BENS BLOG All of a sudden greyhound trainers are 2 kool 4

first_img[dropcap]T[/dropcap]he most endearing quality Greyhound Racing has, must be, that it is such a ‘genuine’ sport. There is no pretence, and arrogance is not welcome. It’s a mucker-inners game.The Trainers Championship. Surely, an honour, for any dog-handler to be invited to enter?Now, I know that everyone’s on the relentless Towcester suck-up, and ‘save Wimbledon’ bandwaggon. And both causes are fully deserving, and absolutely necessary for the game.HOWEVER, contrary to popular belief, there are some other tracks about, and Sittingbourne is one of them. Promoters were invited to apply to hold the yearly competition, and the Kent venue were the only people to come back with a proper package.So, they were totally deserving of being awarded the prize.Everyone else had their chance to step forward. No unlucky-faces can possibly be permitted.And ALL OF A SUDDEN, Greyhound Racing has become snooty! Three of the trainers have pulled out, because Sittingbourne isn’t their cup of tea! 2 kool 4 skool?! How very disappointing, and what unattractive and snobbish behaviour. POOR SHOW.Action from last year…..In other news:I have made a book at Oxford, Sittingbourne, Walthamstow, and Coventry. BY FAR, the nicest and most welcoming crowd and regulars, were at Sittingbourne. And despite being seen as a MUCH smaller fish, they are the only track, of those mentioned, to have stood the test of time. I will never forget the busy Sunday night open-race meetings there. Betting next to John ‘Curly’ Wilson (what a nice man and excellent bookmaker). Sponsoring my first competition (The New Kid on The Block Stakes). Going right the way, down the book, on favourites Lofty didn’t fancy. And recruiting half the punters in the ring to be putter-onners. THANK YOU, ROGER CEARNS (pictured, right), FOR GIVING ME MY FIRST PROPER START. HAPPY MEMORIES.Over and out, B xlast_img read more