A laundry folding robot Want

first_imgCertainly one of the most tedious chores next to doing the dishes in our household is folding the laundry. Sure it is no big deal to wash the clothes and put them in the dryer, but actually folding clothing items and putting them away always seems to take forever.Good thing that technology may have an answer for this boring household chore that could be just a few years away for the average consumer, and that is a laundry folding robot. Created by the robotic geniuses at the University of California at Berkeley, this robot can fold clothes using green screen technology and a technique called, “background subtraction.” The technique removes the entire background from the robot’s vision so it only sees the clothing object needed to be folded.What about inverting socks that have turned inside-out, you ask? This robot also has the solution to this laundry dilemma by using a short pole to turn socks right-side-out again.via Smartplanet.last_img read more