Lakers Ramon Sessions To Become A Free Agent

Ramon Sessions, acquired to add speed to the Los Angeles Lakers’ backcourt, hardly did that, and now he is forcing the Lakers to commit to him as their point guard of the future.Sessions chose against exercising the final year of his contract to stay with the Lakers next season and will explore the free-agency market, his agent said Tuesday.“Ramon has carefully considered this decision,” said Sessions’ agent, Jared Karnes, in a statement. “He had to make a career decision and ultimately decided to do what was best in providing stability and longevity for him in the NBA, and this could only be achieved through a multi-year contract.”Sessions, 26, was acquired by the Lakers at the trade deadline from Cleveland to replace 37-year-old Derek Fisher, who was moved to Houston.The 6-foot-3, 190-pound point Sessions averaged 12.7 points, 6.2 assists and 3.8 rebounds on 47.9 percent shooting from the field and 48.6 percent shooting on 3-pointers in 23 regular season games with the Lakers. Sessions’ numbers plummeted in the playoffs, however, as he averaged just 6.8 points and 3.0 assists while shooting 35.3 percent in the Western Conference semifinals against Oklahoma City.It was his first trip to the postseason in his five-year career after starting off with cellar-dwelling teams in Milwaukee, Minnesota and Cleveland.Sessions would have made $4.55 million next season had he opted in to the final year remaining on his contract. Free agency begins on July 1st. Steve Blake, who has two years remaining on his deal, paying him $4 million annually, is the only Lakers point guard under contract. read more

LeBron Is Still Getting Better

LeBron James might remain the best player in the NBA. He might remain the most valuable. He might even remain a player around whom a team can build a perennial Finals contender. But the question right now is, “Can LeBron remain this good for the rest of the season?” Because this LeBron is very close to as good as we’ve ever seen, in ways we’ve never seen before.Just so everyone’s clear at the top: James is not the sun-eater he was in 2012-13, with the third and greatest of his Miami Heat teams. He may not be quite as incontestable as he was at the end of his first tenure in Cleveland, when he won back-to-back MVPs and dragged meager rosters on long and doomed and occasionally brilliant playoff runs.But James is posting career highs in true shooting percentage (66.4), 3-point percentage (41.6), assist percentage (42.9) and block percentage (2.6). His free throw percentage (77.3) is the second-highest of his career. He’s shooting 80.7 percent within 3 feet of the basket and going to the rim about as often as he ever has. He has created more shots for teammates than anyone but Russell Westbrook, according to data from Second Spectrum, and he’s done it while playing 37 minutes per night — a heavy load for a player in his 15th season (who has also logged more than 200 playoff games).The easy answer to the obvious question — How? — is that his jumper is falling. According to data from Second Spectrum, James is shooting an effective field goal percentage of 58.8 on step-back shots and 63 on pull-up jumpers — his two most common shot types after brute-force drives. Those dwarf his normal rate of makes on those shots over the last three seasons.The large and sensible parts of the brain say this is unsustainable. That it’s fun to watch James play-act past glories while understanding that the underlying foundations have shifted, moved on — that James’s MVP-level start is a mirage of risky habits and clustered luck. The smaller, more rascally regions wonder: What if this is how LeBron goes late-Jordan?James is one of the most amorphous stars I’ve ever watched from season to season. In various offseasons over the past decade, he’s picked up a post game, lost and recovered his 3-point stroke, added sneaky perimeter dribble feints and pivots, and refined the drive-and-kick game to its most basic and brutally effective elements. Who’s to say he hasn’t gone out and added the step-back midrange game that Michael made art and Kobe made genre fiction?I mean, just look at this:I’ve been watching LeBron for a lot of years, and I don’t remember him looking so fluid on those shots, so smooth through the hips and shoulders. That shot has always been available to him, it’s just always looked more calculated than natural — a computer making an arcane chess move more than a master moving in on the hunt. Now, it looks more graceful, a little tighter in the footwork. They aren’t suddenly perfect shots — there’s still the occasional (and occasionally more than occasional) wild launch from 35 feet or with a foot on or just inside the line, but they look better in aggregate. Maybe it’s easier to see it like that because it’s going in; that’s one danger of applying the eye test.But it also makes sense given how well James has shot both from distance and point-blank. There’s simply more room to maneuver in the midrange if defenses must treat him as a 40-percent 3-point shooter and an 80-percent finisher at the rim — while also playing the lanes because he’s passing more than ever. That’s going to remain true for as long as James is canning 3s like this and remains unstoppable at the rim. The jumper can come and go, but it has been relatively steady since it went missing in 2015-16. The drives are more reliable.The Cavs score 125 points per 100 possessions when James drives and finishes himself, passes to a teammate for a shot or is fouled (or he makes a turnover), and 118 points per 100 possessions on scoring chances that come from multiple passes after a James drive, according to Second Spectrum. Both rank first among players with at least 100 drives this season, and both are unlikely to change as long as James remains unstoppable, crashing into defenders and creating space where the defender had previously been standing.One caveat: This isn’t the indomitable James. The onslaught is not exactly unrelenting. The pitch is not fevered. James is finding more success driving to the rim, but he’s also drawing fouls at a career-worst rate — his .294 rate of free throws per field goal attempt is down considerably from his career average .418 — and his turnovers are a hair under his career worst (from last season). These may be clues that James’s underlying skills have tailed off and his results will soon follow. Or they may be evidence that LeBron isn’t actually trying yet.His defensive numbers confirm that he hasn’t returned to his peak. The Cleveland defense has been nearly 11 points better per 100 possessions when he sits, and ESPN’s defensive Real Plus-Minus has him in the negatives, below James Harden and Kyle Lowry. RPM is famously skewed toward defensive-minded big men, but James has historically performed much better in the stat. So, no, James isn’t the clamp-down bear trap he was in his Heat years. But he’s in the top 40 for shots defended (a good sign he’s not getting blown out of plays) and opponents are shooting just a 46.6 effective field goal percentage against him (a very good number). While he’s giving up “good” shots (expected value 52.8 eFG percentage, adjusting for who’s shooting, which is one of the worst figures in the league), he’s depressing value on those shots by 6.2 eFG percentage points, sandwiching him between standout defenders like Kevin Durant and Paul Millsap once he’s actually engaged in the play.We expect more from James because we’ve seen more from him. We’ve seen him slip from the best player in history to merely the best at this moment, and so his deficiencies call out in a way other players’ do not. Maybe he’s playing catch-up defense these days, or not drawing fouls the way he used to, or not willing Jae Crowder into making his wide-damn-open 3s. But 15 seasons into his career, he’s still getting better, and so far this season, the pieces he’s added have more than made up for the ones that have fallen away.Check out our latest NBA predictions. read more

Has Kareem Hunt Hit A Wall

After a torrid start to the season, Kansas City Chiefs’ rookie running back Kareem Hunt has had a dreadful handful of games. What happened? Has he hit some kind of “rookie wall?” In the video above, we investigate.

Is There Much Hope For The Colts With Jacoby Brissett As QB

The only person who appeared unmoved by the announcement was — unsurprisingly — Bill Belichick.When the rest of the football world recovered, the consensus outlook for the Colts under Brissett wasn’t particularly good. On Sunday, Las Vegas dropped the line on the Colts win total from 9.5 to 6.5 wins. Our FiveThirtyEight Elo system dropped the Colts from a 9.2 win team to 7.5 wins. And as seen on Sunday Night Football, the model developed by Pro Football Focus put the new Colts win total at 7.1, down from nine wins.Looking at Brissett’s performance over his career, it’s easy to see why the math and the markets are bearish on the Colts’ prospects. Indianapolis has a 4-11 record in games Brissett started, and the quarterback has averaged 6.6 yards per attempt over his career, below the league average of 7.2 for the years Brissett has been active. Brissett averaged just more than 200 yards passing per game in his only full season as a starter — a season in which he compiled a QBR of 41.5 — and his career completion percentage is just 59.1 percent. These numbers are not good.We can try to find a silver lining. Completion percentage can sometimes be misleading. Quarterbacks who attempt deeper passes at a higher rate than their peers will see their stat line punished despite the fact that they are helping their team by attempting more valuable throws. If we account for how deep Brissett’s passing attempts have been over his career, however, we find that there aren’t many depths where he’s above league average — although the sample sizes at some depths aren’t large enough for us to conclude this with certainty. It surprised everyone. The news that Indianapolis Colts quarterback Andrew Luck was retiring Saturday night set Twitter on tilt and was met with skepticism from grizzled beat reporters, boos from the Lucas Oil Stadium crowd and even disbelief from new starting quarterback Jacoby Brissett: Among active QBs, Brisset ranks in the bottom 10 percent in completion percentage over expected. His poor performance is exacerbated by the fact that Brissett also doesn’t attack downfield as often as Luck did. Brissett’s average depth of target — a measure of the distance downfield a quarterback throws — is just 7.2 yards, 1.4 less than Luck’s 8.6. The Colts will need Brissett to target star wideout T.Y. Hilton often to compete offensively, and Hilton’s average depth of target is located well downfield at 12.4 yards. This is a legitimate cause for concern. In 2017 — the only full season Hilton and Brissett have played together — Hilton saw his targets drop to just 109 after 155 in 2016.1With 15 games of Luck.There’s really no sugar-coating the Colts’ 2019 prospects. Indianapolis general manager Chris Ballard has been widely praised for the work he’s done since taking over from Ryan Grigson in 2017. But losing a franchise quarterback when you’ve built a team around the idea that you’re currently in a championship window will stress the skills of even the most competent GMs. Ballard’s options are unpalatable but clear: Try to win now with the team he’s assembled and risk being trapped in a purgatory of mediocrity while the cheap talent ages out of their early contracts, or front-load the pain and tank this season in an attempt to secure a high pick in what looks to be a promising quarterback draft class.In a league where having a franchise quarterback is damn near everything, Brissett’s value to the Colts might be highest as air cover for a front office and coaching staff trying to lose as many games as possible. read more

Wrestling Ohio State dominates Missouri in top5 dual

OSU freshman Luke Fletcher celebrates his first varsity victory over Missouri’s Zach Synon. Credit: Sam Janicki. Courtesy of OSU AthleticsThe dual-meet between Ohio State and Missouri, featuring two 2016 Olympians and recognizing last season’s championships won by sophomore Myles Martin and junior Kyle Snyder, the No. 4 Buckeyes dominated the No. 5 Tigers 30-9.Redshirt juniors Nathan Tomasello and Bo Jordan, Snyder and Martin all won in landslide decisions.“You see these four guys, four of the 10 were a critical part of our first national championship,” OSU coach Tom Ryan said.At 133 pounds, Tomasello faced off against Missouri’s Jaydin Eierman, in a match that turned controversial after Tomasello finished a slam out of bounds after a blown whistle.“I didn’t hear any whistle and then as the whistle blew, I already had him in the air,” Tomasello said.  “I wanted to finish my tag.  I think it was kind of good to get the crowd more involved after that.”Tomasello won the match 11-2. Since beginning the season with an injury, he has lived up to the hype of a championship contender in the few weeks of competition.“Patience, patience is important,” Tomasello said.  “Having support from the training staff and from coach Ryan and all the guys like Kyle (Snyder) has helped me to continue to push hard and come back even better than I was last year.”A point of anticipation in Thursday’s match was the debut of OSU freshman Luke Pletcher at 141 pounds, who had his redshirt pulled earlier this week.  Down early in the first period, Pletcher rebounded by scoring a late takedown, ultimately prevailing 6-3.“I remember him staying in the fight,” Ryan said.  “I remember him scoring late in the periods.  You want to be the guy that scores the last points in the period.”Coach Ryan praised Pletcher’s ability to handle the stress and pressure that comes with short turnarounds and tough competition.  “We felt pretty good about Luke going in. On a daily basis, he does the things necessary to have a performance like that.”OSU’s Kollin Moore, redshirt freshman at 197 lbs., wrestled the tightest match of the night, taking on Olympic bronze medalist and top-ranked J’den Cox of Missouri.  Moore fell behind 0-2 early, but kept close the entire match.  Two crucial takedowns in the third period brought Moore within a point of Cox, but his effort fell short, as Cox prevailed 6-4.Bo Jordan and brother Micah won their matches by a combined score of 37-13. Martin scored six takedowns, winning 21-5. Snyder pinned his opponent in the heavyweight division. read more

US women shut out Japan in preWorld Cup friendly at Crew Stadium

The 2011 FIFA Women’s World Cup won’t begin until June 26, but the U.S. women’s national team looks ready. Preparations for this summer’s tournament continued for the American women Saturday with a 2-0 international friendly match win against Japan at Crew Stadium. The U.S. took a 1-0 lead in the 29th minute, thanks to veteran forward Abby Wambach’s goal — the 118th of her international career. Just eight minutes later, Wambach assisted on a goal that forward Amy Rodriguez hit off the post to give America a 2-0 lead. The U.S. went on to win by the same score. Japan began the match with offensive pressure and threatened American goalkeeper Hope Solo as the U.S. sat back early. “If you look at the first 25 minutes, I don’t think it’s good soccer,” U.S. coach Pia Sundhage said. “(Japan) played good. They kept possession and so forth.” Momentum swung in America’s favor when defender Ali Krieger provided the free-kick service for Wambach’s goal from about 35 yards away from Japan’s net. Wambach met Krieger’s lofted ball in stride and headed it passed Japanese goalkeeper Ayumi Kaihori to give the Americans a 1-0 lead. “We struggled big time until we scored the first goal,” Sundhage said. “Abby was great today. Just look at that goal; it (was) fantastic.” Wambach contributed to the American attack again just moments later. In the 37th minute, Wambach assisted on Rodriguez’s goal with a simple pass into Japan’s penalty area. Rodriguez hit the pass in stride, and the ball eventually trickled over the goal line after hitting off Kaihori’s near post. Despite contributing to both goals, Wambach credited the win to the U.S.’s defenders, saying they had a “strong” performance. “We have such a great defense,” Wambach said. “Our back four (defenders) are so solid. I like our chances when we score one goal.” Solo, who collected the 51st shutout of her international career, agreed. “It’s pretty easy playing with this back line,” Solo said. “My work is half as much as it usually is playing in the (Women’s Professional Soccer league).” The U.S.’s momentum continued immediately after play resumed in the second half, as the team fired three shots in the first seven minutes. By game’s end, the Americans took nine on-target shots at Kaihori, but none found the back of the net. Though her team did not score in the final 53 minutes of the game, Sundhage said the U.S.’s performance improved after the team’s early hiccups. “The second half was so much better than the first half,” Sundhage said. “We can do better.” Discipline in every facet of the U.S.’s game helped limit Japan’s offense in the final minutes — America went 21 minutes without committing a foul, from the 62nd minute until the 83rd minute. The 2-0 lead was all the Americans needed. Sundhage said she was happy with the outcome of the match. “This is a great team, and the team put it together,” Sundhage said. “We stayed composed and we came back. You don’t have to play beautiful soccer for 90 minutes, but you need to be smart enough to find a way. We did it.” The U.S. women’s national team will continue its FIFA World Cup preparation with another game against Japan on Wednesday. The match is scheduled to kick off at 7 p.m. in Cary, N.C. read more

Commentary 2022 World Cup in Qatar an obvious mistake by FIFA

The FIFA Executive Committee convened in Zurich Dec. 2, 2010 to decide which country would get to host the 2022 World Cup.After eliminating bids from Australia, South Korea and Japan, it was down to the U.S. and Qatar in the decision for who would play host.In the end, Qatar won.Almost immediately after the announcement, an uproar began in the international soccer community. The World Cup takes place during June and July every four years. During those months in Doha, Qatar, the average high temperature is more than 107 degrees Fahrenheit. If player safety is a concern, that temperature is too high.FIFA has since aimed to fix the problem of high temperatures by attempting to move the World Cup to the winter months, as air conditioning the stadiums enough to make play safer would cost unrealistic amounts of money.Instead of absolving the issue, this created as much, if not more, controversy.The English Premier League, the Spanish La Liga, the Italian Serie A, the German Bundesliga and other leagues across Europe are in the heart of their seasons in the middle of winter and would struggle to change their long-standing schedules to accommodate such a lengthy event as the World Cup.The Premier League in particular has been vocal about having to change its yearly schedule for the World Cup. Chief Executive Richard Scudamore said FIFA has the power to select the venue, but that the time is a very different decision, as it would interfere too much with previously planned schedules.“Those are two very different things,” Scudamore said. “The sporting calendar across the world is affected.”On top of all that, The Guardian reported Sept. 25 that  at least 44 Nepalese laborers have died in Qatar of heart attacks, heart failure or workplace accidents, which brings up a human rights issue for laborers in Qatar.Despite the backlash, FIFA remains adamant in its stance that the World Cup will take place in Qatar in 2022.The association’s president, Sepp Blatter, said Oct. 4 the venue would not change.“The 2022 World Cup will be played in Qatar — that’s it,” Blatter said. “We don’t know if it’s winter or summer. I do not know what will be the outcome.”It’s pretty clear to me, though, what needs to happen. FIFA needs to admit its mistake and award the bid to the U.S. — or Japan, or South Korea or Australia. Really, they just need to pull it out of Qatar.I respect what FIFA was trying to do in bringing international soccer to the Middle East, which has not had much success in the tournament historically, but putting it there was a mistake from the start.The leagues already are forced to work around the World Cup qualifying schedule in the years leading up to the event, taking time off to allow the players to return to their home countries to play in matches.Not only would two months worth of games be taken away from them, but you have to add in the time that it would take for players to train with their countrymen beforehand, and likely give them time off afterward.That’s four months off  the leagues would essentially be forced to give for the players, something that would in turn be a financial and logistical nightmare.If FIFA is smart, it will move the World Cup.I’m a homer, so I may be a little biased by the fact that I would love to watch the final in the Rose Bowl stadium in Los Angeles, but the controversy kicked up by the Qatar decision is not worth the effort.No one, it seems, outside of FIFA and Qatar, is pleased with the situation and willing to make a change.It seems as if representatives from FIFA are just stubbornly sticking to their guns because they are not willing to come out and say they were wrong. Personally, I don’t think they will.Blatter and the rest of FIFA have made it clear that they want the World Cup in Qatar, so the likelihood of making a change is very small.Allowing the U.S. to host in 2022, the second time the country would host after 1994, would fix the issue of high temperatures as the average temperature in Los Angeles is 83 degrees Fahrenheit in June and 84 in July, and allow the competition to be played in the traditional summer months.Do the right thing FIFA, give the World Cup to the good ol’ U.S. of A. read more

Mens Basketball No 17 Ohio State fights through slow start and slow

Ohio State redshirt junior forward Keita Bates-Diop (33) takes a three-pointer in the second half of the game against Penn State on Jan. 25 in the Schottenstein Center. Credit: Jack Westerheide | Photo EditorThe No. 17 Ohio State men’s basketball team could not get out of its own way against Illinois. Whether it was foul trouble or turnovers, the Buckeyes did all they could to keep the Fighting Illini in the game. Even with a 19-0 run to close out the first half, Ohio State could not pull away from Illinois and found itself trailing for 16:23 of the game. However, Ohio State (20-5, 11-1 Big Ten) made a late push to retake the lead and come away with the 75-67 win against Illinois (12-12, 2-9 Big Ten), narrowly avoiding what would have been its biggest upset loss of the season.“To respond like we did being down was really important for us and we knew it was going to be a game of some runs and a game of imperfection,” Ohio State head coach Chris Holtmann said. “Having a resilient approach was really important and the guys did that. They deserve a lot of credit.”Trailing 63-60 with 4:31 remaining in the game, redshirt junior forward Keita Bates-Diop drilled a 3 to tie both the game and his career high in points at 32. With 3:39 left in the game, freshman center Kaleb Wesson made a layup to give Ohio State the 65-63 lead. Ohio State finished the game on a 15-4 run to create separation from Illinois in the end.The Buckeyes were carried once again by Bates-Diop, who set a new career high with 35 points. His 13 rebounds, which also led the game, gave him his 10th double-double of the season.With 8:50 left in the second half, Illinois redshirt senior guard Mark Alstork was fouled on a made layup to tie the game at 52. He made the and-1 to give the Illini the 53-52 lead. He stole the ball on the Buckeyes’ next possession and passed it to freshman guard Mark Smith, who took a foul and made his two free throws to put Illinois up three.Ohio State got off to an abysmal start against the Illini, falling into an early 28-13 hole. The Buckeyes quickly regained traction however, fighting back to a 34-30 lead with a 19-0 run over 9:50 to close out the first half. During that stretch, redshirt junior forward Keita Bates-Diop scored 11 points. Ohio State held Illinois scoreless during the final 10:11 of the half.Starting in place of the suspended redshirt senior guard Kam Williams, sophomore forward Andre Wesson started the scoring off for Ohio State with a resounding one-handed dunk for the first basket of the game.Just under four minutes into the game, however, Illinois went on a 17-2 run to pull ahead to a commanding 28-13 advantage. Ohio State battled back, continuing to show this season that even when it allows big runs, it has what it takes to come back from those deficits.“I’m not the most confident guy at that point,” Holtmann said. “When you’ve watched Illinois there has been runs that they do a great job making on teams and then the way they play, it can lead to runs on both ends. I just didn’t think we had enough life to us defensively, but give Illinois credit. But having said that, we do have a pretty poised, confident group.”The Buckeyes did what they needed to do to win. Though they never were able to create much separation from themselves and their opponents, they never gave up and pushed ahead to the eight-point lead late when it needed to ensure it avoided the same devastating loss to Penn State.Ohio State turned the ball over 15 times and was called for 18 fouls during the game, compared to 11 and 23, respectively, by Illinois. The Fighting Illini converted those Buckeye turnovers into 16 points, whereas Ohio State managed 10 points off the Illinois turnovers.Ohio State outrebounded Illinois 45-22 and held a 38-16 advantage in paint points. Ohio State also made 26-of-33 free throws in the win.Up NextOhio State hits the road for its biggest matchup of the year, traveling to West Lafayette, Indiana, to face No. 3 Purdue at 8:30 p.m. Wednesday in a clash between the top two teams in the Big Ten. read more

Millionaire businessman told intruders I dont deal weed I work for an

first_imgMr Mardon said there was a safe in his room but it was empty and he feared the intruders would kill him if they found it. The man with the gun stood over him and started counting down from 10, the court heard.”I was panicking to offer him something that would placate him, just to stop him from shooting me frankly,” said Mr Mardon. “I pointed out that my wallet was on the side of my bed which had several hundred pounds in to pay a taxi driver and there was a valuable watch by my bed.”He seemed disappointed I only had £300. He seemed to want more than that.” A jury at Chelmsford Crown Court was played Mr Mardon’s 999 phone call, which he made shortly before he was shot in the leg with a shotgun. The call captured the 51-year-old begging for help and also being asked for “weed money” by the raiders. Mr Mardon told the court the intruders had become “extremely aggressive” when they discovered his bedroom door was locked. They tried to kicked the door in before he was shot and someone entered the room, he said. “The person who had entered the room [then] started screaming at me, started pointing the gun at my head and threatening me,” said Mr Mardon. He said the first thing the intruder yelled was “where is the weed money?” “I had no idea what he was asking about,” said Mr Mardon. “I think I said ‘I don’t deal weed, I work for an insurance company’.”He basically said he would kill me if I didn’t tell him where the weed money was.” I had no idea what he was asking about… He basically said he would kill me if I didn’t tell him where the weed money wasTimothy Mardon I was panicking to offer him something that would placate him, just to stop him from shooting me franklyTimothy Mardon A millionaire businessman told armed robbers “I don’t deal weed, I work for an insurance company” after they demanded drug money and shot him, a court has heard.Intruders are said to have believed Timothy Mardon, who works for a Bermuda-based insurance company, was a drug dealer when they allegedly broke into his Grade II-listed mansion in Sible Hedingham, Essex, in February this year.  The intruder told Mr Mardon that if he was lying, he would return to kill his family, the court heard.Mr Mardon, who had just returned from Tokyo and was due to fly out to join his wife in Florida later that morning, said he told the intruders where keys were to cars in his garage worth up to £70,000.When an intruder threatened for a second time to kill him, he said “I’m dying already”, the court heard.Mr Mardon had fallen on his mobile phone and the line to the 999 operator remained open as it lay beneath his bloodsoaked dressing gown, the jury heard.Charlie Simms, 23, Kalebh Shreeve, 24, and Christopher Bergin, 27, all deny offences including aggravated burglary and possession of a firearm. Simms also denies attempted murder.The trial continues. Want the best of The Telegraph direct to your email and WhatsApp? Sign up to our free twice-daily  Front Page newsletter and new  audio briefings.last_img read more

Hip operations only for those in so much pain they cant sleep

first_imgelderly couple  The number of patients seeking hip surgery has risen significantly amid an ageing population Credit:Alamy Want the best of The Telegraph direct to your email and WhatsApp? Sign up to our free twice-daily  Front Page newsletter and new  audio briefings. Board papers seen by Health Service Journal say a “patient’s pain and disability should be sufficiently severe that it interferes with the patient’s daily life and/or ability to sleep” in order for surgery to be funded.Those who are obese with a body mass index of 35 or over will be told they need to lose 10 per cent of their weight to be eligible for NHS hip or knee surgery, unless their joint problems are very severe.Redditch and Bromsgrove, South Worcestershire, and Wyre Forest CCGs are aiming to prevent about 350 operations a year, by drawing up new eligibility restrictions.But the Royal College of Surgeons said there is “no clinical justification” for their plans.The move is the latest in a round of cost-cutting by CCGs – with wide restrictions in access to treatments, drugs and fertility treatment.center_img Mr Cannon said the scoring system used by the CCGs – known as the Oxford scoring system – were designed to measure outcomes of care “and should not be used to create barriers to care”.”Such criteria are in explicit contravention of Nice and surgical commissioning guidance, and have no clinical justification in being applied to a general population to determine who gets NHS treatment.Last year the surgeon warned that increasing numbers of patients would be left to endure “crippling pain” as rationing spreads across the NHS.A spokeswoman from Redditch and Bromsgrove CCG said: “The CCG has reviewed the criteria for those patients requiring hip or knee replacement surgery.”The Oxford scoring system is a guidance for clinicians and they recognise that many patients will benefit from physiotherapy and weight loss before considering surgery.“If a patient feels that they require this surgery but do not meet these criteria, there is a clear appeals system via individual funding requests whereby the effects can be considered upon the patient and the decision made regarding eligibility for funding.” Patients needing a new hip will only be operated on if they are in so much pain they cannot sleep or carry out daily tasks under new NHS rationing plans.The Royal College of Surgeons said the restrictions were “alarming” and “arbitrary” – ignoring the extra costs from delaying treatment and prolonging pain.Vice-President Stephen Cannon said there was “no clinical justification” for drawing up rules which would force pensioners to endure increasing pain and misery amid a growing financial crisis.Three Clinical Commissioning Groups (CCGs) in the West Midlands have drawn up plans to dramatically cut the number of people who qualify for hip and knee replacements, in a bid to save £2m a year.Patients in pain would only receive surgery if they were in such agony that they could not sleep or carry out daily tasks, while the most obese will be told they could only have surgery if they lost weight/The CCGs are aiming to cut the number of people who qualify for hip replacements by 12 per cent, with a 19 per cent drop in knee replacements.Mr Cannon said: “The CCGs’ policy decision to restrict access to NHS care, based on arbitrary pain and disability thresholds, is alarming.“It is another example of how the huge financial strains the NHS is currently under are directly affecting patients. It is right to look at alternatives to surgery but this decision should be based on surgical assessment, not financial pressures,” he said.The college said it was  concerned that the latest policy was “just the tip of the iceberg” with rising numbers of areas limiting surgery to those most in pain.“Although the CCGs claim this will save them £2million a year, this overlooks the longer term impact on patients of delayed treatment, prolonged pain, and potentially higher costs of treatment. For example, patients affected by these changes may require additional pain relief medication, and may still require surgery further down the line, which may be more complex,” Mr Cannon said.last_img read more

Homemaker exwife of Laura Ashley boss wins a third of his £200m

first_imgMr Justice Bodey’s detailed ruling on who gets what is expected to be published in the near future.He had analysed the case at a private hearing but said journalists could name Dr Khoo and Ms Chai and report some information.The judge has barred reporters from revealing confidential financial material.Divorce lawyer Ayesha Vardag, who represented Ms Chai, said: “This litigation has been long and arduous. It is a journey which has now ended in the affirmation of the principle of fair sharing.“It emphasises that there is no place in England for discrimination between home maker and bread winner.“I am so proud of the whole team, including our client who worked so hard on this case.”Ms Chai added: “I just want to thank my superb legal team – everyone at Vardags, Richard Todd QC and Nicholas Yates. Thank you.” Khoo Kay Peng, non-executive chairman of Laura Ashley Holdings, leaving the High Court in London Ms Chai is a former Miss Malaysia who was married to businessman Khoo Kay Peng for 42 yearsCredit:Dwayne Senior A former Malaysian beauty queen has been awarded a £64 million divorce payout after a bitter legal battle which her lawyer has described as a victory for the ‘home maker’.A High Court judge ruled yesterday that Pauline Chai should receive the huge settlement – one of the largest in history – after 42 years’ marriage to the chairman of the Laura Ashley fashion business.Legal costs alone had already reached more than £6 million a year ago. The final bill will easily exceed that. The settlement announced by Mr Justice Bodey will be seen as striking a blow in favour of ‘stay at home’ wives.“He is the breadwinner and I stayed at home and looked after the children,” Ms Chai had told an earlier hearing.Ms Chai, who lives in a £30 million mansion in Berkhamsted, Hertfordshire, had married Dr Khoo, who is also Malaysian, in 1970 and the couple went on to have  five children.The legal costs began to escalate when Dr Khoo fought – and lost – a bid to have the divorce decided in the Malaysian courts where Ms Chai’s settlement would have been far less favourable.  Pauline Chai, estranged wife of Khoo Kay Peng Want the best of The Telegraph direct to your email and WhatsApp? Sign up to our free twice-daily  Front Page newsletter and new  audio briefings.center_img Ms Chai had five children with her husband, who she described as the ‘breadwinner’Credit:PA  Pauline Chai, estranged wife of Khoo Kay Peng, non-executive chairman of Laura Ashley Holdings, leaving the High Court in London Khoo Kay Peng had wanted to give his wife £9mCredit:PA Ms Chai, who was Miss Malaysia in 1969, had demanded half of her ex-husband Khoo Kay Peng’s £205 million fortune. Ms Chai, 70, had insisted she made an equal contribution by fulfilling her role as a “traditional” wife.Dr Khoo, 78, the non-executive chairman of Laura Ashley Holdings, had wanted to give her just £9 million following their split on Valentine’s Day 2013. She won the right to have the case heard in London, arguing the Hertfordshire mansion was their main home, where she stored her collection of a thousand pairs of shoes in bedrooms, a corridor and the basement.last_img read more

Fake farm branding misleads customers Farm organisations criticise insulting Asda value range

first_img@TheFarmingForum @asda So Smart Price (value/cheap) equates to ‘Farm Stores’? Just what British farming needs! *ironic laughter*— Home Farm Magpie (@HomeFarmMagpie) April 12, 2017 Last year, Tesco came under fire for a rebrand which saw food being labelled as being from farms which didn’t exist.The supermarket chain invented seven farms, including Woodside Farms and Boswell Farms. Many of the items were imported from overseas. “The use of fake farm names or branding is misleading for consumers and insulting to farmers,” he said.“Many hard-pressed customers, trying to do their shopping in a hurry, are likely to be misled into thinking they’re buying a product from a specific British farm when they are not.”National Farmers’ Union advisor Ruth Mason said: “Although such rebrands can drive an uplift in sales, in our view it is important that product names and descriptions are clear, accurate and do not mislead consumers”. The Telegraph contacted an Asda spokesperson who said they do not feel it is misleading customers into thinking they are buying from a farm when the packaging says “Farm Stores”.They commented: “We know how important quality produce at a great price is to our customers. We’re reconnecting with our heritage by bringing back the farm stores brand to Asda – a name that our customers remember and trust for great value, quality produce.” Tesco’s cutesy fake farm names are an insult to the British countryside via @telegraphnews— Dr Hannah M Chiswell (@RuralResearcher) February 22, 2017 Want the best of The Telegraph direct to your email and WhatsApp? Sign up to our free twice-daily  Front Page newsletter and new  audio briefings. Asda has come under fire from farmers and been accused of misleading the public with labelling after the relaunch of its Farm Stores range.The supermarket chain recently brought back the Farm Stores label for both meat and fresh produce after dropping it in 2001.This move has angered UK farming organisations who feel the labelling doesn’t reflect the truth of the product, which may not be from a British farm.Peter Melchett, policy director of the Soil Association, told the Guardian that the rebrand is “disgraceful” and that retailers should instead focus on increasing the amount of British food they stocked.last_img read more

Government crackdown on McMafia organised crime sees Russian billionaires ask Kremlin to

first_imgNone of the entrepreneurs on the list were named or identified by Mr Titov, but he said further applications may come his way.However, he told the Tass news agency that they had all “managed to flee the country [Russia] not to be detained there.””This may continue for decades, and some people live outside for 20 years without a chance to return, as the criminal proceedings continue. There may be no claims against them, even Interpol may take them off the list, but the case in Moscow still continues,” he said.Officials in the UK estimate that around £90billion of illegal funds is laundered through the UK every year.The establishment of UWOs will enable the authorities to freeze and recover property if individuals are unable to explain how they acquired assets in excess of £50,000. Want the best of The Telegraph direct to your email and WhatsApp? Sign up to our free twice-daily  Front Page newsletter and new  audio briefings. Wealthy Russian oligarchs have written to the Kremlin asking if they can return home without fear of arrest after the Government vowed to use its “full force” to tackle corruption in the UK, it was reported last night.The country’s business ombudsman Boris Titov said a list of ten businessman had been passed to President Vladimir Putin, which contained names of individuals who had allegedly fled the country “not to be detained there”.It comes after security minister Ben Wallace vowed to crackdown on foreign criminals and corrupt politicians who are said to use Britain as a haven to allegedly carry out suspected corruption.Officials will use new unexplained wealth orders (UWOs) – which came into effect last week – to seize suspicious assets until they have been properly accounted for.The move came as London’s role as a playground for Russian gangsters and the super rich has been highlighted by the BBC drama series McMafia.Mr Wallace said ministers wanted to exploit the success of the programme – based on the factual book of the same name by Misha Glenny – to raise public awareness of the issue of corruption.last_img read more

Flash floods turn M2 into a river as Britain battles storm which

The M2 was closed between junctions four and five while traffic officials battled the large amounts of standing water.Forecasters also warned that more thunderstorms were likely on Wednesday morning, however it was difficult to predict where. The Met Office added: “There is a small chance that homes and businesses could be flooded or struck by lightning, causing damage to some buildings.”The latest weather warning comes just days after services at Stansted Airport were severely disrupted when a lightning strike left the aircraft fuelling system temporarily unavailable.Some flights due to land were also diverted to airports more than 100 miles away.In the West Midlands, a person was rushed to hospital on Sunday night after being rescued from the roof of a car submerged in floodwater.A man in his 80s died after his vehicle became submerged in floodwaters in Walsall.Residents of Selly Oak, Birmingham had to be rescued by firefighters using boats. “However, it is often the case that in the summer months we see these short sharp rain showers, followed by a longer dry spell. That is the nature of the beast.” The spokesperson added that it was predicted that some regions could see “up to 30mm in an hour or 40-50mm in a couple of hours.” Forecasters warned that more thunderstorms were likely on Wednesday morningCredit:Stephen Lock Forecasters warned that more thunderstorms were likely on Wednesday morning The UK is braced for further rain as forecasters warn some regions could see up to two inches fall in just a few hours. The Met Office today extended a yellow warning for rain across southern England which is due to last until 6am tomorrow, despite it originally set to end at 10pm today.The rain and thunderstorms have so far caused travel chaos with part of the M2 closed today and Cannon Street tube station in London was shut to some underground trains due to flooding.Across the capital  London Fire Bridge were called to 50 flooding incidents at 30 properties in just one hour.A Met Office spokesperson said: “This is only the third time we have seen a storm like this in 10 years. The average rainfall for May is 57mm however some places, including Bexley have seen 19.5mm in just six hours.  Want the best of The Telegraph direct to your email and WhatsApp? Sign up to our free twice-daily  Front Page newsletter and new  audio briefings. read more

British rapper Cadet dies in car crash on the way to a university

The rap artist Cadet A British rap artist has died in car crash while travelling in a taxi on the way to perform a concert at a university.Blaine Cameron Johnson, who used the stage name Cadet, was a passenger when the vehicle he was in was involved in a collision with a van in Betley, Staffordshire.The 28-year-old musician from South London was due to play a concert at Keele University. He died at the scene of the accident. The two drivers were taken to hospital with serious injuries, while three other passengers travelling with the rapper were also taken to hospital with injuries.A statement on Cadet’s Instagram page said: “We, the family of Blaine Cameron Johnson, known as Cadet (Underrated Legend) would like to share the sad news that during the early hours of 9th February, 2019, he passed away as a passenger in a taxi, en route to a performance.“Right now we the family appreciate your patience and will share with you any information as and when we can. Thanks for your support in advance.”Fellow rappers paid tribute to Cadet, describing him as “positive” and “humble” man who had an exciting career ahead of him.Cadet had toured the UK supporting fellow rappers Krept And Konan on their ‘The Long Way Home Tour’. Cadet performs on stage at the O2 Shepherd’s Bush Empire on November 26, 2015 in London, EnglandCredit:C Brandon/Redferns Krept, who is Cadet’s cousin, posted online: “My life will never be the same again… I can’t believe it. I am heartbroken.” An artist called Example wrote on Twitter: “Was chatting to you only last week about how excited you were for some festivals this summer. So much positive energy.“Smiling non-stop when I was with you, first time we met I felt as if I’d known you my whole life. Mad humble guy. RIP Cadet.”DJ Semtex wrote: “Can’t believe it… I was on stage with him last week. Never seen a man so happy. Everything was working out for him. This was gonna be his year. We were plotting on the best time to do an interview on his next single. RIP Cadet.”Mega So Solid wrote: “Woke up in shock this morning…. He brought life and substance to the UK music scene.”In a statement, Staffordshire Police said: “Emergency services attended and a passenger of the Toyota, a 28-year-old man from London, sadly died at the scene.“The drivers of both vehicles, a 36-year-old man from Stoke-on-Trent and a 22-year-old man from Crewe, were taken to the Royal Stoke University Hospital with serious injuries.“Three further passengers of the Toyota were treated at Leighton Hospital in Crewe.” Cadet performs on stage at the O2 Shepherd's Bush Empire on November 26, 2015 in London, England The rap artist Cadet The rapper had accumulated millions of views on YouTube and Spotify, and was booked to play at this year’s Wireless Festival in London. The festival had said: “The proclaimed ‘Underrated Legend’, Cadet stepped into the music scene during the second half of 2015 with a hard-hitting freestyle reaching over half a million views in just a few months.“This was quickly followed by another heartfelt freestyle, Cadet is tipped for an unstoppable career.” Want the best of The Telegraph direct to your email and WhatsApp? Sign up to our free twice-daily  Front Page newsletter and new  audio briefings. read more

Judge apologises after dozing off during High Court hearing

The case did not have such severe ramifications as that of Manchester-based Recorder Philip Cattan, then 65, who fell asleep whilst presiding over a rape trial in 2014, causing it to collapse. A High Court judge has “expressed remorse” after falling asleep during a hearing.Mrs Justice Parker, 68, who is based in the Family Division, briefly dozed off during a case in London.An investigation was launched after lawyers involved lodged formal complaints.The Judicial Conduct Investigations Office (JCIO) revealed she had been given “formal advice” but avoided further punishment because she nodded off “only momentarily”.The JCIO said Lord Chancellor David Gauke and Lord Chief Justice Lord Burnett had concluded that her conduct had the potential to undermine public confidence in the judiciary.It did not detail when the incident took place but it is understood to have been some time last year in London.Mrs Justice Parker is the second  longest-serving judge in the Family Division of the High Court, having been appointed in 2008.A JCIO statement said: “Mrs Justice Parker has been issued with formal advice following a complaint by parties in a case that she had fallen asleep during a hearing.”While concluding that this amounted to conduct which had the potential to undermine public confidence in the judiciary, the Lord Chancellor and the Lord Chief Justice took into consideration that the judge fell asleep only momentarily and has expressed remorse for doing so.” Want the best of The Telegraph direct to your email and WhatsApp? Sign up to our free twice-daily  Front Page newsletter and new  audio briefings. read more

Netflix accused of hypocrisy after it says use of phrase chick flick

Netflix has been contacted for comment. Netflix has been accused of hypocrisy after saying that the phrase “chick flicks” is sexist, but letting people search for the category on its website.The Netflix Film Twitter account chided those who label romantic films as such, and that it should only be used to describe films that involve chickens.The series of tweets read: “Can we stop calling films “chick flicks” unless the films are literally about small baby chickens? Here’s why this phrase should absolutely be retired.”For starters, ‘chick flicks’ are traditionally synonymous with romantic comedies. This suggests that women are the only people interested in 1. Romance 2. Comedy. Which…simply isn’t true.”There aren’t sweeping categories specific to men. You don’t hear people asking to watch “man movies” – instead, pretty much every intersection of genre is on the table and seen as for men, except of course, the aforementioned rom-coms.”And nicknaming films “chick flicks” drives home that there’s something trivial about watching them. But what’s trivial about watching a film that makes you feel 1,000 emotions in ~90 minutes?” The account also said that “there’s nothing inherently gendered about liking a light-hearted film with a strong female lead and emotional arc.”However, a quick search for “Chick Flicks” on Netflix’s website brings up such films as Legally Blonde, Mamma Mia! and What To Expect When You’re Expecting. One follower wrote: ” Hmm. Have you given this hot take to your algorithm?”, tweeting evidence that the site lets users search for “chick flicks”.Another said: “Netflix has a content category titled ‘Chick Flick.'”Writers of work often labeled “chick lit” have said the decision is misguided.Author Rebecca Reid, who said is “proud to have written a book which is chick lit with murder”, said: “Perhaps Netflix think that scrapping the label ‘chick flick’ will change public perception, but honestly there’s a wider problem at play here. Films about the female experience, especially romantic ones, are regarded as less valid or serious than any other, in line with the way that we as a society generally regard anything for or by women. Chick flicks are some of the most popular and high grossing films around, and many of them (like pretty woman or how to lose a guy in ten days) are absolute classics. We should be owning the label, not shying away from it.”Another author, Lucy Vine, who writes books about sex, life and millennial women said she does not mind her work being called “chick lit”.She told The Telegraph: “I actually don’t mind being referred to as chick lit. I’ve always loved all the books that would be put in that category, so I don’t think it’s a negative. It’s all about context really. Obviously, if a bunch of middle-aged men are saying it sneeringly and using it as another way to dismiss female fiction, I don’t love it, but I also don’t really care what they think of what I do.” Quick PSA: Can we stop calling films “chick flicks” unless the films are literally about small baby chickens? Here’s why this phrase should absolutely be retired (thread):— Netflix Film (@NetflixFilm) April 15, 2019 Want the best of The Telegraph direct to your email and WhatsApp? Sign up to our free twice-daily  Front Page newsletter and new  audio briefings. read more

Grouse shooting cancelled at Balmoral due to shortage of birds

“Although the Duke of Edinburgh doesn’t shoot after having a heart stent fitted several years ago, Prince Charles and Prince Andrew both shoot and the Queen enjoys accompanying the shoot and having a picnic. “The torrential rain has put a stop to fly fishing on the River Dee so there it not much to do up in Balmoral at the moment.” A member of a shooting party holds a hunted grouse on the Rottal Moor on the opening day of the Grouse shooting season on MondayCredit:RUSSELL CHEYNE /REUTERS A member of a shooting party holds a hunted grouse on the Rottal Moor on the opening day of the Grouse shooting season on Monday It has long been one of the highlights of the royals’ calendar but it will be a less Glorious 12th for the Queen this year after grouse shooting was cancelled at Balmoral due to a shortage of birds.The extreme weather and an outbreak of heather beetle, which has decimated food supplies in the Scottish Highlands, has been blamed for the decision to cancel all grouse shooting on Her Majesty’s estate in Aberdeenshire.It comes after many moors in the north of England and the Scottish borders had to abandon planned events last year in order to allow the grouse stocks to recover.But they have not recovered enough at Balmoral, where the Prince of Wales and the Duke of York shoot regularly during the grouse season from August 12 to December 10.A royal source said: “It is a real blow to the royals’ summer holiday plans because grouse shooting is usually the main activity for the royals and their guests. A royal spokeswoman confirmed: “Grouse populations are cyclical and to retain and preserve stock there will be no shooting this year.” Boris Johnson is understood to be preparing to visit the 93-year-old monarch at her private home near Ballater, which is set in 50,000 acres, over the August bank holiday weekend.Dr Adam Smith, Scotland director of the Game and Wildlife Conservation Trust, said: “We haven’t finished our grouse counts yet but there are plenty of moors the length and breadth of Scotland reporting a poor breeding year. “There’s a wide range of factors, the heather quality being one. A lot of moors have been affected by heather beetle outbreaks which have affected food supplies for grouse. “It’s also been a funny year of weather in that it was exceptionally dry for the first four months of the year and then latterly, appallingly wet. We’d started out with some hope and cautioned last year against over shooting but the situation hasn’t turned itself around enough in Scotland.”The shortage of grouse last year was the worst in over a decade, with half of grouse shoots across England and Wales cancelling their entire 2018 shooting programmes.Last year, the British Association for Shooting and Conservation admitted there were “no guarantees shooting will resume last year” after extreme weather was compounded by reported high numbers of parasites contributing to the deaths of grouse chicks. read more

Motion to reverse tax measures should be debated before National Budget

Share this:Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)RelatedTaxes costing Guyanese $10B in disposable income- PPP/COctober 12, 2017In “Business”Debate opens with mounting calls to withdraw 2017 BudgetDecember 5, 2016In “latest news”Budget 2018 not for ‘fat cats’ – Min GaskinDecember 4, 2017In “Politics” Chairperson of the Public Accounts Committee (PAC) and PPP/C Member of Parliament (MP), Irfaan Ali on Monday said that his party is anticipating a debate with regards to the motion of recommendations put forward to the National Assembly recently, as he believes they can boost the economy’s growth significantly if implemented by the Government.Opposition Member of Parliament (MP) and point man on finance Irfaan AliA slew of Budget measures have been documented in a Parliamentary Motion piloted by Ali, along with party Chief Whip, Gail Teixeira.The PPP/C Parliamentarians – in presenting the menu of measures – insisted Government’s tax-oriented approach to growth and policies is among the key factors responsible for the deteriorating economy and pointed to the introduction of increases for every category of taxes on income, property, production and consumption, and international trade, including environmental taxes.In a press conference on Monday, Ali asserted that many of the 120 suggestions made by the Opposition Party to Government, are “aligned with the manifesto of the APNU-AFC.”“We are urging the Government to have a debate on this motion…to implement what we would have recommended, or if you need clarification, or you need us to argue our position…let us have a debate urgently on this motion before the presentation of the National Budget,” he said.As he read from the 10 paged motion, the PPP/C MP explained that there is an entire section designated to recommendations made to “stimulate the economy and raise job creation.”Further, he said that the Opposition is calling on the Government to “restore the purchasing power of the people” by removing the imposition of Value Added Tax (VAT) on zero rated items.“If you want improvement, you can’t just come and say no new taxes, you have to go back and remove some of those taxes that were imposed, removing some of those fees that were imposed in the 2015 and 2016 budget and put it back to the pre-2015 position,” he posited.Ali was making reference to the recent pronouncement by Finance Minister, Winston Jordan, that there would be no new taxes in Budget 2018. The Opposition had contended that the 200 new taxes alone that were imposed in the last budget were currently costing Guyanese $10 billion in disposable income.“Remove the zero rated items that you now have VAT on so that it will help the mother who gotta take her children to school,  a single parent or a family. It will help [with] medical supplies; it will help the conductors and the bus owners who have to pay new fees on their licences because all of the cost is not kept at the primary level, it is passed down to the consumer at the end of the day,” Ali explained.Additionally, Ali highlighted that the motion also calls for the revocation of VAT on essential food items, water, electricity, household solar panels, education, goods and services, pharmaceuticals and medical supplies, importation of inputs –raw materials for local manufacturers.“We are saying that, let us go back to the removal of VAT on these items. This will help us stimulate the economy. It will bring in investment, it will encourage the manufacturing sector to expand their portfolio,” he asserted.Among many other recommendations for various sectors, the motion is also requesting the tax on construction materials locally produced be removed since according to the former Housing Minister, this sector can stimulate the economy in the fastest way.Meanwhile, when probed as to why a motion was necessary since the Opposition could have participated in the Budget 2018 consultations, Ali explained that in 2015, the PPP’s efforts to do so proved futile.“In 2015, we were invited to the Budget consultations and we asked for a number of documents, none of it was submitted to us… To prepare the National Budget, you have to have a number of statistical documents, reports…You have to have those base documents from which you study. We did not get those documents requested…So we thought, listen, the best thing here is to have a national engagement,” he explained. read more

Sandvik sees strong upturn in mining equipment investment

first_imgLars Josefsson, President of Sandvik Mining and Construction (SMC) business area: “We are pleased to note that, following the increase in demand for mobile mining equipment demand earlier this year, we are now also seeing arise in demand for major capital investments in mines and related infrastructures. During October and November, SMC secured a number of orders for bulk materials handling and continuous mining/crushing systems in South America, Africa and Asia. The recently signed orders include:Turn-key supply of a materials handling system for a coal export terminalA repeat order for supply of several iron ore handling machines for an iron ore mineThe design and supply of a high-capacity (9,100 t/h) long-distance conveying system for an iron ore mineThe design and delivery of a complete coal storage (stacking and reclaiming) and handling/loading system for a portEngineering and supply of a high capacity iron ore conveying system for a port.The total value of these orders is some SEK2,200 million and delivery has commenced with completion scheduled to take place between late 2011 and mid 2013.“These orders confirm Sandvik’s strong position in iron ore and coal mining, preparation and bulk materials handling. We anticipate a continued high level of demand for these commodities and the orders prove our ability to provide technically superior and energy efficient continuous mining solutions. This success is based on Sandvik’s vast experience and its close cooperation with customers in development and delivery of complete mining and bulk handling systems,” said Josefsson.last_img read more

Oracle moves Pakistans first large scale coal project forward Norilsk Bugainskiy to

first_imgThe latest issue of International Mining Project News, out today, has reports on 18 Prefeasibility Studies, 23 Feasibility studies, 26 projects in development, five new mines that have gone into production, 12 existing mines that are expanding, 18 merger and acquisition announcements and many new appointments to new positions. The reports cover 43 gold projects, 16 copper, nine coal and silver projects, seven for uranium and iron ore, five rare earths, four each for nickel and molybdenum, three tungsten, two of each of zinc, potash, platinum group metals, lithium and manganese and one each of zirconium, lead, diamonds, cobalt, antimony, tin, aluminium, polymetallic, niobium, tantalum, mineral sands and oil sands. This fortnightly project watch is a great way of keeping up to date with your peers – other mining companies, other consultants or other engineering companies. These issues build into a global mine project overview. If you are a supplier – it is full of potential sales leads.Progress towards a full PFS has been made by  Aura Energy at its giant Häggån uranium deposit in central Sweden, with a very positive scoping study. HIghlights include an expected 30 Mt/y operation with a 25 year initial mine life. The company wants to target initial production of 6.6 Mlb (2,995 t) uranium, 14.8 Mlb nickel and 3.6 Mlb molybdenum and use low risk bioheap leach technology similar to that used extensively in the copper industry in Chile. Oracle Coalfields has finally announced initial technical feasibility results for the Block VI project in the Thar Coalfield, Pakistan. If it goes ahead, it would be the country’s first large scale open-pit coal mine. The study is targeting the development of a lignite mining operation to supply a mine-site power station with an annual mine production target of 5 Mt at an overall stripping ratio of 8.54 bcm to one wet tonne lignite. The expected mine life is currently 23 years.Moving to the US, Orvana Minerals through wholly-owned subsidiary, Orvana Resources US, has announced the highlights of its 43-101-compliant feasibility study for the Copperwood copper project in Michigan. The study foresees a 13-year underground operation that will apply conventional drill-and-blast methods and room-and-pillar mining.The plan calls for the development of a ramp and box cut to access the orebody. Annual production will average about 28,000 short tons of copper concentrate.Norilsk Nickel has announced the start of design works on the Bugdainskiy Mining and Concentration Plant. In August 2011, the company sent an official request to seven leading designing and engineering companies to provide technical and commercial proposals for the design, and CJSC TOMC-engineering was chosen. The operations at Bugdainskiy are expected to start at the end of 2016, and in 2017 the production is forecast to reach design capacity. Additionally, the group plans to construct 36 km of railways and roads to provide access. Bugdainskiy MCP will produce 16 Mt/y of ore and process it into molybdenum concentrate, containing approximately 9,000 t of molybdenum. BHP Billiton is to restart mining at its Pinto Valley operation in Arizona, USA. The mine, which will produce copper and molybdenum concentrate, will have annual production capacity of approximately 60,000 t of copper in concentrate. The project will create approximately 650 new jobs with mining expected to resume at the end of the 2012 calendar year.Mines under development include Gindalbie Metals’ Karara iron ore (magnetite) project in Western Australia. The company has announced the award of the ore mining contract to Downer EDI Mining. The contract, which includes provision of drill & blast and load & haul services, is based on a mining rate of approximately 30 Mt/y. This will comprise approximately 20 Mt/y of ore and 10 Mt/y of waste for the production of 8 Mt/y of dry magnetite concentrate, the Stage 1 production rate.  Full-scale pre-stripping of the main magnetite orebody is now commencing.A number of new mines have started full production. Avion Gold has started production operations at its newly developed underground mine at the Tabakoto gold deposit in Mali, West Africa. The first stope blast from the Tabakoto Northwest 1 orebody was fired on February 9, 2012, and ore is currently being extracted from the stope. The entire stope is estimated to contain 10,600 t of ore at an average diluted grade of 4.11 g/t Au. Moving to North America, Scorpio Gold Corp has reported the successful commencement of mining operations at its 70% owned Mineral Ridge gold mine, Nevada – material mined from the Drinkwater pit totalled 387,568 t grading 0.066 oz/t Au, equivalent to 2.26 g/t Au.The big expansion news is that  BHP Billiton has approved a total investment of $2.6 billion in two projects that will underpin higher production at Escondida over the next decade. Organic Growth Project 1 (OGP1) will replace the Los Colorados concentrator with a new 152,000 t/d plant and allow access to higher grade ore located underneath the existing facilities. Construction begins this month with commissioning anticipated the first half of 2015. The project is expected to create up to 7,000 jobs during the construction phase.Full details on all these projects and information on and contacts for many, many more are to be found in the February 17 issue of International Mining Project News…..To receive the full report, subscriptions to this service can be registered and paid for on-line (SUBSCRIBE TO IM PROJECT NEWS BUTTTON), or contact [email protected] for a free trial copy.last_img read more

Westport and Caterpillar to develop natural gas technology to power mining machines

first_imgWestport Innovations, a global leader in natural gas engines, has signed agreements with Caterpillar to co-develop natural gas technology for off-road equipment, including mining trucks and locomotives. Caterpillar and Westport will combine technologies and expertise, including WestportTM High Pressure Direct Injection (HPDI) technology and Caterpillar’s industry leading off-road engine and machine product technology, to develop the natural gas fuel system. Caterpillar will fund the development program. When the products go to market, Westport expects to participate in the supply of key components.“This is a significant opportunity that has the potential to transform important segments of the global off-road equipment industries,” said David Demers, CEO of Westport Innovations. “We are working with the global leader in engines, locomotives and off-road equipment to develop an attractive natural gas offering for their customers. The substantial price difference between natural gas and diesel fuel is resulting in a strong financial incentive to enable off-road applications to take advantage of low natural gas energy costs without sacrificing operational performance. There is also a clear environmental incentive because of the reduced carbon emissions. Adding to the solid business case for this program is the potential to convert existing field units to natural gas – opening up a whole new market opportunity.”While the agreements initially focus on engines used in mining trucks and locomotives, the companies will also develop natural gas technology for Caterpillar’s off-road engines, which are used in a variety of applications worldwide.“This agreement does more than pair two leaders in their respective industries,” said Steve Fisher, Vice President of Caterpillar’s Large Power Systems Division. “Many of our customers are asking for natural-gas powered equipment in order to reap the financial and environmental benefits. The program positions Caterpillar to become the first manufacturer to bring Westport HPDI technology to the high power off-road market, offer the broadest product line of natural gas-fueled machines and equipment, and capitalize on the attractiveness of natural gas as an alternate mobile fuel – all within the shortest time frame for our customers.”“This is a true win-win for our customers and the environment,” said Billy Ainsworth, President and CEO of Electro-Motive Diesel, a subsidiary of Progress Rail Services, which will develop the natural gas-powered locomotives. “As a part of Caterpillar, we have the ability to be on the forefront of developing cutting-edge solutions for our industry, and we look forward to continuing those advancements for years to come.”Development programs will start immediately for both new and existing engines, combustion technology and fuel systems. Commercial production is expected to begin in about five years.last_img read more

British group wins major undersea exploration contract for polymetallic Pacific nodules

first_imgUK Seabed Resources, a wholly owned subsidiary of Lockheed Martin UK, in partnership with the British Department for Business Innovation and Skills, has received a licence and contract to explore a 58,000 km2 area of the Pacific for mineral-rich polymetallic nodules.  These tennis ball sized nodules, found approximately 4 km beneath the ocean’s surface, can provide millions of tonnes of copper, nickel, cobalt and manganese, as well as rare earth minerals, that are used in the construction, aerospace, alternative energy, and communications industries, among others. Harvesting polymetallic nodules will provide the UK supply chain with opportunities to build on its North Sea oil and gas expertise and has the potential to contribute approximately £40 billion to the UK national economy, over a 30 year period.British Prime Minister David Cameron said: “The award of this exploration licence to UK Seabed Resources is excellent news for British companies and British scientists, and the Government is extremely pleased to have supported it. The UK is leading the way in this exciting new industry which has the potential to create specialist and supply chain jobs across the country and is expected to be worth up to £40 billion to the UK economy over the next 30 years. With our technology, skills, scientific and environmental expertise at the forefront, this demonstrates that the UK is open for business as we compete in the global race.”Seabed harvesting is an ecologically sound method for meeting the growing global demand for precious metals, as well as supporting economic growth. UK Seabed Resources is focused on the collection of polymetallic nodules and not manganese crusts which are found on hydrothermal vents.“Environmentally responsible collection of polymetallic nodules presents a complex engineering challenge, but our team has the knowledge and experience necessary to help position the UK at the forefront of this emerging industry,” said Stephen Ball, Chief Executive, Lockheed Martin UK and UK Seabed Resources. “We are offering British companies, research institutions and academia exciting opportunities to become involved in this cutting edge business,” said Stephen Ball.Seabed mining, beyond any nation’s territorial waters, is governed by the International Seabed Authority (ISA) established under the United Nations Convention on the Law of the Sea. It has responsibility for overseeing all legal and environmental matters associated with the collection of particles from the ocean floor.UK Seabed Resources is working closely with UK government departments and research institutions on environmental and industrial elements of the project. “One of the most important responsibilities of the Authority is to develop rules, regulations and procedures for the protection of the marine environment from adverse impacts of mining,” said Nii Odunton, Secretary General of the ISA. “I am particularly pleased that UK Seabed Resources has not only placed an appropriate emphasis on detailed environmental baseline studies, but has indicated a willingness to do so in close collaboration with the Authority “Collecting polymetallic nodules from the ocean floor, given the depth at which they are found and the technological challenges of working several kilometres beneath the ocean’s surface, has previously been uneconomic. Today, says Lockheed Martin UK, “technologies specifically developed for working in space, autonomous air and underwater vehicles for the offshore oil industry have changed this dynamic. From a depth of 4,000 m, nodules can be brought to the surface using a combination of remotely operated or autonomous underwater vehicles, pumps, suction and riser pipes.”British scientists from the National Oceanography Centre and Natural History Museum were among those attending a seabed mining environmental workshop in London last week and will be commissioned to carry out assessments of deep sea ecosystems. They will be participating in an environmental cruise in the Pacific, late summer, part of UK Seabed Resources’ baseline studies to progress its exploration licence.Around 100 potential UK supply chain partners attended a seabed harvesting workshop in London, March 14, to explore opportunities for their own involvement.UK Seabed Resources has submitted an application for a second exploration licence, covering a separate geographical area, which will be considered by the ISA in July.Headquartered in London, Lockheed Martin UK, part of Lockheed Martin Corp, is a leader in systems integration, working on major programs spanning the aerospace, defence and civil sectors.  Lockheed Martin UK works with more than 100 business partners and employs some 2,500 people at sites across the UK.last_img read more

Geological Survey of Sweden teams up with SPECIM for national core scanning

first_imgThe Geological Survey of Sweden (SGU) has signed a contract with SPECIM for one of the world’s largest optical and mineralogical core scanning projects. Together with its South African partner GeoSpectral Imaging (GSI), SPECIM will scan and analyse 200 km of hyperspectral imaging data of archived drill core. The scanning will capture VNIR, SWIR and LWIR wavelength spectral images as well as high resolution RGB images, all in a single scan. The project will result in a uniform national drill core data base for further macro-analysis.“We are looking forward to working with SPECIM. The project will extract additional information from our voluminous asset of drill cores. The information – available on the internet – will be of great value for exploration, research and mapping” said Kaj Lax, Head of the Mineral Resources Department at the Geological Survey of Sweden. “The drill cores cover more than 100 years of exploration. This project will transform Sweden’s mineralogical data into digitised, actionable insight.”“The combination of SPECIM’s SisuROCK scanner and GeoSpectral Imaging’s processing solution provides the best-in-class solution needed to address the requirements of the client, the high speed and performance is what makes this project economically viable”, said Rainer Bärs, Project Manager, Hyperspectral Sensors and Software at SPECIM. “We look forward to working with the Geological Survey of Sweden as they enter a new era in their minerals information activities.”“SPECIM has made a strategic decision to move in the supply chain from an equipment manufacturer to a service provider through internal structuring and by partnering. This contract is a confirmation of our strategy working in action,” said Risto Kalske, Chairman of the Board, SPECIM. “We appreciate Sweden taking the lead in digitising their national archive, and trust other countries will adopt similar practices enabled by new services and solutions.”SPECIM Spectral Imaging is a leading manufacturer of hyperspectral imaging instruments and systems. In addition to AISA airborne remote sensing systems, SPECIM provides ImSpector Imaging Spectrographs, Spectral Cameras and Hyperspectral Imaging Solutions for an increasingly wide range of industrial and scientific applications such as colour measurement, recycling, geological core logging, process analytical technology (PAT), life sciences, chemical imaging, and forensics.last_img read more

Wood to help Minera Centinela go digital with new integrated ops centre

first_imgWood has been awarded a new contract by Minera Centinela SA to support the studies of centralisation of monitoring and control for its mining operations. Under this contract, Wood will prepare a pre-feasibility study for a technologically-advanced integrated operations centre, including cloud data storage and information management for its operations, easily accessible from anywhere in the world. The next generation of mining and minerals operations will increasingly rely on digitisation and technology. Wood says it is extremely well placed to execute such projects having extensive expertise in both mining and minerals and automation and control sectors.Bob MacDonald, CEO of Specialist Technical Solutions at Wood said: “This win is a powerful example of a revenue synergy achieved through the combination of Amec Foster Wheeler and Wood Group’s global capabilities in copper mine production, automation and control systems integration. Having worked with Minera Centinela over the past several years, we are excited to demonstrate our enhanced value and ability to deliver efficient integrated customer solutions that optimise performance. The new operations center will improve the management, productivity and efficiency of the mining process, providing Centinela with a modern operation, able to centrally store, access and manage large volumes of data online remotely.” Minera Centinela is part of Antofagasta Minerals, the leading private mining group in Chile. It is currently the seventh largest copper producer in the country and the fifteenth worldwide.last_img read more

Mining3 reports positive tests on nontoxic post blast alternative bulk explosives

first_imgMining3’s pursuit of a non-toxic post-blast bulk alternative explosive moved one step closer to its objective during the recent detonation performance tests conducted in December 2018. Using new materials in the formula, a series of detonation tests delivered improved explosive performance, reliability and product stability. These new materials supersede chemical gassing techniques to achieve improvements in the crucial characteristics of product stability and void space diameter.Sensitisation of bulk hydrogel explosives is the process of introducing homogeneous void spaces into the blasting agent structure. During the microseconds of an explosion, the heat generated from the rapid collapse of the void spaces sustains the detonation reaction. Hence, the ability and performance of the hydrogel explosive is reliant on mechanical sensitisation and influenced by the diameter of the void spaces.The two physical sensitisation materials tested, which are based on glass and polystyrene materials, confirmed detonation efficiency and will be utilised in 2019 field trials in both surface and underground applications. This latest development “will ensure the stability of the blasting formula specifically for on-site manufacture reducing the risk, cost and security associated with the transport and storage of explosives.”In excess of seventy detonation tests were conducted over five days in high temperature field conditions at Rurex’s Byrock detonation range. The testing concludes phase one of the Physical Sensitiser Project.. The six-month investigation and collaboration with material suppliers worked to identify and manufacture the new sensitiser materials and ensure their efficiency.“We have a renewed confidence in the robustness and performance of alternative explosives, superseding chemical gassing techniques”, states Dr Kettle. “We also had the opportunity to manufacture prototype cartridges for packaging the explosive, in preparation for underground mine-site trials proposed for 2019.”The 1 m cartridges, maintain a barrier between the product and reactive rock surfaces whilst improving safety and loading of the explosive. Blast hole liners, another product packaging option, have recently been used in surface mining trials.last_img read more

Dyno Nobel initiates EZshot detonator launch

first_imgDyno Nobel has launched the newest addition to its electronic initiation portfolio, the EZshot®.This technology offers users the benefits of accurate electronic timing with the ease of use of the NONEL® shock tube, the company says.“The EZshot detonator series is an exclusive design for underground perimeter blasting. This system gives the customer the ability to use electronic timing for improved perimeter control, helping them to save on time and overall production costs,” Dyno Nobel said.“With the same J-Hook hookup as NONEL, no new training is required, allowing the customer to quickly move forward on all projects.”The electronic detonator, EZshot LP, has a high-strength detonator in a heavy walled copper shell with an electronic circuit board timing chip providing precision and accuracy.“The smart chip technology in the detonator delivers the timing needed that cannot be reached with tradition non-electric detonators,” the company said.The electronic detonator comes in factory-programmed delay times, ranging from 1,100 to 8,000 milliseconds, with the long period delay timing ideal for underground perimeter blasting, it says.The EZshot LP shock tube is identical to the trusted and familiar NONEL LP shock tube Dyno Nobel has been producing since the 1970s, in a new colour.“This reliable design had stood the test of time and blasters will be familiar with the J-hook connection, virtually eliminating additional training time. EZshot LP takes advantage of the shock tube system allowing wireless communication from initiation to detonation,” the company said.last_img read more

Zest WEG Group will continue to pursue Africa opportunities new CEO says

first_imgZest WEG Group’s new CEO, Siegfried Kreutzfeld, says the company’s ongoing growth plans will see it pursue further opportunities across Africa.Kreutzfeld (pictured), who took on the CEO role in January, brings 40 years of service in the global WEG Group to the leading position in the South Africa business. He was most recently the Managing Director of WEG China.He said: “WEG has a very simple strategy: we believe in continued growth on all continents. This is achieved by maintaining close relationships with all our customers and ensuring that we deliver quality products. We underpin all this by our high levels of service and support.”Established in South Africa to create a strong national footprint, the Zest WEG Group has grown steadily into other Africa countries. With its responsibility for the sub-Saharan market, it operates branches in Ghana, Tanzania, Mozambique and Namibia. The group also has partners in countries such as Angola, Botswana, Zimbabwe, the DRC and Zambia.“Many of our products are well established across the continent,” he said. “However, we believe there is growth potential with both mature products – such as low voltage motors, high voltage motors, and drives and switchgear – as well as with other products we manufacture locally such as transformers, motor control centres, panels and generators.”Kreutzfeld said major opportunities exist with premium efficiency products across the range, including WEG IE3 motor and WEG CFW drives.“Also key to the Zest WEG Group’s growth potential is our ability to offer a fit-for-purpose integrated solution,” he said. “This is available across all sectors, but especially in power generation, electrical infrastructure and mobile power and energy solutions. We will also be introducing WEG solutions for renewable energy applications.”Zest WEG Group’s market offering is relevant across a broad sector of industries including mining, petrochemical, agriculture, water and wastewater, paper and pulp, sugar, and energy – including traditional coal fire power plants and renewable energy, the company said.last_img read more

Wisla Plock still on 100 – Nenadics showtime VIDEO

← Previous Story Handball to grow in England Next Story → Slovenian derby: Gorenje beat Celje PL with 4:0 series on the end! STANDING: 10Chrobry Głogów13319330:3607 9Piotrkowianin Piotrków13409372:4128 7Zagłębie Lubin13427384:42410 2Vive Targi Kielce131201508:34924 5MMTS Kwidzyn13715400:40515 12Czuwaj Przemyśl131111364:4683 3Azoty Puławy13922368:35020 Orlen Wisla Plock celebrated 13th victory last weekend in tough home match against Tauron Stal Mielec 34:27 (16:17). Lars Walther’s team had a problem in the first-half to break resistance of away team, but on the end, new triumph is secured by Petar Nenadić and his fantastic series of goals. He finished this match with 15…Orlen Wisła: Sego, Wichary – Nenadić 15, Kubisztal 4, Spanne 4, Kavas 3, Toromanović 2, Wiśniewski 2, Eklemović 1, Ghionea 1, Nikcević 1, Syprzak 1, Ilyes, Twardo.Tauron Stal: Kryński, Lipka – Kostrzewa 6, Szpera 5, Sobut 4, Babicz 3, Krzysztofik 3, Chodara 2, Gliński 2, Janyst 2, Wilk 2, Gawęcki, Gudz, Krieger.HTML code 8Gaz-System Pogoń13418372:3809 1Orlen Wisła Płock131300480:35126 11Miedź Legnica132110287:3785 6NMC Powen Zabrze13607329:34912 Orlen Wisla PlockPetar NenadicPolish HandballWisla TV 4Tauron Stal Mielec13814408:37617 read more

Biljana Filipovic goes back to France – Nice

3NIMES41171205440445-5 9BESANCON26174112440461-21 ← Previous Story Polish NT right wing Robert Orzechowski leaving MMTS Kwidzyn Next Story → Battle for EHF Cup F4: Danish and German derby! 7TOULON3017539404446-42 4HAVRE361791743241814 1METZ48171511515393122 French Nice struggling in the relegation battle in the French elite, but club’s management has strong fate and plans for the future. One important step to the better results in the upcoming years is connected with signing contract with experienced Serbian left back Biljana Filipovic (26), one of the tallest girls in TOP handball. She made her name in TOP handball in France, where Filipovic played for Arvor, who dissapeared after triumph in Championship 2011/2012 due financial problems. All the players were forced to leave the club and Filipovic choose Turkish Uskudar for the next destination.After only a season in weak Turkish championship, Filipovic is ready for a new beginning in French elite – of course, in Nice will play there in the next season. Contract is signed on two years… 2FLEURY4217121446240260 8DIJON26173311376437-61 10NICE25174013397461-64 Biljana FilipovicFrench handballNice handball 5MIOS3317728475492-17 6ISSY PARIS331780940839414 read more

Sead Hasanefendic strong candidate for PSG Handball bench

← Previous Story Anja Althaus joins HC Vardar next season Next Story → Borut Mackovsek to HC Dinamo Minsk handball coachhandball transfersparisParis handballPSGPSG HandballSead Hasanefendic Tunisian NT head-coach Sead Hasanefendic is strong candidate to take charge in PSG Handball from the next summer finds out A “Dream team” from the French capital have a turbulent season with a lot of “up and down” performances and that is the biggest reason why Management looking for a successor of Philippe Gardent, a year before the end of his contract.Hasanefendic is well known from his time in French handball during 80’s and 90’s. He was also remembered as a coach of VfL Gummersbach, while with Tunisian NT made the biggest success – 4th place at WCh 2005. read more

EHF CL 20142015 Group of Death with Veszprem RNL Vardar Celje and

Here are the groups for the VELUX EHF Champions League Preliminary Round:Group ATHW Kiel (GER)HC Metalurg (MKD)RK Zagreb (CRO)Naturhouse La Rioja (ESP)PSG HB (FRA)winner Qualification Group 1Group BFC Barcelona (ESP)KIF Kolding (DEN)Alingsas HK (SWE)Orlen Wisla Plock (POL)SG Flensburg-Handewitt (GER)winner Qualification Group 3Group CMKB-MVM Veszprem (HUN)RK Celje Pivovarna Lasko (SLO)Chekhovskie Medvedi (RUS)Rhein-Neckar Löwen (GER)HC Vardar (MKD)Montpellier AH (FRA)Group DKS Vive Targi Kielce (POL)Dunkerque Grand Littoral (FRA)Kadetten Schaffhausen (SUI)Pick Szeged (HUN)Aalborg Handbold (DEN)winner Qualification Group 2Semi-final pairings of the VELUX EHF Champions League Qualification groups (6-7 September 2014):Group 1Brest Meshkov (BLR) vs Targos Bevo HC (NED)HC Vojvodina Novi Sad (SRB) vs Tatran Presov (SVK)Group 2HC Motor Zaporozhye (UKR) vs Junior Fasano (ITA)FC Porto (POR) vs Alpla HC Hard (AUT)Group 3HCM Constanta (ROU) vs Hubo Initia Hasselt (BEL)Haslum HK (NOR) vs Besiktas JK (TUR)Order of the right to host tournaments: Row 3*, Row 1, Row 4, Row 2* as Presov hosted the qualification group last year, their right passed automatically to Row 1 (Brest Meshkov)Playing dates of the group phase:Round 1: 24-28 September 2014Round 2: 1-5 October 2014Round 3: 8-12 October 2014Round 4: 15-19 October 2014Round 5: 12-16 November 2014Round 6: 19-23 November 2014Round 7: 26-30 November 2014Round 8: 3-6 December 2014Round 9: 11-15 February 2015Round 10: 18-22 February 2015 Velux EHF Champions League ← Previous Story Mariusz Jurkiewicz stays in Wisla Plock until the end of contract! Next Story → Women’s EHF CL 2014/2015: Lucky Larvik – Gyor with Viborg, Buducnost to face Vardar!! read more

Qatar clinch semifinal together with Spain France and Poland

← Previous Story BOOM, BOOM, Salinas – Chilean star scored 29 goals for 24 hours Next Story → Marco Oneto about Chilean handball future: Our master plan – to be on level of Argentina and Brazil For the first time since 2005, when Tunisia made historical success, non-European team are qualified for the semi-finals of the World Championship. Qatar will play for the final against Poland, after Valero Rivera boys beat Germany 26:24…That will be the first couple of semi-final on Friday 18.30 local time, while in the second match will face France against Spain.Croatia vs Poland 22:24 (10:12)A greater will to win and goalkeeper Slawomir Szmal were the keys for the third Polish ticket to a World Championship semi-final since 2007. Croatia did not manage to maintain an intermediate three-goal lead.The first half was largely even, while Poland had the better finish, ahead by two goals. Then the Croats turned the tide, producing a 6:1 series to lead 16:13. Poland struck back, retaking the lead ten minutes before the final buzzer. Still nothing was decided and the Croats even seemed to be on the winners’ way when Zlatko Horvat netted in for a 21:20 lead. But it would be short-lived.Thanks to three unanswered strikes by Chrapkowski, Syprzak and their top scorer Mariusz Jurkiewicz and two spectacular Szmal saves, Poland stormed into the semi-final.Qatar vs Germany 26:24 (18:14)The incredible success story of hosts Qatar continues with their unlikely journey now taking them to the final four. Tonight it was thanks largely to the saves by their goalkeeper duo Danijel Saric and Goran Stojanovic, who pulled the German teeth.The 1:0 start was the Germans’ first and only lead. Shortly after the hosts took full control, forging ahead to leads of 6:3, 13:7 and 16:9. While Zarko Markovic was nearly unstoppable on offence, the Germans also missed too many clear opportunities to change the game’s momentum. But they showed strong morale and character in the second half, narrowing a seven-goal deficit to 19:20.Again Saric, Markovic (six goals in total) and top scorer Rafael Capote (eight goals) took full responsibility, saving the lead for Qatar and supported by the frantic fans on the stands.Germany could not reduce the gap to less than two goals and left the field empty-handed. Their top scorer was Uwe Gensheimer with five goals, while their best player was goalkeeper Silvio Heinevetter with 11 saves.Denmark vs Spain 24:25 (11:11)In this rematch of the 2013 World Championship final (won by Spain 35:19), a last-second goal by Joan Canellas decided the most exciting thriller of the quarter-finals. The two sides were even for 60 minutes, taking turns with the lead. And just as the fans were preparing to see extra-time, Cannelas found a gap to score the winning goal with two seconds remaining.No team managed to force ahead to more than a two-goal difference through the entire 60 minutes.The outstanding player of the match was Spanish wing Valero Rivera junior who scored 10 goals from 11 attempts. And like his father Valero sen., will play in the semi-final.Slovenia vs France 23:32 (10:18)Here, the first 13 minutes had already decided the unequal encounter. Thanks to the saves by goalkeeper Thierry Omeyer (18 in total) and the needle-pin counter attacks, France were ahead 7:1 and led 18:10 at the break. When the lead hit double figures for the first time at 20:10, the deal was sealed.Slovenia, a semi-finalist in 2013, reduced the margin briefly at 20:24, which only forced France into once again taking the match seriously.Luka Zvizej (Slovenia) and Daniel Narcisse (France) were the top scorers with six goals each. read more

Coveney opposes EU plans on mackerel quotas

first_imgUpdated 4:05 PMTHE IRISH GOVERNMENT has spoken out against an EU plan aimed at resolving a long running dispute over mackerel fishing in the north-east Atlantic.The EU is keen to end the dispute with Iceland and the Faroe Islands who have increased their overall share of mackerel in the area from 5 per cent  in 2005 to 52 per cent in 2013.The standoff lead to the EU placing  trade sanctions against Iceland and the Faroes in July after they continued to increase their share of the mackerel catch without agreement.In an effort to resolve the impasse the commission is believed to have devised a deal that would see Iceland get 11.9 per cent and the Faroe Islands 12 per cent of the future total allowable catch for mackerel.At a meeting in Luxembourg today however, Minister for Agriculture and the Marine Simon Coveney argued against “rewarding Iceland and the Faroe Islands for their unacceptable and irresponsible actions in respect of the shared mackerel stock over the past number of years.”“While any deal should provide a fair and justifiable quota share for Iceland, it must also protect the interests of EU member states like Ireland who have relied on this fishery for over 40 years,” he said.Coveney added that any new offer to Iceland on their mackerel fishing rights must only be made on the basis of equal burden sharing with non-EU member Norway.Fianna Fáil MEP and member of the parliament’s fisheries committee Pat the Cope Gallagher MEP labelled the deal being discussed as “disgrace” saying that it would impact on Ireland’s fishing rights:If these figures are accepted, it would possibly result in a reduced share of mackerel quota for Ireland in the long-run. As a result, Iceland and the Faroe Islands would reap larger mackerel quotas than Ireland, which is an absolute disgrace.The desire for a deal has been given extra impetus following advice last week from the International Council for the Exploration of the Sea (ICES) which advised that there would be scope to increase the North Atlantic mackerel catch by 64 per cent next year.Fisherman at Ireland’s largest fishing port in Killybegs have suggested a multi-tiered deal that would see Iceland and the Faroe Islands getting different allowances based on the size of mackerel stocks at any given time.Negotiations are due to take place in London next week between all the parties involved in the stalemate.Ireland will take part in the discussions with Coveney requesting a meeting with EU fisheries commissioner Maria Damanaki ahead of the meeting.Read: Iceland PM hits back in mackerel fishing row >Read: Ireland pushes for sanctions against Faroe Islands, Iceland for ‘unsustainable fishing’ >last_img read more

Over 2100 people called rape helpline over Christmas 2012

first_imgFIFTY VICTIMS OF rape and sexual assault were brought to the Sexual Assault Treatment Unit in the Rotunda Hospital over the Christmas period by Rape Crisis Centre volunteers last year.That is in addition to the 2,113 calls that the national 24-hour helpline for rape and sexual abuse.The CEO of the Dublin Rape Crisis Centre, Ellen O’Malley-Dunlop says that the figure is rising, something that must be arrested.“We must do everything in our power to try and stem the rise in the numbers of these heinous crimes being committed in our society with impunity. Unreported because victims more often than not feel too ashamed, particularly if they were under the influence of alcohol and they will expect not to be believed. However the perpetrators who may also have been under the influence of alcohol will not feel any shame even though they behaved recklessly and did not get consent to sexual intercourse.To tackle the rise in rape and sexual assault, the RCC are targeting men. They telling men “Don’t Be That Guy” – to ensure that their partner is consenting, to not take advantage of women who are too drunk and not to use alcohol to rape someone.Stay safeThe Rape Crisis Centre are advising people to stay safe this Christmas by staying with friends, keeping their drink in their hand, not accepting drinks from strangers and sharing taxis.Says O’Malley Dunlop “We would hope that in doing so that people will be able to have a happy and safe Christmas and be able to let their hair down but not their guard.”Read: RCNI strongly disagrees with lowering the age of consentRead: Rape Crisis Network: We should follow UK’s lead and ban Tysonlast_img read more

Sherwoods Spurs earn victory thanks to Adebayor brace

first_imgTIM SHERWOORD CLAIMED his first victory as interim Tottenham Hotspur coach as his side came from behind to win 3-2 at Southampton in the Premier League.Tottenham lost at home to West Ham United in the League Cup in mid-week, following the sacking of manager Andre Villas-Boas, and Sherwood saw his side fall behind against Southampton to an early goal from Adam Lallana.Emmanuel Adebayor equalised for Spurs and a Jos Hooiveld own goal put the visitors in front, only for Rickie Lambert to draw Southampton level, but Adebayor struck again to seal the first win of the post-Villas-Boas era.Beaten 5-0 at home by Liverpool in their last league outing, Spurs move above Manchester United to seventh place in the table, three points below the top four, while Southampton remain ninth after a sixth successive game without victory.As he had done against West Ham, Sherwood made a bold team selection, with Adebayor partnering Roberto Soldado up front and Mousa Dembele, Christian Eriksen, Gylfi Sigurdsson and Erik Lamela playing in midfield.Initially, Spurs struggled to get a foothold in the game, and the gaps in the visitors’ midfield were much in evidence as Lallana broke the deadlock in the 13th minute.Danny Fox’s pass found the England international in a pocket of space between Spurs’ defence and midfield, and he cleverly shifted the ball away from Vlad Chiriches before drilling home a low shot from outside the box.Sherwood watched the opening exchanges from a directors’ box high in the stands at St Mary’s, but having raced down to the pitch after Southampton went ahead, he saw Spurs level in the 25th minute.Adebayor’s pass to the left sent strike partner Soldado wider than he would have preferred, but he curled in a superb cross that the Togolese striker converted with an agile airborne volley from close range.Spurs went ahead nine minutes into the second half when Hooiveld inadvertently prodded Danny Rose’s low cross past goalkeeper Paulo Gazzaniga, but Southampton equalised just six minutes later.Jack Cork’s incisive through ball found the excellent Lallana and he showed magnificent awareness to square the ball for Lambert, who had the simple task of rolling it into an empty net. Spurs needed only four minutes to restore their lead, however, with Adebayor sweeping home his second goal with his left foot after the hosts failed to clear Kyle Walker’s long throw-in.In Sunday’s other game, Everton manager Roberto Martinez visits former club Swansea City looking for a victory that will take his side into the top four.Liverpool deposed Arsenal as league leaders on Saturday with a 3-1 win at home to Cardiff City, while Manchester City moved up to second place by winning 4-2 at Fulham.Arsenal can return to the top of the table by beating Chelsea at the Emirates Stadium on Monday, but Jose Mourinho’s visitors will draw level on points with Liverpool if they prevail.Check out the winning goal:YouTube credit: SpidergatePlayRejuvenated Adebayor scores a double, celebrates with woeful dance routineRodgers eyes Man City scalp as Reds climb to top spotlast_img read more

Sean Quinn condemns bus set on fire outside his former company

first_imgSEAN QUINN HAS condemned an attack at a property owned by the Quinn Group and said the perpetrators are not acting in his name.However, Quinn was critical of the new owners of Quinn Manufacturing – now known as the Aventas Group – who had asked him to speak out against the attack.In a statement released this evening, Quinn said he had not owned the business since 2002 when he transferred it to this family, and said he had already condemned all attacks “in the strongest terms”.Quinn made the comments after a bus was parked at the entrance to a Quinn Group property in Ballyconnell in Cavan and set on fire at around 5.30am today. Gardaí said a technical examination has been carried out of the scene.“Today’s statement by the Aventas Group calling on the former owner of the Quinn Group to condemn the recent attacks is unclear as I have not owned the business since 2002, having transferred it to my family,” Quinn said.“While the statement does not specifically name me, I believe it is none the less important to reiterate that I have already condemned these attacks in the strongest terms, a fact that is widely reported in the national media”.“Least there by any doubt, I wish to reiterate in the most categoric terms that I condemn these unlawful acts and that any persons carrying out such acts are not acting in my name”.The Aventas group said the ongoing campaign to disrupt and sabotage the business would not lead to the reinstatement of the former owner.Quinn used the statement to attack Anglo Irish Bank, in which he invested and lost heavily, saying that the bank orchestrated a “covert and underhand takeover of the Quinn Group”.A number of attacks on Quinn Group properties and former properties have taken place over the past year, including a truck which was driven into a wall at a Quinn Group premises in Fermanagh.Read: Everything you need to know about the Quinn saga, but were afraid to ask > Read: Bus set on fire outside Quinn Group property >last_img read more

Gilmore rings US Senators as pressure grows for deal on Irish illegals

first_imgTÁNAISTE AND MINISTER for Foreign Affairs Eamon Gilmore has been telephoning senior US politicians to push hard for a deal on illegal Irish migrants in America.Gilmore said the signs that both the Republican and Democratic parties support some kind of immigration reform, coupled with several speeches by Obama on the issue, are “encouraging” – but that no firm proposals have yet been put forward.The Government plans to use St Patrick’s Day visits by TDs travelling abroad to increase pressure for a deal by meeting with key politicians and lobby groups.Although the exact figure is unknown, there are believed to be up to 50,000 Irish people living and working illegally in the United States without a visa, meaning they cannot hold documentation or return to the country if they leave.A deal offering some kind of path to legalisation of their status for the tens of thousands of undocumented immigrants has become more likely in recent weeks after Barack Obama used his inauguration speech to signal that immigration reform was a priority for his second term. Discussions are on going in the US Senate and House of Representatives.Former US presidential candidate John McCain, who is part of a bipartisan group of politicians spearheading the effort to reform America’s complex immigration laws, is  due to meet with President Obama on Tuesday and has said he is “guardedly optimistic” that there could be a deal by the end of March.There are an estimated 11 million illegal immigrants in the United States.Responding to a question in the Dáil, Eamon Gilmore said undocumented Irish workers will be a “critical element of the Government’s engagement with the US authorities, including over the forthcoming St Patrick’s Day period”.My programme and that of other members of the Government during that period… will include discussions with key political figures on immigration and with  the Irish community groups that provide assistance to the undocumented.“I am currently engaged in a round of telephone discussions with key US Senators to discuss prospects for progress and to underline our ongoing interest in the issue,” he said.The Tánaiste raised the issue with Hillary Clinton during her visit to Ireland in December in one of her last trips as Secretary of State.Poll: Do you think undocumented Irish will get citizenship under Obama? > Read: Prospects of undocumented Irish in US boosted by Obama speech, says Tanaiste >last_img read more

400 jobs for the unemployed through the water metering project

first_imgIRISH WATER’S METERING programme will set aside around 400 jobs for people from small, local businesses, the long term unemployed and graduates.The programme will create up to 2,000 jobs in total, 1,600 installing meters and 400 in Irish Water’s call centre.The installation of water meters will start in July this year and will run until September 2016, during which time over one million meters will be installed in homes across the country, the charges themselves will kick in in 2014.Minister for the Environment, Community and Local Government Phil Hogan said the jobs will be created with “particular focus on ensuring that skilled workers are given an opportunity to re-enter the workforce and for small businesses to benefit.“Irish water will install 27,000 meters per month, which is a challenging target but deliverable by having local crews working on the ground,” said Minister Hogan. He added that sufficient training would be provided.Irish Water is currently tendering for the provision of over one million meters and boundary boxes, as well as regional management contractors to run the metering programme and a customer call centre. It is expected that contracts will be awarded in May.Read: Water charges will be read digitally >last_img read more

EU blocks Aer Lingus takeover Ryanair says it will appeal

first_imgRYANAIR HAS SAID that it will appeal a decision by the European Commission to block its third proposed takeover of its fellow Irish airline, Aer Lingus, on competition grounds.The Commission ruled this morning that a merger of Ryanair with Aer Lingus would have harmed consumers by creating a monopoly or dominant position on 46 routes where the two airlines currently “compete vigorously” against each other.“This would have reduced choice and, most likely, would have led to price increases for consumers travelling on these routes,” the Commission said in a statement this morning.“During the investigation, Ryanair offered remedies. The Commission assessed them thoroughly and carried out several market tests. However the remedies proposed fell short of addressing the competition concerns raised by the Commission.”Ryanair’s package of what it said were “unprecedented and revolutionary remedies package” included a commitment from the airlines Flybe and International Airways Group (the holding company for British Airways) to takeover 46 crossover routes.But the Commission said that on all 46 routes Ryanair and Aer Lingus combined would have had “high market shares”.It claimed that on 28 routes the proposed merger would have created “an outright monopoly” and on a further 11 routes the only competitive constraint to the merged entity would have come from charter airlines, which it said were a “very different business model”.The Commission also said that its investigation “showed that there was no prospect that any new carrier would enter the Irish market after the merger, in particular by the creation of a base at the relevant Irish airports, and challenge the new entity on a sufficient scale”.‘Pander to the vested interests’The decision had been expected after Ryanair said last week that the Commission had told it that the latest offer and remedies package would be rejected over competition concerns. Ryanair restated its intention to appeal the decision today.In a statement the airline claimed that the blocking of its bid was a “political decision to pander to the vested interests of the Irish government” which is a minority 25 per cent shareholder in Aer Lingus.Ryanair said the decision “is not one that is based on a fair and reasonable application of EU competition rules or precedent airline merger approvals in Europe”.Spokesman Robin Kiely said: “At a time when airlines in Europe and further afield are merging to form bigger competition champions – witness American Airlines’ merger with US Airways last week and Emirates’ recent strategic joint-venture with Qantas – the EU Commission has yet again set back competition and choice in Europe while delaying much-needed consolidation.”This was Ryanair’s third takeover bid for Aer Lingus.It already owns 29.82 per cent of Aer Lingus but has failed in a number of bids to get a controlling share in the Irish airline which has rejected the approaches from one of its competitors.In a statement, Aer Lingus said it was Ryanair’s only significant competitor on the “vast majority of Irish air routes” and welcomed the decision of the European Commission.Chief executive Christoph Muller said in a statement: “Aer Lingus’ position from the outset has been that Ryanair’s offer should never have been made.“The series of inadequate remedy offers presented by Ryanair only underlines the view that Ryanair made its offer without any reasonable belief that it could obtain clearance. ”More: Ryanair loses bid for Aer LingusRead: Ryanair loses ECJ case on reimbursing costs for stranded passengerslast_img read more

PSNI appealing for witnesses to distraction burglary

first_imgTHE PSNI ARE appealing for witnesses following what they’ve described as an attempted ‘distraction burglary’ earlier this week.The incident was reported in the Duncairn Gardens of Belfast at around 12.30pm last Monday, when a man called to the door of an elderly woman and claimed that he worked for the local council.Saying that he required access to her house, he produced what he said was his ID. Still suspicious, the woman refused him entry.The man is described as being around 18 years of age, 5’5″ tall and with short fair hair.He is of slight build and spoke with what was described as “a Southern Irish accent.”He was wearing a navy coloured jacket with a red and grey coloured shirt underneath.The PSNI are asking that anyone who may have noticed a man matching this description to contact them at CID in Antrim Road on 0845 600 8000.Alternatively, the independent charity Crimestoppers can be contacted anonymously on 0800 555 111Read: Two men charged over mortars seizure >last_img read more

Organ donation education project scoops Young Social Innovators award

first_imgSTUDENTS FROM THE aptly named Eureka Secondary School have been named as the Young Social Innovators (YSI) of the Year for 2013.Pupils from the Kells, Co Meath school wanted to raise awareness of organ donation and the options available among their fellow students.Their project, entitled Bring Organ Donation Into Education, won first prize, and resulted in them being given €1,500 to help develop their project.Minister for Education Ruairí Quinn was in attendance at today’s event, as was Minister of State Joe Costello. The Minister for Education in Northern Ireland, John O’Dowd MLA, was also present.Congratulating participants in this year’s YSI awards was chairperson Sister Stanislaus Kennedy, who called for young people to become more involved in social innovation.“Young people bring fresh thinking and new perspectives to social issues that many adults grapple with,” she said.Over 5,500 people participated in this year’s innovation programme, and undertook some 350 projects. Topics included youth literacy, cyber-bullying, youth facilities, farm safety and continuing education for teenage parents.Read: Calls for organ donor registry in Ireland >last_img read more

Stephen Donnelly quits banking inquiry says Taoiseach stated that he will try

first_imgINDEPENDENT TD STEPHEN Donnelly is to withdraw from the Oireachtas banking inquiry saying that the Taoiseach has “explicitly stated that he will attempt to control the inquiry”.Writing in the Sunday Independent today, the Wicklow and East Carlow. TD today said that Enda Kenny told the Dáil on Tuesday that the reason he was seeking a Government majority on the committee was to ensure that:The Government could set the terms of reference, pass the final report, and ensure they would know what the members of the banking inquiry would do.The Government had lost its majority on the inquiry when two Labour Senators did not attend a crucial vote of the Seanad selection committee and Fianna Fáil’s Marc MacSharry was added to the committee instead.After trying and failing to remove MacSharry, the Government added two more Senators to ensure a 6-5 majority on the inquiry.Donnelly says that this demonstrated that the Government have sought to control an inquiry that was not theirs to influence.“First, the banking inquiry is, under law, an Oireachtas Inquiry, not a Cabinet Inquiry,” he wrote.In the Dáil on Thursday, Donnelly said he was considering withdrawing from the inquiry, he told RTÉ’s Marian Finucane Show this morning that he he took his final decision on Friday.He added that, although it was originally planned for a Government majority on the inquiry, the ”unintended composition of the Committee would have been trusted far more by the public than one with a Government majority.”Speaking on RTÉ alongside Donnelly, Minister for Transport Leo Varadkar said that “it was always the case the Oireachtas inquiry was intended to reflect the composition of the Oireachtas.“Essentially what happened is that Fianna Fáil had taken advantage of the situation and taken both of the seats. Imagine if that had happened the other way round,” he said.Read: Stephen Donnelly says he might quit the banking inquiry >Poll: Is the banking inquiry now irreparably damaged? >last_img read more

Heres how Richard Bruton plans to create 7000 jobs a year in

first_imgInternational competition has increased dramatically, and many of the tools we relied on previously – cost competitiveness, the high performance of the IDA [Industrial Development Agency], competitive corporation tax regime, State support – are no longer enough to mark Ireland out.Addressing the media at today’s launch, the Minister laid out the government’s position on the corporation tax regime.The 12.5% [rate] has been a bedrock of our system. The FDI landscape has changed dramatically in recent years… In the three years 2011-2013 we attracted an average of more than 6,000 extra jobs per year… The indications from the first six months of this year are than investments are up significantly… We have protected that even when the country was under the greatest stress…and what the Minister for Finance has said is that we will compete under fair rules, but we will be competing to win.Some of the more specific proposals in today’s statement include:Keeping the 12.5% corporation tax ratePursuing new FDI sources, such as emerging economiesTargeting a top-five ranking for Ireland for international competitivenessLooking for new forms of FDI, such as joint ventures and high net worth individualsScroll down to read the full Policy Statement on Foreign Direct Investment in Ireland.Read: FDI companies love doing business here – and not just for our corporation tax rate>‘Highest level of job creation’ through IDA in over a decade> ‘No longer enough to mark Ireland out’The policy aims to create 7,000 new jobs a year by 2020 in multinational companies, as part of the the government’s strategic growth plan to replace every job lost in the crisis and attain full employment in five years’ time.Launching the masterplan, Bruton noted some recovery in attracting investment since the crisis, but pointed to international competition as a major challenge:center_img Talent – make Ireland internationally renowned for problem-solving, creativity and adaptability of workforceTechnology – although “we cannot be world-leaders in all areas,” today’s announcement seeks to be world-leading in research and innovation in certain key areasQuality of life – play to the strengths of different regions, offer “great places to live”, and  make Dublin a “vibrant capital city” with a dynamic start-up communitySectors – identify and pursue emerging sectors and industriesAddressing the issue of attracting companies beyond Dublin and throughout Ireland, Bruton told the media:You have to have the living environment. You have to have the schools and the houses… If we want to get regional spread, we create the regional environment that is a magnet to those companies. IRELAND MUST IMPROVE what it has to offer multinational companies if we are to compete for foreign direct investment (FDI) on the global market, according to the government’s FDI masterplan.The Policy Statement on Foreign Direct Investment in Ireland, launched by Jobs Minister Richard Bruton this morning, has called for a focus on four ways to attract multinational companies into the country:last_img read more

Verizon wants to throw out the Telecommunications Act maybe kill net neutrality

first_imgVerizon appears to be hopping mad at the FCC following the latter institution’s failed attempt to enforce net neutrality: they’ve gone from proposing their own net neutrality bill alongside Google to angrily demanding that the entirety of United States telecom be rewritten, all in the span of just a four months.In an angry press release titled “Congress Needs To Update The Nation’s Antiquated and Anti-Competitive Telecom Rules,” Verizon holds no punches back: Verizon public policy vice president Tom Tauke says that the entirety of the Telecommunications Act should be thrown out and authority given to a single federal agency who will have “clear jurisdiction” to enforce the new laws on a case-by-case basis.AdChoices广告Although it’s easy to read this press release as Verizon lobbying for even less regulation, specifically when it comes to net neutrality, they may have a point: the current Telecom Act is a mess cobbled together from a definition of telecommunications first proposed way back in 1934, with an addendum from back in 1996 that seems almost as out of date.As Verizon says, “[t]he grinding you hear are the gears churning as policymakers try to fit fast-changing technologies and competitive markets into regulatory boxes built for analog technologies and monopoly markets.” Maybe they have a point.last_img read more

A laundry folding robot Want

first_imgCertainly one of the most tedious chores next to doing the dishes in our household is folding the laundry. Sure it is no big deal to wash the clothes and put them in the dryer, but actually folding clothing items and putting them away always seems to take forever.Good thing that technology may have an answer for this boring household chore that could be just a few years away for the average consumer, and that is a laundry folding robot. Created by the robotic geniuses at the University of California at Berkeley, this robot can fold clothes using green screen technology and a technique called, “background subtraction.” The technique removes the entire background from the robot’s vision so it only sees the clothing object needed to be folded.What about inverting socks that have turned inside-out, you ask? This robot also has the solution to this laundry dilemma by using a short pole to turn socks right-side-out again.via Smartplanet.last_img read more

Hideo Kojima unveils his new Fox game engine

first_imgMetal Gear Solid creator Hideo Kojima won’t be at E3 this year showing off a new game in the MGS series. That isn’t because he isn’t working on a game, but because most of his time is being spent developing a new cross-platform game engine instead called the Fox Engine.MGS fans may read that and demand to know why he doesn’t get someone else working on the engine. But then we all know Kojima is a perfectionist and that if he intends to use this engine for future games, he wants it to be exactly right.AdChoices广告While there will be no new game on display at E3, GameTrailers did manage to capture some footage of the new engine in action, and it does look lush. The demo shows off a dense forest landscape with the now mandatory HD visuals and a lot of movement going on with the vegetation while the main character runs around.Kojima made it clear this demo was not a game that will be released, it just forms a test area for the development of the engine. However, Kojima Productions will be using the Fox Engine for all future games.The other good news is it is multi-platform meaning we can look forward to simultaneous game releases across Xbox 360 and PS3, but probably PC as well. We’re sure the Wii 2 and other future consoles are being catered for as well.Kojima does have a new game in production, this he confirmed in the video. Is it MGS related? I’m sure his fans hope so, but at the same time the Fox Engine looks like it could handle most concepts he could come up with regardless of whether they form part of the MGS series or not.via GameTrailerslast_img read more

Apple Store to open in New Yorks Grand Central Terminal

first_imgBack in February we reported that Apple was in talks to open a new store in New York City’s Grand Central Terminal. We also thought it was going to be the company’s biggest store yet, but that would be difficult to achieve without pushing out a number of other stores.We didn’t hear anything else about the GCT Apple Store until May when talks to rent 15,000 square feet were reported. Now we’re in late July, and it looks as though the deal has been done. Apple will be opening a store in Grand Central Terminal in the not too distant future.There’s two things that stand out about the store coming to NYC’s Terminal: the size and the cost. While not Apple’s biggest store, the 15,000 square feet we expected actually turns out to be 23,000 square feet. In order to get such a large space someone else big has to go, and that is Charlie Palmer’s Metrazur restaurant. With the restaurant gone, the Apple Store will be located on the north and northeast balconies.As for the cost, you can tell home much Steve Jobs wanted this store based on how much he was willing to pay for it. The rent is set at $800,000 a year based on a 10-year contract. After that, the rate goes up to over $1 million. To put that in perspective, Metrazur is believed to have paid around $300,000 rent.On top of the rent, Apple has agreed to pick up all the costs associated with the renovation, meaning the Metropolitan Transportation Authority (MTA) is basically getting a large section of Grand Central Terminal renovated for free by a company that will bring in a lot of additional rent as well as draw crowds of consumers every day. They really can’t lose.One thing that does still remain unknown is when exactly Apple intends to open this new store. There’s going to be a lot of preparation work involved so I’d guess a mid to late 2012 opening date.via New York Postlast_img read more

McDonalds WiFi guide pits Mac against PC Mac wins

first_imgThe battle of which is better, Mac or PC, is a long and unending one. Since Apple stopped its infamous Mac vs. PC commercials in 2010 — with Justin Long as a relaxed, laid back Mac and John Hodgman personifying a stuffy, uptight PC — the battle has been adopted by trolls in the comment sections of any article deemed worthy of the argument. Every once in a while, something pops up that gets commenters all riled up and ready to prove their allegiance to Apple or Microsoft.Mac Prices Australia, an Australian site that lists pricing on Apple products, recently tweeted a TwitPic of a McDonald’s WiFi guide that shows the difference between setting-up the restaurant’s WiFi on a PC compared to a Mac — and the difference is pretty obvious. The relatively clean page on the right is what Mac users have to do, the two left hand pages thick with text and diagrams is for Windows. I don’t think anyone in the comments can argue for the PC side in this battle, Mac wins hands down.So why the difference? With the Mac, users simply have to click on the AirPort icon and turn the AirPort on, select McDonald’s Free WiFi from the list of wireless networks, and open their browser to the McDonald’s Free WiFi landing page. There are two small figures to guide the Mac user to free-WiFi goodness.When it comes to Windows, McDonalds just has to cater for more options. Are you running XP or Windows Vista? There’s also multiple settings changes to make purely because of the way Windows networking is setup.As you can see, Mac diehards have good reason to boast about Apple’s simplicity and ease of use. We have yet to see these WiFi cards in McDonalds restaurants in the U.S., but Australia is very thorough in its instructions.via Mac Prices Australialast_img read more

Square Enix reveals Dragon Quest X for Wii and Wii U

first_imgThere are only a handful of games that cause the Japanese to take days off work and queue all night. One of those games series is Dragon Quest, and Square Enix has just announced Dragon Quest X (official title: Dragon Quest X Mezameshi Itsutsu no Shuzoku) which is set to see a release next year.With Dragon Quest IX the game made an unexpected leap to a mobile platform in the form of the DS, but it worked and sold millions in its first weekend on sale. This time around Square Enix have decided to release on two platforms at the same time: the Wii and the Wii U. The main difference seems to be better visuals for Wii U owners, but otherwise the same game.The other big change is the focus on online play. DQX won’t be the typical JRPG we have come to expect from the series. Instead, the gameplay will require players go online, create a party with other players, and explore the world together. Importantly, Wii and Wii U players will inhabit the same online world making it possible for friends to play together regardless of what generation Nintendo hardware they own. The 3DS will also play a role, allowing for data exchanges and character transfers.What’s unclear at the moment is whether the game will carry a monthly charge. Based on an information page on the official Dragon Quest portal it looks like that may be the case as both price and a “usage fee” are featured, but with a “TBA” where the pricing should be.One final difference comes from the development of the game which is happening internally at Square Enix. On previous games development would be handled by another studio like Level 5, but fans should be glad to hear Yuji Hori, Koichi Sugiyama, and Akira Toriyama are all involved. The fact that Square Enix has a lot of experience developing the Final Fantasy MMOs makes this a sensible decision.Read more at AndriasangMatthew’s OpinionI’m sure there’s going to be more than a few Dragon Quest fans upset by the fact this game is effectively an MMO instead of a JRPG, but then you can understand why Square Enix decided to go down this route. One of the most popular games series in recent times has been Monster Hunter, which uses a similar feature of going online and forming a party. Add the popularity of such a gameplay system with the massive popularity of Dragon Quest and it makes sense to try it.Choosing the Wii also makes a lot of sense due to the massive installed user base. It also seems to be the easiest system to get an online game working on compared to other current gen consoles, plus the Wii U is going to be the first next-gen machine future proofing the popularity and availability to Dragon Quest X to a large extent.My only hope is that Square Enix either keeps the monthly subscription very low or makes it optional for certain extra features. I also wonder what chance, if any, this game now has of heading to Western markets. But then the Final Fantasy MMOs came West, so why not Dragon Quest?last_img read more

Wave Glider autonomous ocean robot never needs refueling

first_imgAs we continue to fill the earth with billions of people, it’s important that we monitor the environment and in particular the oceans. Doing so is quite a difficult and expensive task though, due to the size of the oceans and the amount of resources it takes to setup a monitoring buoy or other such systems floating on the waves.As usual, a cheap solution to ocean monitoring has been developed with the aid of technology. Liquid Robotics have developed a completely autonomous robot known as Wave Glider to carry out such tasks.The unmanned maritime vehicle draws all the power it needs from the sun and sea. Its upper section floats on the surface of the water and looks like a surfboard covered in solar panels. 22 feet below the surface is a separate section of the robot attached by a cable to the board above and consisting of several wings. They bob up and down in the relatively still water as the board above moves with the waves, and in so doing generates energy.The Wave Glider is a connected device meaning it can transmit data via satellite anywhere in the world. If you have a web browser and an Internet connection it’s also possible to login and control the robot remotely.The key benefit of the Wave Glider is its ability to travel anywhere without need of refuelling, combined with remote control and on-board sensor systems allowing 24/7 monitoring capabilities. And as they are inexpensive, it’s possible to deploy tens or even hundreds of Wave Gliders in order to collect data about large areas of an ocean over a long period of time.Liquid Robotics believe the Wave Gliders abilities extend to many different fields. They have plans to offer them up for helping with search and rescue, port and harbor security, fisheries management, pollution detection, and marine mammal observation to name but a few. More at Liquid Robotics, via Make and Bloomberglast_img read more

Geek deals Dell 14z ultrabook 100 gift card Samsung 840 SSD more

first_imgUltrabooks are one of this author’s favorite “new” products of 2012. While there were some models in 2011, the category didn’t really take off until Intel’s Ivy Bridge platform finally released in mid-2012.Some may scoff, but for the vast majority of users truly don’t need anything more than an ultrabook and do benefit from the differences from a standard mainstream PC. Ultrabooks are slim, light, and easy to tote with you anywhere. And thanks to deals like this, they fit in most anyone’s budget.This Dell Inspiron 14z packs a — you guessed it — 14-inch screen and has a built-in DVD drive, but measures in at just 0.81-inches thin and 4.12 lbs. In the belly of this thin beast is an Intel Core i5 processor, 6GB of RAM, 500GB hard drive, and 32GB SSD cache for fast boot and load times.It has all the other goodies we’ve come to expect from ultrabooks, like wireless n, USB 3.0, HDMI, and Bluetooth.At $699.99 with free shipping, this well configured model comes in at a very competitive price point to other ultrabooks and deals we have seen this year. But when you figure in the bonus $100 store gift card that Dell includes, this is an absolutely smoking hot offer. That gift card (which is emailed within 10-20 days) is perfect for accessorizing your new laptop or maybe buying a warranty upgrade, making this a great deal that comes out to $599.99 out of pocket if you use the gift card.Dell Inspiron 14z Ultrabook with Core i5, Windows 8, and $100 gift card for $699.99 + Free shipping(reg. price $850.99 | use coupon 1BBBZLJSCTPSS3 | ends Dec. 21 or sooner)Our other top deals:LG BH4120S Blu-ray 5.1 Surround Sound Home Theater System for $159.99 + Free shipping (reg. $179.99)Planar Helium 27-inch Multi-touch LED-Backlit 1080p LCD Display for $699.99 + Free shipping (reg. $899.99)Samsung 840 Pro Series 128GB SATA 6Gb/s 7mm 2.5-inch SSD for $144.99 + Free shipping (reg. $189)last_img read more

Android front man Hugo Barra leaves Google for Xiaomi

first_imgIf you go watch the last few Android presentations you’ll see a man that won’t be on stage to tell you about Google products anymore. His name is Hugo Barra, and pretty soon he’ll be taking the Chinese smartphone manufacturer Xiaomi to all new heights as their global VP.If you’re anywhere but China, you may not have ever heard of Xiaomi before. Their products don’t have a huge reach outside of China, though their custom version of Android has fans in the Android modder/hacker scene all over the world.MIUI started out as a highly stylized flavor of Android based on CyanogenMod. Their time with MIUI development gave Xiaomi great insight into what their consumers wanted from a smartphone. As a result, their last smartphone release saw lines that wrapped around every store they were sold in come launch day.Xiaomi is a powerful force in China, and now they want to bring their hardware to the rest of the world. Fortunately for Xiaomi, at the same time Google’s VP of Android product management happened to be looking for a new job.It’s not clear right now who will take Hugo’s place in the Android pyramid, but the loss is significant for Google. The Android side of the Mountain View company has seen a lot of senior loss recently, with Andy Rubin leaving to start a new project inside of Google, and the Android Open Source Project lead software engineer leaving the company entirely.Google’s Android team is massive, but some of these recently departed members have been a part of the project since very near the beginning. Android has certainly changed quite a bit over the last year, due in no small part to additions like Matias Duarte, so it’s difficult to say with any certainly what the fallout of Barra’s departure will really be for now.last_img read more

Man dies after suffering head injuries in horrific 12car pileup on M7

first_img By David Raleigh At least six fire trucks containing crews from Limerick City, and Newport, Nenagh, in Co Tipperary, as well as six ambulances from the region, have been dispatched to the scene.A crew of firefighters attached Limerick City and County Fire Service who had been attending a minor collision in Newport, were swiftly on the scene of the “massive pile up”, sources said.Gardaí have closed the southbound traffic lane between Junction 27 Birdhill and Junction 28 Castletroy and are awaiting a garda forensic collision investigator to conduct a detailed examination of the scene.Gardaí, paramedics and fire crews were alerted to the area after receiving reports of a number of collisions in the area.It’s understood up to 12 cars skidded off the road around the the same time after a heavy sleet shower struck.“There was a massive snowstorm and a heavy shower of sleet around the time of the fatal crash. There were at around 12 cars involved,” a reliable source said. Wednesday 1 Mar 2017, 9:32 PM Source: Fiona Donnellan/Twitter Tweet thisShare on FacebookEmail this article Man dies after suffering head injuries in horrific 12-car pile-up on M7 The collisions happened during a severe hailstorm at just after 7.30pm. The M7 at Castletroy Source: Google Maps The deceased’s car went off the road and crashed through a fence. His vehicle ended up on waste ground in a ravine just off the motorway.Traffic in the area was being turned around by gardaí and diversions have been put in place.Gardaí at Henry Street Garda Station, Limerick, are investigating. The road remains closed.Read: Garda was removed from task force due to relationship with woman from criminal family, court hearsRead: Nurses’ union agrees to meet with Workplace Relations Commission – but work-to-rule is still on PART OF THE M7 Dublin to Limerick Road has been closed after a motorist lost his life in a horrific 12-car pile up tonight.According to a reliable source, the man, aged in his 50s, suffered catastrophic head injuries and died after his car left the road between Birdhill and Castletroy, shortly after 7.30pm.It’s believed a freak hailstone storm which is reported to have hit the area at the time of the incident, may have been a factor in the multi-vehicle collision.According to sources there are reports of “multiple injuries” to a number of casualties, but these injuries are not believed to be serious.The deceased had been driving from Birdhill towards Limerick when his car left the road and crashed through a fence, a source said.The man’s body has since been moved to University Hospital Limerick where a post mortem is expected to be conducted.A “multi-agency response” is being carried out by emergency services. 75,790 Views Share516 Tweet Email2 Whoops! We couldn’t find this Tweet Serious delays on M7 S/B before J29 Castletroy due to crash, lots of emergency vehicles on the scene— Fiona Donnellan (@fionadonnellan) March 1, 2017 18 Comments Mar 1st 2017, 9:32 PM Short URLlast_img read more

You were just a bastard in their eyes But they cant hide

first_imgShe got work in Tuam, and every time she would head off to work she would come down and knock on that door and plead with the nuns to let her see her son. They always said “no, go away”.He was eventually reunited with his mother years later when he found her in Brixton, south London. But his memories of his first step into the world – when he was fostered out as a child – remain clear.I can remember the day I left the home. I was all dressed up and I walked out with some people that I didn’t know.Haverty said he was brought out to a car, but got a fright when a dog appeared.“I’d never seen a dog before, so I jumped back in to the car again.”This is a testament to just how much of an unorthodox upbringing he had in the home, where he didn’t know anything about the outside world, he explains.While he says he doesn’t remember many details from the home, one memory does stick in his mind: Mattresses lying up against the wall, drying out, after the young infants had wet the bed.“I was one of the lucky ones – I got into a good foster home and got to meet my mother again after many, many years,” says Haverty. Patrick Joseph Haverty holds up photos of photos of him and his mother, with whom he was reunited years after he was taken from her at the Tuam mother and baby home. Source: Christina FinnHowever, even though he was only in the home in his early years, he never escaped the stigma of being the child of an unmarried mother.They knew that I was out of wedlock and it is the Church that is to blame for that, because that is the way they were raised to think. We were nothing but a kind of scum… you weren’t normal because you didn’t belong to a wedded family. Source: JOSEPH HAVERTY spent the first five and a half years of his life in Tuam mother and baby home.Sitting in local historian Catherine Corless’s house, Haverty tells that the formal recognition that “a significant number” of children’s remains have been discovered in sewage containers at the old mother and baby home site is “bittersweet”.For years, survivors like Haverty have been telling their story, but until three years ago, it had fallen on deaf ears, something he says has to change now.Haverty was born in the Tuam home in 1951.“My mother had to leave (the mother and baby home) after 12 months and she knocked on the door for five and a half years trying to take me out, but the nuns wouldn’t allow it, so eventually I was fostered out to a good family.”The people who ran the home did not want a bond to develop between mother and son, so they sent her away, he explains.Unmarried mother She was not your typical young teenager who got pregnant – she was 27 years old – but she was unmarried. You were just a bastard in their eyes. People would just make little of you and look down on you. They wouldn’t even talk to you.As a young man, Haverty says he was shy, but he would still go to the local dance halls. However, who he was and where he had come from always remained an issue.Stigma If I did get talking to a nice girl, sometimes we would get on great. But the next week, you see, she wouldn’t talk to me. Why? Because someone had got to her. Someone had told her – her friends maybe – who I was and where I’d come from. Or her parents would tell her not to go near me, because I came from an unmarried woman. They’d tell her to keep away.Now that the truth has prevailed in Tuam, Haverty wants an apology from the Bon Secours and from the State. Not just for him, but for his mother, who passed away four years ago.“I didn’t choose to be born into that situation, yet we were the ones who paid for it. Us and our poor mothers, who did absolutely nothing wrong. I want that apology, so that I can read it over my mother’s grave and so I can tell her, she didn’t do anything wrong.”During our conversation, he receives a call from an old friend who was close to his foster parents. They saw him on RTE News and they want to congratulate him.“Someone has finally listened to us at last,” he told his friend in a quivering voice.‘No one listened’“No one in Dáil Éireann listened to us, only a small number of politicians,” he says.One person’s secretary said they didn’t know where Tuam was and simply said ‘good luck to you’ when we asked for help. By Christina Finn We asked the Taoiseach to come down to the site last year – but he didn’t. We’ve heard nothing today from him today. It’s like you have to drag it out of them, an apology, for all this sort of thing.However, he pays particular tribute to Fianna Fáil’s Éamon Ó Cuiv.“He is the only one who listened to us, he sat down with us and brought it up in the Dáil.”Aidan, Catherine Corless’s husband, points out that many politicians never took them seriously. But now they have to, he states.Former Galway East politician Colm Keaveney was constantly trying to highlight the issue, says Corless. ”Sure, he eventually lost his seat for doing so,” he adds.In 2014, Keaveney called on the Taoiseach to offer a formal apology on behalf of the State for what he described as “appalling treatment of mothers and babies”.Calls for an apologyKeaveney told RTÉ’s News at One that there is “no excuse for silence” on the issue. Three years on, the survivors say that silence is still resounding.“Sure they know now that we were telling the truth, they shouldn’t be hiding from it,” said Haverty.“They all need to apologise. They [the religious orders] have rosaries in one hand and the devil in the other.”Haverty has high praise for Children’s Minister Katherine Zappone who he says has shown true compassion for the survivors of the mother and baby home.“While other politicians haven’t wanted to know about us, she really has made huge strides to listen to us. She sat here and just listened to us. I felt, ‘at last, someone is taking a minute to listen to us’.”“Perhaps it is because she is not from here, that she is from America. Perhaps she is not conditioned like the Irish people to just stay quiet, not to ask questions about that. She wanted to unearth it, which is why I think she got so emotional about it, because she wants to find the truth for all of us.”Read: No mourning at final resting place of Tuam babies – only an eerie silence>Read: These were the 796 children who died at Tuam Mother and Baby Home> 108,507 Views Short URL Mar 5th 2017, 8:05 AM center_img Share9229 Tweet Email6 257 Comments ‘You were just a bastard in their eyes. But they can’t hide from the truth now’ PJ Haverty’s mother spent five years hammering on the door of the Tuam home trying to get the nuns to return her son – instead they gave him away. Sunday 5 Mar 2017, 8:05 AM Tweet thisShare on FacebookEmail this articlelast_img read more

Johnny Depp paid 3m to shoot Hunter S Thompsons ashes out of

first_imgJohnny Depp paid $3m to shoot Hunter S Thompson’s ashes out of a cannon A lawsuit filed against Depp has taken a deep dive into his alleged lavish spending. Actor Johnny Depp Actor Johnny Depp Image: Daniel Leal-Olivas PA Archive/PA Images Tweet thisShare on FacebookEmail this article Short URL JOHNNY DEPP’S lavish spending – including $3 million to blast author Hunter S Thompson’s ashes from a cannon – led him to the brink of financial ruin, according to an explosive lawsuit filed yesterday.Over the best part of two decades, the 53-year-old actor has been spending $2 million a month, according to The Management Group (TMG), which is suing the star in Los Angeles for an unpaid loan.The Pirates of the Caribbean actor is alleged to have forked out $75 million on 14 homes, including a 45-acre French castle, a chain of Bahaman islands, several Hollywood homes, penthouse lofts in downtown LA and a horse farm in Kentucky.Since 2000, the Oscar-nominated actor has spent $18 million on a yacht, bought 45 luxury cars and shelled out almost $700,000 a month on wine, private planes and a staff of 40 people, according to the lawsuit.Beverly Hills-based TMG says Depp has accrued more than 200 artworks by Warhol, Klimt and other masters, 70 collectible guitars and a Hollywood memorabilia collection so extensive it is stored in 12 locations.Depp filed his own $25 million suit on 13 January accusing TMG of mismanaging his finances, taking out loans without his approval, and concealing his ruinous finances.“Over 17 years, The Management Group did everything possible to protect the actor from himself,” TMG attorney Michael Kump said in a statement.“In fact, when Depp’s bank demanded repayment of a multimillion-dollar loan and Depp didn’t have the money, the company loaned it to him so that he would avoid a humiliating financial crisis.”TMG says it repeatedly warned Depp over his “wanton” overspending, but he responded by rebuking his business managers, increasing his spending and demanding they find some way to pay for it.The firm, fired by Depp last year, says it is owed $4.2 million and was forced to launch foreclosure proceedings on Depp’s property.“The only reason Depp filed this lawsuit was to interfere with TMG’s ongoing efforts to be repaid on the loan they had made to bail him out,” TMG said.Depp and actress Amber Heard, 30, reached an out-of-court settlement in August to end their 18-month marriage, agreeing that he would pay her $7 million.- © AFP, 2017Read: Johnny Depp and Amber Heard release awkward apology video over dog smuggling Share204 Tweet Email center_img Thursday 2 Feb 2017, 7:46 AM By AFP 32,278 Views Image: Daniel Leal-Olivas PA Archive/PA Images 46 Comments Feb 2nd 2017, 7:46 AM last_img read more

Topshop removes display barriers from Irish stores after boy 10 dies from

first_img Image: Nick Ansell/PA By Rónán Duffy Tweet thisShare on FacebookEmail this article Short URL Feb 16th 2017, 1:52 PM 21 Comments Share Tweet Email1 center_img The boy died after an incident in the Reading story on Tuesday. Image: Nick Ansell/PA Topshop removes display barriers from Irish stores after boy (10) dies from head injuries in UK The youngster died in an incident involving the units. Thursday 16 Feb 2017, 1:52 PM TOPSHOP OUTLETS ACROSS Ireland and the UK are to remove display barriers in their stores after the tragic death of a 10-year-old boy in England.The child died on Tuesday after suffering head injuries in an incident involving a unit at a Topshop store in Reading.Police were called to the scene at about 4,15 pm and the boy was rushed to the Royal Berkshire Hospital where he was pronounced dead.Following the incident, Topshop has confirmed that it will be removing the units in question from all their stores including those in Ireland.“Further to the recent incident in Reading, as a safety precaution we have decided to remove all the till barrier units in question from our stores across the country with immediate effect,” the company said in a statement.Thames Valley Police have described the death of the boy as a “tragic incident” and are investigating what happened.“We continue to investigate the circumstances surrounding this death, a scene watch is in place at the Topshop store and is likely to be in place for some time,” said Detective Superintendent Paul Hayles.“Detectives are now working with the local authority and the store owners to gather all of the information on how this incident happened.”Read: UKIP leader forced to deny own statement that he lost a close friend at Hillsborough disaster >Read: ‘He was a bubbly young fella. Full of life, full of divilment’ – Remembering Ireland’s car crash victims > The boy died after an incident in the Reading story on Tuesday. 40,922 Views last_img read more

Photos Litterpicking turfwar at Blessington Lakes leaves locals frustrated

first_img WICKLOW COUNTY COUNCIL is refusing to take litter picked up by volunteers if it comes from ESB land – a messy situation for the volunteers who are picking up rubbish at Blessington Lakes car parks which are owned by the council and ESB.Local volunteers have been cleaning up the six car parks in the vicinity of the lakes – some of which are owned by the ESB and others managed by the Council. Source: Brian Phelan“I have been collecting bags and bags of rubbish, the problem is getting rubbish collected afterwards,” local man Brian Phelan told “The council won’t take rubbish that comes from ESB land.” Source: Brian PhelanIn a statement, Wicklow County Council said:“Waste deposited illegally in the council carparks is removed by Wicklow Co Co in association with the Baltinglass Municipal District Office. 28,141 Views Monday 1 May 2017, 10:00 AM Short URL Share Tweet Email1 51 Comments center_img By Cliodhna Russell Waste deposited on ESB property is the responsibility of the ESB to remove.Phelan said this is an example of the lack of communication and described how 24 bags of rubbish were collected from the beach of one carpark last Wednesday and collected by the ESB team.“When I asked about bringing rubbish to the Council, I was told it wouldn’t take ESB rubbish.” Source: Brian PhelanPhelan added that many of the once beautiful car parking areas are being left to go to ruin with no grass cutting or any kind of general maintenance. “Over the years the car parks areas have become danger spots for crime.These areas were big and lovely to visit but over the past 20 years they have been made smaller, benches and sitting have been taken away and toilets are permanently locked.. no bins. There’s no information centers or even tourist information.A spokesperson for ESB told this website that a significant portion of the 60km perimeter around the lakes is landlocked with no direct access.“ESB monitors the situation on an ongoing basis and works closely with all the various community groups in order to manage the fly tipping problem as best as possible.”Wicklow County Council said, “All reports of littering and waste reported to Wicklow Co Co are investigated by our Environmental Enforcement Wardens.”It added that it doesn’t have any current complaints on file relating to dumping adjacent to the lake. Source: Brian PhelanESB said it has “a close working relationship with Wicklow County Council and all other relevant stakeholders when it comes to dealing with illegal dumping on, and adjacent to, Poulaphouca Reservoir”. Read: Rivers of Buckfast bottles and human excrement in playgrounds: How can Ireland clean up its act?> Photos: Litter-picking turf-war at Blessington Lakes leaves locals frustrated Wicklow County Council refuses to pick up rubbish collected by locals from ESB land around Blessington Lakes. Tweet thisShare on FacebookEmail this article May 1st 2017, 10:00 AM last_img read more

350 new jobs announced for Cork and Dublin

first_img 23,465 Views By Cliodhna Russell Monday 20 Mar 2017, 10:45 AM Share31 Tweet Email5 350 new jobs announced for Cork and Dublin eShop officially opened its global headquarters in Swords today. Image: Shutterstock/Ai825 36 Comments center_img Image: Shutterstock/Ai825 Mar 20th 2017, 10:45 AM Here is an innovative Irish company, established 6 years ago, which now employs 150 people and has a turnover of over €200 million.“Today’s announcement that eShopWorld are creating 250 jobs in Ireland is a great boost and a huge indication of what’s possible.”Kings LaundryKings Laundry also announced it’s investing a further €2m in its new state-of-the-art facility in Little Island in Cork.Alan Murphy, Sales Director at Kings Laundry said, “2016 was a very successful year, we saw an increase of 18% in our turnover and we’re expecting this to increase further by over 20% this year.“This is down to winning significant new business across the country as well as driving efficiencies within our service offering.“We operate the most modern and energy efficient facilities in Europe and have the capability of servicing 1.5m pieces of laundry per week in Cork, allowing further room to grow.”Read: EU teens one step closer to being handed free interrailing ticket on their 18th birthdays> SOME 350 NEW jobs have been announced for Dublin and Cork this morning.The global headquarters of technology company eShop is being officially opened in Swords today as the company announces plans to hire 250 new staff over the next three years.Meanwhile, Kings Laundry has announced 100 new jobs at its Cork facility. There are also 80 seasonal positions available in Cork and Dublin for the coming summer.The new permanent positions bring the total workforce at Kings Laundry to over 550.eShopeShop was launched in Dublin in 2010 with six staff. It currently employs 150 staff mainly in Swords but also in Newry, the US, Singapore and the Netherlands.A spokesperson told that the “vast majority” of the 250 new jobs announced today will be based in Swords with a small number abroad.They estimated that 200 of the jobs will be based at its global headquarters at Airside Business Park in Swords.Today’s jobs announcement for eShop is part of a €25m investment for the eCommerce and logistics management company.eShopWorld says it has already started recruiting to fill these full-time, highly skilled roles, which are focused on technical development and R&D activity.eShopWorld CEO Tommy Kelly said, “We are very pleased to be adding jobs and investment to fulfil demand from leading global brands.”Minister for Education and Skills, Richard Bruton, said: Short URL Tweet thisShare on FacebookEmail this articlelast_img read more

Copyright claim against One Direction song resolved at High Court

first_img Source: OneDirectionVEVO/YouTubeThe case was briefly mentioned before the High Court on Thursday. Justice Leonie Reynolds was due to fix a date for the hearing of a pretrial discovery motion brought by lawyers acting for the plaintiff.However, the court was informed that hearing date was not required and with the consent of all the parties the entire proceedings could be struck out Copyright claim against One Direction song resolved at High Court David Lewis Smith had claimed the One Direction release ‘Night Changes’ infringes his musical work. Share6 Tweet Email1 16,690 Views Liam Payne, Niall Horan, Louis Tomlinson, Zayn Malik, Harry Styles, pictured in 2014. Image: Shutterstock/Kathy Hutchins Friday 8 Mar 2019, 7:58 AM 12 Comments Short URL By Aodhan O Faolain Mar 8th 2019, 7:58 AM Liam Payne, Niall Horan, Louis Tomlinson, Zayn Malik, Harry Styles, pictured in 2014. Tweet thisShare on FacebookEmail this article Image: Shutterstock/Kathy Hutchins A SINGER SONGWRITER’S High Court action against all five original members of boy band One Direction and others for alleged copyright infringement has been struck out on consent. David Lewis Smith had claimed the One Direction release ‘Night Changes’ infringes his musical work and sought various reliefs including damages.The song ‘Night Changes’ was released by One Direction in 2014 and featured on their fourth studio album “Four.”The claim, which was denied, was against the four current members of the band Niall Horan, Harry Styles, Liam Payne and Louis Tomlinson, and Zayn Malik who left One Direction in 2015.The claim was also against parties including UK songwriter Jamie Scott and US songwriters Julian Bunetta and John Ryan who wrote and produced ‘Night Changes’.The other defendants were Simco, the production company behind The X Factor; Big Deal Music, a publishing company that in 2013 Ryan allegedly signed a contract with; Universal Music Publishing; EMI Music Publishing and Sony Music Entertainment UK Ltd.last_img read more

Harris says pathologists that raised concerns about Waterford mortuary carried out an

first_img Short URL Image: Sam Boal May 2nd 2019, 2:24 PM All five of Fianna Fáil’s MEP candidates were present at today’s launch: Barry Andrews in Dublin; Brendan Smith and Anne Rabbitte in the Midlands North West; and Billy Kelleher and Malcolm Byrne in Ireland South.Kelleher said that the European elections and local elections running concurrently means that there’s a “difficulty in getting a strong debate” on issues in the EU and Europe, which Rabbitte agreed with strongly.When asked if he was concerned about the threat Peter Casey posed in taking Fianna Fáil’s support, Martin says he doesn’t think his party’s candidates will receive less support because of Casey, but said that people should be scrutinising what he says.On issues in Northern Ireland, Martin says “we should never weaponise the Irish language” and criticised both Sinn Féin and the DUP’s approach to Stormont negotiations to get an Assembly back up and running.Martin warned of the trepidation in relation to an EU army, saying that it’s constantly used to create a fear about Europe.How many times in the last 5 decades have we heard of the scare tactics of an EU army? It seems to be trotted out every time there is an election.In their manifesto, Fianna Fáil pledges to “fully maintain our neutrality status”, which has enabled Ireland to “play a leading role as independent peacekeepers across the globe”. But it adds:“Fianna Fáil is opposed to the creation of an Eu-wide army as it would breach out central principle of neutrality. Any role Ireland plays in European Defence Agency programmes should be guided by this core policy of maintaining our neutrality, underpinned by the triple lock mechanism.”Martin accused Sinn Féin of fermenting “an anti-EU agenda”, and being “soft on Russia” in relation to its military involvement in the Ukraine.Martin also took aim at Sinn Féin MEP candidate Matt Carthy, saying that a vote for him  would be a vote for Carthy as an MEP for a short time, as he’s expected to run as a TD in the next general election.With reporting by Christina Finn I think there’s a tendency to try to undermine people within our health system who try to raise serious issues, which I worry about. It’s not just on this issue, it’s on other issues. “There’s a certain culture of fear within our health system to speak out for fear that the system will be down on top of you very quickly and that’s something I don’t like.There are clearly issues with that mortuary in Waterford University Hospital, there’s no point trying to undermine the people articulating the issues on that, there’s ongoing correspondence on the issue. Image: Sam Boal Share64 Tweet Email1 18,126 Views Updated May 2nd 2019, 4:05 PM HEALTH MINISTER SIMON Harris said the four pathologists that raised concerns about the mortuary in University Hospital Waterford “carried out an important duty”. His comments come as Fianna Fáil leader Micheál Martin called out Taoiseach Leo Varadkar for stating on Tuesday that he wasn’t sure if the claims were true and that there was “no evidence” to support the allegations from those who made them. Martin said he was “surprised” by the Taoiseach’s comments, adding that they undermined the concerns raised by four pathologists.Dead bodies on trolleysLast week concerns were raised about dead bodies being left on trolleys in the corridors of the mortuary, leading to closed-coffin funerals, and exposing the public visiting hospitals “to the odours of a postmortem room”.But since the news broke last week, the South-South West Hospital Group and Waterford University Hospital said that it hadn’t received a complaint from the public or an incident report from staff members in relation to the mortuary.These concerns were first raised in an October letter signed by four consultant pathologists seen by the Waterford News and Star. Darren Skelton, the journalist who broke the story after receiving the letter anonymously following the refusal of his Freedom of Information request, published the letter on Twitter. Thursday 2 May 2019, 4:05 PMcenter_img Source: Gráinne Ní Aodha/Twitter Tweet thisShare on FacebookEmail this article By Gráinne Ní Aodha 47 Comments Martin says “we should never weaponise the Irish language” and criticises both Sinn Féin and the DUP’s approach to Stormont negotiations in trying to get an Assembly back up and running.— Gráinne Ní Aodha (@GAodha) May 2, 2019 Here is the letter, signed by the four pathologists who are as angry, and united today as they were when they wrote it.— Darren Skelton (@Deisesupes) May 2, 2019 When asked about the issue today, and whether the Taoiseach’s comments would deter other health professionals from speaking out, Harris said the pathologists “carried out an important duty in coming forward and communicating their concerns to hospital management”.“Of course, they did that many months ago, obviously it arrived in the media many months later, but they had highlighted their concerns,” he said, adding that “there is no disagreement, there is a need for a new mortuary in Waterford.“I suppose we don’t know the details as to what happens in the mortuary on every single day, and that’s the point the Taoiseach was highlighting,” said the health minister. Taoiseach’s commentsWhen asked if it was wrong of the Taoiseach to speak out about the case before a review has been undertaken, Harris said “no, of course not”.“I think the Taoiseach, as is his trademark, was asked a question and he gave a very honest appraisal of the situation, that factually he didn’t have all of the evidence or all of the information,” said the minister. Harris disagreed that the government does not take seriously what is raised by nurses and doctors, stating:“Of course we take it extremely seriously what doctors and nurses say but we also respect other people that work in our hospitals as well.  We take very seriously what hospital managers say as well, and we respect their integrity and truthfulness as well, but I don’t think there is a serious disagreement here, it’s useful for some to endeavour to exploit it as such.”Fianna Fáil reactionSpeaking at the launch of Fianna Fáil’s European election manifesto, Martin said: “I was surprised by the Taoiseach’s remarks because he was essentially undermining the contributions that the doctors made.”  Harris says pathologists that raised concerns about Waterford mortuary ‘carried out an important duty’ The journalist who broke the story has published the letter which originally raised concerns. Source: Darren Skelton/Twitterlast_img read more

People have been tearing their hair out over spoilers in recent weeks

first_img Share2 Tweet Email Short URL The final season of Game of Thrones has many viewers hiding from their social media feeds to avoid spoilers. May 11th 2019, 10:00 PM People are tweeting out things as they are happening and reacting to things as they happen… there’s this sense of urgency about it. Not only do you have to see it to be part of the conversation, you have to see it before the conversation moves passed you. 36,504 Views Image: HBO 17 Comments The final season of Game of Thrones has many viewers hiding from their social media feeds to avoid spoilers. Image: HBO Tweet thisShare on FacebookEmail this article Don’t care (276) Yes (1670) Poll Results: YesNoDon’t careVote Saturday 11 May 2019, 10:00 PM PEOPLE HAVE BEEN doing their best to avoid spoilers from films and televisions shows in recent weeks.Between Avengers: Endgame and Game of Thrones’ final season, social media has demonstrated that some people are fearful of finding out any detail – no matter how trivial – of their favourite shows.Obviously this makes sense – learning such details could fundamentally ruin the experience of watching it for many viewers. Especially if someone dies or there is a twist.From the reveals in films like The Sixth Sense and Psycho (which we’re too nice to spoil here for you), twists and surprises you didn’t know were coming can enhance a film’s experience.Eventually they can also become part of pop culture, such as touchstones like Darth Vader telling Luke ‘I am your father’, or the Statue of Liberty rising from the shore of a future Earth in the original 1968 Planet of the Apes (despite being a major spoiler, that twist is often used as a promotional image for the film).And while two different psychological studies disagree on whether knowing major details of a piece of entertainment can make the experience better or worse, it’s been social media that has really changed the game. The release of Avengers Endgame whipped up feelings around spoilers as fans did their best to avoid details about the film. Source: Xinhua News Agency/PA ImagesThe last few weeks have seen major levels of discussion online about spoilers relating to the new film Avengers: Endgame.Things got so intense that this week a new trailer for Spider-man: Far from Home featured Spidey actor Tom Holland introducing himself at the beginning… and giving a spoiler warning.But not one for Far From Home: one for Avengers: Endgame.He states if you haven’t seen Endgame yet, don’t watch the Spider-man trailer as it will ‘spoil’ things for you about what happened in the former film. Source: Sony Pictures India/YouTubeDarren Mooney, film author and creator of website The Movie Blog, says in the age of social media, the talk around spoilers can create hype around a film or television programme.It can create a fear of missing out for those audience members who weren’t originally interested, but become so from all the online chatter (and clever marketing from production companies).It creates the impression, Mooney says, “that these things are so big and and that they have to be consumed instantly or else you’ll possibly get some information that will diminish your experience of it”.Industry ChangesTo save viewers from potential spoilers, film and television companies can have military-style security around their productions.From digital scripts that cease to function after the filming has stopped; devices that can disable drones looking to spy on sets; and actors not being given scripts until the day of filming (or, in the case of Spider-man’s Tom Holland, being given a script of fake scenes due to his habit of giving away plot details), the ‘spoiler’ is making an impact.Indeed, studios have played up to spoiler-phobic fandom surrounding favoured franchises, like Marvel’s hashtag campaign #Don’tSpoilTheEndgame.When 40 minutes of leaked footage appeared online, the film’s directors also posted a letter to social media pleading the same.Even at press screenings for the James Bond film Skyfall, critics were left envelopes on their chairs that cautioned them against speaking about details of the plot so “that James Bond fans around the world, could experience this on their own terms”.Or in the case of critic viewings for Blade Runner 2049, where they were asked not to talk about details of the film afterwards, but instead simply state that audiences will meet a lot of interesting characters over the course of the movie.How you can protect yourself from spoilersThough the internet is the home of spoilers, it can also be effective in limiting your exposure to them.You can filter Twitter to automatically hide tweets that contain particular keywords from appearing in your timeline and notifications. The mute function on Tweetdeck achieves this same result, though there is no guarantee that something won’t slip through.Google Chrome introduced an extension called Unspoiler a few years ago where you type in the names of shows you don’t want to read about. It would put red banners over any website referring to those shows to warn you off.Facebook also had an extension called Social Fixer that achieved a similar result, but many of these extensions are now defunct or little used.Many users on forums complained these apps or programmes didn’t catch all the potential information that could protect them from spoilers.The real answer then?Simple – don’t go on the internet and don’t talk to anybody. Not necessarily a easy task in our modern world.A Shared ExperienceMooney says that it’s only small number of people seem who seem to make it their mission to ruin surprises for fans.Most fans are decent about not spoiling secrets, he says. Often, though, that depends on what show or movie is being discussed.“With Endgame there was at least an understanding that people were going to watch it over the weekend and therefore you didn’t blurt out information… but take something like Game of Thrones and the spoilers are a lot more common,” he said. People have been tearing their hair out over spoilers in recent weeks… but why? How has the fear of spoilers changed the way productions are made and how we view them? Source: Mark Meehan/Twitter “Social media makes everything move so quickly,” Mooney says. “The idea is that things happen so fast, that when the next big thing happens, we’ve already moved on from it after lunch.”He suggests that perhaps the cultural madness around spoilers is a way of people marking something in the now. Something that people want to experience live and within the context of a wider cultural experience shared with others.I can understand the appeal of that urgency. I can understand why that’s important to people.Do you care about spoilers? By Andrew Roberts The folks behind #AvengersEndgame had a cool “don’t spoil the endgame” campaign going before it came out. HBO for #GameofThrones? Couldn’t go a day without basically spoiling episode 3 on their own instagram account. Avoid their social media entirely if you haven’t seen it.— Mark Meehan (@MarcasPadraig) April 29, 2019 No (620)last_img read more

Getting into the Christmas spirits

first_imgChristmas is the best time of year for Flox Wines & Spirits, National Marketing director Lukas Papargiris says. “Basically all stock does sell through Christmas, and what we do find is that our novelty items sell a little bit better during this period, meaning alcoholic beverages that may come in novelty bottles such as a Bouzouki bottle or anything that is gift packaged or comes in some form of gift box,” Papargiris says. Flox Wines & Spirits imports, exports, produces and distributes over 180 local and internationally respected beverages. Beverages are imported from Croatia, Cyprus, Greece, Italy, Lebanon, Lithuania, Mexico, Poland, Serbia and Montenegro, Spain, Turkey and the United Kingdom, amongst others.The silly season’s best seller is beer, Papargiris says, which is why the company has a ‘three plus one’ campaign running, where for every three beers people buy they receive one complimentary bonus beer.Since early September, Flox Wines & Spirits have been importing Vergina premium lager from Greece. After starting with one container on trial, by the end of January the company will be on their fourth container. “It’s going remarkably well, we were quite surprised; it’s been accepted widely in the community,” Papargiris says. The beer isn’t just consumed by Greeks, but has also become mainstream and done well in the national market, he added.Vergina beer has a distinct taste, Papargiris says, adding that customers have commented that this particular beer is “not like another Heineken”. “It has a bit of a bitter taste to it, it is a little different from traditional Greek and European beers, it’s quite distinctive in that manner,” Papargiris says. Flox Wines & Spirits also sells Greek wine, which Papargiris says has established a more reliable reputation over time. “I’d say over the past four years the Greek wine companies are producing some exceptional Greek wines. What has come to the forefront is stability, where once upon a time you’d buy a bottle of wine in a particular brand and then the next shipment would come in and be quite different, now stability has come into it.”Greece exports both red and white wine and has between 200 and 300 indigenous grape varieties but the main one that is well accepted is Savatiano, Papargiris says.While beer is the best seller over Christmas, red wine and 2 litre flagons also do very well, Papargiris says. “The normal table wines are great, especially for barbecues and souvlas,” he says. While the company imports spirits from 17 countries the best selling product is Butterscotch schnapps. “The schnapps and Absinthe are our premium brands within Australia; spirits do very well,” Papargiris says. Facebook Twitter: @NeosKosmos Instagramlast_img read more

Economists sound alarm

first_imgAs the country’s political parties ramp up their campaigns ahead of crucial general elections on June 17, a group of 11 eminent Greek economists from across the world have emphasized the importance of the next Greek government honoring its commitments to foreign creditors and pushing through vital reforms if it is to secure its position in the eurozone.Meanwhile, European leaders continued to express their hopes that Greek authorities will do what it takes to remain in the eurozone. European Council President Herman Van Rompuy and European Economic and Monetary Affairs Commissioner Olli Rehn repeated Monday that Brussels wants Greece to remain in the eurozone. Van Rompuy said Athens could only achieve this “while respecting its commitments,” a reference to a 130-billion-euro loan deal signed with its creditors.Rehn, for his part, noted that “abiding by commitments remains the best option available to Greece,” adding “we want Greece in the euro and we are working toward that goal.”French Finance Minister Pierre Moscovici, who met with Rehn Monday, was more explicit: “If the Greeks themselves do not respect their commitment, then we would find ourselves in a situation which would be infinitely more complicated,” he said.The risks of such a prospect are the focus of an open letter by 11 eminent Greek economists published in Sunday’s Kathimerini. In the letter, the economists, who include George-Marios Angeletos of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and Dimitris Vayanos of the London School of Economics, stress that the prospect of a Greek eurozone exit is still very real, despite reassurances by EU officials.“The international community is monitoring our country with great concern and believes it very likely that it will default in a disorderly fashion and leave the eurozone,” the letter notes. The only hope, the writers claim, is that elections “lead to a government that will be supported by a broad range of political parties.” Such an administration must focus on confirming the country’s will to remain in the eurozone, implementing crucial structural reforms and cooperating with foreign creditors to revise aspects of the debt deal and boost investment and growth.In a clear dig at politicians’ campaign tactics, the writers note “we would not like to see ignorance and populism lead the country to disastrous and irreversible choices.” Source: Kathimerini Facebook Twitter: @NeosKosmos Instagramlast_img read more

Greek mythology lends names to Plutos moons

first_imgNames from Greek mythology’s underworld have been given to Pluto’s fourth and fifth moon, discovered in 2011 and 2012, the International Astronomical Union (IAU) announced earlier this week. As announced by the IAU, the moon formerly known as P4 is now Kerberos, named after the many-headed dog that guarded the entrance to the underworld in Greek mythology. Moon No. 5 is Styx, named for the river that souls had to cross over to get to Hades, or the underworld, and the goddess who ruled over it.Names from Greek mythology are not new to the Plutonian family, that counts five moons that circle Pluto. In Greek mythology, Pluto, also known as Hades, was the lord of the underworld.Pluto’s other moons are Charon, named for the ferryman who carried dead souls across the river Styx; Hydra, a multi-headed monster that helped guard the entrance to the underworld; and Nix, the mother of Charon.Kerberos and Styx were discovered by a team led by Mark Showalter of the SETI Institute, using the Hubble Space Telescope. It is estimated Kerberos and Styx are the smallest of Pluto’s moons so far.By astronomical tradition, the discoverer of a new planet or moon is entitled to suggest names for it to the IAU. This time, however, an open contest was held for the input of general public. Name Cerberus was later changed to the Greek spelling Kerberos to avoid confusion with an asteroid that already exists under this name.“The IAU rules ensure that the names work across different languages and cultures in order to support collaborative worldwide research and avoid confusion,” the Union said in a statement.Once known as the ninth planet of the solar system, in 2006 Pluto was classified as a dwarf planet, due to the fact its orbital path is cluttered with thousands of small icy objects. Facebook Twitter: @NeosKosmos Instagramlast_img read more

Powerful and everyday heroes honoured

first_imgFrom Australia’s most powerful Greeks to local heroes, the Australia Day awards have honoured six great Greek Australians for their outstanding work in the community. Andrew Liveris, the CEO of Dow Chemical and the advisor to former American President Bill Clinton has been honoured for his “distinguished service to international business through senior roles with multinational organisations, as a supporter of Australia-US educational and cultural relation and to the community”. Mr Liveris received the highest honour of the Greek Australian group and will now have the honour of putting an AO, Officer of the Order of Australia after his name. Two received the Medal of the Order of Australia (OAM) for service to the Greek community, including former AHEPA president Stephen Manos and Angelo Notaras, also noted for his work with the Greek Orthodox Church. Mr Manos was quite surprised with his nomination after it didn’t come from the most likely culprits, AHEPA, but rather it came from a family friend. “I was very surprised because I didn’t know anything was in the wind,” he tells Neos Kosmos. At 78, he’s been part of AHEPA for 60 years, coming into the order at 18 and has held almost every job including the national presidency in 1964-1965 and in 2001-2002. “There isn’t anything that I haven’t covered,” he says with a laugh. In 2011 he received the AHEPA silver medal for his service to the order and during his time at AHEPA, he has seen the Greek community grow and develop. He still sees room for improvement to make the community more inclusive. “The Greek community now, not that it’s obsolete, we seem to be a bit fractured,” he says. “We’ve got about 400 different organisations involved in the Greek community. “I think one of the things that has set us back in the past is that we really didn’t have a community centre, it was very small and the new one now that they’re doing will have its benefits.” Mr Notaras was nominated for his outstanding work for the Greek community, particularly for the Kytherian community he has so lovingly supported in Australia. As a board member if the Kytherian Association since 2005, he has helped implement a comprehensive website that catalogues names, photos, recipes and maps of the island at He has also seen the publication of 13 books about the history of the Kytherans and their settlement in Australia. Also in honour of his fundraising work, he was awarded with the Gold Cross of St Andrew in 2003, the highest honour of the Greek Orthodox Archdiocese of Australia. In service to our country, three Greek Australians were honoured with Police and Military awards. Sergeant Dimitrios (Jim) Bellos was honoured for his “outstanding dedication and commitment” in his 14 years in the Queensland Police Service, and received an Australian Police Medal. As cross-cultural liaison officer for the Metropolitan South Region, Sergeant Bellos deals with over 200 communities speaking over 150 languages and practising more than 130 religions. In his time his region has seen a significant decline in youth crime, with the police force saying Sergeant Bellos “is a real catalyst in breaking down barriers”. He was also a finalist for the Australian of the Year last year, and has been an Australia Day ambassador since 2010. Honoured by the Australian Navy, Commander John Stavridis Ran was singled out for “distinguished performance of duty in warlike operations as Commanding Officers HMAS Anzac on Operation SLIPER from June 2012 to January 2013”. Lieutenant Colonel John Terence Bouloukos was honoured by the Australian Army for his “dedication and logistic knowledge” in securing sustainment support of the Army’s land material capabilities. Out of the more than 900 people honoured, only 212 women received awards, with no Greek Australian women nominated. Facebook Twitter: @NeosKosmos Instagramlast_img read more

Greek crisis affecting gender equality

first_imgHarsh conditions in Greece due to the economic crisis have done nothing to help bridge the gender gap, and in fact have erased much of the progress made, Greece’s Ambassador to Australia, Haris Dafaranos says. Speaking at an event hosted by the Greek Australian Women’s Network on International Women’s Day, Mr Dafaranos painted a bleak picture of the state of women in Greece.“The increasing number of women being laid off in turn have reinforced gender roles,” he says.“It is evident that this trend has had an impact on women’s ability to earn a disposable income and their chances of getting out of poverty,” he says.Women’s participation in the workforce has plummeted, with many taking on part-time work or being forced to give up work altogether to look after the children as childcare costs skyrocket. Greece is seeing a stark gap between men and women employed, with the male unemployment rate at 27.6 per cent, and the female unemployment rate much higher at 32 per cent.Mr Dafaranos says disparity with the unemployment rate is reinforcing antiquated gender roles.“[The crisis has] enforced men’s position as the breadwinners of the household and women’s position as the caretakers,” he says.Since the beginning of the crisis, women have been at a higher risk of falling into poverty than men. Public sector cuts have severely hurt their employment options, and there are few jobs in Greece that offer maximum maternity cover.Those that are employed aren’t much better off, as many women of child bearing age are forced to promise they won’t fall pregnant. Those without work must make due with minuscule unemployment benefits of 360 euro a month.Experts have also seen a rise in domestic violence, spurred on by tough economic conditions at home.Mr Dafaranos says he’s hopeful that the new Greek government will help address the growing gender gap and implement long lasting laws that will help women back into the workforce.“It is very encouraging that the new government in Greece has the resolve to tackle as a priority the humanitarian dimension of the crisis,” he says. Facebook Twitter: @NeosKosmos Instagramlast_img read more

Lindsay Lohan to open a second nightclub in Greece

first_imgHollywood celebrity Lindsay Lohan is to open a second namesake nightclub in Greece after her downtown Athens establishment’s success.The actress turned businesswoman, opened a nightclub in the Greek capital back in 2016, named ‘Lohan’ and it has proved very popular and profitable. In her latest appearance on the Wendy Williams Show, she said she is planning on opening another club on Mykonos island with an the even more luxurious Dubai version ‘Lohan Island’ to follow.“I have my club in Athens and then we will open one in Mykonos. I thought, I’ve gone to many clubs so I should have one of my own!”, the actress said. She did receive some criticism, however, when asked by Mrs Williams whether it is a good idea to become a club owner for someone that has had substance issues.“Basically, not at all. It is a lot of fun watching other people make fools of themselves,” Lohan responded. Facebook Twitter: @NeosKosmos Instagramlast_img read more

Labor pledges 165000 for Pronia

first_imgPronia is set to receive $165,000 under a Shorten Labor Government. The funding, which will occur over the next four years, is to help with emergency relief for newly-arrived Greeks and to assist in providing ongoing services to Pronia’s clients.MP Peter Khalil  has worked closely with Pronia in his electorate in the lead-up to this announcement.“I’m so proud of the work Pronia does in the electorate of Wills in providing much needed services to the Greek community of Wills, and beyond to wider Victoria,” Mr. Khalil said.“That’s why the Labor party decided to support these important services, unlike the Morrison Government who continue to slash funding to vital emergency relief.”The funding comes as part of the Labor Party’s announcement to provide over $40 million over four years to emergency relief organisations around Australia.“This is a welcomed announcement for Pronia,” said MP Maria Vamvakinou, who has been working closely with the organisation in her role as the Deputy Chair of the Migration Committee.“This additional funding to Pronia will ensure they have the capability to offer assistance to Melbourne’s Greek community, and ensure they can care for the most vulnerable in our community.” Facebook Twitter: @NeosKosmos Instagramlast_img read more

Hépatite C un nouveau traitement efficace

first_imgHépatite C : un nouveau traitement efficaceMonde – Le journal The Lancet vient d’annoncer les résultats d’une étude mondiale, qui démontre l’efficacité de l’antiviral boceprevir dans le traitement de l’hépatite C.Le traitement jusqu’ici utilisé pour lutter contre l’hépatite C consiste en une association de deux médicaments : la ribavirine et l’interféron pégylé. Dans soixante-sept hôpitaux à travers le monde, en Europe, aux États-Unis et au Canada, des patients ont testé un nouveau traitement, qui ajoute le boceprevir aux deux antiviraux précités. L’étude a montré que ce médicament supplémentaire permet de doubler le taux de guérison.Cet essai a été effectué sur des patients infectés par le génotype 1 de l’hépatite C, c’est-à-dire le plus dangereux, car le plus récalcitrant aux traitements. Cette étude est donc une très bonne nouvelle pour tous les porteurs du virus, qui représentent plus de 170 millions de personnes dans le monde entier et qui risquent de développer des cancers du foie ou des cirrhoses. Le 11 août 2010 à 10:19 • Emmanuel Perrinlast_img read more

Grossesse les professionnels de santé invités à mieux aider les parents

first_imgGrossesse : les professionnels de santé invités à mieux aider les parentsFrance – L’Institut national de prévention et d’éducation pour la santé (Inpes) vient de publier une brochure pour promouvoir un meilleur accompagnement des futurs parents de la part des professionnels de santé.Conscient du peu d’information délivré aux familles durant la grossesse, l’Inpes édite un guide à destination des médecins, des gynécologues, des sages-femmes et de tous les soignants en contact avec les futurs parents. Le fascicule a pour objectif de pousser ces professionnels à aider la future famille à construire ses choix concernant l’arrivée de l’enfant, en abordant six axes de travail importants :À lire aussiToxoplasmose : symptômes, traitement, grossesse, quels sont les risques ?- Favoriser l’expression et proposer une écoute,- Aborder et évaluer une situation,- Informer et expliquer,- Accompagner la réflexion du couple,- S’engager auprès de la parturiente,- Faire le lien avec les autres intervenants.Lorsque l’on connaît le manque de temps déjà crucial pour les soins, on s’interroge quant à la concrétisation des objectifs de ce guide, qui implique un réel soutien psychologique et une approche personnalisée pour chaque couple.  Le 8 octobre 2010 à 10:26 • Emmanuel Perrinlast_img read more

Boom automobile un tiers des villes chinoises trop polluées

first_imgBoom automobile : un tiers des villes chinoises trop polluées Le ministère de l’Environnement chinois vient de publier son premier rapport sur l’impact des voitures sur la pollution. Son constat : un tiers des villes du pays ne remplissent pas les critères minima de qualité de l’air à cause du boom de l’industrie automobile. Les critères nationaux minima de qualité de l’air en Chine ne sont pas respectés par environ 37 villes. Le pays comptait, fin 2009, 170 millions de véhicules. Un chiffre en hausse de 9,3% par rapport à l’année précédente, souligne l’AFP. Le ministère de l’Environnement chinois ajoute que depuis 1980, il a été multiplié par 25.Les émissions des véhicules ont dépassé les 51 millions de tonnes l’an dernier, selon le rapport. Et les ventes automobiles en Chine ont atteint le niveau record de 13,64 millions d’unités l’an dernier.Le ministère de l’Environnement chinois explique vouloir s’engager à renforcer le contrôle de ces émissions et souhaite voir les constructeurs automobiles mettre les véhicules électriques ou hybrides en avant. Le 5 novembre 2010 à 14:33 • Emmanuel Perrinlast_img read more

Nouveau record de pollution à Pékin

first_imgNouveau record de pollution à PékinLa ville de Pékin a enregistré ce lundi un nouveau record de pollution de l’air, plongeant la ville dans un épais brouillard irrespirable et dangereux pour les personnes les plus fragiles.Pékin a toujours eu la réputation d’une ville polluée. Mais ce lundi 21 février, le taux de pollution de l’air a battu tous les records explique l’ambassade des Etats-Unis. La situation est telle que les autorités de la ville recommandent à tous d’éviter les activités en extérieur, rapporte Ce taux de pollution si important serait dû à l’absence de vent dans la capitale chinoise, ainsi qu’à l’augmentation des températures, jusqu’à atteindre le niveau 5/5 sur l’échelle de pollution mise au point par le Bureau de l’environnement de Pékin.À lire aussiLa messagerie cryptée Telegram victime d’une cyber-attaque, la Chine pointée du doigtUn des responsables de ce bureau s’est confié à l’AFP : “Il est évident que les personnes âgées et les enfants ne doivent pas sortir”. La pollution de la ville a généré un épais brouillard qui limite la visibilité de l’homme à 200 mètres dans certains quartiers de Pékin. La ville est envahie de 5 millions de véhicules dont le nombre ne cesse d’augmenter au fil des jours, causant de nombreux embouteillages. Près de 300.000 personnes décéderaient chaque années de maladies cardiaques ou de cancer du poumon, maladies imputables à la pollution du pays.Le 21 février 2011 à 16:54 • Emmanuel Perrinlast_img read more

Japon deux réacteurs pourraient reprendre leur activité en avril

first_imgJapon : deux réacteurs pourraient reprendre leur activité en avrilSelon le journal japonais “Yomiuri”, deux réacteurs de la centrale nucléaire d’Ohi, dans l’ouest du Japon, pourraient redémarrer dès le mois d’avril. Il s’agirait des premiers réacteurs à fonctionner de nouveau depuis la catastrophe nucléaire de la centrale de Fukushima Daiichi.Les deux réacteurs nucléaires, concernés par cette remise en service, ont une capacité de 1.180 mégawatts et ont tous deux une vingtaine d’années. Ils devraient reprendre du service en avril prochain avec les 3 autres seuls réacteurs en fonctionnement sur les 54 réacteurs japonais. Cependant, le gouvernement reste prudent avec la population et l’opinion internationale. À lire aussiMaladie de Charcot : symptômes, causes, traitement, où en est on ?Comme le souligne le journal “Yomiuri”, le ministre japonais du Commerce et de l’Industrie Yukio Edano a ainsi expliqué à des journalistes qu’aucune date n’avait encore été arrêtée définitivement pour la mise en état de marche des deux réacteurs. Les tests sismiques effectués dans la centrale nucléaire d’Ohi accueillant les deux réacteurs, ont montré qu’elle serait capable de résister à un tremblement de terre de magnitude 9. Mais certains chercheurs nippons ont reproché à l’Agence de sûreté nucléaire industrielle (Nisa), qui a conduit les tests, de prêcher pour le nucléaire.Hiromitsu Ino, professeur à l’Université de Tokyo, et Masashi Goto, ex-concepteur de centrales nucléaires, ont quant à eux mis en avant l’insuffisance de ces tests. D’après ces spécialistes, les tests ne simuleraient qu’une seule catastrophe à la fois et n’étudient pas la question de la possibilité d’une panne ou d’une erreur humaine.Le 7 février 2012 à 13:10 • Maxime Lambertlast_img read more

Sony dévoile sa nouvelle gamme de Xperia

first_imgSony dévoile sa nouvelle gamme de XperiaLa famille des smartphones Xperia va accueillir trois nouveaux modèles en septembre prochain.Sony a annoncé le lancement prochain de sa nouvelle gamme d’Xperia. Parmi elle, trois modèles : le Xperia ion, le Xperia Acro S et le Xperia Go.Xperia ion Avec ce smartphone, Sony vise le haut de gamme. Cet appareil mobile sera doté d’un écran Bravia 4.6 pouces multipoints d’une résolution de 1280 x 720 pixels, d’un processeur double cœur cadencé à 1,5 GHz, d’un capteur photo à 12 MégaPixels au déclenchement ultra rapide et de 16 Gb de stockage Flash. Il offrira une caméra 1.080 pixels à l’arrière et caméra frontale de 720 pixels. Grâce à la compatibilité DLNA et une sortie HDMI, le partage de contenus est simplifié. Le Xperia ion permet également l’échange de données par NFC.Avec ce nouveau smartphone, Sony a mis l’accent sur la convergence en pré-installant les applications Video Unlimited et Music Unlimited. Ce produit sera commercialisé en septembre 2012 avec la plateforme Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich.Xperia Acro S Après avoir présenté un futur smartphone prenant place dans la gamme Xperia, le Xperia ion qui sera vendu en septembre prochain, c’est un autre modèle qui est dévoilé ce mercredi : le Sony Xperia Acro S. Ce dernier est annoncé comme étant disponible.Le Sony Xperia Acro S sera doté d’un écran de 4,3 pouces Bravia affichant en définition 1 280 x 720 pixels. Il sera propulsé par un processeur Qualcomm MSM8260 double coeur cadencé à 1,5 GHz. ensuite, le Xperia Acro S disposera d’un Go de mémoire vive et de 11 Go d’espace disque. Des caractéristiques techniques intéressantes pour un mobile waterproof !À lire aussiDengue : symptômes, traitement, prévention, où en est-on ?Le Sony Xperia Acro S sera de plus doté d’un appareil photo de 12,1 Mégapixels permettant la prise de vue ultra rapide. A l’arrière de l’appareil, on trouvera un enregistreur vidéo 1 080 pixels ainsi qu’une caméra en façade en 720p, utile pour la visioconférence. Tout comme le futur Xperia ion et d’autres appareils de la gamme, les applications Video Unlimited et Music Unlimited sont pré installées. Enfin, une sortie HDMI a été intégrée sur ce mobile compatible DLNA et NFC. Il sera équipé de l’OS Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich. Le prix de l’appareil qui a pris place sur le site officiel de Sony reste inconnu. Xperia Go Le Xperia Go est pour sa part un peu plus entrée de gamme. Il dispose d’un écran HVGA 3.5″ avec une résolution de 480 x 320 pixels. Pour les caractéristiques techniques, il dispose d’un processeur dual-core cadencé à 1GHz, d’un APN 5 megapixels, d’une batterie d’une capacité de 1.305 mAh. Il tourne sous Android 2.3 mais une mise a jour vers Android 4.0 est envisagé par Sony. Il sera disponible au troisième trimestre 2012, mais le prix n’a pas encore été dévoilé.Le 30 mai 2012 à 21:00 • Maxime Lambertlast_img read more

Toutatis lastéroïde en forme de cacahuète va nous rendre visite mercredi

first_imgToutatis, l’astéroïde en forme de cacahuète, va nous rendre visite mercrediL’astéroïde Toutatis, de plus de 4 kilomètres de long et 2 de large, va s’approcher de la Terre à un minimum de 7 millions de kilomètres de notre planète. Les chercheurs en profiteront pour étudier l’étrange rotation de l’immense rocher afin de mieux connaitre la répartition de sa masse, et de là la composition de l’astéroïde. Toutatis passe dans notre voisinage tous les quatre ans.Par Toutatis, le ciel va-t-il nous tomber sur la tête? Car en dehors d’être la divinité tutélaire d’un célèbre gaulois petit et moustachu, Toutatis est également un astéroïde qui s’apprête à passer dans le voisinage de la Terre. Pas de quoi inquiéter les astronomes qui y voient une occasion de plus d’étudier cet immense rocher de l’espace. Surtout que, comme celui-ci leur rend visite tous les quatre ans sans jamais causer de soucis, ils connaissent bien Toutatis.N’en déplaise aux prophètes de l’apocalypse en herbe, Toutatis passera au plus près de la Terre le 12 décembre, et non pas le 21. A près de 7 millions de kilomètres de distance il se laissera admirer et étudier, d’autant que caillou céleste de 4,46 kilomètres de long et 2,4 kilomètres de large intrigue : il tourne de manière étrange et a la forme d’une cacahuète.Un astéroïde qui fait des cabriolesMichael Busch, du National Radio Astronomy Observatory en Virginie, a décrit la danse étrange de l’astéroïde à National Geographic. “Il fait des cabrioles. Il tourne autour de son axe long, qui lui-même effectue un mouvement de précession [à la manière d’une toupie en fin de course dont l’axe de rotation s’éloigne de plus en plus de la verticale] autour d’un cercle, comme un gyroscope.”À lire aussiBoisson, météorite et Facebook, les actus sciences que vous devez connaître ce 5 septembreSon équipe avait déjà effectué des relevés radar lors des derniers passages de Toutatis en 2000, 2004 et 2008 et espèrent bien profiter de la prochaine rencontre pour améliorer leur modèle. En effet, chaque passage de l’astéroïde près du soleil modifie très légèrement sa rotation. L’intérêt de percer les mystères de ses mouvements est qu’ils permettent de connaitre comment se répartit la masse de Toutatis, et donc de mieux connaitre sa composition.La forme de Toutatis suggère qu’il pourrait avoir été créé lorsque deux corps célestes se seraient percutés : le plus petit serait alors resté enchâssé dans le plus gros. Dan Scheeres, un professeur d’astrodynamique à l’université du Colorado, pense même que si la rotation de l’astéroïde continue de s’accélérer, la partie la plus petite pourrait finir par être expulsée.Toutatis ne sera pas visible à l’œil nu le 12 décembre mais les astronomes amateurs pourront l’apercevoir dans leurs télescopes.Le 9 décembre 2012 à 15:40 • Maxime Lambertlast_img read more

En images lart du camouflage na plus de secret pour ces animaux

first_imgEn images : l’art du camouflage n’a plus de secret pour ces animauxCes photos semblent peut-être présenter de magnifiques décors naturels issus de différents milieux. Mais à y regarder de plus près, elles recèlent aussi de petits habitants passés maitres dans l’art du camouflage.Courir vite, ne plus bouger, s’aider de ses congénères : il existe de nombreuses manières d’échapper à un prédateur dans la nature. Il en est d’ailleurs de même pour partir en quête de proie et pouvoir se nourrir. Mais certains animaux ne sont pas particulièrement bien dotés pour réaliser ses deux tâches : très petit, fin, fragile, lent. La nature ne dote pas toujours des meilleurs atouts mais heureusement certaines créatures ont réussi à contrecarrer cette vulnérabilité en développant une stratégie tout à fait remarquable : le camouflage. Comme son nom l’indique, cette stratégie d’adaptation consiste à se cacher en imitant les objets inanimés de l’environnement. Pierres, arbres, feuilles ou même coraux des fonds marins, tout y passe et chaque créature a su choisir le bon élément à imiter pour passer inaperçue au quotidien. Certains phasmes par exemple, des insectes herbivores, ressemblent à s’y méprendre à une feuille et se fondent ainsi complètement dans la masse lorsqu’ils sont tranquillement posés sur une branche. Il en est de même pour certains poissons-pierres qui disparaissent complètement dans le plancher marin.  Imiter les couleurs et les formes À lire aussiDengue : symptômes, traitement, prévention, où en est-on ?Il existe en fait différents types de camouflage : l’homochromie et l’homotypie qui peuvent co-exister. Le premier consiste à imiter les couleurs de l’environnement tandis que le second se concentre plutôt sur un mimétisme des formes. Ne reste alors plus pour l’animal qu’à choisir l’élément qui correspond parfaitement à son aspect. Utile donc si celui-ci veut échapper aux yeux d’un prédateur ou s’attaquer à une proie en toute discrétion.  Certains animaux sont cependant allés encore plus loin dans la supercherie en acquérant la capacité non seulement de se camoufler mais aussi de le faire en fonction de ce qui les entoure. Autrement dit, ils sont capables de changer d’aspect au regard de l’environnement extérieur. C’est notamment le cas des fameux caméléons ou de certains geckos. Pour les repérer, ne reste alors plus qu’à être particulièrement attentif ! Le 16 février 2013 à 14:29 • Maxime Lambertlast_img read more

OUAT The Mirror Has Two Faces

first_imgStay on target Once Upon a Time’s Finale Was Everything We Loved About an Imperfect ShowHenry Screws Everything Up Again on Once Upon a Time This week’s Once Upon a Time shows us that in the wake of the sleeping curse, Snow White, and Charming, much like the show right now, are in a holding pattern. Blaming herself for the curse, Regina is about to go off and hurt the Queen, thereby hurting herself. Emma convinces her to find another way for Henry’s sake. Snow is about to kiss Charming and switch places but stops when she realizes that the Evil Queen is watching through the mirror and destroys it.We see what their new routine becomes over the next few days. Charming stays up all night, cooks breakfast for Snow White and wakes her up for the day shift. They communicate with each other through cheesy notes and recorded messages while they try to figure out how to beat the curse.Regina has come up with a different plan to get back at the Queen. Instead of hurting her, she and Emma will trap her in a mirror. They use Henry to lure the Queen to the beach, but it turns out the Queen is one step ahead of them yet again. She stole the enchanted mirror, exchanging it with a regular one, and traps Regina and Emma inside it. From inside the mirror dimension, they’re able to see into Storybrooke through peoples’ mirrors, but nobody can see or hear them. Regina says that Henry is their only hope of getting out.Emma (Jennifer Morrison) wakes up in the mirror dimension. (Photo: Screenshot via ABC)That’s going to be a bit harder than it sounds. The Evil Queen has dressed up as Regina and seems to have everybody fooled. She convinces Hook that Emma has gone out of town for a few days to look for the dragon and starts helping Henry prepare for his school’s homecoming dance. She then goes to Rumplestiltskin’s shop, who is not fooled by her disguise. She asks for a magic hammer that she plans to give to Henry.Hook starts to get suspicious when Emma doesn’t answer her phone. He investigates the beach where Emma and Regina tried to trap the Evil Queen and finds Emma’s phone on the ground. The Queen appears and throws him against a log, knocking him unconscious. She then goes to Granny’s diner to meet Henry and try to convince him to act more like a prince. She distracts him from Regina and Emma trying to make contact through a mirror and gives him a long talk about how Violet, the girl he likes, should be honored to date a prince like him.Henry finally figures out that he’s not talking to his mom and escapes to the crypt to try and contact his real moms. The Evil Queen appears and shows lets Henry see into the mirror dimension. It turns out the Dragon has been trapped in there the whole time. He tells Regina and Emma that he can’t break the sleeping curse, but he can help them find a way out. Unfortunately, it turns out the Evil Queen has taken the Dragon’s heart and is controlling him. She turns him into a real dragon and has him attack them both.The Dragon is probably the coolest part of the episode. (Photo: Screenshot via ABC)Now that Henry sees his moms in danger, the Evil Queen places the dragon’s heart in front of Henry and gives him the hammer. He doesn’t have magic, but the hammer will allow him to destroy the dragon’s heart, killing him to save his mom’s. He begs the Evil Queen not to make him kill, but she is unmoved. Henry sees another option, though. He uses the hammer to crack the mirror. On the other side, Regina and Emma lure the dragon into blowing fire on the crack, breaking open the portal and freeing them. With the Evil Queen defeated, Henry resumes his date and dances with Violet in Granny’s diner.While all this was going on, Belle visits Zelena. She wants to get out of Storybrooke and knows Zelena can help her escape. Zelena says that she can only do it with the Sorcerer’s Wand, which is locked up in Gold’s shop. They get Aladdin to break into the store, and being the best thief in any town, he steals the wand, along with something else. After his heist, he returns to Jasmine carrying a magic lamp. He says the Genie isn’t inside; he’s been free for a long time. Aladdin thinks whoever is inside the lamp could help them find Agrabah.Belle and Zelena don’t have the wand in hand for long. Rumplestiltskin appears and takes it from them. He also places a cuff on Belle so she can never leave town and take the baby away from him. He’s just following the abusive spouse playbook step by step, isn’t he? He returns to his shop where the Evil Queen shows up, another one of her plans having failed. The two decide to work together as a team, but Rumple has one request first. He wants the Queen to kill her sister.Rumplestiltskin (Robert Carlyle) takes the wand. So much for that plan. (Photo: Screenshot via ABC)This far into the season, it’s nice when the show goes a week without trying to shoehorn in a classic story or fairy tale into things. This episode had a self-contained story with some cute moments between Henry and Violet, and a pretty great fight scene with the dragon toward the end. It still feels like we’re in a holding pattern, though. After the Evil Queen’s victory last week, Snow and Charming spent this episode just kind of dealing with it. It starts to wear on them toward the end, but they’re no closer or further away from finding a cure.Nothing’s really changed by the end of this episode. The overarching plot didn’t advance, no characters grew or changed. The Queen introduced a problem, Henry, and his moms solved it. That’s it. Hopefully, the conflict added by Gold asking the Queen to kill Zelena will start moving the story along more quickly next week.last_img read more

Planet of the ApesGreen Lantern A Crossover We Didnt Know We Needed

first_img Planet of the Apes: Visionaries is Unpredictable, Stunning and WildVariant Covers to Grab This Week (8/29/18) Stay on target DC Comics crossover and collaboration game has been strong lately, with a slew of titles across multiple publishers.  A ton of great series, including Justice League/Power Rangers, Batman/TMNT, and now the newest crossover, Planet of the Apes/Green Lantern comes to us courtesy of DC Comics and BOOM! Studios.Planet of the Apes/Green Lantern #1(W) Robbie Thompson & Justin Jordan (A) Barnaby BagendaBOOM! Studios and DC are proud to bring together two classic properties in an unprecedented crossover event. When the Forbidden Zone is thrown into chaos, Cornelius investigates and discovers an ancient ring, unlike anything the universe has ever seen. As its power echoes through the stars, the Guardians must reveal to their Lanterns a secret they had hoped would remain buried. With the Green Lantern Corps, led by Hal Jordan, racing to get to the source of this power before Sinestro can get his hands on it, they will discover a truth that will change them forever on…THE PLANET OF THE APES.While the rebooted Planet of the Apes movie franchise is currently in its baby steps, still years away from getting to a true planet of apes, this comic instead focuses on the classic 1968 film. Following the chimpanzee archaeologist, Cornelius, as he follows the humans Taylor and Nova into the Forbidden Zone, the series kicks off with a mysterious portal being opened to the DC Comics Universe. Writers Robbie Thompson and Justin Jordan do an excellent job here, with Thompson’s plot being a ton of fun, which is no surprise given how enjoyable his Silk series is at Marvel. Jordan’s script nails the voices of the classic movie characters, as he is no stranger to the Green Lantern mythos, having worked on Green Lantern: New Guardians during the New 52. The tone of the series has just the right amount of over-the-top cheesiness needed to make a premise like this work, and it does.Artist Barnaby Bagenda is also familiar with the Lantern populated corners of the DC Universe, having been the artist for the critically acclaimed Omega Men series, by him and writer Tom King, which ended last year. His style is loose and energetic, which works well with all of the abstract designs and shapes that come with the Lantern-verse. Strangely enough, his art seems to shine more during the scenes that focus more on the apes. They are strongly designed, and the pages with them just seem to pop. The colors here by Alex Guimaraes help make the somewhat dull design of the apes’ world still manage to be eye-catching. Bagenda is one of those artists where I feel as if their art is a selling point for a book alone. Thankfully, this first issue has it all, with great art, a solid script, and all of the ridiculous ideas that get brought out of the premise.Planet of the Apes/Green Lantern #1 is written by Robbie Thompson and Justin Jordan, with art by Barnaby Bagenda, and published by DC Comics & BOOM! Studios. Next Wednesday, February 1st, the first issue of the series will be available in stores and online at read more

Pixlplay Recycles Outdated Smartphone Into Kids Camera

first_img Keto Turns Your Smartphone Into Your Car KeysCovert Dock for Nintendo Switch Fits in Your Pocket There are endless ways to reuse an old smartphone: as a home surveillance system, in-car GPS, universal remote, wireless hotspot—or, a kids’ camera.Inspired by the classic 35mm design, PixlPlay is a colorful, interactive “camera” that keeps your device safe while encouraging creativity.Simply connect and insert an Apple or Android handset into the case, which boasts rubber grips and a camera strap for easy handling. Kids can operate the phone as normal through a touch-sensitive, splash-resistant protective screen, and snap photos with the working shutter button on top.“At this point, most families have an old smartphone (or two!) sitting in a junk drawer somewhere,” the campaign page said. “Let’s get those smartphones into the hands of kids in a way that encourages photography and active play.”Pixl Toys launched its first product on Kickstarter last week, hoping to collect at least $25,000 for get the Pixlplay onto shelves and into tiny hands. The startup surpassed 50 percent of its target in just three days, and is well on its way to meeting its goal.Aimed at children as young as three, the invention features a companion iOS app (that lets users edit photos with digital stickers and frames), and works with existing camera and photography programs. Stretch goals include activity cards, a sticker sheet, and an Android application.“Smartphones have become a gateway into photography for very young kids,” according to Pixl Toys. “Kids are eager to shoot their own photos and play with images.”Folks can still snag the camera for an early-bird price of $20, or pay the full cost of $25 for one Pixlplay camera, wrist strap, and camera craft activity cards. Get two cases for $40, four for $75, six for $100, a dozen for $175, or 60 for $750.A mere $5,000 will get you the “Pixl Toys Experience”—one adult and one child get a sightseeing trip (with a personal tour by founder JP) and a two-night stay in San Francisco. Oh, and you’ll also get a Pixlplay camera.One backer already spent $1,000 to sponsor the company’s launch party in New York City. Supporters have 29 more days to contribute. Stay on targetlast_img read more

Lets Talk About Sex Biem Encourages Sexual Health Transparency

first_img Nothing kills the mood like asking your partner if they’ve been tested.But since you’re already swiping right, why not open biem: a new app that makes it easy to get tested for STDs and chat directly with a sexual healthcare professional.More than half of all people will have a sexually transmitted disease at some point, according to the American Sexual Health Association.And while most folks aren’t shy about publicizing a cold, flu, or the mumps, the stigma surrounding sexually transmitted infections is often enough to keep people from getting tested and disclosing their status.Enter biem (pronounced “beam”)—break in case of emergency—a digital healthcare platform on a mission to encourage sexual health transparency: “The idea that people should be open and honest about their sexual health, without fear of judgement.”To get started, download the free iOS app, sign up for an account, and answer some basic questions. Then you’ll be prompted to schedule a video visit with a sexual health care provider—a $45 service (during which you probably won’t have to flash your pixelated private parts).For the final step, users can choose to have a technician take samples in the comfort of your own home (another $45, billable to your insurance) or visit a nearby lab. Once processed, results will be delivered to the app in two to three days; it’s entirely up to you whether to share those details with friends, family, and hookups.Multiple biem users can digitally connect to receive notifications if one or more of their partners tests positive for any sexually transmitted disease in the next six months.“With the rise of new online dating apps, there is much concern about the possible rise of STDs,” the New York City-based startup wrote in a blog post.“With biem, users can be more proactive by getting tested, showing results, and being notified about potential STDs,” the company continued. “Now you have proof in your pocket.” Stay on target UK Man Suffering ‘Worst-Ever’ Case of Super-GonorrhoeaReal Good You Guys: Nerdcore Hip-Hop last_img read more

Kirby Is Still King

first_imgToday, Jack “The King” Kirby would have been 100 years old. As any comics fan or friend of a comics fan knows, Jack Kirby was, and still is, an incredible influence on the medium of comics and beyond. He was creator or co-creator on so many different characters that looking at a list of them all together is just downright daunting!Are you looking forward to the Inhumans premiere on TV? How about The Gifted? How about upcoming movies. You psyched about Thor: Ragnarok? What about Justice League? None of those would be hitting the big or small screen if it wasn’t for Jack Kirby’s incredible and wild imagination. Even the antagonist in Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 and Captain America’s cameo in Spider-Man: Homecoming would not have been possible. Marvel’s first movie of 2018, Black Panther, is also a Kirby creation with Stan Lee along with the Avengers. You can even make the argument that Thanos, the ultimate villain to the Avengers in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, is heavily influenced by Kirby’s Darkseid.Although Jack Kirby sadly passed away in 1994, his legacy in comics, TV, movies, and even video games is stronger than ever before. An entire generation of people born after his passing are anxiously anticipating the next TV show or movie based primarily on Jack’s legendary imagination. It’s important that we celebrate, and that we never forget, this legendary icon and World War II veteran who co-created with Joe Simon one of the single most recognized Patriotic symbols in comics and movies with Captain America as well as some of the most incredibly bizarre characters with the New Gods and beyond. His legacy endorsed with the Jack Kirby Museum & Research Center as well as Kirby4Heroes through the Heroes Initiative which benefits comics creators in need.So go out today and talk about Jack Kirby, or read a comic, watch a TV show, or catch a movie that wouldn’t exist without him. I’d give you recommendations, but there are far too many to give.Photos courtesy of our pal Jeffery Wilson. He recently visited The Jack Kirby Museum’s temporary at One Art Space in NYC. On displays are pieces from Kirby’s work in superheroes, war, romance, western, and horror comics. The showcase only runs until August 30th. View as: One Page Slides1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. 11. 12. 13. 14. 15. 16. 17.last_img read more

Capaldi Hints at Claras Christmas Surprise You May See Her Again

first_imgStay on target HBO Max Scores Exclusive ‘Doctor Who’ Streaming RightsJo Tro Do Plo Plo No: ‘Doctor Who’ Welcomes Back Familiar Monster Will she or won’t she? The Whoniverse has been debating for months whether Jenna Coleman will return as Clara Oswald in this year’s Doctor Who Christmas special.Well, Peter Capaldi may have just put an end to the rumors.Speaking at last week’s San Francisco Comic Con, the Twelfth Doctor suggested that fans “may” see the three-season companion again.In response to a young fan’s query about the fate of his fictional friend, Capaldi took a long pause, raising his famous eyebrows, giving a cheeky smile, and teasing the expectant audience.“I’ll see her again,” he said, pointing to himself with a devilish grin. “You may see her again, too.“But I won’t tell. It’d spoil things,” Capaldi added, before mumbling something unintelligible (probably “What can the BBC do, anyway? Fire me?”).“She’s still there. Everyone in Doctor Who is still there,” the Scotsman explained, signaling the universe’s great unknown.Whispers of Coleman’s homecoming began in April, when British tabloid The Mirror tipped the wibbly-wobbly, timey-wimey return of the First Doctor, played by David Bradley (reprising the role originated by William Hartnell).Lily Travers and Jared Garfield have already been confirmed to play original companions Polly and Ben, respectively; and the wonderful Bill Potts (Pearl Mackie) is coming back. Why shouldn’t we hold out for a final goodbye from Clara?A second Mirror report in July propagated the rumor, which was also picked up by BBC Radio 2 presenter Steve Wright, who seemed stunned by the possibility.The assertion, however, has not yet been backed up by an announcement from the BBC.It’s not entirely out of the question: In 2009, David Tennant’s Tenth Doctor managed a final farewell to Rose Tyler (Billie Piper), and Karen Gillan came back as Amy Pond in a wig to bid her raggedy man (Matt Smith) adieu in 2013.Killed, resurrected, and departed in a stolen TARDIS at the end of season nine, Clara is now traveling through all of space and time, presumably with the immortal Ashildr (Game of Thrones‘ Maisie Williams). So you’d hope she could make a quick stop for an old mate.Let us know what you like about Geek by taking our survey.last_img read more

Doctor Who Underrated Villain of the Week Sycorax

first_imgStream all of Doctor Who now for free with your Amazon Prime membership.Let us know what you like about Geek by taking our survey. You know Daleks and Davros and Missy the Master, Angels and Silence hell-bent on disaster. But do you recall the most underrated Doctor Who villains of all?Each week, I will dig into the depths of the Whoniverse to examine one rejected, misjudged, or altogether forgotten big bad.Today is Dec. 1, which means the start of my UVoW advent calendar: A different yuletide monster every Friday, leading up to Christmas—starting with this intergalactic plunderer.Not someone you want to meet in a dark alley (via BBC)SYCORAXFirst appearance: “The Christmas Invasion” (2005)—season 2, Christmas specialHome planet: Fire Trap (JX82 system)Doctor: TenthCompanion: Rose Tyler, Jackie Tyler, Mickey Smith‘Twas the night before Christmas, when all thro’ the Earth, creatures were celebrating, while an alien spaceship took berth.All eyes are on Harriet Jones, Prime Minister (yes, we know who you are), as she prepares for a live broadcast from space probe Guinevere One, set to land on Mars.Instead, Britain’s own Christmas miracle is intercepted by a giant vessel rocketing toward Earth. And the first images transmitted live “from the depths of space” are not of the red planet’s rocky terrain, but the red eyes of a craggy alien face.“On the 25th of December, the human race has been shown absolute proof that alien life exists,” a TV news anchor calmly tells viewers.And it’s not pretty.Sycorax wear mantles of bone to hide their grisly features (via BBC)The Sycorax wear mantles of bone, usually keeping their grisly features concealed under helmets. Proficient in the use of certain weapons, the skinless humanoids can deliver a bolt of energy that simply disintegrates its target, leaving only a pile of bones.They travel in a retrofitted asteroid, which used to be their home in the distant JX82 system, known as Fire Trap. Now, the Sycorax use it to raid other “inferior” planets—like Earth.That pixelated glimpse, however, is all most people ever see of the superstitious creatures, who lead a third of the world’s population in a hypnotic trance to just shy of committing assisted suicide.Say it, don’t spray it (via BBC)Meanwhile, Rose—keen and cunning after 13 weeks of touring with the Doctor—bides her time with the Sycorax, fending off her impending death. And those of Harriet Jones, Prime Minister (yes, we know who you are) and Mickey. Until the Doctor wakes up.The first full-episode appearance by David Tennant, this Christmas special kicks into high gear when the bathrobed Time Lord steps out of the TARDIS and into a sword fight the likes of which has never been replicated on Doctor Who since. (Much to my chagrin.)The Doctor’s hand is severed, the Sycorax leader falsely claim victory, the Doctor regrows his hand, the Sycorax leader attempts to attack from behind, the Doctor throws a satsuma at the ship’s sensor, dropping the Sycorax leader to his death.Our Gallifreyan hero orders the Sycorax to leave Earth and never return. We’ll never know, though, if they would have kept that promise—for Harriet Jones, Prime Minister (yes, we know who you are), orders Torchwood to destroy the alien ship.Mickey makes friends everywhere he goes (via BBC)Eagle-eyed Whovians may remember Sycorax from William Shakespeare’s The Tempest. Though she dies before the play begins, Sycorax is described as a witch who was the mother of the beast Caliban.The name is referenced in “The Shakespeare Code,” when the Doctor finds a horse skull in The Globe and remarks that “Reminds me of a Sycorax.” (Also a nod to writer and then-showrunner Russell T. Davies, who reportedly based the alien’s facial structure on the skull of a horse.)You just can’t keep a good villain down: The Sycorax make a brief appearance in Eleventh Doctor episode “The Pandorica Opens,” as part of The Alliance formed to trap the Time Lord.Later, in “The Name of the Doctor,” the Great Intelligence mentions them as a faction that left the Doctor “blood-soaked.” Stay on targetcenter_img ‘Doctor Who’ Underrated Villain of the Week: Mire’Doctor Who’ Underrated Villain of the Week: Zygon last_img read more

Gotham Sets Up the First Battle Between the Joker and Bruce Wayne

first_imgLet us know what you like about Geek by taking our survey. With only two episodes left in this season of Gotham, we’re now seeing exactly how they plan to bring this to the end. And boy am I glad it’s not more Ra’s Al Ghul stuff. Instead, this season is ending with the true beginning of the Joker. All that Jerome stuff was just the person who would inspire the real Joker, and in this episode, we saw how. For now though, Jerome is dead and his followers are hanging around his grave. That’s when a strange woman in a jester hat and mask walks into the crowd. She holds up a portable stereo and plays a final message from Jerome. At least, that’s what it seems like at this point.The main question on all our minds right now is, is this Harley Quinn? The costume certainly looks like hers, but she never talks. Nor does she have any kind of face makeup. Nobody ever refers to her by name, and over the course of the entire episode, she never speaks. I really thought, during the final shot of the episode, she’d have one line. Possibly ending with the phrase “Mistah J.” But that might be a little much to ask from the first time Gotham introduces a character. This also isn’t quite when Harley Quinn should show up in the Joker’s story, but Gotham has always played fast and loose with Batman canon. Especially when it comes to the timeline.Donal Logue (Cr: Jeff Neumann/FOX)She has some very specific instructions for Jerome’s clown gang that they are all too happy to follow. The first is to dig up Jerome’s body, and take over the Gotham City Police Department for a wake. Why? Ultimately, misdirection. I actually liked the Joker’s plan in this episode. Gotham doesn’t always pull off the intelligence required of criminal masterminds. Even The Riddler’s schemes have been a lot more simple than you want out of the character. But Jerome’s plan kept you guessing as to what was really going on. For this show especially, it was layered, complicated and full of surprising turns. It was fun to watch it all play out, even when we were sure it was all going to turn bad for Bruce at some point.We spent so much time this season watching Cameron Monaghan play the deranged Jerome; it’s easy to forget he can play sane very well too. We knew Jerome’s toxin did something to him, we just didn’t realize what. The episode has us spend almost the full hour thinking it’s just made him extra paranoid. The whole time, I was waiting for some kind of psychotic break to happen, much like the one that turned Ed Nygma into The Riddler. But it never came. Good on Gotham for changing up its villain stories a bit. It lends the episode a nice undercurrent of dread. You know the turn is going to happen eventually, you just don’t know when or how.David Mazouz and guest star Cameron Monaghan (Cr: Jeff Neumann/FOX)The Joker gang taking over the police station allows the episode some fun action its plot wouldn’t otherwise have. We get to see Gordon be the brilliant police tactician he is. Knowing the mob of clowns outside puts them in a bad spot, he has his officers make it look like they’re fighting back, only to escape out the side door. Then, they lay siege to their own police department while Gordon and Bullock taser one clown to find out what the real plan is. Discretely though, as there are reporters around. Remember, police brutality is funny when it happens to comic book villains. Soon, Gordon finds out that Jerome’s real target is his brother’s lab. Where, as far as he knows, is where Bruce is.Bruce, meanwhile, has led Jeremiah out of his lab after seeing the project he’s been working on. It’s a reactor that harnesses ambient energy. As cool as that invention would be, we all know it’ll be turned into a bomb before the episode is over. Before they can really get to work though, Bruce needs to get Jeremiah out of his lab. He’s found Jerome’s old journal and Bruce can tell reading it is maybe not the healthiest activity. Also, Jeremiah tells Bruce about his brother’s toxin-filled jack in the box. He says ever since he got sprayed in the face, he sees Jerome everywhere. He thinks he’s still alive. Bruce decides he’ll prove Jerome’s dead by showing Jeremiah the grave… which we all know has been dug up.Ben McKenzie (Cr: Jeff Neumann/FOX)This is where we expect the psychotic break to happen, but to Gotham‘s credit, that turns out to be a red herring. It appears to happen at first. Jeremiah seems convinced by the empty grave that not only is Jerome still alive, but that he killed Bruce and stole his face. Then they find the body, reappeared right next to the grave. (And I have to commend the show for another nice bit of misdirection. You think Jerome’s body is in the coffin the clowns use to break into GCPD. But as Nygma finds out when he sneaks in to rescue Lee, it’s just full of beer. Nice. Remind me to request coffin beers at my wake when it happens.)Jeremiah reveals that he never thought Jerome was alive. The toxin didn’t do anything except turn his face white. He plays sane very well, but really, he wants the same things. He wants to do them bigger, unhampered by what he sees as the limitations of Jerome’s insanity. And he wants to make Bruce watch as the project he pays for gets turned into bombs. His first target: Jim Gordon. Jeremiah knew that Jim would find out about the plan to attack his lab. He made sure he and Bruce would be out by the time Gordon showed up. And so Gordon, forced by maybe-Harley Quinn, watches a video message revealing everything. Including the fact that the reactor in the room is about to blow up. Gordon finds a button that opens the door, but we don’t see whether he makes it out or not. But come on. We know. The show isn’t going to kill Jim Gordon.Cory Michael Smith and Morena Baccarin (Cr: Jeff Neumann/FOX)Not everything worked quite so well, though. While the episode told its two main stories almost perfectly, its subplots were introduced and quickly forgotten. Penguin and Grundy are squatting in Falcone’s mansion and haven’t made much progress in taking over the city or finding a cure for Grundy. They kidnap one of Jerome’s goons to interrogate him about the dead clown’s plans and… that’s it. Their scenes were ultimately pointless, though they did provide some nice comedic relief to the scarier main plots.Then there was Gordon and Lee. You’d think accidentally leaving her in the station while clowns took over would have some kind of effect on him. But no. He never notices it, and his plot continues on as though nothing happened. The show made such a big deal out of his conflict over her arrest at the beginning, only to drop all of that the minute the clowns show up. In the end, all it gave us was another Lee-Riddler kiss. A signal that their relationship is… in the same place it was at the end of the last episode. I can’t get too mad though, when the meat of the show was so good.The reveal at the end was set up and pulled off so well, it came as a surprise even though we knew something like it was coming. We knew we were going to see the Joker eventually. And we knew it was going to be Jeremiah. Even with that, the way it played out and Jeremiah’s monologue made for a good jaw drop at the end of the episode. He’s borrowing a lot from Jack Nicholson’s version of The Joker now, but it makes for a cool shift. A way to let us know that this is a different character, a different iteration of the Joker. Jerome was closer to Heath Ledger, Jeremiah is Nicholson’s cold sadistic gangster. My only real beef now is that he doesn’t smile enough. His face isn’t twisted or scarred the way you want the Joker’s to be. We can only hope that’ll come before the end of the season. NYCC 18: The Cast of Gotham On Bane, Batman and Saying GoodbyeDC TV Comes to NYCC, Joaquin Phoenix’s Joker Grin & More DC News center_img Stay on targetlast_img read more

SpaceXs Cute ZeroG Indicator Sells Out After Space Debut

first_imgStay on target ESA Satellite Avoids Potential Collision With SpaceX Starlink CraftSpaceX’s Starhopper Aces Final Test Flight in Texas SpaceX’s Crew Dragon capsule carried some adorable cargo for its space trip last week: A “Zero-G Indicator,” also known as a squishy Celestial Buddies Earth plush. After making its “surprise” visit to the ISS, the toy is officially sold out online.On Sunday, the SpaceX Crew Dragon successfully attached to the ISS at 5:51 a.m. EST. Once astronauts performed safety checks and went inside the capsule’s interior, they welcomed Ripley, the Demo-1 test dummy astronaut decked out in SpaceX’s sleek spacesuit, and the Celestial Buddies plush, nicknamed “Little Earth,” which has become the ISS’ cutest [email protected] welcomes humans aboard the first @SpaceX #CrewDragon to visit the station and introduces two special guests, Ripley and Little Earth, ushering in the era of @Commercial_Crew. #LaunchAmerica— Intl. Space Station (@Space_Station) March 3, 2019The ISS astronauts were expecting Ripley, however, “Little Earth,” was a random surprise that was added by SpaceX’s CEO Elon Musk, who sent the “Zero-G Indicator” with Ripley for the ride. On Saturday, Musk posted a hilarious video on Twitter of Ripley and “Little Earth,” which was captioned with, “Earth floats gently in zero gravity.” In the footage, the plush looks like it’s experiencing slow-motion movements.Earth floats gently in zero gravity— Elon Musk (@elonmusk) March 2, 2019Over the weekend, “Little Earth” went viral on social media, and unfortunately, the toy is sold out on Celestial Buddies’ website. However, you can still get a larger version of SpaceX’s “Zero-G Indicator” on the company’s website: “Our Precious Planet.”Celestial Buddies’ “Our Precious Planet” Earth plush. (Photo Credit: Celestial Buddies)The giant plush, which is available for $24.99 on Celestial Buddies’ website, is a more detailed version of “Little Earth,” and features realistic details of our planet’s continents. It also serves as a “gentle introduction” to climate change awareness and comes with an educational hang tag that has information on pollution and tips for improving the environment.According to its “Earth Update,” Celestial Buddies won’t have any more “Little Earths” until the end of April, however, fans can enjoy these adorable pictures of the planetary buddy at the ISS in the meantime.Earth’s second day on @Space_Station started early, but he was happy to learn that even in space, the day starts off with coffee. Then it was emergency mask donning practice with @Astro_DavidS – if there’s an (unlikely) ammonia leak, we have just seconds to protect ourselves.— Anne McClain (@AstroAnnimal) March 5, 2019More on Crew Dragon Successfully Docks to Space Station SpaceX, NASA Launch Crew Dragon on Crucial Test Flight to Space StationSpaceX’s New Crew Capsule Will Carry a ‘Fake Astronaut’ for Its Test Flightlast_img read more

HighDef Images Help Uncover Galaxys Oldest Star Cluster

first_img Hubble Captures Gorgeous Star’s Final Stages of LifeAstronomers Discover Planet With Strange, Egg-Shaped Orbit High definition isn’t just for home entertainment.An ultra high-resolution image captured by the Gemini South telescope in Chile helped uncover one of the oldest star clusters in the Milky Way.“Ultra-sharp adaptive optics images from the Gemini Observatory allowed us to determine the ages of some of the oldest stars in our galaxy,” Leandro Kerber of Brazil’s University of São Paulo and State University of Santa Cruz, said in a statement.Using advanced adaptive optics technology at the Gemini Observatory, an international team of researchers zoomed in on a cluster of stars known as HP 1.“Because we captured these stars in such great detail,” group leader Kerber added, “we were able to determine their advanced age and piece together a very compelling story.”One that begins 13 billion years ago, as the universe neared its 1 billionth birthday.The cluster—”like an ancient fossil buried deep in our galaxy’s bulge,” as University of São Paulo PhD student Stefano Souza put it—dates back about 12.8 billion years.Which makes these stars among the oldest ever discovered—in the Milky Way and beyond.HP 1 (right) shown relative to the full field of the cluster (left) (via Gemini Observatory/NSF/AURA/VISTA/Aladin/CDS)Until recently, astronomers believed that the oldest globular star clusters—spherical swarms of up to a million stars—were found only in the outer parts of the Milky Way, while younger ones resided in the innermost regions.This study, as well as recent data collected from the Gemini Observatory and NASA’s Hubble Space Telescope, helps prove that theory wrong.Of the roughly 160 globular clusters known in our galaxy, about a quarter form the central hub of the Milky Way (the “yolk,” if you will). Made primarily of old stars, gas, and dust, it stretches some 10,000 light years across.Among the clusters, those that are most metal-poor (lacking in heavier elements)—including HP 1—have long been suspected of being the oldest.Using adaptive optics images from Gemini, as well as archival optical images from the Hubble Space Telescope, scientists were able to confirm that HP 1 was born less than a billion years after the Big Bang, when the universe was in its infancy.“These results crown an effort of more than two decades with some of the world’s premiere telescopes aimed at determining accurate chemical abundances with high-resolution spectroscopy,” study co-author Beatriz Barbuy, of the University of São Paulo, said.“HP 1 is playing a critical role in our understanding of how the Milky Way formed,” Kerber added. “It is helping us to bridge the gap in our understanding between our galaxy’s past and its present.”Kerber & Co. published their findings in the April issue of the journal Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society.More on Telescope Snaps Dazzling View of Two Colliding GalaxiesChandra X-Ray Telescope Uncovers Universe’s Missing MatterGot Sand In Your Shoe? Blame These Exploding Stars Stay on targetlast_img read more

Florida Woman Spots Giant Alligator ‘Taking a Dip’ in Her Swimming Pool

first_img“He was initially down at the bottom just floating there but when I turned the light on it stirred him up and got him going,” Kibbe told WBBH-TV. “I would never have thought, I mean there’s been a coyote, there’s been a bobcat, there’s been possums, but never would I have thought a gator.” Georgia Man Catches Gigantic 14-Foot AlligatorHunters Catch ‘Monster’ 13-Foot Alligator in Mississippi River A 7-foot alligator scared a Florida woman who caught the reptile enjoying a late-night swim in her pool on July 27.Kerri Kibbe, a resident of Port Charlotte, Florida, discovered the massive alligator on Saturday, Fox 35 Orlando News reported. It reportedly took four hours for Port Charlotte officials to remove the alligator from the scene, since it was splashing around and relaxing in the warm water.At approximately 1:45 a.m. EDT on July 27, Kibbe heard a noisy splash coming from her backyard pool, WBBH-TV noted. When Kibbe went to switch on the pool light, she spotted the reptile, which she estimated to be about 7 feet long. The alligator trapper, who removed the reptile from Kibbe’s property, said the creature was roughly 15-years-old and will be transported to an alligator facility, so it can mate and reproduce with other alligators.On the same day, another giant alligator was “taken into custody” in Florida: The creature, which was about 12 feet in length, was captured after officials said it “chased” swimmers in a Pasco County lake. A trapper came to capture the alligator and move it to a safe location.More on Alligator Captured After ‘Chasing’ Swimmers in Florida Watch: Man Finds Abandoned 3-Foot Alligator in Woods Near His HomeWatch: Family Finds Baby Alligator ‘Cooling Off’ in Their Backyard Poolcenter_img Kibbe, who was initially going to let the alligator leave the pool on its own, realized that it would be a bad idea to do so, since she has three dogs and three kids. Kibbe called Charlotte County officials, and when they arrived at the scene, they contacted an alligator trapper for assistance. Stay on targetlast_img read more

Daniel Bryan debuts new look for WWE Title, Elimination Chamber match official

first_img Daniel Bryan introduced a new WWE Championship during Smackdown Live tonight.Bryan threw the previous championship in the trash, introducing an “eco-friendly” title.Your new #WWE title. #SDLive— (@wrestleview) January 30, 2019As reported earlier, Triple H interrupted Daniel Bryan’s segment on Smackdown to announce that the WWE Championship will be defended inside the Elimination Chamber.Here is the video below:[email protected] just made a HUGE announcement for #WWEChamber! #SDLive— WWE (@WWE) January 30, 2019 Facebook WWE Clash of Champions Results – 9/15/19 (Rollins vs. Strowman, Kingston vs. Orton) Twitter WhatsApp Smackdown Live Preview: Daniel Bryan still wants an apology, King of the Ring Quarterfinalscenter_img Paul Nemer RELATED ARTICLESMORE FROM AUTHOR WWE Smackdown Results – 9/3/19 (King of the Ring Quarterfinals, Daniel Bryan apology) Google+ Pinterestlast_img read more

Washington House passes school levy bill

first_imgOLYMPIA — The Washington House on Monday passed a bill that delays a deadline for a reduction in the amount of money school districts can collect through local property tax levies.The measure passed the Democratic House on a 62-35 vote, including support from a dozen Republicans. It now heads to the Republican-controlled Senate. School districts had faced a reduction of four percentage points in the proportion of their base funding they could add to their budgets through local levies starting next year, but House Bill 1059 pushes that deadline off until 2019.One of the issues the Legislature is dealing with this year is resolving the reliance on local levies to pay school staff salaries.  Lawmakers are working to comply with a 2012 state Supreme Court ruling that they must fully fund the state’s basic education system. Lawmakers have already put more than $2 billion toward the issue since the ruling, but the biggest piece remaining of the court order is figuring out how much the state must provide for teacher salaries. School districts currently pay a big chunk of those salaries with the local property-tax levies.“As we’re grappling with longer-term proposals on how we’re going to fund basic education, we want to give that near-term certainty to our school districts that they can keep doing the work that they’re doing, they can start budgeting for next year,” said the bill’s sponsor, Rep. Kristine Lytton, D-Anacortes.The court has said that the state has until Sept. 1, 2018, to fully fund education, but that the details of how to do that — as well as how lawmakers will pay for it — must be in place before the Legislature adjourns this year.last_img read more

School responds to transgender teen bullying allegations

first_imgVancouver Public Schools reiterated its commitment to student safety after a woman alleged her niece, a transgender teenager, was punched at McLoughlin Middle School by a fellow student because of her gender identity.According to a Facebook post by the girl’s aunt, Leslie Goodnight, 13-year-old Lindsey Smith has been the victim of ongoing harassment by fellow students throughout the year. On Wednesday, she said a boy punched Lindsey in the face several times after shouting “She is a boy” at her in the hallway. Goodnight also shared a photo showing a bruise forming on Lindsey’s cheek.The post had been shared more than 7,700 times as of Thursday afternoon.“She has been harassed relentlessly, almost daily, since the beginning of last school year and nothing is getting better,” Goodnight told The Columbian.A Vancouver Public Schools spokeswoman, Amanda Richter, said the district is responding with “appropriate disciplinary action” against the aggressor.However, due to student privacy laws, she could not specify how the school will discipline the individual student.last_img read more

Washougal mayor withdraws from upcoming election

first_imgWashougal Mayor Sean Guard withdraw his name from the upcoming election on Monday. Last week, screen shots of alleged inappropriate conversations Guard had with local residents spread on social media. Washougal will have a new mayor in November. Mayor Sean Guard withdrew his name from the election on Monday, along with Trianna Reed, leaving current City Councilor Dan Coursey and former councilor Molly Coston as the two candidates in the race. The withdrawal comes a week after screenshots of allegedly inappropriate conversations Guard had with local residents spread on social media. The Washougal Police Department confirmed that there is an open investigation involving Guard.The department sent out the following statement on Friday: “On May 17, 2017, the Washougal Police Department received a citizen’s complaint of potential harassment. The police department is in the early stages of this investigation to determine if any crimes were committed.”After Monday’s city council meeting, Washougal Police Chief Ron Mitchell said his department is done with its part of the investigation, and he reached out to another local law enforcement agency to continue with it. He declined to say which agency, as he hasn’t heard an official acceptance that the other agency will take over the investigation yet. Guard didn’t say anything about his withdrawal at Monday’s meeting, nor did any of the other councilors. After the meeting, he sent out a statement saying that for the last week, he endured “politically motivated” attacks.last_img read more

Records: Devonte Hart’s actions leading up to fatal crash

first_imgWashington State Department of Social and Health Services documents obtained by The Oregonian/OregonLive this week provide more details about Devonte Hart’s actions in the days leading up to his disappearance.Over a string of conversations, Devonte told someone who later contacted authorities — believed to be neighbor Dana DeKalb — that his parents were mean and not feeding him meals for days at a time. DeKalb asked if Devonte’s parents were abusing him, and he replied they did “sometimes.”He was apparently concerned about law enforcement getting involved and didn’t want he and his siblings to be split up. DeKalb asked why the children weren’t ever outside, and Devonte said his parents wanted to keep their children hidden. The documents also provide more details about Hannah Hart’s runaway attempt.DeKalb said Hannah jumped from her second-story window at 1:30 a.m. last year, rang her doorbell and ran into her house. Hannah was covered in weeds and blackberries and asked DeKalb to hide her. The girl said her parents were racist and had been abusing her.All eight of the Harts came over the next morning. Jennifer Hart said Hannah had two missing teeth after falling and knocking them out and that Hannah didn’t want new ones.last_img read more

Jayne: Sensitivity, compromise called for in naming of park

first_img It is simply a name, one that is distinguished in these parts yet has become problematic for the city of Vancouver.City officials are planning to christen a future park in honor of Ed and Dollie Lynch, longtime philanthropists who are as deserving of acknowledgment as anybody. Dollie Lynch died in 2010 and Ed Lynch in 2015, and they donated land for the park with the understanding that it would be labeled in honor of their family.The issue is that name. Lynch, er, lynch has a negative connotation. That’s what happens when a word comes to mean extrajudicial hangings often accompanied by torture. According to the Tuskegee Institute, some 4,743 people were lynched between 1882 and 1968 in the United States, about three-quarters of them African-American and about three-quarters of them in the South.This practice was celebrated. The website shows a 1916 newspaper from Texas with the lead headline blaring “FIFTEEN THOUSAND SAW NEGRO BURN,” and pictures of mutilated bodies hanging from trees often would accompany the reports. There is no shortage of photos showing lynchings attended by the whole town, as if it were a community picnic.Needless to say, this is an ugly piece of American history. Needless to say, it particularly resonates with African-Americans.And while that has nothing to do with Ed and Dollie Lynch, it has much to do with the park that is planned for northwest Vancouver.It also has much to do with how this nation is attempting to reconcile its past, balancing educational history with modern mores. At a time when monuments to the Confederacy are slowly but rightly being relegated to museums rather than the public square, the manner in which we display our history is under scrutiny. Greg Jayne, Opinion page editorlast_img read more

Clark County confirmed measles cases rise to 25

first_imgClark County’s measles outbreak grew by two new confirmed cases, to 25 since Jan. 1, in new data released Thursday by Clark County Public Health, and one case has been confirmed in the Seattle area. Twelve suspected cases locally were also reported.No new public exposure sites were identified, according to a Clark County Public Health news release. “The two new confirmed cases were being monitored by Public Health,” the statement said. “The cases stayed home, as instructed by Public Health, which prevented additional exposures to the public.”The new confirmed case in King County is a man in his 50s, who recently traveled to Clark County, but a definite link has not been confirmed.Among the 25 confirmed cases, 21 of them were in people who had not been immunized against measles. The immunization status of the four other cases could not be verified.The confirmed cases include 19 among children ages 1 to 10, five cases for people ages 11 to 19 and one case for an adult between the age of 19 and 29.last_img read more

Cost of Washington’s measles outbreak tops $1M

first_imgOLYMPIA — The cost of Washington’s measles outbreak has surpassed $1 million as more than 200 health-department staffers from the state and Clark County focus their efforts on the disease.As of Saturday, there were 65 confirmed cases of measles in Clark County, 47 of which were in children under 10 years old, according to the county’s Public Health department, which is also investigating one suspected case.DOH has spent approximately $614,000 on staff and supplies as of Tuesday, in addition to about $115,000 in other non-budgeted expenditures, according to state epidemiologist Dr. Scott Lindquist, who expects the total response to eventually cost the state “well over a million dollars.”Meanwhile, Clark County Public Health has spent about $500,000 responding to the measles outbreak, bringing the statewide total over $1 million, says Dr. Alan Melnick, the county’s public health director.“This is taxpayer money for something that could have been completely, utterly preventable in the first place,” he told the Seattle Times.last_img read more

What is the state of the 11 million euro youth empowerment…

first_imgQUESTION OF THE DAYIn February this year the EU signed an agreement with the ministry of trade, regional integration and employment to economically empower the youth so as to reduce their migration to Europe. This is an important project and more money has to go to such project than in intensifying security in preventing them from going to Europe; because lack of jobs and economic opportunity is the main cause of the migration.Foroyaa has already approached the ministry requesting for an interview and as soon as it materializes, readers will be accordingly informed.This move is part of Foroyaa’s editorial policy of encouraging transparency in governance and holding government accountable to the people.last_img read more

World Cup will not impact Benitezs transfer plans

first_imgNewcastle manager Rafael Benitez has insisted that the performances of the players at the World Cup will not have an effect on his summer transfer plansThe Spaniard, who is currently facing an uncertain future at St James’ Park, has confirmed that he has begun making his plans with managing director Lee Charnley.But the former Liverpool manager has refused to judge players based on their performances in the upcoming World Cup this summer in Russia.“I don’t think so. We have people going around but now you can see a lot of players and you don’t have to be there.” said Benitez, according to Chronicle Live.“Also I am not a fan of the Euros and World Cup in terms of signing players from there because when they go there, what do they have? Something you don’t have for ten months, it’s not guaranteed for ten months.Jose Mourinho is sold on Lampard succeeding at Chelsea Tomás Pavel Ibarra Meda – September 14, 2019 Jose Mourinho wanted to give his two cents on Frank Lampard’s odds as the new Chelsea FC manager, he thinks he will succeed.There really…“When you go to the Euros and the World Cup, everybody wants to go and they are motivated. This motivation for one or two weeks, for some players it is enough to make a name and then go to a top side.“But after for ten months, maybe they don’t reach the level. I am not impressed with the World Cup or Euros in terms of signing players because they do well there.”After a difficult start in their return to the Premier League this season, there has been a notable upturn in form for Newcastle since the beginning of the new year and Benitez’s side have climbed to an unexpected 10th place in the standings.Yet the 57 year-old has previously stated that he will not be satisfied until they reach his 40 point target with Newcastle just two points shy.last_img read more

Ramos hoping that dangerous Ronaldo has a bad game

first_imgSpain captain Sergio Ramos is hoping that his Real Madrid teammate Cristiano Ronaldo has a rare bad game ahead of their first match against Portugal at the World CupAfter playing integral roles alongside each other last season as Real claimed a third successive Champions League title, the duo will now line-up at opposite ends for their respective national sides as Spain face Portugal in their Group B opener on Friday.Ahead of the meeting at the Fisht Olympic Stadium, an anxious Ramos admitted that he does not find the prospect of facing an in-form Ronaldo to be inviting and hopes that the five-time Ballon d’Or winner has a rare bad game.“I’d rather have him on my team than against me. We know how dangerous he can be,” said Ramos, according to SportsKeeda.Franck Ribery, FiorentinaFiorentina owner: “Ribery played better than Ronaldo!” Andrew Smyth – September 14, 2019 Fiorentina owner Rocco Commisso was left gushing over Franck Ribery’s performance against Juventus, which he rates above that of even Cristiano Ronaldo’s.“He ended the season in outstanding shape. He’s a constant threat.“Not only Ronaldo but the Portugal squad are very talented. There are many players who can hurt you quickly, a lot of skill and safe in their defensive formation.“We will see a match for all sports lovers. It will be beautiful. I hope Cristiano doesn’t play his best match.”Following the shock sacking of head coach Julen Lopetegui on Wednesday, Spain have since confirmed that sporting director Fernando Hierro will take charge of the national side for the World Cup.last_img read more

Julen Lopetegui will be a success at Real Madrid insists Carvajal

first_imgNew Real Madrid boss Julen Lopetegui may not even be a month into the job yet, but defender Dani Carvajal is convinced that he will prove to be a great successThe 51-year-old was announced as Zinedine Zidane’s successor last month in a rather controversial twist that saw Lopetegui immediately removed from his post as the Spain head coach with just two days remaining till the start of the World Cup.But Lopetegui has now put the sad end to his time in charge of the national side behind him and he has now officially begun his duties at Real.The former goalkeeper previously played for Los Blancos during his playing career and won La Liga in the 1989/90 season but he has never managed to deliver silverware at club level in his managerial career for Rayo Vallecano, RM Castilla B and FC Porto.But Carvajal, who played under Lopetegui with Spain’s Under-19s, Under-21s and the senior team, is certain that his compatriot is the right man to take Real to even further heights this season after winning three successive Champions League titles under his predecessor Zidane.“I have always enjoyed Lopetegui,” Carvajal told El Gráfico, via AS.“I share his ideas of football and he is a coach who gets the most out of each player. He is going to do us well and I am already anxious to put myself at his orders. The bar is now very high but we have to have patience.”Sergio Ramos, Real MadridZidane reveals Sergio Ramos injury concern for Real Madrid Andrew Smyth – September 14, 2019 Zinedine Zidane has put Sergio Ramos’ availability for Real Madrid’s trip to Sevilla next weekend in doubt after withdrawing him against Levante.⚽? ¡De vuelta con el equipo! ?? @DaniCarvajal92 ?? @NavasKeylor#RMTour— Real Madrid C.F. (@realmadrid) July 29, 2018“We all get along well,” he added.“I think that is key for success. It’s practically a family and that makes everything easier on the pitch. The pressure at Real Madrid is always there and you learn to live with that. We enter [training] every day and share [the pitch] with the best in the world – it’s amazing. I think the good atmosphere has been fundamental for things to go well.”Real will face Manchester United on Tuesday night in the first preseason match of their US tour.last_img read more

Seamus Coleman defended Declan Rice

first_imgThe captain of the Ireland national team was not afraid to say that the 19-year-old can feel both English and Irish if he desiresDeclan Rice has been in the spotlight for the last days after he decided to rest from international football with Ireland.The London-born footballer might be thinking of switching jerseys and defending the English national team colors instead of the Irish ones.But for Ireland national team captain Seamus Coleman, there is no reason why Declan Rice cannot be proud of his heritage.“In an ideal world, we’d have all the players here playing for us,” Coleman said at today’s press conference as quoted by RTÉ Sports.“Some people back home might not like to hear it. He’s a 19-year-old boy that was born in England but that’s no reason he can’t be a proud Irishman.”“I saw him after the Turkey game when he got Man of the Match and I saw him embrace his father in the tunnel. That’s not for show, that’s genuine. He was genuinely proud to play in the games that he did,” he added.Jadon Sancho, Borussia DortmundCrouch: Liverpool could beat Man United to Jadon Sancho Andrew Smyth – September 14, 2019 Peter Crouch wouldn’t be surprised to see Jadon Sancho end up at Liverpool one day instead of his long-term pursuers Manchester United.“In an ideal world, we’ll get him back. But it’s not as straightforward as ‘you know what you are’, which I’ve heard a few people say.”“The young lad was born in England. There’s no reason why he can’t feel some part English and also be very proud to play for Ireland, which I know he is,” he explained.“So, on that situation, and fingers crossed, we’ll welcome back Declan with open arms whatever he decides.”Coleman on Rice: “There’s no reason why he can’t feel some part English and also be very proud to play for Ireland”— RTÉ Sport (@RTEsport) September 5, 2018last_img read more

Neville understands Kanes battle with fatigue

first_imgFormer Manchester United defender Gary Neville insists he understands Harry Kane’s battle with fatigue after playing at the World Cup this summer.The England captain has had his physical and mental fitness questioned recently after featuring in a lot of games last season and Neville has revealed he understands what the striker is going through.“It’s not one tournament, it’s the accumulation of the physical demands where you haven’t had any breaks. It usually hits you at three years without a real break and I did struggle in the 2000/01 season at the age of around 25.” Neville told Sky Sports.“I hit a wall after I’d played in Euro 1996, the Tournoi in 1997, World Cup 1998, won the 1999 treble and then we went on a summer tour and all of that took it out of me.”Opinion: De Bruyne is the best crosser since Beckham Tomás Pavel Ibarra Meda – September 13, 2019 We never thought we would see anything remotely like it, but now we can say that De Bruyne is the best crosser since Beckham.Nobody…“I think with Harry and other players who play week in week out, Saturday-Wednesday and all summer, what you would say is they continue to soldier on and maybe do dip in sharpness, but their level is still high enough to play.”“There’s no doubt that they need that month or two break. However, they will naturally pick up injuries which will give them that break and allow their whole body to recover.”“So it is very difficult for a manager to give them a break because they look tired. Harry is playing at a high level, perhaps not at his peak, but there’s no way you can rest your captain for a competitive fixture.”last_img read more

Benitez frustrated about having to replay FA Cup match

first_imgNewcastle United and Blackburn tied 1-1 yesterday in the FA Cup Third Round, and according to the Magpies manager, this was the worst case scenario for the team.Bradley Dack scored for Blackburn yesterday in the FA Cup Third Round match.But Newcastle United was saved from a defeat thanks to a penalty goal scored by Matt Ritchie.In the end, both clubs drew, which means they need to play again to decide a winner.And for the Magpies boss Rafa Benitez, this is the worst case scenario.Harry Maguire, Manchester UnitedLiverpool legend Nicol slams Harry Maguire’s Man United form Andrew Smyth – September 14, 2019 Steve Nicol believes Harry Maguire has made some “horrendous mistakes” recently, and has failed to find his best form since joining Manchester United.“Yes, in terms of another game, another situation that you have to manage with more minutes, more players, more risk,” he told Football 365.“I am not happy with another game – I would prefer to win this game and that’s it. But if you cannot, at least you have another chance and then try to win the next one.”“Some young players playing, some players who have not been playing having 90 minutes under their belts, the reaction of the team after we conceded and (Florian) Lejeune coming back after four and a half months with a serious injury,” he explained.“Those are positives.”last_img read more

Gabriel Barbosa announces move to Flamengo

first_imgBrazilian striker Gabriel Barbosa has announced he’s moved to Flamengo from Inter Milan on social mediaThe 22-year-old returned to Italy on January 7 after spending a year-long loan spell back at his old club Santos in Brazil.Barbosa had hoped to convince Inter coach Luciano Spalletti to retain him this month and give him “a chance” to prove his worth after never being handed a start in his 10 appearances for the club.While Flamengo confirmed their interest in signing Barbosa last month with Premier League side West Ham also reportedly interested.And it appears that the Brazilian has chosen to go back home by joining Flamengo after tweeting a video of himself playing Pro Evolution Soccer for the club with the caption: “I’m a player at Flamengo!”.No official announcement has been made by the club yet with Globo Esporte reporting that Barbosa has signed up on another year-long loan spell.Romelu Lukaku, Inter MilanLukaku backed to beat Ronaldo in Serie A scoring charts Andrew Smyth – September 14, 2019 Former Inter Milan star Andy van der Meyde is confident Romelu Lukaku will outscore Cristiano Ronaldo in this season’s Serie A.Barbosa scored 18 goals in 35 Brazilian Serie A matches for Santos last season.Sabe aquela brincadeira que só acontece no vídeo game ou em sonho:⠀”Um dia eu vou jogar no Mengão, no Maraca lotado, com toda aquela nação gritando meu nome!” ☝🏾🏟Meu sonho agora é realidade. 🙌🏾⠀Eu sou jogador do @Flamengo! 🔴⚫Tamo junto Nação! 👊🏾⠀#FechadoComOMengão— Gabriel Barbosa (@gabigol) January 9, 2019last_img read more

Solskjaer urges Man United to take the initiative

first_imgCaretaker manager Ole Gunnar Solskjaer believes Manchester United must take the game to Liverpool in today’s showdown between the old rivals.The Red Devils will play host to Liverpool at Old Trafford this afternoon in what is widely viewed as the Premier League’s biggest match.On the back of 8 wins in 9 league games under Solskjaer, United have moved into the top-four of the standings and will be looking to get one over their rivals by claiming victory today and hindering Liverpool’s title bid in the process.And Solskjaer, who has a big history against Liverpool as a United player, outlined what his squad must do to beat the Reds.“We always want to take the initiative,” said Solskjaer on the club website. “I thought we started on the front foot against PSG but, then again, they took the initiative so we will go into this game wanting to dominate the game but, then again, we know their strengths.“We know they’re going to be waiting for our mistakes and counter attack but then, if we drop back, they can dominate us.Harry Maguire, Manchester UnitedLiverpool legend Nicol slams Harry Maguire’s Man United form Andrew Smyth – September 14, 2019 Steve Nicol believes Harry Maguire has made some “horrendous mistakes” recently, and has failed to find his best form since joining Manchester United.“So we don’t want to do that at Old Trafford, so we’ve just got to take that lead.”On whether a positive approach is always the plan, Solskjaer replied: “Well, that’s always my first thought – to try to win the game. I’ve never gone into a game trying not to lose a game.“Then again, as I’m saying, you’re playing against 11 players as well and a team, so if we can do to Liverpool what we’ve done to a few teams now, I’ll be very happy.“If we have to play a different way, then the game itself decides that really, so the start is very important.”Jesse Lingard and Anthony Martial could feature in today’s match after being originally ruled out, but are both unlikely to start.Meanwhile, Romelu Lukaku remains an uncertainty for a start after returning to the line-up in last Monday’s 2-0 FA Cup win at Chelsea.The match between United and Liverpool will begin at 3:05 PM (CET) today.MANCHESTER, ENGLAND – FEBRUARY 11: Ole Gunnar Solskjaer, Interim Manager of Manchester United looks on during a training session ahead of their UEFA Champions League Round of 16 match against Paris Saint-Germain F.C. at Aon Training Complex on February 11, 2019 in Manchester, England. (Photo by Jan Kruger/Getty Images)last_img read more

NIB announces higher payments payouts

first_imgFacebook Twitter Google+LinkedInPinterestWhatsAppProvidenciales, 04 Mar 2015 – Higher income earners in the country about to pay more taxes on their salaries, employers are also expected to pay more on those salaries with the changes taking effect at National Insurance come April 1. Increases coming with the new fiscal year for payments to and payouts by the National Insurance Board; the list released yesterday by NIB which now puts into force proposals and approvals from Cabinet and the House of Assembly. Maternity benefits extended now by two weeks to 14 weeks and the wage ceiling will be lifted from $2,600 per month to $4,000 per month being taxable. That new wage ceiling though, will be a gradual change according to the notice; graduated to the eventual $4,000 over three years. In other words, this first year or 30 days from now, the new wage ceiling will be $3,000. The contribution in the private sector is currently 8% with 4.6% payable by the employer and 3.4% payable by the employee… in the public sector it means TCIG will now have to pay 4.025% on all salaries up to $3,000 with the civil service employee paying the other 2.825%; a cumulative 6.85% on higher wages in Government. It will also be easier to pay NIB as the Board is promising that “provisions will be introduced this year for the payment of contributions at places other than an office of the National Insurance Board and payment via credit and debit cards.” Facebook Twitter Google+LinkedInPinterestWhatsApp Related Items:house of assembly, national insurance board, TCIG Editorial: Listen to your Mama Seriously, Sixth Form registration begins at Clement Howell High Aug 15 TCI Premier Responds To Beaches’ Letter Announcing Closure Recommended for youlast_img read more

Hypertension Week activities begin in North Middle Caicos Tuesday

first_img PNP open North & Middle Caicos causeway in tribute Agriculture Police consultation meeting announced Related Items:hypertension week, middle caicos, North caicos Recommended for you New Government contracts mean new clinic for Kew in North Caicos Facebook Twitter Google+LinkedInPinterestWhatsAppProvidenciales, 18 May 2015 – North and Middle Caicos the activities begin with you tomorrow when it comes to Hypertension awareness from 10am to 1pm and 2pm to 4pm. There will be a presentation, diet and nutrition ideas including low sodium recipes. Brochures will be handed out by the Ministry of Health team and there will be free blood pressure, glucose and cholesterol screening. These sessions will take place in the morning at the Conch Bar Clinic and the afternoon at the Community Center in Kew. As is the trend in North Caicos; a separate and second educational and free testing session is planned for Bottle Creek at 10am at the clinic there on Wednesday. By Thursday the hypertension mobile team moves into Providenciales, at the Smart Grocery store from 10am to 2pm; this will include free screenings and free dietary advice as well. See the full schedule when you follow Magnetic Media. Facebook Twitter Google+LinkedInPinterestWhatsApplast_img read more

Infrastructure Minister reports in House of Assembly

first_imgFacebook Twitter Google+LinkedInPinterestWhatsAppProvidenciales, 24 Aug 2015 – Hon. Amanda Missick ensures that the use and function of basic amenities such as water consumption along with fundamental government services throughout the TCI remains the main goal of her government. Strides have been made within Grand Turk to increase water supply per day. However, certain areas in the Ridge are still operating in limited quantities.Additionally, the minister noted that as a result of upgrading the plants’ technology, there would ultimately be an increase and continuous distribution of water throughout Grand Turk.Furthermore Minister Missick spoke about completed repair works to the Blue Hills Jetty as well as ongoing efforts to repair and redesign roadwork throughout the TCI some of which to be completed this year. Traffic relief coming for Blue Hills says Minister Related Items:amanda missick, infrastructure Recommended for you Facebook Twitter Google+LinkedInPinterestWhatsApp PNP Party says it led wooden pier removal by Beaches PNP Party takes credit for Beaches pier resolutionlast_img read more

Police Investigate weekend Robberies

first_img Related Items:#BlueHillsrobberies, #helpstopcrimeinTCI, #weekendrobberiesinProvo Facebook Twitter Google+LinkedInPinterestWhatsAppTurks and Caicos, March 15, 2017 – Providenciales – Detectives of the Royal Turks and Caicos Islands Police Force are investigating a number of Robberies that occurred over the weekend in the Blue Hills area of Providenciales.Around 5:08am on Sunday 3rd March 2017, a complainant reported that he heard rambling from his neighbor’s apartment as if someone was burglarizing it.   Police responded to the scene located on Bay Road where the victim was met.   He told officers that he had just arrived home when two men (one short and the other tall) with firearms approached him demanding money. He gave them a small amount of cash.   The culprits took him to his room where they assaulted him, took his cell phone and another sum of money.Another male reported that while at the same location, as he was about to exit his vehicle an unknown masked man approached him with a gun and demanded money.  The gunman ordered him to lay on the ground as he searched the victim.   A black Samsung cellphone was stolen.  Checks were made in the area for persons fitting the descriptions given but no one was found.  Investigation are ongoing in both matters.If anyone has information relating to this incident contact the police at Chalk Sound Police Station at 338-5901 or contact Crime stoppers at 1-800-8477.   The information you provide will be treated in the strictest of confidence.   We remind you not to report crime information via our Facebook and Twitter page.Press Release: RTCIPF#BlueHillsrobberies#weekendrobberiesinProvo#helpstopcrimeinTCI Facebook Twitter Google+LinkedInPinterestWhatsApplast_img read more