Verizon wants to throw out the Telecommunications Act maybe kill net neutrality

first_imgVerizon appears to be hopping mad at the FCC following the latter institution’s failed attempt to enforce net neutrality: they’ve gone from proposing their own net neutrality bill alongside Google to angrily demanding that the entirety of United States telecom be rewritten, all in the span of just a four months.In an angry press release titled “Congress Needs To Update The Nation’s Antiquated and Anti-Competitive Telecom Rules,” Verizon holds no punches back: Verizon public policy vice president Tom Tauke says that the entirety of the Telecommunications Act should be thrown out and authority given to a single federal agency who will have “clear jurisdiction” to enforce the new laws on a case-by-case basis.AdChoices广告Although it’s easy to read this press release as Verizon lobbying for even less regulation, specifically when it comes to net neutrality, they may have a point: the current Telecom Act is a mess cobbled together from a definition of telecommunications first proposed way back in 1934, with an addendum from back in 1996 that seems almost as out of date.As Verizon says, “[t]he grinding you hear are the gears churning as policymakers try to fit fast-changing technologies and competitive markets into regulatory boxes built for analog technologies and monopoly markets.” Maybe they have a point.last_img read more