The closure of the site minon recovery toothpaste Shuangpin domain name transaction

renamed Chinese ( November 5th news, recently, the domain name investment circles have multiple phonetic domain to complete the transaction, including boutique. The gold and silver island @ domain investors sold in 2010 6 digit Recovery Wizard; the 6 digit constellation house owners to buy "toothpaste"

: screenshot of page

domain name registered in September 13, 2005, the domain name has "guide, Township Road, Elephant Island" and other meanings, suitable for building tourism websites, shopping guide websites, etc.. The terminal of the same name has a It is understood that the gold and silver island in 2010 with 6 digit price will be the domain name to travel ticketing website "guide network", the site has been closed, he ordered the domain recovery of gold and silver.

In 2000

registered the domain name, "toothpaste, Accor, Deigo" meaning, which relates to the "terminal Accor" Accor hotels, Accor mining, Accor bus etc.. "Toothpaste" as a daily necessities, more commercial value, the terminal involved is even more numerous. domain name has been built Accor Gift network. It is understood that the domain name in September had previously been trading at 5 Figure prices.

addition, the recent acquisition of "Dongguan" and "Dongguan," the domain name, also in the recent transactions, buyers are well-known Dongguan local website forum of Liaobu station 2F.

in addition, there are domain enthusiasts @ bear shopkeeper, 6 digit acquisition of the good car loan, the domain name is suitable for building car loan platform, financial platform, etc.. Terminals involved in a good car loan, the official website domain name

The characteristics of the development direction of the archetype of the offbeat website

Hello everyone, today I want to bring you the unique development of offbeat website, believe that many webmaster have talked about how the industry website, website, Taobao products and so on customer site to development, and development of offbeat website may also be familiar with this article is to explain how to open up the development of a unique way of offbeat website, hope to be able to love the webmaster friends.

I recently launched a website of the riddles, you know this website traffic from users are basically accurate search, and let the site get considerable development requires some offbeat methods, my riddles website

this site was on the line for more than 1 months, every day now has 2, 30 of the traffic flow, although not much but I feel very satisfied with the development of the road, here I share my development of this website offbeat riddles. Since it is a riddle website, then our website will focus on "the riddle" two words, so I will be the site of the column are replaced with the riddle column, you can see my website, very interesting, but the correlation is not bad


you can see my website can satisfy the needs, and these needs can bring more traffic to the site and PV, I think this kind of offbeat website column should be based on the central theme website.


have relatively high correlation within the column, I still set up a website dedicated to sharing function, this function is not only open for website polish, more is to drive through the user’s Web site reputation started to share, although traffic is not much, but I firmly believe that as long as I try to share along the road, so the site’s fame and flow will become increasingly loud.


After the

website has many sharing features, I also adhere to the new riddle website is updated daily, construction of these riddles are edited in the books, I bought a Book of puzzles, then every day according to the words of the book will be edited to their website the riddle, I think through this the method is not only to ensure that the original article, can ensure the smooth flow of riddles, now many riddles riddles in the web sites on the Internet are not accurate, so that the user may see after the first feeling is not much, but a long time will naturally think this website is boring.


site is now a riddle of this small ads, my website development for more than a month, some people asked me to do advertising, 100 yuan a month, I think 1 months of 100 to be able to do a what was advertised? May also affect the site’s overall view, so I refused, now my website advertising is not a riddle, although the site has not been profitable, but.

Some suggestions on the amount of web access

has been thinking about how to improve the traffic of the website recently, and also visited some similar websites with high visiting amount and collection. Also looked at their title What, although not very understanding of technology, but also know keyworlds and title on the importance of the site included. In fact, now we have a gradual stability, into an upward trend. We can not ask for it, by leaps and bounds, increase the number of thousands of pages included, all need a process. Here are some of my suggestions for China’s industrial intelligence network:

1 to change as little as possible or not described in the Titie, because the old modified title, search engine will think site is not stable or not completed, may lead to the search engine doesn’t love, form is included drop or fluctuated, it is likely to lead directly to the site is down right.

2, our website has done very well in terms of content or other aspects, but I found that our website’s jump rate is as high as 86.9%, that is to say, there are few repeat customers on our website. We at Baidu, spent so much money on GG, managed to make some key words to the front row, users have gone through difficult hardships arrived at our site does look at the left, browsing depth is not enough, the conversion rate is low for many.

3 in the past few days I saw a few of the traffic high site, also asked some people, we have a common view, is the people’s Web site content is good, this is not to say that our content compared with their contents, means more customers to enter their website to see what. To increase customer viscosity, there is a website, I think people do particularly well in the content of China industry research network. The data from their headlines today is different from ours. We can’t see them, and their data is a simple one. The content is very short. In order to ensure the length of the page, he added the following recommendations. And their reports, basically, there’s a long introduction in front of each report. Their introduction is very comprehensive, so that customers will be able to simply understand what to buy after the report. To attract customers to buy.

4 site layout, we just went in, is to see the latest reports, are some templates made of the report directory, although the key word is not the same, but it is easy to cause aesthetic fatigue. Perhaps the first time customers will see some surprises, but the second, the third will find, in fact, all the same. And they are to put some visible data in the most prominent place, every day is not the same, it will feel fresh. Put the charge report on the edge. Since we are China industrial competitive intelligence network, the majority of the people are against us "intelligence", so I suggest that is not in the prominent position is not to put some free information, or like a simple


5, I personally think that our marketing ideas are biased, I think we should first grab the people who visit our website, and then let them

Using Internet advertising to manage talent websites

manages the talented person website by the network advertisement science mentality, must understand first advertisement’s important expression way – media. All webmasters understand the nature of the Internet medium.

network media, we all know that the nature of the large platform, interactive nature, open nature, and through nature are the characteristics of network media.

The reason why

refers to the network media is a large platform nature, mainly because of its unique diversity. Each now has a site, or are ready to station owners, from here to subdivide, you will know that we have a lot of work to do. First understand the technology platform of network media. Network media is a media dominated by technology. It breaks the function that television can accept information passively to the audience; broadcasting can only be heard without seeing; newspapers and magazines can only read. The network media integrates all of these resources. It has the characteristics of openness, freedom, independence and individuation. It is the first thing we should pay attention to when we operate the website.

goes on to talk about the unique interactive features of the internet. If a web site as a unit, then the network has the interaction between institutions; if to a topic group as a unit, whether it is the debate between groups or mutual agreement, this is the interactive network between groups; if in some instant messaging platform, and a human interaction.

open nature. The open nature of the Internet is, first of all, the opening of information that every web user is enjoying. The second is the opening of the exchange process. Whether it’s between a web user, a web site, or between a web site and a web site, all of its information is completely open.

understood the above, and a very clear structure came into our minds. Whether we do SEO optimization, or do network sales and operation. We already understand the structure of Internet users. For example, to open, for example, what people like what kind of Web site, browse what kind of information, the length of time online, etc., do these segments, the webmaster’s target crowd appeared. Every webmaster tries his best to do everything on his website, but what we want to do is to do everything to target people, not to all Chinese netizens. Then, on the basis of our own Internet users’ goals, the webmaster should consider our website and how to make Internet users browse and use the functions and services of the website more than once. One example is that in order to improve the flow of websites now recruit many writers, and these words largely due to restrictions on the number of words, the starting point of the writing itself, although to a wide range, and the original, is trying to capture the search engine. However, as part of the SEO optimization, it is difficult for us to have a deep expression of our website and the excavation of our own resources. This requires the webmaster of the talent website to further excavate the resources of their website. For example: the use of SMS interest in this favorable mobile phone platform, you can do job seekers for real-time job information release. And such a release, >

Swamp lake – an outsider looking at medical SEO

with Baidu for medical SEO continuously blow, recently many medical SEOer more and more love complaining, even a little inclined to revenge on society, it is not a good thing, as a medical SEO has been declining SEOer, but there are a lot of medical SEO friends, today to talk about personal views the medical SEO.

to say why Baidu medical SEO crackdown so much, but in fact, the reasons are caused by nothing more than such a few.

first: you small hospitals, clinics, what, and its own hardware and software facilities are incomplete. The so-called hardware, that is, sites, medical equipment, and so on, the so-called software, refers to a variety of professional qualifications, as well as doctors, nurses and other professional qualities. At least as far as I know, in the medical disaster caused by flooding water SEO era, small clinics and went to the Baidu home page is not.

second: the world article a big copy, medical SEO is copied from each other to copy, copy the fierce. Many people in the industry say that the medical and mechanical SEO is the main force in the "network garbage maker", and that is not without reason. To say the so-called professional knowledge of the medical profession, with machinery industry product knowledge, and many changes can toss about? SEOer in order to cater to Baidu, making network rubbish continuously (to be honest, cause like this now, Baidu really can not shirk its responsibility, but Baidu’s integrity really nervous, looking for a microscope can not find out).

third: there is a lot of information about fraud on the website. Many diseases have been exaggerated, and many treatment effects have been deified. In order to attract their patient to the hospital, what no integrity way think out, infinite deify himself hospital "experts", slander competitors, what means to the poor. The industry environment is a for profit streams of people busily coming and going, true erosion.

in this environment, Baidu recorded a heavy attack, the medical SEO smashed a big hit, and then connect a combination of boxing, pain Daluoshuigou, the medical industry is actually playing SEO bleeding drift scull, during that time the crackdown, don’t know how much a medical site became a pile of no the value of network rubbish. But even if the environment is so bad, there are still a lot of medical SEOer doing well.

SEO see those who are still struggling in the mire of medical health SEOer, but can not help but want to ask a question: if you have enough ability and experience and don’t want to give up the medical SEO, the medical industry SEO why not successful people learn, to find some reliable hospitals, with their own ability and experience in the medical industry firmly based on SEO? If you really had enough medical attitude to medical SEO and Baidu SEO, then rely on your ability to experience and exercise, where it does not leave you


advise those who are still in the medical SEO industry

Sina micro-blog launched membership joy and worries

because Sina, micro-blog’s influence continues to expand, in the Olympic Games is to show his talents, so the recent Sina CEO Cao Guowei said it will increase investment in micro-blog, launched a paid membership system. Membership will certainly enjoy some privileges, but this topic has aroused heated discussions among Internet users.

Sina micro-blog launched membership system, is Sina, micro-blog in order to profit, micro-blog commercialization logo. According to the relevant personage analysis, from the current situation of sina, micro-blog development, did not find an accurate profit model, has always been feeling the stones across the river. Most of the revenue comes from advertising, and the promotion and publicity of sina and micro-blog are hard to match. After a period of exploration, Sina, micro-blog in order to profit, launched membership. Have to say, Sina, micro-blog early promotion and publicity still played a very good role.

micro-blog marketing has been one of the more popular marketing means, after Sina, micro-blog launched membership system, the biggest beneficiaries should be engaged in micro-blog marketing bloggers. After the membership, the real name system, plus V certification, each member will be respected Sina micro-blog blogger, to a certain extent, reduce the waste of the trumpet, dead account, micro-blog marketing will greatly increase the chances of success.


, micro-blog from free to pay for ordinary users can accept it, Sina micro-blog’s active degree will not be affected, will not affect micro-blog’s communication effect, these are all worried about. After all, the average user of sina and micro-blog is one of the mainstream groups, with only a few paid members. For some users, micro-blog membership can also like QQ membership, enjoy the privileges, enjoy the unique pleasure brought by members, and those non members of the bloggers and what it would feel it, will not affect the network for this tour.


is micro-blog commercial is an indisputable fact, Sina micro-blog launched this membership will have a few happy tears. Of course, the ultimate goal of an enterprise is to make a profit, but the profit model of each enterprise is different. The development of enterprises will inevitably encounter a variety of problems, at this time it is necessary to test the operational ability of enterprises, not only won the user’s favorite, but also profitable, and is constantly growing and growing. This is the vast number of users want to see the results, but also a business most eager to do.

Why is the road of local forum operation full of thorn

as a webmaster or a web site operator, you must first do market analysis and then decide whether to do a website, do stand the purpose of course is to profit, to make money, and many places in dire straits forum is struggling even spiders, facing the collapse of choice. This forum also allows local operators of brains, powerless, face a variety of problems you can solve them? Can you dissatisfied with thorns ahead of the City ride the wind and waves? There is a very famous Forum: Hefei forum, must have a lot of friends have heard of this forum, but in addition to the local forum, there are many other the type of the local forum, but there is not much known, not many people know, was gradually submerged in the internet. The local forum wants to succeed, must do the place first, but the road is very difficult.

NO1: competitors are too strong,

the city local forum Hefei forum only high popularity, other types of forums are far inferior to the Hefei forum, web site operators to do such sites in thinking, we should first analyze the competitor’s information, the so-called know ourselves victorious. Although not victorious, but take the egg stone in vain, like the face of the Hefei forum for strong competitors, unless your resources and strength can be more than the opponent. Otherwise, or do not do such a local forum, the local forum resources and markets have been very limited, a small cake, a few people on the left. Operation site and SEO is the same reason, not blind impulse to act, often will let you into chaos, calm analysis of your competitors, find their own strengths and weaknesses, weaknesses is to win the king.

NO2: profit model bottlenecks encountered

I often hang out in Hefei forum, Hefei forum in advertising for the main income, rental advertising is the main site of many profitable way, the success of a local forum in the local visibility is very high. Therefore, the local businesses are basically willing to advertise in the forum, as far as the price is concerned, such a profit model will always encounter bottlenecks, after all, the limited number of local businesses. In addition to advertising revenue, local forums and other profit or a means? As the membership fees, investment products, local and local B2C group purchase, which can be extended, specific or to see their own strength and the local market. Forums generally cover all aspects of life, such as: wedding, property, home, parents, etc., can also work with these businesses or companies to tap more profitable channels. Advertising revenue should not be the most important form of profit for a forum. Of course, it must have its own fist products or services.

NO3: the input cost is too large,

local forum in the early operation can be summed up in two words: burn money, it is said that the Hefei forum also burned millions of people before so well-known, local website is the most core way of promotion or offline

The ten most noteworthy websites abroad in 2011

Google early in 2 and a half years ago it claimed to have completed one trillion website search included URL, in the face of such a vast network and web site, this year you are not with us BirdUser as bird entangled in the website and what to pay attention to what foreign new products?, OK, Mashable for our election race and recommended 10 the site of concern.

1. Kickstarter, a creative idea fundraising platform


Kickstarter is an innovative idea trading platform dedicated to supporting and motivating innovative, creative, creative activities. Through the Internet platform to raise money to the public, so that creative people may get the funds they need in order to make their dreams possible. This type of trading platform, the bird net has been introduced, OpenInvo innovative ideas and creative market, in Kickstarter, you can take the shape you have achieved products put up, if there are people who are interested in seeing, he will give you investment, helping to establish the company etc.. And in OpenInvo, your idea doesn’t need you to implement it at all. You just have to document and submit the idea.

KickStarter platform mode of operation is relatively simple and effective: users of the platform party is eager to create a sense of innovation and creative people, the other party is willing to fund their people, and then witness the new invention creation of new products. Creative activities on the KickStarter site include music, web design, graphic design, animation, writers, and all the activities that have the power to create and influence others. Information sources -Josh, Catone, Features, Editor

2. OpenLeaks open information disclosure site


OpenLeaks (open decryption) is a web site similar to wikileaks. The website WikiLeaks by former employee Daniel · domscheidt; · Berg. The long-term goal of this site is to build a strong, transparent platform that supports informants in two areas of technology and politics. At the same time, encourage others to start implementing the same project. OpenLeaks by Wikileaks, former employees of the German Daniel · domscheidt; · Berg (Daniel Domscheit-Berg), but Daniel stressed that the idea and his website WikiLeaks is completely different, OpenLeaks will not directly release information, but the information released by others. Daniel understood Julian, · Assange (>

The four elements of website construction hurry up, hide hidden trouble and avoid risk

is now a lot of people do want to quickly make a fortune and then in a web business, look this way can greatly shorten the website profit process, but the long-term development of the site has a very bad effect, now on many sites on the Internet are little more than three years, many of them are a year two of the sites, sites that ten years is even so, it is at the corner, so many webmaster want to site operation, as soon as possible, but eventually became the first out of the group, so the construction site should no longer go quick road, should be replaced with planning, help through the website these details to avoid risks to operate in the future! Here I come to the analysis of four key elements of the website planning


1: analysis of their core strengths, select the direction of website construction

do what thing to have the goal, as the company has the same purpose, if there is no faction programme, guidelines to help themselves, then can let oneself in the website operation along the way more and more confused, only to eventually become confused brother! So planning is to focus on the analysis of their core strengths, identify the website construction if you don’t know anything about the direction of their own advantages, to rush to make a website, only to eventually make yourself tired tired, is very low to the probability of success, unless there is a super normal willpower you may succeed!

two: to understand the current trend, the flow tends to make their occupation of high

analysis of their own advantages, it is the friend, and the analysis of the current market trend, that is, after all, the market depth of the water, do you have a preliminary vigilance, competition ability how strong you are not confident enough to beat them, these all need through the analysis of the current the trend to know, and any industry will have a kind of invisible magic, pulling the industry trend, some people called the hand of God, in fact, this is the trend in the construction site, must be with the tide, can let oneself become a leading fashion, if you if the trend for the look when you start personal independence of conduct, however, has already lost


three: planning team, planning the task of team members


site construction and operation of their own time has passed, if you still want to through their own efforts to compete at the same time, it is against it, then you should grasp the trend, began to flow, attaches great importance to the construction team of the operation of the site planning, can the future of the site operation, no serious resistance, after all the website operation level of competition is not ten years ago than! If there is no close collaboration with the team, then how can always parallel, Trinidad will kill


this parallel has always been very important for team building. Only if the members of the group go in one direction, the strength will be concentrated to the point where they can be seen from the tug of war

The road to get together, the expectation of Google AdSense

The whole process of the development of

is not to say, and believe that most of the webmaster experience, design, encoding, test and constantly make adjustments, see I think even a personal development from a technical perspective, the use of some version control tools and automatic build tool is necessary, after all their efforts. We must ensure that the security code, that your hard drive is broken is a very troublesome thing, you can consider the code on the Internet every day, or other backup to disk, but I have two computer, one to do the development, do a server and Vss server; previous development time CCNET make use of build tools in the company, when the customer uses the msbuild Baidu, plus msbuild commuity tasks project basically can solve 99% problems, since The tool will provide a good way to regularly publish your system, one click fix for you to save a lot of time, and do not make mistakes, I had experienced no automatic tool release system, especially for the need to compile the platform, it is not really very tired.

after nearly 3 months of hard work, baidu off prototypes, there are some basic functions, you can find friends, can leave a message, you can also listen to music, you can also share bookmarks like, waiting for the release, on their own on-line system is upbeat full of hope; while on the system write your own optimism, but did not do too much investment, partly because of their less money, the other party knows the Internet, deep water, and did not find the case of profit model to make investment is not conducive to the long-term development of the site, got peanut shell, for a day only a few people visit the site has been basically enough, he also secretly want to 2008 to develop, mainly is to continue to improve the system function and the rich website user experience. In 2009, the system must be hosted. There was no ceremony, or even the official line of the day.


system is finally on the line, people registered as a primary problem, find former colleagues over the registration, his wife also find their friends to register, really thank those who originally registered friends, there are a few remain active friends, often come to see, as I continue to do provide power is not small. In order to pull over to a lot of social bookmarking sites had to register, to Baidu Post Bar posts, basically have little effect, the effect is not obvious, the diglog site is also good, had one day over 70 or 80 people came to visit, but did not last long, quickly fell to quannei, I made a post, from time to time from there will come to some traffic, after all the quannei are mostly entrepreneurs, entrepreneurs for entrepreneurs to focus more, but quannei soon fell, no money is suffering, here also hope quan>