Webcam Stalks Woman Taunts Hello

first_imgFrom there, things got weird. The camera began asking Hamer, in different languages, what she spoke, and taunted her by saying things like, “Hola señorita!” in a disturbing, sinister register. Hamer was, understandably, a little freaked out, and told whoever was controlling the device to get out of her house. After some exchanges, the camera told her to “suck my dick.”These attacks aren’t just common, they’re leading us into a new a very dark era of cybersecurity. In part, because there’s basically no set standard for security for IoT devices and most people simply use default security settings. It’s not her fault — if a customer buys a product, they should have a reasonable expectation of security — but the poor regulation and relative unresponsiveness of governments in light of these new threats has given way to a dangerous new paradigm.“My privacy, my house, my personal stuff and myself… I’m scared.. Terrified,” Hamer said. “I’m being watched, but for how long? What did that person see from me?”Let us know what you like about Geek by taking our survey. Most hardware these days is anything but secure. We’ve covered, time and again, just how vulnerable a lot of the devices we use all the time really are, and things have only gotten worse with the Internet-of-thingsRecently, Dutch woman Rilana Hamer purchases a webcam so that she could watch her new puppy when she was away from the house. She purchased the camera from a discount electronics store, Action, and was disturbed to find out that a month or so later, it got… creepy.“The camera went back and forth,” Hamer wrote in a Facebook post. “All of a sudden, I hear a rumble… I’m going crazy?! No.. I walked there, the camera turned my way, and I heard, ‘bonjour madame.’ I moved to the left and right, and the camera came with me.” Stay on targetcenter_img This Malicious USB Cable Can Remotely Accept Hacker CommandsHackers Had More Than 1,000 DNA Test Kits Mailed to Random People last_img read more