together!

many businesses do not know enough about the purchase channels, the purchase is always a relatively high price. So how do you get a low stock purchase channels which? If you know these, take the goods will not be too much restrictions, the clothing business will not be reduced.

How to get the

clothing store purchase price? This is the garment industry, and the introduction of which a skirt; other industries as usual with commodity item can see this way in accordance with the experiment. Directly to get the manufacturers of ex factory price is lower than the price; but this is not absolute, but also depends on your luck, eyesight and endurance, but also with a fortune; as the saying goes, three points, seven points of luck by technology. read more

Home ladder ten brands list

change the curtains, repair a light, these are often too high because of the need for ladders as a tool. As a result, the domestic ladder market is more and more broad, to bring more and more consumer brands. The following, let Xiaobian to introduce the ten major domestic ladder brand list, so as to give more consumers a good reference.

home ladder ten brands NO.1: Jungle

Beijing forest international household goods Co., Ltd., founded in August 2008, the registered capital of 10 million yuan. The company is an international brand, and is an international one. The company mainly produces dense forest brand ladder, racks, folding beds and other household items, because of special attention to detail design and well-known. The company attaches great importance to the design of safety features, in the ladder of functional design in the forefront of the domestic. Jungle ladder for the first time in the ladder on the use of granular anti-skid mat, so that the mat really has a non slip function. At the same time, the full welding welding method is adopted for the first time on the ladder welding, which makes the safety of the ladder greatly improved. read more

Wuhan soil beat 8 plots total turnover of $1 billion 936 million 140 thousand

with the recovery of the real estate, land auction in full swing. Wuhan’s 8 plots of land, the total turnover of 1 billion 936 million 140 thousand yuan. Let us look at the relevant specific reports!

yesterday, Wuhan (real estate), listed ways to sell 8 plots, the Department of housing prices is min Rong first into Wuhan, won by 972 million yuan, four new green plots; the reserve price of 840 million yuan won the Optics Valley east commercial, will be built 400 meters tall.

this earth beat 8 plots, the total turnover of $1 billion 936 million 140 thousand, the total net land area of 293360 square meters. read more

What are the experience of retail customers for home service

in order to attract customers, retain more repeat customers, so that the shop’s business is more popular, and now many of the retail stores to provide a more intimate service, many of the shops are provided on-site service. In short, now more and more large and small supermarket, facing the increasingly fierce competition, major businesses have to use their brains, to explore the real, facing many problems in the management of the store. There are many retailers have begun to implement door-to-door service, to take effective measures to do everything to think about the customer, thinking about the customer’s everything, into a passive initiative, to provide warm and thoughtful door-to-door service. read more

Select the robot education to join the brand need to grasp these points

now robot education to join the market strong momentum of development, the wealth of opportunities for more investors at the same time, and then join the market in the face of domestic robot education complex, the teaching level uneven situation, want to choose a robot education high reputation and good market prospects to join the brand, it is not easy. So how to choose a good robot education to join the brand?

investors tend to join the popular brand of good education. To join those who, once you choose a brand, it means that investors can not arbitrarily change the brand, because the brand change means that investment will be wasted, therefore, the first choice is very important. So, investors and how to correctly select the robot education and education to join the brand? read more

Yichang Hubei men sell female Polygonum multiflorum female organ contour

domestic merchants network integrity platform, provide all walks of life to join a good project, entrepreneurial projects, rich money business opportunities, business ideas, business guide, join the information industry news etc. detailed introduction of services for the majority of entrepreneurs, is the ideal choice for web entrepreneurs looking for investment, entrepreneurship, join, chain, good project agent. The whole network for their support of the majority of entrepreneurs looking for their own entrepreneurial rich project, the success of your entrepreneurial dreams of wealth! read more

Some disadvantages of College Students’ Entrepreneurship


students just out of school have some enthusiasm and entrepreneurial impulse, although their capital is young but behind this capital has hidden many problems, they will become the drawbacks of entrepreneurship.

1, the lack of funds. Students start the process, any a good project, a market prospect of invention, if not guaranteed funds, not financing or not from the investment company funds guarantee, not from the investment company in financing or not bank loans will not be implemented.

2, the lack of business management experience. An enterprise to be able to run normally, not only have good projects, funds guarantee, must also have a number of high-quality business management and business knowledge and theory, it is more important to can occur in all business management practice. Huazhong University of science Li Lingling talk about the entrepreneurial process because of the lack of experience in enterprise management so that he went to the crossroads and wandering, is a typical example. read more

Entrepreneurs need to have 6 entrepreneurial awareness

faced with the current situation of employment difficulties, more and more people start their own businesses, but entrepreneurship is not easy, what needs to be aware of it, followed by a small series to see it!

A, resource awareness.

entrepreneurs need to have all aspects of resources, including information resources, human resources, financial resources, material resources and so on, these are the cornerstone of an enterprise the superstructure. Entrepreneurs in the entrepreneurial process, the need to integrate limited resources, in order to ensure that enterprises continue to move forward. The information collection, screening and use, personnel recruitment, staffing, financial and material resources allocation and use, need to plan as a whole, unified planning, to cooperate with each other to play the greatest effect, achieve a multiplier effect. Experts think the China business network, an entrepreneur can not be involved in Entrepreneurship problems are solved, it is impossible to put all have an ample supply of entrepreneurial resources. The key point here is to learn how to integrate resources. Therefore, the principle of resource integration is not only an important principle in entrepreneurial design. The occasion is also in the business development, the clever use of resources, complementary advantages, an important way to achieve win-win. read more

44 year old father’s college entrance examination for his son set an example

family education is very important for the growth of children, to encourage the son, 44 year old father at the entrance, such good intentions, also got a son’s response. Educate children to have a good recipe, in order to make you healthy and grow up!

44 year old Luo Xiaoyan is a Chinese teacher in Hechuan District of Hechuan Normal School of Chongqing city. He was highly myopic eyes, glasses degree of 1900 degrees, the lens is thicker than beer bottles. 1988 to participate in the college entrance examination, admitted to the Southwestern Normal University, after graduating from Hechuan normal school, has been taught to the present. This year, he made a surprising decision to participate in the college entrance examination, not for anything else, only to encourage his son. read more

Children’s clothing stores management need to pay attention to what the misunderstanding

children’s clothing market opportunities, entrepreneurial open children’s clothing store is very sensible, many parents choose high quality children’s love, drive the development of children’s clothing market, any franchise is not one hundred percent success, then the success of industry may also have the possibility of failure, if there is to join can make money, no experience can make money the point of view, then you joined on a handful of successful means said, according to the chain of children’s clothing to join the successful experience, we should put aside the three errors of children’s clothing to join the chain, and the matters needing attention. read more

77 year old success story

both men and women can start a business, regardless of age, size, as long as you have perseverance, vision, willing to hone their own business market can be. A 77 year old to share their own successful entrepreneurial experience, inspired a lot of entrepreneurial novice.

4 get up at 7:40 to the company to work, go home at noon, 3 pm to continue to work at home, at night to sleep at 10. The life of Huang Wupu from 2007 until now the company persisted for 5 years, he is not a man in the full vigour of life, but a 77 year old man, in his words, my interest is work, work is of interest. read more

An analysis of the way for media people to run their own businesses

this is a comprehensive entrepreneurial era, whether it is agriculture, industry or service industry, the media industry, etc., all walks of life have left the job market, to join the entrepreneurial tide. 2015, the media can be said to usher in a new business season, they broke through the shackles of traditional media systems, began to find their new position in the wave of entrepreneurship.

read more

90 after the successful history of entrepreneurship

here, a small 90 after the success of the venture, to see how they are using the network to start a successful business, I hope we can be inspired.

campus entrepreneurship workshop

2008, Zhejiang Yiwu business school established business school second years, opened in April this year, Taobao group, has officially formed entrepreneurial class business international students from China World Trade Center, electronics, logistics and application of these three English major, mainly use aliexpress online to do foreign trade, currently a total of 42 students. read more

Dry cleaning industry development prospects

dry cleaning franchise industry prospects? Many want to invest in the mining industry to get rich opportunities, if you are still not very clear investment prospects for the development of this industry will quickly come to see that how to understand the dynamic development of the industry, analysis, mining rich good opportunities.

it is understood that there are from Belgium, Germany, Chinese, Italy, Japan, Portugal, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Turkey and the United States more than and 90 industry leading brands confirmed exhibitors, Italy and Germany two countries will organize pavilion. read more

Graduate Entrepreneurship open shop selling baked squid into a millionaire

  college students can also get rich through the sale of pork, so that entrepreneurial dreams and education does not matter, as long as willing to adhere to, willing to work hard, it will succeed.

3 fellow in Xi’an to get to know, they began to sprout through entrepreneurship, self financing ideas. When Wang Shuai put the idea to tell two fellow, we hit it off. Just do it, this is the young man’s character. Three brother decided to start after asking that the shop at the entrance of the Xi’an University of Posts and telecommunications to the transfer, so everyone together will set down. We have thousands of dollars, but also to borrow some money from students, a total investment of fifteen thousand."

read more

Fuzhou will build a regional international logistics center

electricity supplier in the development of contemporary hot, fast industry has become the focus of attention. When shopping on the Internet, the choice of express time, directly determines the speed of goods we receive. In view of the current market situation, it is necessary to establish a new logistics center. This time, Fuzhou will build a regional international logistics center, in order to promote the continued development of the local electricity supplier to promote economic progress.

days ago, the provincial Commission by letter, the national development and Reform Commission, Department of Commerce issued the "speed up the logistics industry in Fujian province development plan (2016 ~2020 years)" proposed that by 2020, the province logistics industry increased more than 300 billion yuan, the proportion of GDP accounted for 7.7%, become the new leading industries in the province to support the development of the national economy. Among them, China (Fujian) free trade zone will be built as the core area of Fuzhou international logistics center. read more

Beauty salon to avoid what errors do you know

beauty is the nature of every woman, for beauty, they always spend a lot of time and money, beauty is that they often go to places, investment advantages and market prospects for the development of the beauty industry is also very impressive, many entrepreneurs want to open a very prosperous beauty salon. But before the shop or to master a lot of things to join, avoid joining into some errors and pitfalls.

beauty salon to join one of the errors: anyone can open the store

a lot of people believe that the opening of the store investor education, IQ requirements are not high, anyone is suitable for. In fact, the franchise to open the store’s personality, ability, experience is a certain requirement. Investors should ask themselves, entrepreneurial passion. Potential, personality and so on is really appropriate to join the ranks of franchise operations. read more

The advantage of the baked fish drunk

do not know if you have not found in recent years more and more shopping malls in the fish shop, and every fish shop business as well, for the form of such changes, you need not be surprised, this is the inevitable trend of catering market. Because the fish can satisfy the consumer demand for healthy and delicious. With the development of the level of social life for more and more of the diet, people’s consumption level and the growth of a reasonable diet attention makes the rapid development of the catering industry, in the market firmly occupy a certain position, which makes many investors looking to the catering industry. Among them, Wan Fuxiang drunk baked fish is a good choice. Baked fish drunk? read more

Community store operators can not do big supermarkets

now the number of large supermarkets are also increasing, due to the abundant capital, often carry out a variety of promotional activities, which makes some convenience stores feel difficult to survive. So, if you open a community store how to operate it? This is the problem that many shopkeepers are worried about. Xiao Bian here suggested that the community store operators can not do big supermarkets.

my retail store in the urban area of a high-end residential areas, the owners of the consumer ability. At the same time, the front of the district is a bustling urban trunk road, a large flow of people. The area where the owners usually are busy, as a small one, in order to facilitate communication, I built a "super small owners QQ group, now has more than and 600 members of the group. read more

The Hand-Pulled Noodle joining process simple venture investment is peace of mind

either in the South or in the north, pasta are loved by the people, of which the Hand-Pulled Noodle loved by many people as the authentic Japanese Hand-Pulled Noodle project, the Hand-Pulled Noodle in the catering market continue to praise. Now, the investment Hand-Pulled Noodle, allowing entrepreneurs to open new business opportunities.


Hand-Pulled Noodle procedure


Hand-Pulled Noodle joining process:

1. reservation application: submit the intention to apply for the consultation to join, cooperation qualification assessment. read more

Unlimited buffet barbecue what join conditions

unlimited buffet barbecue to see the name of the brand is not a feeling, you can eat here to absolute . Yes, this is a very reliable and popular barbecue investment projects.

unlimited barbecue buffet with a strong R & D and brand management capabilities, Shanghai Pakistan peron catering enterprise management limited to modern people’s life, eating habits, meal time, taste, place, price and other aspects of the system to do the investigation, combined with the modern diet concept, break the normal procedure based on traditional delicacy, innovative and unique the diet and international standard service model to make every customer free to enjoy delicious! Is a very popular consumer love barbecue brand, then unlimited barbecue join what is the condition? read more

90 students start selling profitable

is a kind of choice for many entrepreneurs 90 who enter the society now, and now there are many 90 in the society get rich entrepreneurial success story, let’s see, now 90 is full of infinite possibilities in a group, the prospect of unlimited.

graduation for more than a year, Guo Gaolin from a penniless college graduates to start their own bold vegetable supermarket chain, and now has 4 stores of successful entrepreneurs, he want to all dare not to think that won the turnover of more than 10 thousand yuan a day, which made him more determined to start faith. read more

乐高城市卧底webisode 1现在可用德军总部新秩序得到新的游戏预告片




乐高市:卧底发布于Wii U于3月18日在北美洲和3月28日在欧洲。


新预告片的标题是“无处可逃”的节目吗B.J. Blazkowicz和抵抗反击Deathshead将军和他的军团的纳粹军队尽管对他们压倒性的优势。

欣赏预告片,让我们知道你的想法,通过下面的评论部分。 read more


南梦宫万代宣布将发布hexodius PC通过蒸汽在6月21日。它也将进入Xbox Live这个秋天。






是你感兴趣的hexodius让我们知道你的想法,通过下面的评论部分。 read more



房屋称为仕女画,三藩。Michael De Battista / 500px图像


阿拉斯加航空新的直达航线,从海湾地区。阿拉斯加航空公司形象 read more



盐湖藻类池塘,赫特泻湖附近格雷戈瑞,西澳大利亚。图片由Yann Arthus Bertrand


躺在湖底的藻类对高盐含量产生红色色素光合作用的过程称为β-胡萝卜素。虽然它被认为是安全的,仍有人劝阻游泳由于盐的含量高,会刺激眼睛和结晶有。 read more

A few tricks to jewelry products store business back to life

jewelry shop, although it is a hot business opportunities, but in order to operate a jewelry store is not an easy thing, small series for everyone to weapon, easy to solve a few tricks jewelry store crisis. />

1.  location ambiguity. The letter said that the quality of the goods in the vicinity of the small shop is good, but the business can not do, it can be inferred that the store’s product prices are relatively high. Jewelry to sell a good price, in addition to the product itself to have the characteristics, but also the owner of the fashion experience and business environment to support. Ms. Wan this one alone high, in fact, a lot of hidden risks, a little inattentive will be rejected by consumers. read more

Anhui Fuyang to promote the development of migrant workers employment


as a special social group, migrant workers have a very large number of components, at the same time, they are the most no craft one, usually working outside more are relying on the toil. In order to solve the problem of employment and Entrepreneurship of this part of the people, Anhui Fuyang government made a great effort to obtain a high degree of recognition of the local people.

Anhui to Fuyang Yingquan district to broaden the channels of employment of migrant workers, promote the migrant farmers get stable income, promote new urbanization and agricultural modernization coordinated development. As of last year, the region’s total number of people returning home reached 1729. read more

Bamboo charcoal market investment prospects

low carbon environmental protection project, the first from our side are more familiar with the products of bamboo charcoal products begin to know, I believe everyone is familiar with, so now the market has a lot of new environmentally friendly products, bamboo charcoal markets there are many business opportunities?

Why do we think that

read more

Do not miss the 4 big money making industry to make money to you

a lot of young people have a dream of their own business, at the same time, some of them are such dreams into practice, of course, in the usual practice to choose an industry and a good project is a very important thing, let’s see what exactly is the industry comparison make money.

you satisfied with your job? Do you have a heart of entrepreneurship? You still can not find a suitable venture and trouble? All in now will recommend this paper smoothly done or easily solved, 5 absolutely profitable venture, hoping to help entrepreneurs fortune. read more

Do a little business in the winter to make money in the beauty industry is good

is now the society, there are a lot of people want to start, but in the whole process of entrepreneurship, there are a lot of people do not have the good opportunity, then in such a winter, what are the rich small business can be selected?

The number of

now the business has been increasing, even if it is cold in winter nor let their enthusiasm is reduced, this is a good phenomenon, in which a lot of people in a small business, because of its low cost considerable profits, so the winter do what a small business read more

College Students’ Entrepreneurship and employment forum lecture

in order to allow college students to have a correct entrepreneurial thinking, lectures, forums and other needs often held for people to add energy. College Students’ Entrepreneurship and employment forum lecture in Gushan Cloud Lake Street, the forum set up a special fund to support entrepreneurship.

30 morning, Ji’nan Changqing District Gushan Cloud Lake Street entrepreneurship and employment forum held. The forum invited the Shandong fairy Agel Ecommerce Ltd general manager Cui Bei 40, Beijing Jiu Fang Agel Ecommerce Ltd general manager Ren Xiangjun, general manager of Ji’nan Sheng Digital Technology Co. Ltd. Huang Xuguang three guests share business ideas, exchange of entrepreneurial experience, and interact with university students. read more

Ali cloud Chong + + incubator base settled in Changsha

to encourage entrepreneurship in the country are now pushing for a policy, especially around now are very attention to some Internet startups, why Internet entrepreneurship has a larger market prospects and business opportunities, recently, Ali cloud "hit off +" incubation base officially settled in Changsha.

7, Yuhua District People’s government signed a cooperation agreement with ALI cloud, Ali cloud "hit off +" incubation base officially settled in Yuhua District Changsha city. Ali cloud Chong + + incubator base will be set up to provide customers with free infrastructure, legal advice, tax consulting, company registration services. In addition, the guests can also open the docking Ali open platform brand resources, cloud services resources, data resources, marketing resources, and enjoy more than 1000 professional guidance entrepreneurial mentor team. read more

What is the Laotaimen bun join process

steamed stuffed bun to join the project selection, has been very competitive, with the choice of business opportunities. Laotaimen buns? High quality entrepreneurial projects, small business for the franchisee, business opportunities are infinite. Join the Laotaimen bun, what are you waiting for? So, join the Laotaimen steamed stuffed bun has what kind of process?

1, investment consulting. The telephone or a preliminary understanding and Laotaimen appointment to visit the headquarters of the steamed stuffed bun, to discuss specific issues. read more