How to analyze whether a site was hung black chain attack

site was hung black chain attack, indicating that the site safety coefficient is low, generally for more bugs on site we often say that the BUG, or the site admin password is too simple to.

built in today’s Web site, usually using some open source CMS system, such as: PHPCMS system and DEDECMS system, imperial CMS system and so on, open source systems shall be in the website building is simple, convenient and fast, but if it is not good for the two time development, there will be a lot of BUG. Behind the site in the process of operation is likely to be some grey industry the attack site get in by every opening hung black chain.

two, click on the love of Shanghai snapshot closer analysis


as shown above, the site for a ASO optimization site, query command in the use of the chain to analyze, find a title for the "big 888" all preferential deposit] made 888 deposit, the Description also contains some and not related to the site of the key words such as: "XXX is the first professional real money slot machine game".

remember a site optimization in 2013 Yang Zi is the case, then the site is the use of a CMS set, a CMS of the system, for a non technical man was born, Yang Zi did not make any comment.



is in the analysis of website is black, can input box chain query command domain+ to search Shanghai love home URL, such as: domain:www.xxxx贵族宝贝 as shown below:




continues to pull down to the bottom, you will find a lot of gray industry anchor text, as shown below:


love Shanghai snapshot down after entering, you can see many such customers, a ASO web site there are so many irrelevant sexy beauty picture this is certainly a problem.

, judge whether a site was hung black chain


, a Shanghai love search box using the command: domain

Let’s talk about how to get the

like the front end of the anchor text is usually hidden is not displayed, only in the source code can be.

if there is enough to explain the above situation, the site has been attacked by some grey industry website invasion.

found in the above case, you can click on the love Shanghai snapshot closer analysis as shown below:

Love Shanghai to search the deep degree of communication within Shanghai site into the dry cargo sec

at the event, Li Jian made a deep introduction of second-hand car industry Li Jian said: in the era of rapid development of second-hand car, second-hand car electricity supplier industry C2C model is more suitable for entrepreneurs to model, but the need for a long time of accumulation, and service to achieve the ultimate brand can be accepted by the user trust everyone, the car is an example of this in C2C mode, by selecting a series of "shielding" pit car traders, and the vehicle strict quality supervision

car for everyone

report shows that the current car buying groups are towards the younger, female dominated, personality label development, and the low line of the city’s purchase demand is gradually released, the depth of needs of different population segments, through big data analysis of user Car Buying, manufacturers will split information pushed to different groups of people, and to establish a targeted users of the product, it can be a long time development.


I used to help network founder SHARECAFF, founder and CEO, investors now TMT, after the car market car expert, master since the media editor Hou Piran from the media perspective from the status quo to teach essence and car from the media operations after market service.

before the love of Shanghai "the young director", after the former vice president and vice president of the 58 city products of Microsoft Asia Academy of Engineering Li Jian, founded in 2014 and served as a CEO

from BITAUTO with more than ten years of experience in product product manager Liu Peipei introduced the report issued jointly with the United Automobile user behavior Roland Begg, to report a series of fine portrait data and detailed crowd will be the future trends in the automotive market users, made a very fine color analysis, a series of data and method and product with the benefit of product manager search.

in March 9, 2017 by the search marketing department in Shanghai love Webmaster Platform sponsored by the "deep" communication – to love big coffee held in Shanghai science and Technology Park, the downstream industry on the car car media, second-hand car, famous people from the media including CEO Li Jian, the car is easy to car all product general manager Sun Haining, public car master when PI editor invited to participate in the activities and share experience.

as their car from the media TOP5> media platform

"deep" "communication — to love Shanghai" big coffee is a series of activities organized by the Shanghai love Webmaster Platform, "customer first" uphold the idea, for the search cooperation site site technology, products, operations and open communication and sharing platform. Through sharing and communication, let the product manager to better understand industry trends, to search better ecological empowerment.

flow mode startup outlook is not optimistic, but a few can be made of the unicorn, the other will slip in a short period of time, identify the strengths, identify market segments can be exclusive opportunities. Good content and services in order to better access to users and retain users to generate revenue.

Liu Dan change the title will not be right down to a Nirvana

of course, if the site weight is high enough, then the revision brings is lower, this method is more for the site weight is not very stable, and that complaints do not be too frequent, to finish all complaints, and this cycle is generally not more than one day.


based on this consideration, in the new test, two sites at the same time the title changes, and greater efforts to first revision. After the change, immediately to the Shanghai love Complaint Center snapshot complaints website, because love Shanghai provides snapshot complaints function immediately makes you a snapshot of the update to the current state of the new. If no accident, after the revision of the home long after the complaint can be directly over the natural included love Shanghai or drop right, and direct capture included and release.


forced himself to rethink: in the end there is no revision to the safe way, then take the other two new test, test a lot, finally found a very effective way. Here to share with you, the students try to change.

three hours later, found two complaints has been updated to the latest snapshot. But this time is not enough, because it is unable to determine the stability of the results. In the update and maintain the chain of circumstances, in the subsequent two weeks have been tracking, have not found any abnormality. This method will be introduced to some friends, the testing results are very ideal. So basically can be judged, so deal with the revision right down is very effective.

we know, change the title, the most likely scenario is not in the home page ranking first or the first page, serious direct in Shanghai love home also could not find input. If you can skip this process, let love Shanghai in the fastest time to put your new page to grab and included. Then it will effectively solve this problem? If so, how to make love the fastest in Shanghai included new page

everyone in the process of the operation of the site, often due to the different needs of revision or change the title, but this will often bring devastating results, most of the time will be right down, so that a long time waiting for the recovery of complete darkness. This basically everyone met, I am no exception, recently in the operation of the Wuhan Shanghai dragon blog, because some planning before the need to change, so the website was revised to a certain extent, including the title appropriately adjusted, unfortunately three days to catch up with the big update, the moment is already home to fly to Mars seckill, go.


@ Wuhan Shanghai dragon, site 贵族宝贝liudan1984贵族宝贝/, welcome to reprint.

This paper by Liu Dan

To improve the user experience of the site, let more users love you stand

in today’s society, no matter what the industry, pay attention to a "service", we must not only their own products, better service, so that it can be recognized by the user by consumers love.

page of the website should be beautiful

!The authenticity of the

is also very important.

like Taobao, Taobao compared to some other shopping sites more comprehensive, which settled a lot of businesses, industries involved in a wider, more comprehensive, and the drawback of poor management, how to ensure that businesses are able to tens of thousands of enthusiastic service for customers! So Taobao introduced the function of the user the evaluation scoring, is the credibility of the shop, I believe there is a certain understanding of Taobao’s reputation of the shop to know the importance of it, some time ago, Taobao executives in order to eliminate private interests and sentenced to prison Taobao credibility tainted things you should have heard of this, I do not have to say, Taobao is so important to the credibility of the main the reason is the value of "service" two words, only good service, in order to develop for a long time.

whether it is online or offline, we do business to tell a credit transaction, don’t be overly touted for their products, be realistic, especially in the virtual world of the Internet, we often see other people’s ads, their service says however when customers really believe as if it were raining flowers. You have chosen you, but you do it has completely forgotten before his own assurance of things, we can think of such businesses this service will live long? So, as a webmaster we need to seek truth from facts, website content to be true.

of course, in addition to Taobao, now has emerged in a lot of shopping sites, these sites are many businesses of their own business, which belongs to the independent mall, the mall of the site site with our enterprise almost, is through improving the love ranked Shanghai, let more people come to our website, let our service and are well known, however, to obtain good website ranking and website user experience and service are related, so the website how to do their service to improve the website user experience

with the Internet in recent years, the rapid development in China, more and more companies began to use the Internet to sell their products and services, most business is conducted over the Internet such a virtual environment, then in such a virtual world does not need to pay too much attention to the concept of "service"! The answer is wrong, in this virtual world of Internet users to buy the things we already have some doubts (not the scene to buy their own things), in order to eliminate all the doubts, so we need more communication with customers, answer their questions, let them buy at ease with the rest assured.

Design to website users to buy your goods and services of the Secondly, the

first, the website information

Little brother webmaster in 2009 using SEO 11 kinds of methods to make moneyMa Huateng if I start my

black brother summed up the use of SEO to make money three modes.


CE: what’s the slogan of "connecting everything"? What’s your background? How do you think about the prospect of WeChat’s connection?

2. high-end training

why is Ma Huateng so low-key? In the "know almost", this is the "pony brother" related to the most popular topic, the answer is 90. But the best answer is not here, but from Yu Liang, President of Vanke, "he’s a engineering guy and he speaks very quietly.". A really powerful person can make little noise."

training in SEO, now more and more popular, a variety of training at different levels, there are dozens of low, hundreds of thousands of tens of thousands have. Small brother according to different user needs are divided into two categories, the first is relatively low level of basic training, and the other is high-end training.

third: sell advertising, build high traffic website or attack high return keywords.

Ma Huateng recently used to say, "the Internet will eventually be the product of the industrial age like steam engines, electricity, and so on, and it can be used as a tool for all industries."." In fact, he said, Tencent are like power plants, and WeChat and can be tools to connect everything.

Ma Huateng recently used to say, "the Internet will eventually be the product of the industrial age like steam engines, electricity, and so on, and it can be used as a tool for all industries."." In fact, he said, Tencent are like power plants, and WeChat and can be tools to connect everything. The Tencent is trying to land its vision with the help of an open ecosystem.

this hantaigeju penguin, can break through "dimension wall"? With the help of Tencent are trying to open ecosystem power vision landing.

Wangzhuan membership fee

earn money method: collect membership fee

service object: a certain economy >

first: do service, such as SEO training, to provide enterprise SEO services, to large sites to do SEO consultant

skills: having certain practical experience in SEO, SEO with the system theory knowledge, at the same time there are several successful cases in hand, such as sh419 keyword index two thousand or three thousand to within a specified period of time so that the search engine three.

second: sell products, can be their own products, can also be other people’s products, such as the erection of the mall, optimize the keywords to sell products, but also help enterprises sell products with commission.


Ma Huateng: whether it’s early , >

CE: what’s the most important question you’ve been thinking about while you’re setting up an open platform for Tencent? What’s the biggest change in your mind?


point analysis: as is the basic training, user oriented are ready for the novice to learn SEO, mostly to the rookie webmaster, students, so the charge can be lower, for example, between tens to hundreds of. Although the charge is low, but because of the relatively large number of users, so the revenue is also very good.

operation process: SEO training into video tutorials, and then each recruit 50 students, students encountered problems in the course of learning, through the or forum to solve. After the study, in the next phase.

skills requirements: with many years of SEO operation experience, service of large-scale web site SEO project, in the SEO industry has a certain reputation and authority.

black brother blog in the study of online money making methods, mostly pay attention to ideas, skills, recently, black brother encountered many webmaster skills at a particular door, but do not know how to make money. For example, many webmasters have extensive experience in SEO operations, but they don’t know how to make money using SEO. In fact, many high-income station owners are using SEO to make money. They just know how to use technology to make smart door, if you have a rich SEO experience, one thousand or two thousand of sh419 keyword index can easily do sh419 top one or two, then congratulations to you, after using 11 methods to make money SEO black brother up, and you will never worry about money earned.

service object: rookie webmaster, SEO novice,

1. basic training

2014, Tencent big investment public comment, Jingdong, 58 city and other life service companies, for the Tencent Empire filled the short line under the board. The PC era, the Tencent transformed our entertainment and mobile Internet era, it is eager for a fight, to change our lives. Since 2014, the first WeChat red envelope, and now we have become more and more accustomed to using a mobile phone taxi.

opens the door to the success of a virtual key. Through communications, social networking and online games, Tencent has built up a vast virtual kingdom. Now, Ma Huateng is going to lead it to the realm of reality kaijiangtuotu.

one. Do SEO training,

Ma Huateng: three years, Tencent in the open platform of many business has achieved preliminary results, such as entrepreneurs reached 5 million, the entire partner’s valuation is also more than 200 billion yuan. In recent years, we have great changes, self-cultivation, return to nature. We found that Tencent is best at concentrating on communications and social platforms, and our strategy has changed a lot. We search business and Sohu cooperation, electricity supplier business and Jingdong cooperation, we return to the most essential thing is to do connectors. The future of the new mobile Internet Ecology, it is impossible only a few can be arranged everything, must be open, inclusive, many partners to participate in, multi-level, new ecology.

Love Shanghai Webmaster Platform VIP Forum Mobile Web site optimization of dry cargo sharing

5, on the optimization of mobile site:

A5 station network April 30th news, April 28th, Shanghai love Webmaster Platform "VIP Forum – Mobile Website Optimization practical tutorial" lecture in Beijing, full understanding of love for Shanghai mobile search included, database building and related content adaptation. People贵族宝贝.cn, A5 nets, chain home network, eLong nearly 50 people from all walks of life quality site technical responsible person to participate, have said very fruitful, solve the doubts and problems encountered in the work of many.

The 2, on the dynamic web pagesThe

it is understood that the Shanghai love VIP auditorium has been carried out in multi period, from Shanghai, love algorithm update website optimization to Shanghai news source for love and attention, few previous search from the Shanghai love angle share many of the content of the website is very useful. In this lecture, A5 webmaster Shanghai Longfeng director Li Huadong had the honour of being invited to the salon, he said this speech very much talked about a lot of dry cargo, practical mobile optimization techniques and classic case analysis. With the love of Shanghai experts and major sites in training in the interaction is also the harvest is quite deep, here to share a few mobile search utility dry cargo.

responsive website will usher in the dawn. Love the sea will be comprehensive analysis of JS, JS to read pull data.

3, for the love of Shanghai mobile search results ranking, followed by independent sites, mobile adaptation sites, transcoding site, PC site.


1, mobile site open speed sorting on the website of the great influence. 3 seconds is a line of life and death, is greater than the mobile site open speed 3 seconds, almost not displayed.

chain: the chain PC side of the mobile station

; The

4, mobile station proposed to retain only a domain name. Because the search ranking can not give your mobile phone for mobile station corresponding to the

pseudo static: mobile site to achieve pseudo static, the poor effect of

is so much for love? Shanghai mobile search optimization, there are many places need to practice and research, more need a website with their own situation, and a detailed understanding of love on the mobile search document on Shanghai Webmaster Platform. If you have questions can consult the A5 engineer, QQ:3602147.

training to "love Shanghai mobile search is not mobile on the export volume of 200 million" this huge data as a start, from the discovery, collection, sorting, optimization of the four layers of interpretation for the quality of practice, the mobile station needs to have love in the eyes of the Shanghai Shanghai Webmaster Platform love what? How to promote the mobile site several issues so do deep analysis. At the end of the mobile search technology is prospected, and the love of Shanghai Webmaster Platform in website mobile which will provide support.

Love Shanghai website is changing all the time and walk the road of the brand is the best choice.

first "navigation type search" at least second "Q type search" 4 to 5 times.


overall, real data is:

3, product search. Is the search for a specific product or something. As the search for "Lenovo G460", "free mailbox", "Benz 500" etc..

The following is the

this question, I asked a lot of people, but so far no one answer is that I mentioned above. On the 1, 2, 3, three kinds of search, search by size sorting, most row order is: 3> 2> 1, but the actual situation is: 1> 2> 3.



over the years, we see that love Shanghai is changing all the time, more and more people feel do not know its rules. Before two time large-scale K station, this time is more extended to railway station audit time. For we really do stand people who are so in love we face one disaster after another, Shanghai that we as a webmaster how to face? That is the concept of the author proposed today, the site should take the road of brand. We know that last year Shanghai station was put on the brand love right, a form of the most prominent is the ICO icon in the authoritative website. This is enough to prove that love for Shanghai brand is very important, given the weight is very high.

to people’s subjective judgment about which type of search: search volume is the largest? What kind of a little bit? What kind of minimum

let us look at a set of data, search the general behavior of the search can be divided into the following three types:

search "car" and "car home with love" Shanghai index data:

in everyone’s mind, "product search" should be the biggest. But if you use the keyword tool and the nobility baby love Shanghai index to check some information, understand the real situation.

as a whole, "navigation type search" is an absolute advantage, the car home this website brand word daily search volume > one hundred and fifty thousand

search volume second "quiz type search" is third "1.2 times the product search".

1, the navigation type search. The user is aware of a website (or information) exists, only need to guide a search engine to find the site to hang. Such as search "Sina" and "Sohu video", "car home" and so on.

2, search ask. The user is searching for some problems, hoping to get a solution to the problem. Such as "how to search this place", "Shanghai dragon do" and "how to choose a good computer and


Liu Jun the construction of the chain twelve must see practical rules

is the best links to other sites to give you your vote, you don’t have to go back to the link, link. Such heartfelt sure your website link is the real high quality links.

website ranking will be found, ranked number before the anti chain is often not behind the number, it can be seen, and there is no direct relationship between the number and site ranking. Keywords link is often better quality from a web site ranking. It seems that we webmaster do in the chain not to do high quality anti chain, patient. So what kind of link is a good link? Wuhan Shanghai dragon Liu Jun on this issue on the quality of the link judgment standard.

4, the content should be related to link

page can occur in many parts of the link, but in fact the real content of the page appears inside the link is the real high quality link. So the replies of the signature, Links local link is far better than the article text links in good effect.

this is very easy to understand, the time domain name registration website for your website links the longer, the higher the PR, the domain name itself the target keywords ranking, the higher the quality of such links.

7, the source of the link domain name registration time and Pr of the domain name and keywords their ranking

this problem is actually very easy to understand, link the meaning of existence is to the point, no one point link if only to Shanghai dragon chain exists, then the link itself in the detours, to enhance the site’s ranking of the link, and then direct access to users in access to users and links to who is good too bad.

8, the source of the link and the higher ranking links of higher quality

, 1 people to click on the link is the real good link

a chef said I cook delicious, and a taste of the people that I do the food, who do you believe more. So a is Shanghai dragon content page gave me a link, said my good article and an article about losing weight, give me a link, the link has obvious correlation to the quality.

A We see a lot of more than 2 one-way links Links.

is a little difference between this and the above, such as a site of an article.

5, link anchor text links is the best

Page weight


6, the location of the link is very important

or understanding, for example when I wrote the search engine, Google and Google to improve the links, this is Google genuine certainly.


3, edit link spontaneous is high-quality links

anchor text links is the core problem to judge the quality of the link, is the core keywords ranking, to anchor text, keywords ranking will guarantee.

Love on Shanghai on 2013 website operation suggestions

two, the structure of the station to the attention of the

love Shanghai Webmaster Platform recently published on the Internet market analysis report, China’s 2012 PC end website showed steady growth, and the rapid development of the mobile terminal, but from the current market volume, the market is far greater than the PC end mobile terminal. Love Shanghai Webmaster Platform shows the development status of China’s Internet through detailed market data, in 2012 are summarized, and a detailed plan for the 2013 plan, we can according to the latest changes in love in Shanghai so as to develop a user experience and help us improve the site’s behavior, and to make it more in line with love Shanghai requirements, so that our website ranking is better, more show to the user. Then love Shanghai in 2013 what is dynamic, and can bring us what inspired? Look at the first, and then analysis.

, a website [original] need to increase the content of the construction quality of

love Shanghai clear: the standardization of Shanghai Longfeng, site structure, specification of flat simple URL, is the webmaster for continuous improvement category. See from the key to love Shanghai stressed, site quality is our website optimization in. Now most of the Shanghai dragon well. "

I think a lot of Shanghai dragon have made such a mistake, more companies to hire a professional writer every day to update some core ideas and website related content, such as our company last year just a very powerful writing writer, his literary talent is good, although the original, but not quality. As he told our company production of bulk feed cars written FAQ articles, the headline "bulk feed car manufacturers and you pay attention to the development of" fishing island together, after brother laugh, he wrote more than 800 words copious and fluent, fluent and profound analysis, but what is the relationship with bulk feed car? Is apple and orange. We are producing bulk feed car, what do you write the Diaoyu islands. So how should we do? We can write some users more attention, echoes with the theme of the site content, such as bulk feed car Car Buying process, bulk feed car purchase notice, if you write well, it will impress the user’s heart.



has been in Shanghai since the dragon are committed to write some original content, the majority of Shanghai Longfeng mistakenly believe that as long as the original love of Shanghai would love, as long as the original content is high weight, in fact, this idea is very one-sided, which is what I am "quality" [] the reasons including symbol. We emphasize the original, but ignore the quality of the results, we do a lot of useless. Is that we have to do in the future, in providing original content at the same time, should pay attention to quality content must meet the needs of users, otherwise you spend more effort to write original content is scrapped.

Improvement of social network

Love Shanghai thrown out a few blocks in the opponent to identify key words correlation.

relevance judgment between the quality of a search engine is extremely important, the judgment standard of several search engines is completely different, I compare the market several mainstream search engines, found that the difference is very large. Only love in this area in Shanghai to do the best, Sogou do not, 360 is the worst, this can not blame people, because people still started relatively late, we should give it some time. Google from the point of technology is to understand Chinese lost to love Shanghai, people is foreign Chinese, can understand. This study can be a keyword when several words, of course in the keywords characteristics in such a similar word, we should find the word, I make a website at present, will encounter this situation, to share with you the following.

not in this area, although it is Chinese the earliest search engine, but in >

this is my love in restaurants in maritime search results, my website title and the keywords characteristics of restaurant, my website ranked second pages. You see the red box although my title is a feature of the restaurant, but also marked red, in the eyes of search engines, these two words are the same.

you look at the 360 search results




in the hotel restaurant features search features also marked red, indicating that 360 search in this area can also be done, but also out of the traditional keyword matching point a. But depressed people is related to search below, it is irrelevant, in natural language understanding process there is still a long way to go. The restaurant features the word feature is an adjective, this restaurant is a noun. You see the relevant search 360 is actually the word carries around the characteristics, this is a completely wrong direction, and when I search a large number of popular words are not even related to search, this is far worse than the love of Shanghai.

as you know Shanghai dragon and search engine optimization is a means of computer and computer is a means, it is extremely easy to understand for our people, the search engine is not so easy to understand. The search engine can only analyze from the literal, as I recently made a catering website, the core keyword is to find out the distinctive restaurants, catering and a word we have to do. What word is the same? After finding related types of words, distinctive characteristics of the hotel, restaurant, specialty restaurant, specialty restaurant, in fact, if from the perspective of thinking of these words actually are a means of expression, but the search engine if it understands cattle, but currently only love Shanghai can do this, the other search engines are far more

you look at the picture of

Keywords Sogou