An analysis of the way for media people to run their own businesses

this is a comprehensive entrepreneurial era, whether it is agriculture, industry or service industry, the media industry, etc., all walks of life have left the job market, to join the entrepreneurial tide. 2015, the media can be said to usher in a new business season, they broke through the shackles of traditional media systems, began to find their new position in the wave of entrepreneurship.

four media people leaving the business information, from one side to reflect present a basic reality: media venture season has arrived. In the past, the media left to new media company, leaving the company to do public relations, sporadic leave to do a little business, today there is a new wave of – leaving the big wave of entrepreneurship.

from sporadic behavior, to today’s centralized turnover business, from once a specific project to invest today (Xu Shi and Fan Weifeng), business services ("south of the circle of friends), media people into the wave of entrepreneurship’s role in increasingly multicultural, increasingly systematic characteristics. From individual combat to group operations, from self-employed entrepreneurs to have a strong organizational guarantee (entrepreneurial services community and the new media investment fund), escalating.

free media began more large-scale, organized, systematic, ecological media business, in the community formed a new center, the new social organization. Today, some media organizations before leaving the media, has completed the primitive accumulation of Entrepreneurship (such as the side of salmon snowball finance, the original life, Yu Huafeng Luo Xu and Yang Bin, have fun to enjoy off off) the initiate and support more multimedia business conditions.

and like Fan Weifeng, Xu Shi, Zhang Quanling and other former media people, leaving to join the investment institutions, began to use its deep understanding of the media industry, media people venture investment.

2011 investment in the most profitable industry The playful lighting shop let you earn tens of thous

2011 what to do most money, is a topic of concern to many people! The family is now basically have only one child, the parents on the care become a playful lighting industry is not the power failure!

"even sell something more ordinary, there are good ideas, good packaging, can still attract guests." About business, playful lighting store owner Yao Yinlian said. The new popular route at the Century Square this shop specializes in children’s lighting lighting, with full of fantastic color decoration, warm and light, has attracted many customers, the market, aimed at children with childlike lead off is the boss even place the idea of Yao silver shop.

enters the shop, various vivid cartoon characters to fusion with soft light, as if to return to childhood. Lovely princess type, type, type of cartoon, with cartoon character, the moon and the stars, a girl’s dream princess, design variety, not only attracted many children and parents in the eye, many young couples also love to buy put in the bedroom.

"like this lamp, lace lace and pink shades, put in the bedroom light is very warm" to introduce to a clerk. The clerk said that now the shop’s lighting are purchased from Foshan, a total of nearly fifty or sixty models of different lighting, customers can choose according to their different needs.

"eye" health card eyesight has almost become the most children of the "enemy", also plagued many parents. Manager Yao Yinlian in the shop before, the idea of whether there is a child can protect the vision of the lights. It is understood that the eye is mainly used for eye features, will be converted into ordinary 220V alternating current steady DC power, the bulb light and natural uniform and bright soft light, show the true colors, so as to protect children’s eyesight.

clerk to the introduction to the current store lighting energy-saving lamp is bright, the children’s eyes harmless. When a lot of parents to buy Lighting, are very concerned about whether there is the effectiveness of eye care, this vision does bring a lot of business to the store.

The use of

90 after the successful history of entrepreneurship

here, a small 90 after the success of the venture, to see how they are using the network to start a successful business, I hope we can be inspired.

campus entrepreneurship workshop

2008, Zhejiang Yiwu business school established business school second years, opened in April this year, Taobao group, has officially formed entrepreneurial class business international students from China World Trade Center, electronics, logistics and application of these three English major, mainly use aliexpress online to do foreign trade, currently a total of 42 students.

42 students earn $170 thousand foreigners

Dry cleaning industry development prospects

dry cleaning franchise industry prospects? Many want to invest in the mining industry to get rich opportunities, if you are still not very clear investment prospects for the development of this industry will quickly come to see that how to understand the dynamic development of the industry, analysis, mining rich good opportunities.

it is understood that there are from Belgium, Germany, Chinese, Italy, Japan, Portugal, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Turkey and the United States more than and 90 industry leading brands confirmed exhibitors, Italy and Germany two countries will organize pavilion.

Asia international professional textile processing (laundry) Exhibition (TexcareAsia) this year to return to Beijing, as the laundry and dry cleaning franchise stores information professional exhibition industry, the exhibition area will reach 10 thousand square meters, showing the industry’s latest products and technology achievements. The exhibition by the Frankfurt Exhibition (Shanghai) Co., Ltd., China Light Industry Machinery Co sponsored by the group, the international forum of professional textile care will also be held in the same period.

it is understood that China’s laundry and dry cleaning franchise stores to join the industry is very young, the use of technology is not particularly economic energy. Seitz, a German brand manager of detergent chemicals in Germany, said: "with the improvement of people’s living standards, China’s laundry and dry cleaning to join the information store industry demand will be blowout. In this huge market to find their own positioning is essential." The world’s leading manufacturer of heavy-duty laundry equipment general manager Kay Nikitha Heinz said: "through this platform, we China, Asia and even the whole world to show customers how to use the least money to achieve the maximum effect."

dry cleaning franchise stores the future development of the industry will have the advantage of consumers on the industry look great, the market demand is also expanding, from the exhibition can be seen in this industry in the future Chinese development prospect is infinite, if you want to invest in this industry that do!

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Graduate Entrepreneurship open shop selling baked squid into a millionaire

  college students can also get rich through the sale of pork, so that entrepreneurial dreams and education does not matter, as long as willing to adhere to, willing to work hard, it will succeed.

3 fellow in Xi’an to get to know, they began to sprout through entrepreneurship, self financing ideas. When Wang Shuai put the idea to tell two fellow, we hit it off. Just do it, this is the young man’s character. Three brother decided to start after asking that the shop at the entrance of the Xi’an University of Posts and telecommunications to the transfer, so everyone together will set down. We have thousands of dollars, but also to borrow some money from students, a total investment of fifteen thousand."

Do not use the following ten reasons as your purpose to create wealth

what is success? This is a question that people have talked about for a long time. There is no time when money can be called success. However, there is always something wrong with money.

1 money will make me more self-esteem

method to defeat the opponent’s money

to a former client Charlie I as an example. Charlie hopes he can be known as a free joke writer. He has a large trust fund, and everyone knows it. In order to avoid being misled by false flattery, Charlie only paid attention to the negative criticism. It is surprising that the constant attention to the negative evaluation makes him feel more and more painful. For obvious reasons, Charlie takes a lot of negative opinions, but he never learns to be proud of himself or his work, even when his jokes are funny.

Fuzhou will build a regional international logistics center

electricity supplier in the development of contemporary hot, fast industry has become the focus of attention. When shopping on the Internet, the choice of express time, directly determines the speed of goods we receive. In view of the current market situation, it is necessary to establish a new logistics center. This time, Fuzhou will build a regional international logistics center, in order to promote the continued development of the local electricity supplier to promote economic progress.

days ago, the provincial Commission by letter, the national development and Reform Commission, Department of Commerce issued the "speed up the logistics industry in Fujian province development plan (2016 ~2020 years)" proposed that by 2020, the province logistics industry increased more than 300 billion yuan, the proportion of GDP accounted for 7.7%, become the new leading industries in the province to support the development of the national economy. Among them, China (Fujian) free trade zone will be built as the core area of Fuzhou international logistics center.

"12th Five-Year" period, the province’s logistics industry initially formed a "big industry, big network, big service" development pattern. Data show that in 2015 the province’s logistics industry added value of 181 billion 557 million yuan, an increase of more than in 2010, accounting for the proportion of the logistics industry accounted for GDP, accounting for the proportion of the added value of the service sector is 17.1%, the proportion of the value of the value of the service sector in the province in was $7%.

pointed out that, according to the location of our province area, combined with the local industry characteristics, development level, infrastructure condition and market demand, the construction of a clear division of labor, rational layout, functional complementation, dislocation development "one channel, two hubs and three logistics center" spatial pattern.

give full play to Fuzhou, Xiamen, Quanzhou and other coastal ports, improve the Fujian Guangdong Jiangxi logistics channel, on the development and opening of Fuzhou district and other key functional areas for the pilot, and strengthen channel construction, improve the system of transportation and customs clearance function, promote the line of countries and regions interconnected with the "The Belt and Road along, to achieve" seamless "Hester" and "land of silk", build, convergence, radiation throughout the north and south of the country and the world of the west coast of the Strait logistics corridor.

continue to promote the coordinated development of regional logistics, promote the logistics infrastructure construction, cohesion, Fu (state) (Pu Tian Ning) (Germany) metropolitan area logistics hub and ha (door) Zhang Quan (state) (state) metropolitan area logistics hub; give full play to the role of self overflow Trade Zone effect, strengthening the Internet interoperability and sharing of resources, to form China (Fujian) Strait logistics center from Pingtan free trade zone area as the core, taking Xiamen area as the core of the southeast international shipping center in Fuzhou area as the core of the regional international logistics center.

The establishment of

logistics center, consumers in the online shopping, will be faster to receive their goods. At the same time, it can effectively promote the economic development of the region, is a very meaningful thing. The coastal port of Fuzhou and other places to give full play to the advantages of strengthening the sea and air recommended

Beauty salon to avoid what errors do you know

beauty is the nature of every woman, for beauty, they always spend a lot of time and money, beauty is that they often go to places, investment advantages and market prospects for the development of the beauty industry is also very impressive, many entrepreneurs want to open a very prosperous beauty salon. But before the shop or to master a lot of things to join, avoid joining into some errors and pitfalls.

beauty salon to join one of the errors: anyone can open the store

a lot of people believe that the opening of the store investor education, IQ requirements are not high, anyone is suitable for. In fact, the franchise to open the store’s personality, ability, experience is a certain requirement. Investors should ask themselves, entrepreneurial passion. Potential, personality and so on is really appropriate to join the ranks of franchise operations.

beauty salon to join the misunderstanding of two: once and for all investment

some investors believe that the future can be joined to do nothing, everything is managed by the headquarters, only to wait to enjoy their achievements. In fact, this kind of pie in the sky is impossible. It is impossible for you to help you without your own efforts. There is no savior, everything can only rely on their own.

beauty salon to join the misunderstanding of the three: the package does not lose the sale of

franchisees inherit a mature business model, enjoy centralized procurement, centralized advocacy, professional guidance and other services, which will undoubtedly help to improve the success rate of entrepreneurship. However, the benefits and risks are always in the same, absolutely guaranteed to earn nothing is not exist. Therefore, entrepreneurs should be rational to join in, there must be a sense of risk and psychological endurance. Good psychological quality is the most important thing for people to do, the transaction is a risk, have the courage to face success and failure.

beauty salon is very fast, many people feel that the opportunity is, want to engage in this industry, I believe this knowledge point, later joined the beauty project, can certainly be of great help, can avoid a lot of misunderstanding. In this way, there will be more advantages in the later period, your beauty salon can be opened more smoothly.

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The advantage of the baked fish drunk

do not know if you have not found in recent years more and more shopping malls in the fish shop, and every fish shop business as well, for the form of such changes, you need not be surprised, this is the inevitable trend of catering market. Because the fish can satisfy the consumer demand for healthy and delicious. With the development of the level of social life for more and more of the diet, people’s consumption level and the growth of a reasonable diet attention makes the rapid development of the catering industry, in the market firmly occupy a certain position, which makes many investors looking to the catering industry. Among them, Wan Fuxiang drunk baked fish is a good choice. Baked fish drunk?

fish drunk fish advantage join selected furnace has the following main points:

1, a high degree of public popularity, business hot

can attract consumers is one of the elements of a long-term development of the industry can not, and Edmond Cheung drunk European spicy baked fish steak to high nutritional value, good taste, adding modern elements in them, get a lot of customers, especially the younger generation of drunk baked fish is of praise the shop, the business is hot, income. Baked fish drunk headquarter where


2, the taste of the original products, the company provides secret sauce and formula, product technology teachers teach one hand to teach package package.

3, to help start publicity, so that more people understand

shop in the early period of investors, the headquarter where baked fish drunk drunk million Fuxiang baked fish for you will join the private custom promotion plan, through various channels of powerful propaganda for your drunk furnace fish, vigorously promote Wan Fuxiang drunk baked fish characteristics, so that more people can understand the drunk Wan Fuxiang baked fish.

4. profit space is large, no shops, one can learn to operate the whole family.

saw so many advantages, you are not some can not wait. In the face of such a project is good, I believe you will not miss, please choose Edmond Cheung baked fish drunk to join it, let Wan Fuxiang drunk baked fish take you toward the brilliant life, create more wealth belongs to you.

would like to join the first furnace drunk fish, in the message of our website below and let us know your willingness to join, later we will also arrange staff to contact you to discuss matters more to join. Bring some help for your investment.