Mirrors Edge 2 dev team dispersed to other projects

first_imgAnyone waiting for a sequel to the EA game Mirror’s Edge may never get to play that second game. Although a sequel has been spoken of in the past, it now looks as though the project is on hold indefinitely.Swedish site Press2Play.tv spoke with Patrick Soderlund, who is senior vice president of EA Games Europe. The interview was actually about Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit, but Mirror’s Edge 2 came up.Soderland said that a prototype of the second game has been shown internally at EA, but with sales of the first game not being great the project has been put on hold. The team that worked on it have now been dispersed to other projects with no plan or timescale as to when they will reform.To us it looks as though Mirror’s Edge 2 may remain stalled permanently, or could get farmed out to another developer if EA ever thinks it would turn a profit at retail or via digital download.For now, don’t hold your breath for a sequel getting released.Read more at Press2Play.tv (translated), via CVGlast_img read more