Read good faith from 58 exchange links

does the website to be like personhood, we all take each website as own child, careful care, each moment relations her. If one day is attacked by some people, we can still handle it patiently, and we will be indignant if we are dropped by the irrational search engine K.


web site as a person, every one of our website is not independent, we are required to cooperate with other websites to communicate, exchange, a building, create a harmonious network environment, a healthy profit channel. We are more than happy to exchange technology, irrigation promotion, link exchange cooperation. read more

Web site data analysis how to define user churn

has not updated the blog for a long time. This article also writes about "user churn". Active users before the release of the site and the loss of the user of this article on the website of the active users, the loss of loss of customers and new customers are defined here, corrected for the loss of the user name English, generally for the loss of the user commonly used English as "churn user", before the use of wastage, away and lost are not too specification. Later a friend asked to do correlation analysis of loss of the length of time the loss of the user’s choice in the end how much is reasonable, especially after the "real" site analysis of this book, I have mentioned the length of time how to more accurately define the loss inside, may explain the relatively simple, there are still problems in this area friend message feedback, so here with an article to explain. read more

New website purchase link notes

to buy links experience: the following experience is only I buy links summarized personal ideas, hope to do new station friends help.

1, link price: PR2-P4 in general between 4 yuan -8 yuan / month, PR4 or more did not buy, but asking price at 30 yuan -60 yuan.

two, Baidu snapshot is not updated every day, there is no PR value, a month 1 dollars do not buy, even if he is only a link on your site.

three, a website on the high weight, PR high, but his link has more than thirty, it is best not to buy, it is bought, the effect is not large, but also spend more money. read more

Webmaster sentiment and we talk about website promotion

says a question that everybody cares about, and also about website promotion.

I believe everyone is familiar with this topic, we are also very concerned about this topic, this topic posts and articles to several estimates use Baidu Search pages, the website promotion methods also is everywhere, I am a novice, I don’t want to show off what promotion methods here and we talk about, I just just remember, there is a saying that good, I don’t agree with you, but I will not deprive you of the right to speak. So everybody listen to me, just OK. read more

Webmaster site planning is very important

The success or failure of the

website has a very important relationship with the site planning before the site. Before the establishment of the station, the purpose of the station should be clearly defined, and the functions, scale and input costs of the website will be determined, and the necessary market analysis will be carried out. Only detailed planning, in order to avoid a lot of problems in the construction of the site, so that the construction of the site can be carried out smoothly. Otherwise, if not defeated, also must be thwarted. Illustrated by my own experience. read more

Hundreds of dollars or so commercial sites, where exactly cheaper

many customers asked me why the formal website design for at least two thousand yuan, the highest even tens of thousands, but many web service providers offer is very cheap, more than 1000 dollars, even hundreds of dollars, why the industry has such a disparity in price, cheap cheap in the end where is


first of all, the website function is different, the price is certainly different, complex prices are very high, simple natural low.

then the same functional complexity of the site, why is the price so cheap, in the end cheap where read more

Dai Zhikang 2009 years of nternet webmaster message

"stationmaster" magazine: a total Hello! This is Comsenz (Comsenz) combined with the laggards (Im286) at the fourth annual meeting of the Chinese Internet webmaster, is also the birth of 8th Anniversary Discuz. Facing the upcoming stationmaster annual meeting, what is your deepest feelings? In Comsenz was founded in 8th anniversary on the occasion, and what you want to say

webmaster friends?

Internet industry change rapidly, every practitioner is facing a good market not occur even in a hundred years. By the end of 2009, the number of Internet users in China was close to 300 million, while the Internet penetration rate was only 22%, far below the figure of 70% in developed countries. As a result, the growth rate will increase at least 300 million Internet users in the next 3~5 years, equivalent to recreating an existing size of the Internet market. This is the largest historic opportunity after the steam engine, electricity, telecommunications. read more

From my movie theater to watch the station Feihong movie website in the future to do

I am 09 years beginning in March the site, although 02 years learning asp programming, then also do a ASP system, but to the school laboratory, passed in the past years, he has been engaged in the work of other industries, not much understanding of the network, until 09 years, feel free time a lot of idle is wasted, and began to focus on the Internet, began to pick up the ASP want to do website. See a lot of information on the Internet, to understand the field of webmaster, know legend hao123 (Despise Yourself), also know that time A5, the laggards, such as cnzz, is that Americans don’t know Washington, the French don’t know Napoleon. read more

Do local portal experience exchange

actually, I do today is the portal site of Taizhou is two months, but my advertising revenue is by leaps and bounds, a monthly income of more than 20000, my Baidu included only a few pages (of course I want a little more Baidu included), some content is collected, how do I get rich under the operation? Just a few months to my experience and exchange:

did more than a year to do the station, in addition to a few personal websites have been successful, but has not been involved in the construction of integrated portal. As the unit is mixed seven website several negative Posts gotten out of hand, leading in a rage, decided to build a station, the company’s fundamental policy to the people of the city to make a report to our good deeds to the people of the city report, so I was in charge of publicity unit, came in handy. read more

How do industry websites deal with competitors’ copying and copying

The phenomenon of imitation and plagiarism in

exists in all walks of life, especially in our Internet industry. As a webmaster, we are accustomed to and like to imitate, but also afraid of competitors websites imitate ourselves, our website is often in this contradiction in the process of development. There are also many websites in China, although they have been imitated, but have never been surpassed. The author summed up some of the characteristics of such sites to share with you, exactly how the site to imitate and copy competitors. read more

Classification information website user analysis

one, classified information website user

merchants (including businesses and intermediaries)

home users (people who live in their own cities or places)

outside personnel (relative to family)

two, classification website users release information nature ratio

network platform as the analysis object: it has: Housing asked Wu (22000), flea market (16000), integrated services (3000), education (1700), job (7000), dating (2500), other classification (1500) classification, the information released by the company and individual supply the information in the demand information about the proportion: 10:1. read more

How to do keywords in two days, ranking first in Google

the day before yesterday I opened the blog: Liang; network topics:; network observation: three blog, a look at today, the network ranking has risen to the first in a short time Google, stable on the first page, Liang blog network observation also wandering between third to fourth, which is undoubtedly more firm I continue to do SEO confidence.

before also wrote some blogs, but always flow is not enough, this time also inadvertently see Mou evergreen predecessors about blog promotion experience, I decided to try to do it yourself first. After repeated comparison, selected topics for network, network observation and Liang blog three words, is intended to see which one is better, so open three blogs to watch for, not to the three child is really disappointing, hereintroduces I this two days to do what. read more

nternal diagnostics about the operation of a forum

forums have advantages:

: a commercial basis, as a commercial website, although there is no profit, but compared to the individual forum, have great advantages. Such as management personnel stability, the stability of space activities, some advantages. In my opinion, have professional staff to manage the forum and website, the.

effect with half the effort times

two: gathering power. BBS has its own network of famous people, and has its influence into traffic resources can use. This advantage is not every forum has. read more

CSS style sheets should also be structured

a lot of people might wonder what the title means, but what’s the structure of a style sheet? And listen to the following reasons:

play Web friends on CSS reconstruction should not be unfamiliar, CSS all know that there are several commonly used selector method style definitions, several commonly used wit will generally explain: the first one is
read more

How do the new webmaster sort out your station mentality

at present, the economic crisis is spreading all over the world, and China has also suffered heavy losses in the economic crisis. On the Internet this child has also appeared more and more network entrepreneurs, entrepreneurs in various forms of a shop selling things on the Internet, to help others to post maintenance sites on the Internet, then private live on the Internet, have their own operating station, and even some video chat on the road……. In short, a wide variety of forms are, here I simply talk about their own ideas for operating websites. read more

How should the network combine the deep development of industry

a portal requires a lot of manpower to put it together, for some small sites to profit through the network, into a lot of webmaster headache.

is now more and more sites and industry combined, but this thing is simple, it is to consider a lot of things, whether it is the type of site, or industrial projects, I think since it is through the network, then the site must give people a sense of bright eyes. Industrial things, coupled with the network of knowledge, will give people a sense of mastery, which can enhance the popularity of the site. There is only one purpose, that is to say, an industrial creative station, which can attract people when it extends to the internet. In industry, the creative threshold is low, but readability is read more

An excellent website activity planning, you should know four aspects

website operation process, by doing activities, gathering popularity is very common operating practices. In general, do activities by discount, price, marketing, manufacturing, push new bundled festivals, sweepstakes or complimentary activities etc., whether the content of the novel is not to say, most of the time a campaign down no effect, serious impact on the follow-up activities to promote confidence. There are many reasons, but this article does not go into details. The author believes that any activity planning, we evaluate the objectives of this activity should be evaluated from at least four aspects of their activities design ideas: read more

How to realize the maximization of network marketing benefit for non brand enterprises

The financial crisis of

has a direct impact on the export of China’s large enterprises, large enterprises will be forced to expand the proportion of domestic sales, while the domestic market share is not originally free, all of a sudden so many large enterprises to domestic sales, really let SMEs feel be taken by surprise. In the small and medium-sized enterprises, the non brand enterprises take the majority, and these non brand enterprises all pay attention to the network marketing. I have also witnessed the success of several non brand enterprise network marketing methods, and now to share with you. read more

Domain names have become valuable intangible assets for businesses and websites

in recent one or two years, many enterprises began to acquire or register domain names, many of them, such as China Mobile, Alibaba giants. Simple counted, Alibaba to buy for the Alipay platform, China Mobile enabled to redesign the mobile portal. Recently, the New Oriental Education Group also opened a new domain name Obviously, the domain name has become the intangible asset of enterprise brand.

has to admit that the Internet has become a very important channel. In this case, the website is not only a platform for carrying the enterprise brand, but also an important marketing platform and communication channel. To China Mobile, the original too complicated domain name, many users simply can not remember. And, both mobile customer service hotline, but also the domain name, popular good remember. After the domain name is enabled, the utilization rate of the China Mobile online business hall has been greatly improved. For China Mobile, the user to the online business hall for business, can greatly alleviate the pressure on the entity business hall, to know that the number of China Mobile users has been "billion" to calculate. read more

How do individuals operate local portal sites up to 10 thousand P

slowly development site, slowly waiting for the day to see the Baidu included, especially pity, this is stationmaster should be the law of life? Yesterday contacted a netizen for his site, even the daily 10 thousand IP, and Links are hundreds of thousands of stations, how is this going? Quietly developed site, see every day there are 10 thousand IP traffic, is really strong ah, how to do every 10 thousand IP? Under my lobbying, he still revealed some key information. I am not willing to write an article, for everyone to share, expect all site can do this, do this figure represents a small fortune. read more

Webmaster thinking difficult to break through, website operation can not afford

we often discuss how to operate the site and make money, many owners said that no money, and can not find the way, very depressed very painful, for a long time in the tangle is not the left of this line, it is time we stuck in this group of grassroots thinking of the money? I have my personal experience feeling to share two own summary.

1: too focused on what you are good at, without reason,

webmaster know a little more than what a good thing, but when seriously the operation of the site, this point will tend to a person’s thoughts aside, we together to explore a web site operators, the same, skilled webmaster about technology, understand the optimization about SEO, their own good at doing what we always take a little, but in fact, the point you see is only a small part of the money in the process from the establishment to a website only, often we will spend unnecessary time and energy at this point. read more

Must Sheng nternet Entrust SSL Certificate offers hit

in the huge benefits, will hold Internet Entrust SSL certificate 7 fold! We will buy Entrust Internet access Sheng Certificate (, you can enjoy the lowest whole network. According to statistics, 65% of the global top 500 enterprises to buy Entrust products, the world’s 100 largest electricity supplier website in nearly 70 Entrust, therefore, Entrust is one of the financial institutions, e-commerce sites such as the SSL certificate preferred brand. read more

Tell us what kind of website we should make

began to contact the site is in sophomore year, and then do relatively simple web site, only a few static pages, introduce yourself, I feel already great. Apply for a free space on the Internet, upload the page and hang the counter. A few months before the visit of several people. After the network rectification, free space server was stopped, the site’s information did not take back, the first site is the result of this.

second website is to a school site, the truth is not called the site, just take over someone else’s program changed, became the new site, the biggest problem is the fear of being black, because there is a problem is often dark, sad, is also in this period of time I learned a lot of knowledge. To move easily, to understand the entire station program, also learned the "three musketeers. PS et al. Everything is a little bit, nothing is fine. read more

Small owners why rice and vegetable roll is hard to stand up


writes the title of the article, it is expected to have some controversy, but some of the key things might come up with ideas and directions for future development. The small owners are generally divided into three kinds of students, occupation webmaster webmaster, amateur webmaster, the definition of the three types of owners believe that needless to say we all understand, so today we will talk about is why small owners cannot in today’s Internet arena to break their own piece of heaven and earth. Personal summary of the following reasons: read more

Site user experience context – let the active page hit the user


On page

on the market is loved by the public is basic: to the elements of a scene pretty fine people and cartoon image of the visual tension to do the main visual + effective foil theme the rendering background, combined with the activities of the theme, the details of operation elements, reach experience convenient and clear impact on the vision the page, like this:


this page often at first glance very attractive, but not too much in power before and I itself responsible for the project to red diamond revenues, often face the problem of the lack of material (by red diamond Properties Limited, QQ show images and scenes were relatively weak, the lack of games, like the brand that is full of special the original painting, Ma Dou image visual subject) and text in the page is often less burdensome; the image of the main blessing, but also carrying the text elements are relatively cumbersome, how to do the page to attract users, and can withstand the long time stay? And even with the main material, how to make the content clear and coherent presentation? The page less tacky, real infection to the user’s heart read more

The closure of the site minon recovery toothpaste Shuangpin domain name transaction

renamed Chinese ( November 5th news, recently, the domain name investment circles have multiple phonetic domain to complete the transaction, including boutique. The gold and silver island @ domain investors sold in 2010 6 digit Recovery Wizard; the 6 digit constellation house owners to buy "toothpaste"

: screenshot of page

domain name registered in September 13, 2005, the domain name has "guide, Township Road, Elephant Island" and other meanings, suitable for building tourism websites, shopping guide websites, etc.. The terminal of the same name has a It is understood that the gold and silver island in 2010 with 6 digit price will be the domain name to travel ticketing website "guide network", the site has been closed, he ordered the domain recovery of gold and silver. read more

The characteristics of the development direction of the archetype of the offbeat website

Hello everyone, today I want to bring you the unique development of offbeat website, believe that many webmaster have talked about how the industry website, website, Taobao products and so on customer site to development, and development of offbeat website may also be familiar with this article is to explain how to open up the development of a unique way of offbeat website, hope to be able to love the webmaster friends.

I recently launched a website of the riddles, you know this website traffic from users are basically accurate search, and let the site get considerable development requires some offbeat methods, my riddles website read more

Some suggestions on the amount of web access

has been thinking about how to improve the traffic of the website recently, and also visited some similar websites with high visiting amount and collection. Also looked at their title What, although not very understanding of technology, but also know keyworlds and title on the importance of the site included. In fact, now we have a gradual stability, into an upward trend. We can not ask for it, by leaps and bounds, increase the number of thousands of pages included, all need a process. Here are some of my suggestions for China’s industrial intelligence network: read more

Using nternet advertising to manage talent websites

manages the talented person website by the network advertisement science mentality, must understand first advertisement’s important expression way – media. All webmasters understand the nature of the Internet medium.

network media, we all know that the nature of the large platform, interactive nature, open nature, and through nature are the characteristics of network media.

The reason why

refers to the network media is a large platform nature, mainly because of its unique diversity. Each now has a site, or are ready to station owners, from here to subdivide, you will know that we have a lot of work to do. First understand the technology platform of network media. Network media is a media dominated by technology. It breaks the function that television can accept information passively to the audience; broadcasting can only be heard without seeing; newspapers and magazines can only read. The network media integrates all of these resources. It has the characteristics of openness, freedom, independence and individuation. It is the first thing we should pay attention to when we operate the website. read more

Swamp lake – an outsider looking at medical SEO

with Baidu for medical SEO continuously blow, recently many medical SEOer more and more love complaining, even a little inclined to revenge on society, it is not a good thing, as a medical SEO has been declining SEOer, but there are a lot of medical SEO friends, today to talk about personal views the medical SEO.

to say why Baidu medical SEO crackdown so much, but in fact, the reasons are caused by nothing more than such a few.

first: you small hospitals, clinics, what, and its own hardware and software facilities are incomplete. The so-called hardware, that is, sites, medical equipment, and so on, the so-called software, refers to a variety of professional qualifications, as well as doctors, nurses and other professional qualities. At least as far as I know, in the medical disaster caused by flooding water SEO era, small clinics and went to the Baidu home page is not. read more

Sina micro-blog launched membership joy and worries

because Sina, micro-blog’s influence continues to expand, in the Olympic Games is to show his talents, so the recent Sina CEO Cao Guowei said it will increase investment in micro-blog, launched a paid membership system. Membership will certainly enjoy some privileges, but this topic has aroused heated discussions among Internet users.

Sina micro-blog launched membership system, is Sina, micro-blog in order to profit, micro-blog commercialization logo. According to the relevant personage analysis, from the current situation of sina, micro-blog development, did not find an accurate profit model, has always been feeling the stones across the river. Most of the revenue comes from advertising, and the promotion and publicity of sina and micro-blog are hard to match. After a period of exploration, Sina, micro-blog in order to profit, launched membership. Have to say, Sina, micro-blog early promotion and publicity still played a very good role. read more

Why is the road of local forum operation full of thorn

as a webmaster or a web site operator, you must first do market analysis and then decide whether to do a website, do stand the purpose of course is to profit, to make money, and many places in dire straits forum is struggling even spiders, facing the collapse of choice. This forum also allows local operators of brains, powerless, face a variety of problems you can solve them? Can you dissatisfied with thorns ahead of the City ride the wind and waves? There is a very famous Forum: Hefei forum, must have a lot of friends have heard of this forum, but in addition to the local forum, there are many other the type of the local forum, but there is not much known, not many people know, was gradually submerged in the internet. The local forum wants to succeed, must do the place first, but the road is very difficult. read more

The ten most noteworthy websites abroad in 2011

Google early in 2 and a half years ago it claimed to have completed one trillion website search included URL, in the face of such a vast network and web site, this year you are not with us BirdUser as bird entangled in the website and what to pay attention to what foreign new products?, OK, Mashable for our election race and recommended 10 the site of concern.

1. Kickstarter, a creative idea fundraising platform

Kickstarter is an innovative idea trading platform dedicated to supporting and motivating innovative, creative, creative activities. Through the Internet platform to raise money to the public, so that creative people may get the funds they need in order to make their dreams possible. This type of trading platform, the bird net has been introduced, OpenInvo innovative ideas and creative market, in Kickstarter, you can take the shape you have achieved products put up, if there are people who are interested in seeing, he will give you investment, helping to establish the company etc.. And in OpenInvo, your idea doesn’t need you to implement it at all. You just have to document and submit the idea. read more

The four elements of website construction hurry up, hide hidden trouble and avoid risk

is now a lot of people do want to quickly make a fortune and then in a web business, look this way can greatly shorten the website profit process, but the long-term development of the site has a very bad effect, now on many sites on the Internet are little more than three years, many of them are a year two of the sites, sites that ten years is even so, it is at the corner, so many webmaster want to site operation, as soon as possible, but eventually became the first out of the group, so the construction site should no longer go quick road, should be replaced with planning, help through the website these details to avoid risks to operate in the future! Here I come to the analysis of four key elements of the website planning read more

The road to get together, the expectation of Google AdSense

The whole process of the development of

is not to say, and believe that most of the webmaster experience, design, encoding, test and constantly make adjustments, see I think even a personal development from a technical perspective, the use of some version control tools and automatic build tool is necessary, after all their efforts. We must ensure that the security code, that your hard drive is broken is a very troublesome thing, you can consider the code on the Internet every day, or other backup to disk, but I have two computer, one to do the development, do a server and Vss server; previous development time CCNET make use of build tools in the company, when the customer uses the msbuild Baidu, plus msbuild commuity tasks project basically can solve 99% problems, since The tool will provide a good way to regularly publish your system, one click fix for you to save a lot of time, and do not make mistakes, I had experienced no automatic tool release system, especially for the need to compile the platform, it is not really very tired. read more

3 years of brewing, the success of personal blog

three years, from the beginning of 2008 to do a completely independent personal blog, 2011 also seeks the hair tried impulse, but due to various reasons, eventually give up. In August of this year, I finally made up my mind to learn about website operation and blog, and thus rekindled the idea that I wanted to build a blog of my own.

actually, before, I have established network marketing team with some friends. I have set up websites, forums and so on. This is also under their influence, I am going to build personal blogs independently. read more

Chen Hao Web site performance technology thinking triggered by

With the arrival of the eleven long vacation,

‘s 12306 discussions on the Ministry of railways have come up again. This article extends from the 12306 website to many discussions of website performance, and has a strong reference for entrepreneurs and technical lovers. The author Chen Hao (Weibo) has 14 years of software development related work experience, more than 8 years of project management and team management experience. website hung up and was scolded by the people all over the country. I’ve been thinking about this for the last two days, and I’d like to briefly discuss the performance of the website with this matter. Because of the rush and entirely based on my limited experience and understanding. Discuss performance issues only, and do not discuss the functionality of the UI, user experience, or whether to separate the payment and ticket orders. read more

n fact, ‘m just a failed webmaster

‘s love for the Internet, the pursuit of a better life, the future of their own outlook, so I unknowingly walked on the road to see the webmaster. Sometimes, I really doubt what the Internet can bring to me. What can the Internet accomplish for me?

has seen many personal Adsense famous stories, read articles about them every time, always in the mood of emotion and excitement. After reading, I like to lie in bed alone, and then put on a character exchange: "if I were XXX, then it should be."…… read more

A good website is a comprehensive skill

Since I started doing, always think to do good things on the finished site, I did not expect that later update to the website will need a lot of time, but also want to make a station in the search engine rankings, update, outside the chain that is the essential things, calculated to do good. The station, a station even more than many. Therefore, to do technical breakthroughs in the station, the rest is just propaganda and promotion should do, but also to do every day, insist on doing. This will be able to do a web site, if simply hang up to the Internet, then do not have to stand. It was of no effect. So, do a good job standing, daily work is on the A5, on the BBS, publicity their website, every day down, the real spare time is really not much, and also from time to time relax yourself. read more

Actual case analysis high quality soft Wen on the site Baidu ranking influence

Baidu ranking is not like the PR value, there is a standard, in fact, the most important is nothing more than two points: that is the original plus the chain. Great effect of online rumors in A5 included the soft paper, published by soft in high weight site to improve the site’s ranking seems a foregone conclusion. As the saying goes, "practice is the sole criterion for testing truth.". A few days ago, I have nothing else to do, just do secretarial chowder network is difficult, Baidu included give good ranking, before long, ranked on the back page one or two, hard to understand, they want to send a soft, add addition chain, soft power combat test. So I even made a change to the "I do secretarial hodgepodge website" experience: can no wife, but not without the website. read more

What needs to be determined to work hard

entrepreneurs need to have entrepreneurial thinking, entrepreneurship also need? I will have faith and confidence of success, to try some may not have what achievement, like a boy on a beautiful girl said: "Hey, girls, we try to get married, can not leave", and ask for a girl to try? The process of entrepreneurship can be summed up, if you choose to venture, No, No…… My son said, "there’s no door".

read more

Hunan in order to promote the further launch of public Entrepreneurship Program

in such a popular era of entrepreneurship in today’s society, for the majority of entrepreneurs to create a good business platform is a very important thing, at present, Hunan Province, to promote public innovation, launched a series of programmes.

9 15, the official website of the Hunan provincial government issued the development of public space in Hunan province to promote the implementation of public innovation and Entrepreneurship Program, intended to 2018, to achieve the "1211" development goals. That is to build more than 100 low cost, convenience, all elements, open the public record space; 20 thousand new technology Small and micro businesses; venture investment institutions reached more than 100; 100 thousand high quality jobs. read more

VS venture you choose the right time to do it

for a lot of people, work or entrepreneurship, is a need to seriously think about the problem. Who clearly calculated that the cost of this work and entrepreneurship, in the end is what kind of situation? Or in other words when should we work worthwhile? And when should we start a business more cost-effective?

read more