McDonalds WiFi guide pits Mac against PC Mac wins

first_imgThe battle of which is better, Mac or PC, is a long and unending one. Since Apple stopped its infamous Mac vs. PC commercials in 2010 — with Justin Long as a relaxed, laid back Mac and John Hodgman personifying a stuffy, uptight PC — the battle has been adopted by trolls in the comment sections of any article deemed worthy of the argument. Every once in a while, something pops up that gets commenters all riled up and ready to prove their allegiance to Apple or Microsoft.Mac Prices Australia, an Australian site that lists pricing on Apple products, recently tweeted a TwitPic of a McDonald’s WiFi guide that shows the difference between setting-up the restaurant’s WiFi on a PC compared to a Mac — and the difference is pretty obvious. The relatively clean page on the right is what Mac users have to do, the two left hand pages thick with text and diagrams is for Windows. I don’t think anyone in the comments can argue for the PC side in this battle, Mac wins hands down.So why the difference? With the Mac, users simply have to click on the AirPort icon and turn the AirPort on, select McDonald’s Free WiFi from the list of wireless networks, and open their browser to the McDonald’s Free WiFi landing page. There are two small figures to guide the Mac user to free-WiFi goodness.When it comes to Windows, McDonalds just has to cater for more options. Are you running XP or Windows Vista? There’s also multiple settings changes to make purely because of the way Windows networking is setup.As you can see, Mac diehards have good reason to boast about Apple’s simplicity and ease of use. We have yet to see these WiFi cards in McDonalds restaurants in the U.S., but Australia is very thorough in its instructions.via Mac Prices Australialast_img read more